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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 68 txt  13.47KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

68. Exercise My friends, the storm of My love has shaken you about so that the "old Adam" will come to the fore with all its facets. I, JESUS CHRIST, taught you to discard the path, the way of the old garment "human being," and to find the way to the Higher Self, to the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER. You are still moving about between both consciousness levels. Shaking the prison bars will not accomplish a thing, as long as you do not recognize that you have put up the prison bars yourselves. Only when you realize that your fate, and thereby the prison bars, have been determined by you - and only you - will you be ready to fold your hands in prayer and say: "FATHER, here I am, please help me with this! I am not trying to escape my self-built prison, oh beloved FATHER, but I surrender and thereby make the step into YOUR light of the moment, away from the structure of time and space." Only then, will it show that no wall is strong enough to not dissolve into nothing through the light of your devotion. What is the task that should be foremost in your heart? It is to give yourselves over to the moment, to eternity, to HIM, the ALL-ONE. The entire path which I have taught you is comprised of this surrender. Whenever I have shown the love for creation, you can read from My words that everything GOD, the ETERNAL, has created gives itself over to HIM, and HE Who is in all things gives HIMSELF to you in all things. Only the human being is the exception in devotion; he rebels against it. And rebellion against surrender is a hunger for power, is imperiousness, and a lack of humility. Both the beginning and the end of the spiritual path irradiated by the expression from your vocabulary, and that is loving devotion. As you know, the fall happened due to haughtiness. Devotion, surrender leads you homeward. All other natures and characteristics, which the perfect child of the FATHER bears within as his heritage, are contained in devotion as well. Behold the order in all things! Does even one thing in creation rebel against the Creator? Does the sun not orbit about the next primordial central sun? Does the earth not orbit about the sun? Do the planets not orbit in their specific order? Even in that which you believe to be chaos in the starry sky, here and there, the observer recognizes the compulsion toward order, toward devotion. Free will, given to GOD'S children, means also to choose between the two extremes: On one hand surrender, and on the other, the hunger for power and control. He who takes the road of the divine Will, will inevitably will find the way to devotional love, to the Will of the FATHER. Wisdom gives itself with devotion to all who want to draw from it. I remind you of the chalice that symbolically is in you, ready to receive all wisdom of the heavens, as wisdom gives itself to you. Was My solemn path on earth not one single path of surrender? The deed of love calls for surrender. He who walks this earth impatiently lacks devotion, lacks surrender. He lacks love and mercy. Devotion/surrender is a word of your language, which I have illumined for you in its deeper meaning! When you are listening to your fellow-man, you should do so devotedly, not in judgment of him. Your quickly concluded judgment is not asked for here; nor are your sensations, which envelop your fellow-man with negative vibrations, such as rejection. No, it is devotion/surrender, which is needed then. By surrendering, the wise one recognizes in all conversations with his fellow-man the opportunity to learn as well; for only as long as the wise one is still learning, is he humble and truly wise. When you serve Me as messengers of light, it is important for you to be able to listen to your fellow-man without judgment. Verily, examine yourselves time and again. How often you still judge and entertain thoughts of condemnation in the brief period of about an hour, as you listen to people speaking! My path, which I am teaching to you, leads you away from the "old Adam". However, My friends, before this "Adam" can become new, the old one should have passed on. Therefore, before the prison bars and walls will dissolve, the "old Adam" must pass away. Behold the coming spring time, and take it as your symbol! If not the old, wilted matter were to give nourishment for the new, not one blossom would develop to bring you joy. In the autumn, the leaves fall to the ground and decompose, giving the soil new nourishment and strength. In the spring, these old leaves are taken up hungrily by the sprouting spring flowers, and they gladden your hearts and minds with their beautiful bounty. Before a mustard seed is not placed into the earth and dies, no new shoot can come forth. And so the "old Adam" must die as well, and always a little more, until you encounter the Higher Self and until you recognize: This is who I am in reality. My friends, you are walking a path that in former eras took others many incarnations to complete. Today, by the grace of the FATHER in these events of time and space, there is such a mighty outpouring of power flooding this earth, which makes it possible for you to burst your shackles and to bury the "old Adam" and to resurrect as GOD-man within a short span of time. As of yet, your spiritual eyes are still dimmed. Why, My friends is this so? You will become true seers for the spiritual world and for this spinning and weaving of the SPIRIT, when you have found the way, for the most part, to your Higher Self, and when you accept your present life with full devotion to GOD and without emotion. I know that this path is difficult, as I have gone before you. Still, I say emphatically and in all earnestness: "My friends, it is time! This is not about accepting yourselves as you are right now, for that is a prerequisite. Nor is it about reaching a goal, no matter what the cost; that would be wrong. However, it is all about devotion/surrender and living in the moment. The moment is eternity and eternity does not care about the many problems of the human existence." You do not yet comprehend eternity. And so I would like to ask you to occupy yourselves with the following, if you are willing: You remember your favorite tree. Look at it as it stands before you right now, and then immerse yourselves in the concept of "timelessness/eternity"! Continue to look at your tree. With the word "Eternity" the tree is a seed. It grows to a size which it is yet to present to you, for I will accompany you on this exercise. Simultaneously, you will see its fall, its decomposition. Eternity in the events of time and space is always a new becoming and passing away. My friends, may this "becoming and passing away" be made clear to you in the coming time. Do not only rejoice in the