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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 67 txt  21.92KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

67. Exercise Smiling, I, JESUS CHRIST, am standing in your circle. My understanding for your human difficulties is streaming towards you, and mentally I am taking each and every one of you by the hand once more and say to you: "Come, My child, conquer the leftover parts of your fear and doubts! Or said briefly: Conquer your human being and take the step with Me into the spiritually illumined being, do it at this very moment! Now you see into your light. Now you have changed your point of view. Now you are aware of your DIVINE HERITAGE." And now I let go of your hand again, you My friend, My soul-bride. Go now on your own. Take one step after the other consciously on the way to the FATHER'S HOUSE! You have come from the light, you are in the light, and you return to light - beginning and end connected in a circle. My beloved bride, you are eternal. What are you seeking in your body? Why are you listing your problems? Are you limiting yourself to this physical being, instead of letting your recognition take hold, that you are a Son, a Daughter of the MOST HIGH, equipped with all powers to momentarily change any condition in the human being? Look at the symbol of the circle: Alpha and Omega interlaced. Your beginning is at the same time also the end of the path and again the beginning, since in the symbol of the circle, these two concepts are non-existent. You are the light! View everything from the light, and you will no longer open a door that has long been closed in order to find things that you have already discarded. Free and unshackled, you will follow your inner path and recognize outer precepts and limitations as something meant for this material level, and thus break through those barriers. Recognize, My beloved, at the same moment you recognize and accept the limitations, you simultaneously free yourself of all limitations, which present themselves to you as a mirror in the material sphere. You transgress all barriers, for barriers only mount when one tries to run them down, when one fights against them. At the moment you accept the barriers, they dissolve and cease to be. The entire world of matter is a mirror for you. If you are absorbed with thoughts, you will bump yourself everywhere. You will not see the tree in front of you and hit your head. You will overlook the lantern post and run into it. Yes, you will not see your fellow-human beings and will stumble over them. In other words, you will come into disharmony with them. The sleeper has barriers everywhere. The awakened one - and you My soul-bride have awakened - opens her eyes and walks her way with an open mind. She sees the stumbling block and gently moves it aside. She recognizes the tree and its roots spreading about matter mightily. But since her eyes are not fixed on the ground, she does not stumble on the roots, but looks up to the trunk of the tree and beyond, sees the crown and thus connects with the spiritual level. You, My beloved soul-bride, will therefore not run against a light-giving lamp post and bump yourself, but you will notice in the lamplight the shadows without identifying with them. Instead, you are conscious of your characteristic as a light bearer and radiate the higher light of love that is within you into the shadows caused by the lamplight. You try hard to meditate in the right way. Oh see, meditation is the connection of the SPIRIT with the human being. Again a circle closes. This circle is without beginning and end. So it should also be with the meditation of the advanced and illumined one. You, My soul-bride - by this I mean every single one of you, even you who are reading these words - you have been taken hold of by My power and have been illumined. Now the time has come that your life here in the material being should develop toward one single meditation. [For you] consciousness is still divided between the events during the day and night time. You are spending your nights unconsciously, except for occasional disruptive dreams, which you then take into your day-consciousness. However, you are messengers of light, and for you day and night are full of light. I, JESUS CHRIST, lead every single one in his innermost being on the path to mastery of the everlasting prayer, to the everlasting meditation, a consciousness that is interrupted by nothing, not even by the earthly night. Now, at the beginning of the meditative path you are still in need of the night, which mercifully covers up every burden the day has brought to you. However, the further you advance upon the path of mastery, the shorter your unconscious earthly time spans will become. You will no longer need to work through the daily events by sleeping, because nothing will vibrate any longer to cause you emotional pressure, which would have to be worked out during the night. You are still listening to My words, thinking to yourselves: "Oh LORD, how can I come this far, so that everything you have said in the past and today can come to pass, and so that every word You spoke to us can transform into the lived deed?" Oh see, My friends, this is a process that will develop in each and every one of you individually, independent of one another and at the right time. One learns in one area; the other, in another one. And yet you are walking the path together, even if your paths separate, until you have all awakened from your unconsciousness, which envelops you at night and sometimes even during the day. It will be so until you