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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 66 txt  15.58KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

66. Exercise My beloved disciples, this schooling has gone on for three years now, not counting the vacation breaks. It is a time similar to the one when I walked this earth and when I taught My disciples even then. This time is coming to an end. Just like then, it is a chapter that will come to a close, with one difference. This time, I will not leave you, every single one of you in your inner being, and will not say: "I go home to the FATHER, but I will send you My SPIRIT." Instead, My SPIRIT is in you, has taken hold of you, and My joy is with you as you express this in your conversations, and as you have understood the schooling and are practicing it in your daily lives. For instance, you recognize the symbolism of the dream you shared today, which shows you that in you is the character feature of the self-confident, autonomously working nurse, which shows you the way out of the 'illness'. Yet at the same time you see in yourself features of the timid subordinate - which in this case represents the human being in the daytime consciousness. You have learned that your little mishaps during the day, such as losing an umbrella and the like, are meaningful on the spiritual level as well, and you have pondered your being sheltered (as by an umbrella and what it was trying to tell you). In these two examples, which are representing all others, you are showing your growth and your willingness to continue on your path with Me, JESUS CHRIST in you. At the same time you are showing that you are relying more and more on your own inner being and are no longer guided by what others tell you, no longer aligned with the guidance of your fellow-human beings. He who gives Me his whole trust, while resting within himself, will gain mastery. None other outside of yourselves can advise you as well as I in you. Recognize that by My choice of words I do not influence your free will. Rather, by sensation I place into your heart what ever the right path would be, whereby the free decision remains with the child of the FATHER. I can only touch very briefly on a problem addressed here in this circle, as My love guides every child in freedom, by way of his or her own life's path. My faithful fold, I have taught you that everything is connected by vibration. This law shows up in actions and reactions. And when you explore causes do look at the reactions, and you will recognize the cause that was once set forth. Only in this way can you help yourselves and your neighbor. Freedom is the FATHER'S child's greatest gift. This greatest gift should never be infringed upon, not even by parents. The child should be able to go his paths in freedom and without intrusion. And while parents may discuss pros and cons of their children's prospective choices, in the end the child should be allowed to make his own decision. Just as your FATHER in heaven lets you make your own decisions, you should place your children's decisions in regards to their lives' paths into their own hands as soon as possible, although you could discuss the effects of their decision either way. By this you are raising your children to become autonomous and consciously acting beings. When GOD considered within Himself creating children, there was darkness right next to light, as one stipulates the other, as I have explained to you. The MATERNAL SPIRIT bore the thought in the same way an earthly mother carries her child. The thought was born through Me, the Son, and was perfected in love. Everything that exists is creation born from love, which I AM, JESUS CHRIST. Love created the purely spiritual realms but also left room for the creative thoughts of GOD'S children. You are all co-creators - in eternity as well as here in space and time. Whether your diverse problems or those of your environment, everything that reflects to you externally in your life has been co-created and shaped by you. As I have taught you, everything is in the microcosm as it is in the macrocosm. You My friends know that due to the liberty given to the children, the way through the dark kingdoms had been cleared for you. These dark spheres have been explored, now it is time to turn back. Why? Behold creation: You recognize the wonderful order, which shows itself in all being. By way of this inherent order in creation, GOD'S children were guided in their exploration of the free choice; by self-recognition they were led away from willfulness toward fulfilling the DIVINE Will. DIVINE Will is paired with Patience, which is what explains the long period of eons during which the children had turned away from the light, the time of the "fall". Infinite spans of time have gone by since. The children passed this time in freedom, and by their recognition they are now turning back. Time and again, GOD'S children were given recognition coming from GOD'S Wisdom, through messengers of light who came down to the depths [to Earth]. However, Wisdom on the spiritual level is always paired with Love. If Wisdom is not coupled with Love, it will not lead to recognition but to haughtiness in the incarnated being. That is, he or she claims to know more than all others and to be in possession of the only truth, which in turn leads to fanaticism. Fanaticism generally ends in the judgment or even persecution of those who think or believe differently. Love, on the other hand, coupled with Wisdom gives of itself. Today, I want to speak to you about this Love, and simultaneously I want to touch the center of Love, which is located between your eyebrows. My friends, in your pictures angel messengers have been depicted with wings, which spread out wide. It has