becoming, but consider that all becoming and growing things must also pass away, until they enter into the space- and timelessness, into eternity. Why has mankind been given this time here on earth? I spoke about it last time: It is due to Mercy, and so that by this time and by this "becoming and passing away," there can also always be given a new chance. My friends, you are moving away from this wheel of reincarnation, not because you do not wish to step upon this earth once more, with all its difficulties, but because you are outgrowing the weaknesses of the "old Adam," discarding them and finding the way to your true inner spiritual greatness. Such an illumined one is, however, in no way striving to leave this earth in order to reach home, the FATHER'S HOUSE, for himself alone, but the truly illumined one turns around and looks at those he left behind. Indeed, he turns back and extends his hand to help his "younger" brothers and sisters in order to help them find the way home as well. Now listen to My words carefully: Many an illumined one returned for another incarnation, and did so in the capacity of a messenger of light, in the full consciousness of his spiritual power. But by the consciousness of his illumined status and based on his knowledge and power, the human being grew haughty again and raised himself above his neighbors, hence the illumined one fell. Many who had found their God-man in their inner being endangered themselves repeatedly in this way. They recognized, after such experiences, that it would be better to once again place the veil of forgetfulness about their illumined state of being. However, this happens only by specific request of the illumined one. Now I ask you: are you sure that you are not in truth illumined ones for some time now, you who walk this path via the earth again and who bear this wealth of My teachings within you already, as you have experienced it before? Is what I am teaching you in reality not all remembrance? Have you not gone out in order to bring home your brothers and sisters? Is that, which you challenge, perhaps, not in fact the veil, which covers you because you requested GOD your FATHER, to place it about you? My friends, if you could see the spiritual forces active within you, you would no longer doubt My words. All levels of consciousness in you have been touched by the light and are therefore vibrating. From you, connective rays are going forth in all of the earth, even beyond the earth, to all star-brothers and -sisters. They are rays that are like streets of light for innumerous brothers and sisters. My friends, awaken from the conception of your own imprisonment. When you sink into your deep sleep at night, we are meeting in the spheres of the beyond, united with all light-workers on the different levels. Everyone knows his mission. We advise each other and together, we go here and there, wherever the light of love can be immersed into human beings or souls: be that on the battle fields of this earth, be that in the areas of environmental devastation or some other earthly catastrophes, be it in other spheres, those of the soul-kingdoms, no matter where [it may be, we are there to help]. Now it is time for you to awaken from your un-consciousness toward conscious being, as I taught you the last time we met. You should awaken to a conscious being in which night is no longer separated from day and vice versa. I have led you through several meditations. In the coming times, may you grow to formulate your own meditations that burst forth from your inner being, and may they be meditations which are states of heightened consciousness, not fantasy, as you may consider them to be. Rather, they are levels from other spheres of consciousness. I, JESUS CHRIST, can lead the one who enters into the practice of meditation with dedication, into these levels of consciousness. In that case, there will no longer be any doubt that every one among you in this circle and even beyond has this connection to the source of the PRIMORDIAL WELLSPRING, to GOD, of Whom bursts forth streaming power of light, and that you, too, possess this power. Rend the shell of the "old Adam," and rise up! A brief meditation will lead you into freedom. Give yourselves over to the breath... Slowly inhale the divine power - via all centers - the divine power that you all are, and exhale the "old Adam" by way of all centers... Repeat this consciously several times and then let the breath come and go, while you remain immersed within yourselves... I will remain silent... Practice this... With this conscious breathing, you feel your pulse beating in your skullcap. Any external limits, such as walls and prison bars disappear. Give yourselves over to the meditation. Want nothing and all tension will lose itself in your calm breath, which embeds itself in the divine rhythm of being and nonbeing, of all and nothing, of becoming and passing away. And you are finding your calm inner axis. Powerfully, divine breath pulses through your being. All consciousness centers are radiating brightly in the light of your divine SOURCE. Say: "I am a Son, a Daughter, of the eternally holy FATHER. I AM." This "I AM" dissolves all limitations. Your consciousness expands into this "I AM," into GOD in all being. Before your spiritual eyes, eras are passing by. And you keep thinking over and over "I AM." No matter what roles I played in these eras, it is not the true being, for I AM. I AM the beginning of the sun and its end. Keep thinking I AM the beginning of a star and its passing away. I AM the developing earthly universe and its passing away. Now, expand your consciousness by slipping into eternity, with the thought: "I AM beyond space and time. Becoming and passing away has no verity for me any more, for I AM a Child of the MOST HIGH, His Son, His Daughter." Let these thoughts vibrate in you! Now return from this consciousness into the earthly being, whence you have entered many times before. Now it is up to you to draw from the freedom of the "I AM" with dedication. You are once again returning to space and time. Sense the connection with your star-brothers. Sense the connection with all things created in the material being, for you have brought unity with you from eternity into the space-time-event. When you now re-enter your earthly body, remember who you really are at those times when you still struggle as human beings. My friends, once again I remind you of my request to occupy yourselves with "becoming and passing away," if you are willing; for it is truly time to tear the shackles of the material senses of your material body, and to find the way to your spiritual senses. By practicing with the tree, you will be able to accomplish it for the first time. I give to you My power, and the grace from the FATHER'S HEART is given unto you in full measure. Come and actualize all the knowledge resting within you! Amen Last revision 11/08/02 253