recognize that you all walk together on the level of conscious being, that you extend your hands to one another and to all others, helping them from a sense of community. In this conscious state you see the fine network of love, through which you are all connected with all being, and through which streams of love flow to you. In this condition of fully conscious being you will also recognize the wonderful unity in creation. You will, on the other hand, also see the effects of your sensations, thoughts, and actions, which now are still hidden due to Mercy. You will see how the smallest thought spreads out mightily and is effective as in the comparison that the wings of a butterfly can cause a tornado. Then you will see the mighty strength of your thought power. My friends, so I say to you full of humor, be glad that you do not yet see the effects of your actions, bringing me to the aspect of Mercy, which I already mentioned last time: Due to mercy your sensations, thoughts and actions are covered over until your spirit is fully awakened within you. The love of the FATHER allowed for the exploration of the free will. The Love gave His children freedom. However, if this Love were not crowned by the FATHER'S Mercy, the fall event would never come to an end. Mercy is grace, it is the stretched out hand of the FATHER for His child. After this child has passed through the darkest night, he or she turns about timidly and sees in the blackness of the night the infinitely long way back home. Yet, even in this turning back, the FATHER already extends His hand to His child, and grace after grace streams toward the child in the form of power, so that he may take up his way back courageously. Mercy is what separates you between your individual incarnations. It covers the incarnations with the mantel of oblivion; for if the being in his human garment could view all his once committed deeds, he would no longer be able to live with this consciousness. So the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT - out of the MATERNAL principle - covers every incarnation with the mantle of oblivion. Even while the soul is preparing to leave this earth, the light of Mercy, of Grace, is radiated into the soul, and in the light of Grace the soul sees the passed life roll by him. Brothers and sisters, those who have passed over from the earthly life before him, be they parents or grand parents, extend their hands to the soul. The PATERNAL-MATERNAL Mercy has sent them in order to make the soul's first steps in the soul-spheres easier and to guide him into eternity, whence he came. This brief chapter in time and space, which you call a life, is given unto you through Mercy. Even time passing in matter is given unto you through Mercy, for the mantel of oblivion can only be placed over time. Once you are again the timeless and fully conscious child, the Son, the Daughter, of the FATHER, all your incarnations will be conscious to you once again, but you will view them in the light of Grace and in the fulfillment of your return to your eternal home, as well as in the fulfillment of the 'yes' you once gave. My beloved fold, so even the night, which limits your day, is a gift of Mercy, for every day you may begin anew, just as you begin every life anew. However, do not enjoy Mercy only for you, but look now into the world of material appearances. The love, My friends, is every child's path of recognition, is the law of cause and effect. Everywhere on this earth you recognize the once set causes. You recognize them in the effects. You read a part of the causes in the records of our history books. However, the mantel of oblivion has mercifully been placed over most of the causes. Love shows the causes that have been set forth previously in the effects. But since the Mercy of the PATERNAL-MATERNAL SPIRIT is active in the effects, the latter will not be so marked and will represent only a fraction of the causes. The effects have been diminished by grace. If the children of GOD would have to bear all causes in their entirety, there would not be one human body on this earth that would not be marked by the most horrible afflictions, as no soul would be able to form a human body in its perfection. Before the soul comes to this earth as an incarnated child, he has therefore already fashioned his own body. However, I emphatically say, his soul-power would not suffice, if it were not for the Mercy of the FATHER and the MOTHER in and of Grace. Still, here and there you see physical affliction, and I can see your question: "Did Grace and Mercy not intercede here?" I answer you thus: Mercy can only intercede for the most part. Partially, the burden shall serve for the recognition and has to serve in this way, so that the child recognizes by the effect what burden he has placed upon himself. Do not make the mistake now to say: "All those who are physically inflicted have burdened themselves in a big way, and they now expiate their burdens." With such thoughts you have already left the path of Love and Mercy. In the realm of the spiritual laws there are yet other possibilities - and this directly from the law of Mercy and Grace - by which someone can accept a physical burden for a sister-soul or brother-soul in order to give them thus the motivation to turn back as well. To give you an example: As long as a human being is solely aligned with material things, he has connected with all powers of matter, and he might have, as you say, all the luck of this world. He is rich, has no worries, but at the same time he has no understanding for pain, sorrow, and will judge and condemn all those who are in