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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 69 txt  15.34KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

69. Exercise The day has ended, My beloved friends. It has brought rain, snow and sunshine to you, as well as clouds and storminess. Only one day of your life, and you can recognize that these symbols show up also during your life. I, JESUS CHRIST, am the power of life in you. I guided you by the path of love toward the vibrant life, not only in this incarnation but even in former ones. I guided you toward a dynamic life, toward the resurrection of your soul within the human being. Time is passing away, just like this day is coming to an end, and you are continuing your walk with Me within you. Have you awakened Me to life within you? Have I resurrected to the "I AM the life" in you? Becoming and passing away, it is only a temporary phenomenon. What does it want to tell man? It says: "See, oh human child, you are still shackled in space and time. You move in your worries and are thinking of your worldly business. You give yourself over to the sadness that rises up from the soul. Consider how quickly a life passes by and how unimportant many of the things you care about so much right now are in the end!" I gave you the task to occupy yourselves with becoming and passing away, so that you may find the way to your soul-consciousness. During this exercise, I offered to guide you into the soul-consciousness. The soul does not only oversee your present being in the earthly garment, but all man's spheres of existence. It knows about the task it wants to fulfill and inundates the human garment with its sensations. All man's feelings, be they sadness or joy, flow out of the soul-consciousness. Only he, who will conquer his own shadows that express themselves through feelings, and who can learn to encounter his sensations, will learn to communicate with his soul. For, as I taught you, sensations are the language of the soul. Let Me come back to the example of the tree, because you will better understand its symbolism. How many generations did this tree see come and go? It always remained the same. From the time when it was just a small shoot to the powerful growing plant, its consciousness remained "tree" just the same. Even when the tree prepares, perhaps after hundreds of years in some cases, to place its physical existence back into the hands of the COSMIC SPIRIT, with the help of the nature spirit that has lived in the tree, the consciousness "tree" remains. When it dies on the physical level and returns to the spiritual level, it will do so in the consciousness sphere of all trees. Now look at yourselves! You are children of GOD. Through meditations, you have learned to expand your consciousness beyond the human garment and into all spheres of creation, starting with the mineral, through the plant and animal kingdoms, even to the kingdoms of the nature spirits. From there you have immersed yourselves into the consciousness of your fellow-brother or -sister. By working out the reflections, you have purified the depths of your very souls and have returned to the clear and pure consciousness of a Son, or a Daughter of GOD. Are you? Ask yourselves this question in your innermost being and examine yourselves! My beloved friends, only when your love vibrates without limits, when it no longer makes distinctions between friend or foe, can your consciousness become one with Mine. Only then have I resurrected in you. Thus I continue to walk this earth through you in sanctified betrothal with your soul, as the human being fulfills the commission he once promised some time ago. Again, I ask you for the heartfelt, deep love-connection with Me, JESUS CHRIST. Not only for brief moments in the course of your day, but for the entire day. Then, My friends, it will neither snow nor rain outside. There will be no storm, but the sun of love, that I AM, will shine. Then your soul will no longer have to heave great sighs, painfully looking upon the darkness, for it will behold the light that we are together. And whatever external thing the human being is asked to perform will no longer awaken feelings of ego in him or her, since the ego has been dissolved in the Higher Self, and the sensations of the soul speak in the human being. The language of the heavens has awakened within the man as well. During this time of preparation of another Easter celebration, look at My walk on Earth and connect this walk with yours! I have taught you: You too will go by way of Golgotha. You too will carry the burden of the cross. But my yoke, which I placed upon you, is easy; for he who walks with Me walks in joy, in the bliss of the resurrected GOD-man. Sons and Daughters of the heavens walk through space and time, pass through the spiritual spheres as well, return to matter and are and will remain Sons and Daughters of the MOST HIGH. Ponder the parables passed on to you, for instance, the one about the rich young man, to whom I said: "Go, sell all your wealth and follow Me!" Why did I ask this of him and not of all others? [The reason was that] his belongings and material wealth were more important to him than I, JESUS CHRIST. He did not recognize his Son-ship. He had become a son of this Earth. The life in him had died. I beheld his soul and demanded from him exactly that which was dearest to him. In this way, I also look into your souls and demand from you whatever is dearest to you. It is the burden which you bear on Golgotha - your devotion to GOD, just as I gave MYSELF over to My FATHER. My friends, why was this degrading death prepared for Me, by the brothers and sisters who explored the darkness? In the three teaching years, I was loved by the people and highly regarded. Thousands gathered round about Me wherever I stood. They heard My WORD and gave Me their love, their faith and trust. When I entered Jerusalem, the crowds where shouting with joy and wanted to raise Me up and enthrone Me as their king. I teach you: I was a human being like you. That is why I had to give up what was the hardest for Me. The adoration, the calls of "Hosanna" and "Praise to God in the highest" changed to "Crucify him!" I went My way. Sadness was in My human heart, for only few of those who adored Me were left in order to accompany Me in spirit on the way to Golgotha. All others cried out with disappointment and rage, and in their hatred, because I did not deliver them from the Roman rulers, they cried, "Crucify him!" The human being JESUS who had been raised to the throne before, now had to go through deepest humiliation, with the crown of thorns on his head and amid voices of derision and mockery; he had to die the most ignominious death on the cross. By this, I have shown all My brothers and sisters, who travel the widths of the darkest of nights, that the human being is able to conquer weakness with the SPIRIT. May this also be a sign for your future path: You too can use the power of the SPIRIT against all your weaknesses. However, the will to do so is solely your decision. My call resounds more and more urgent in you. Shred the veils of your temporality, and recognize your true actual being, your status of Son or Daughter of the FATHER! For the power of the SPIRIT flows to you from this eternal being, as well as the impulse for the will of the human being to continue your paths with this power. I have revealed to you that the grace period, during which you were under the protection and special grace of GOD, your and My FATHER, has ended. Now you are challenged to find your eternal being on your own and to draw from your own indwelling power. My friends, I wish to wander through all spheres of existence through you, not only during the meditations but during the day and night time as well in order to quicken the transformation, the homecoming. This is the reason why I continually speak to you with earnestness and gravity, and I call to you: "I am the foundation in the limitless ocean of infinity, not only for you, but for all children of the FATHER, even for those who have turned away from the light! I am the support through Whom the return is taking place, for I am the LOVE. Only by virtue of love, will the home-bringing come about." There is so much woe in creation, in the hearts of the human children. Infinite suffering takes place also in the kingdoms of the souls, My friends. I want to walk you through them as well. I want to send you forth, you, your Higher Self, so that you may truly be light in the 'end times of home-bringing,' for all those whom you promised to bring the light. The earthly sun still shines for you here on Earth. When a ray of this sun shines on you, it can displace the sadness of the soul - at least for a moment. However, in the soul-kingdoms, that is, wherever your and My brothers and sisters have turned their backs on the light, only deepest darkness can be found. Not one ray illumines the blackness of the night, and woeful lamenting can be heard from the thistles and thorn bushes. Even one ray of light [from you] can penetrate the darkest of blackness, can move the thorns aside, just as in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Recognize in your mythology the deeper symbolism. A ray of your love, My friends, tears up the brambles and touches your brother, your sister from the eternal home, who in the darkness had lost their way. Through you this ray of light illumines the way back for your brothers and sisters. GOD, the FATHER, longs for all who are still straying in the night, and He does so through Me and through you. 99 Sheep I left behind, it was the just of the heavens, in order to search for the one and to bring home the lost son, as it is meant collectively. You too, My friends, are now prepared by your schooling in order to set out and bring home the lost sheep. Hear now the meditation, which will guide you even deeper into the spiritual events of the home-bringing of all being that has fallen from heaven. Exhale via all centers and inhale the SPIRIT, the divine breath via all centers, via all consciousness levels in your body! Inhale power, inhale SPIRIT, and exhale your ego, which continues to show itself! Inhale: "I am a Son, a Daughter of GOD," and exhale: "I am a human being." And now inhale once again your Son- or Daughter-ship, and exhale the human being! You are in union with GOD. You now feel this spiritual power as a pulsating power in the human body, which serves the Son, the Daughter. The soul expands over the physical