pain, all those who are poor, etc. In order to show a soul that matter is ruled by earthly powers and spirit by heavenly ones, the soul freely accepts an affliction and visits as child with a couple that wallows in earthly wealth. Since the parents have aligned with matter, only a "fate," as you call it, can change their point of view toward the more spiritual life. The parents would give away all treasures of this earth in order to relieve their child from his affliction. At that moment their understanding for all others who walk this earth with an impediment grows. A spiritual character trade such as compassion and empathy, which had been totally hidden until now, will be touched in this couple, allowing them to feel other's sorrow and, thus, no longer treat the afflicted scornfully. My friends, there are, besides those with physical afflictions, other fellow-brothers and -sisters with psychological afflictions. Recognize, I do not only mean people with mental illnesses, but I mean also your brothers and sisters who have stumbled over the earthly laws and whom you are keeping behind prison walls. The illumined, the truly wise one, no longer differentiates between the physical and the mental afflictions. He knows that he has an open heart for both, out of a sense of mercy. He knows that any judgment on his part would only fall back on himself, since the judgment stipulates one's own condemnation. The truly wise one recognizes that every judgment pronounced by him touches a chord in him, which mirrors a cause set by him at one time. And so the truly wise one has empathy for every deed, be it in your eyes ever so despicable. He recognizes in every fellow-brother or -sister the pure spiritual PRIMORDIAL POWER of the FATHER'S Son or Daughter, which has only in time and space impeded itself, due to the events thereof. The PRIMORDIAL POWER is thickly enveloped by humanness, so that the SPIRIT in its purity can hardly penetrate the blackness of this envelopment. However, the wise one acknowledges the PRIMORDIAL POWER and gives to it all his love. He thereby irradiates and penetrates this coating and helps the one who stumbled to get up once more. My beloved, Mercy is the crown of creation. The "fall" happened on the sixth day of creation, on the day of Love, on the day of freedom for GOD'S children, whereby the term "day" is not to be understood in the earthly sense of time and space. Rather it is on the spiritual level a condition, just as the day of Mercy, which now follows, is a condition. It is the condition of having come home, having re-awakened, a condition of the recognition that in reality not one of the FATHER'S children ever truly left HIS HEART. And yet, this having walked through the blackest of nights will be forever omnipresent to all spirit beings. Mercy is coupled with Earnestness [Justice], so I have said and so I repeat today. The center of Justice is the CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS, is the lived deed in and of My Spirit, and this actualized deed must be crowned by Mercy, even through you. In order to grasp the depth of the consciousness of Mercy one must immerse oneself in the same. It will take some time before you will be able to fully grasp the width, the spiritual magnitude of Mercy. For in Mercy, the further DIVINE-MATERNAL characteristics, such as Love and Patience, are reflected, as well as the essences [or natures] of the PATERNAL SPIRIT, which are Order, Will, Wisdom, and Justice, [also called Earnestness]. Everywhere in creative being, be it the material sphere or the spiritual spheres, which you are yet to pass through, will you encounter Mercy. I will now lead you into a meditation, while I address your center of Mercy and bring nearer to you its deeper understanding: Again you are feeling the vital power all the way to the tips of your toes. Move mentally to the pulsing of your feet and see the rays of love as they leave your feet in a scintillating spray of sparks! These rays penetrate the earth and connect with the soul of your mother Earth. Through Mercy, Mother Earth is serving you as well. If this planet would not rotate and revolve around the sun, your life for a span of time would not be possible. And so, this planet is given unto you out of Mercy. Out of Mercy, mother Earth serves you for a span of time so that you may gather recognition and after this span of time return to the spiritual world to work with the recognition. For you may want to return to this earth in another attempt to work out all that which remained unresolved. Day and night, one life after another is given unto you by and through Mercy. Now gaze into nature, My friends, you will encounter Mercy there as well. During winter snow mercifully covers all that which has perished. Under this mantel of mercy, under this warming covering, new life awakens. As a symbol for you, new life sprouts from wilted growth, becoming leaf and blossom, from the seed to the branch, to the tree. Therefore, before new life can grow, Mercy is at work. And see, here too, a tree is not immediately great in size. Every year, it develops new shoots and grows and grows. And so you too are growing. From time to time, the PATERNAL-MATERNAL SPIRIT places the mantel of Mercy over you, so that you may reawaken and can grow into the new day, into the new life, joyfully, reaching new greatness with new shoots until someday the circle has been once again completed. Then you will have found the beginning again leading to your SOURCE, your PRIMORDIAL POWER, to being the Son, the Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. Leave now this earthly sphere! Via the center of Order, enter into the vibration of the divine Will! Sense the chalice of divine Wisdom within you, ready to receive! My holy Justice flows through you, has taken hold of you all. Humility has tested you, and you have learned Patience. Love and the longing for your source have become mighty within you, so that both are ruling your daily events more and more. Now I crown you with Mercy. Sense the breath of the spiritual crown on your head...By the power of Mercy the God-man in you has fully awakened; the connection with your Higher Self is made, the connection with the Son, with the Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. As this Son, this Daughter you now walk this earthly existence, even through the worlds of the beyond, for your spiritual being is now unlimited spiritual existence. So let us make an excursion together. The worlds beyond are not somewhere in space out there, oh no, they are conditions, which crossover each other, whereby the higher condition outshines the lower one. From the lower condition of your human existence, it is harder to reach a higher one, however. That is why you are not yet able to simply separate yourselves with your spiritual body, with the soul-consciousness from the physical body. However, My friends, this process is not achieved by willing it; it too is a condition of full spiritual consciousness. When you have reached this condition, you will live in the material sphere as well as in the next higher level of consciousness, which you will have then developed. It takes only your empathy and mercy, and you are in the midst of the astral spheres. Unified with Me, you are walking the streets of this world under My protection, and at the same time you see all the souls that have still bound themselves to matter. You see how souls try to exert power over others. Since in the astral spheres every thought, even every sensation is openly visible, exerting power means a fight, for no one wants to let go of power for the sake of others. This fight transfers itself to living human beings as well. Here and there entire hordes of souls try to live out their hunger for power greedily by using a human being. The awakened one wanders these spheres fearlessly and is filled not only with love for all his brothers and sisters, but also with mercy. And so we are now standing in the midst of a war zone. You are looking in the hate-filled hearts of living people. Here and there they are sleeping, outwardly. But even in their sleep they are facing each other and are fighting, soul against soul, and are pointing against each other the weapons they have created by virtue of their thought power. My friends, become active by My power of Love and Mercy! We enter into the midst of such fighting souls. An angry circle closes round about us; weapons are pointed toward us, for we are of a different kind, not dark but light. Now follow My words by sensation and by doing this, learn to recognize Mercy in Love! My friends, peace is with you! If you have to fight, hit us instead. Guns, cannons cannot hurt us. Raise your hands and try to get rid of your aggressions by doing that! See, we bow before you in humility in order to welcome you in spite of your rage! If you have to hit, then do hit! Your fists are raised. You cannot hit? Ask yourselves why. What hinders you from using that hand you have raised? See, it is the light, the light that shines in you as well! You fight each other with the weapons of this world, and you carry weapons that fall apart like dust in your hands. They are weapons that, as you are recognizing, do not hit your soul bodies. The wounds which you think you are inflicting upon each other do not exist on this sphere. But once you awaken from your sleep and are once again in your human consciousness, the weapons are powerful once again and destroy body after body. However, just as you were not able to hit us, you no more can hit the body within your brothers and sisters. My friends, we have offered our peace to you. May you awaken in your human bodies with thoughts of peace, recognizing that you are fighting a senseless fight. And just as senseless when as souls you beat each other, recognizing that you could not injure anyone, so is your fight in the material being just as senseless; for your true being is not struck by any blow. Embarrassed, you gaze at the floor. I call you friends, you do not know who we are. We are friends, and we accompany you in our thoughts as you enter your physical consciousness. We have come from Mercy and immerse a ray of the same into the sleeping person, so that he may remember his dream and enter into the re-awakened human consciousness with the vision of his dream, in which we also appear. Peace be with you and with all round about you! We leave the battle field. Mercy, My beloved fold, is open for the healing of any suffering. In the coming fourteen days, immerse yourselves into the ray of Mercy - with your entire being - in order to grasp it totally! Mercy bows down to all who are suffering and in need. It caresses the wounds, consoles the weeping, the sick and suffering. You can live all this with your soul-consciousness in your waking hours as well, for SPIRIT knows no limits, and it works everywhere at the same time. SPIRIT is connected with all things. By way of the streams of Love, the network of Love, SPIRIT is effective mercifully. Sons and Daughters of light, sense your way into Mercy, and live its crowning effect! Return to your body and continue walking the ways of fulfillment, unified with My SPIRIT of Love, crowned by Mercy! Amen Last revision 11/07/02 246