consciousness and envelops it. The soul bears the shadows of the individual walks to Earth, but simultaneously it knows that he/she is a Son or Daughter of the FATHER. This consciousness now expands into the Cosmic Consciousness. It is limitless, for the Heart of the FATHER, at which you are resting, is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Why are you seeking GOD, when you are one with GOD? Everything around and within you is SPIRIT, and SPIRIT is GOD, simultaneously FATHER and MOTHER, as well as the SON. Your sensations, which are the language of the soul as well as that of the heavens, now stream into your levels of consciousness. They stream about the entire earthly globe, touching all sensations of the souls that presently walk this globe in the human garment. In the SPIRIT there is no separation. You are the brother in the human garment and at the same time the sister next to you in this circle or even in the faraway Africa. You are one with every human soul. Their body is also your body, their joy is also your joy, and their pain is also your pain. Now, sense all that GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, senses in the unity with His Son and Daughter: All the sorrow in this material sphere is changed by love. Love that I am, love that you are, and love that is the creator-power. This love now irradiates the human garment of your brothers and sisters via your sensations, flowing into the unity of all presently incarnated natures. Again, your consciousness expands beyond this earthly sphere and by sensation you are entering the soul kingdoms, the darkest night. Do not fear! A Son, a Daughter in GOD, unified with the power of the divine inheritance, knows no fear. In this blackness of night your brothers and sisters are disfigured beings, and yet they are your brothers. The ugliness is the darkness. They have gone into the depths for you as well. Their experiences are at the same time your experiences, for in the SPIRIT there is no separation. Do not be fearful! Look at the distorted, hate-filled faces. Rage is thrown at you. I am with you, and love, which flows from you through Me, streams into these spheres. Love streams from you to your brothers and sisters. This love is effective. Even if it still takes eons before the blackness has transformed itself to the purest light, the beginning was now made through you. My friends, infinitely great are the spheres of absolute darkness, and it takes much light to irradiate them. Behold, spiritually, the starry worlds and imagine these infinite widths! The spheres of darkness have these same infinite widths. I am calling upon you who are commissioned to irradiate those spheres as well and to transform them to light. When you become seers for these worlds as well, it is the most difficult task for you as part of your commission. However, I, JESUS CHRIST, will then be one with you, and in and of this unity you will be effective for the home-bringing [of all souls]. The further levels are graduated from dark to gray. Spheres of sadness await you, to be raised to joy; for it is where all your brothers and sisters are still tied to earthly matter. It is where they cannot seem to let go of matter, where they reject any instruction and yet are inwardly screaming for redemption. I want to walk with you through these spheres as well, in order to take home [what is not yet at home]. Now we are climbing to more light-filled realms, into paradisiacal spheres. There too, My faithful ones, are brothers and sisters who believe to have reached heaven and are therefore rejecting any and all teachings. Since the free will is decisive in all spheres of being, only love can help here as well. This love does not violate the free will, for it demands nothing. It is simply there in order to show the true light in this seemingly paradisiacal sphere. When I walk through these spheres with you, you are radiating with heavenly light, and a warming light immerses the brothers and sisters, who will ask in astonishment: "Who are they? Where do they come from? Who am I, if there are light-filled beings like they?" A ray of light is immersed in them through you, causing them to ask these questions. Teacher angels are at hand in order to answer their questions and to help your brothers and sisters. And now we will leave these spheres of consciousness as well. My friends, creation is infinite. Now you are linking with the spirit of your star-brothers and -sisters, all those who are commissioned like you to bring home everything in and of My SPIRIT of love. In this sphere and in all more highly vibrating ones, joy awaits you, My disciples! You are once again feeling your human garment and are simultaneously in the widths of cosmic consciousness. You sense you are the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER, who is walking the Earth in the human garment. Look, briefly, at the difficulties you are presently still experiencing on the human level, and recognize how unimportant they are. Still, for the human being, I am your walking staff to support you, to help you. I am your friend. My blessing is with you here in this circle, as well as outside. May from now on unending love, peace, blessing, and light stream forth. Amen Last revision on 11/09/02 261