been depicted in this way symbolically, so it is translated, for the angels' speed of movement. But the symbol means something altogether different as well. Look into the world of the animals, how protectively they spread out their wings over their chicks, and how, even before they break out of their hard shell into life, the winged animals give their warmth to the brood. You too were all imprisoned in such hard shells. You too have broken through the hard shell of your external humanness and have given room to the true life. An angel of love has stood guard over you with his expansive wings. He has protected you on your paths through heights and depths. He guarded you. The love of a bird for her chicks shows also when the growing birds are thrown out of their nests, so that they may learn to fly and take to the air to rule their own life in freedom. It is the same with the angel standing guard over you. You have grown up now. You are sons and daughters of the FATHER, and the angel at your side takes a step back while you continue your walk through life as awakened beings. My friends, as I left My Disciples they were still fearful, I have briefly touched upon that once before. You too are still a bit insecure, but you are all instruments of light. You have come as messengers of light, and as messengers of light you are continuing on your way. Even while on the earthly level, you will still encounter, from time to time, a messenger of light who will accompany you for a portion of the way, until you have developed your inner spheres and are messengers of light for others who are at the wayside. Love is a very serious thing, My faithful ones. A messenger of light who stands fully behind his 'yes' will no longer go his way alone. Instead, he will protectively spread out his wings over those whom I have entrusted to him on this terrestrial level, just as the angel symbolically spread out his spiritual wings for him. He no longer walks this earth in the I-method but will, from now on, go his way in the we-mode. Before you repeat in your hearts the yes, the full yes, I want to make you aware of some of the difficulties that may come upon you, so that you may not someday stand before Me and say: "Oh Lord, it is so hard to walk this earth with the responsibility of a messenger of light. Had I known this, I would not have taken it on." Just as I carry all My fallen brothers and sisters, so too will you carry your brothers and sisters in your hearts, all those whom I entrusted to you. And by this, you will also give your yes, to balance vibrations, to carry your neighbor, even if it causes you to come to your knees because the load seems too heavy. Love never gives up; it carries the neighbor for a part of the way. Let Me give you examples, so that you will understand Me. A "Mother Theresa" does not only carry all the poor of Calcutta in her heart; no, she carries all the poor of the entire earth. Your brother "Gandhi," who stands for non-violence, bears all those in his heart who are deprived of their rights and who do not fight back but patiently bear their fate. With his power of radiation, he stands by those who follow him and live by his example, by and by. It is the same with your brother in America "Martin Luther King," who preached non-violence until his death. I mentioned three names. These names represent three religions, and in the coming times several more religions will be added, for love is becoming prevalent. Not forcefulness, but love! Love radiates powerfully from the one who has decided for love, so that love will continue to be effective, even after the earthly body has passed on, and until the very last child of the FATHER has returned home. I have named three of your brothers and sisters. That same power is within you as well. Everyone one of you has this power to carry all his brothers and sisters for a part of the way, until they have developed their own inner being. The love within you is afraid of nothing and no-one. The love, that in the last analysis I AM, JESUS CHRIST, is victorious. So, do you wish to spread your wings, the wings of a spiritual messenger, and come follow Me? May the 'yes' be placed into your heart and considered well, for the way is thorny and full of rocks. However, as I have told you at the beginning of this schooling, you will find roses blossoming between the thorns and rocks. Gaze upon them when stones cause you to stumble and when thorns wound your limbs. Recognize that all thorns and stones on your path are required by you, as no one is perfect, and everyone on this earthly globe struggles with his human being, until his very last breath! Again, the messenger of light is challenged to take his gaze away from the thorns and stones to the roses. The path through this Earth is not easy. However, the heavenly fragrance of the fully blossoming roses will envelop him who, though he may still stumble over the rocks and cut himself on the thorns, changes his point of view, his standpoint. And the bliss of the eternal home, the FATHER'S HOUSE, takes hold of the human being as well as of his soul. And so Wisdom is developed in you by Love, and you will draw from your inner spheres and will give of yourselves. Your "I" no longer exists. You sense, think and act in the "We". All those whom I wish to entrust to you are touched by you through Wisdom and are guided into Love. In Love, they recognize Me, JESUS CHRIST, no matter what their religion, for I represent Love. My faithful fold, here and everywhere, now is the time to turn back! Justice roams this earth, but this Justice is coupled with Mercy. I will expand upon this at our next meeting. You enter into this Justice, My messengers of light, when you repeat your 'yes' in your inner being, and you expand your consciousness to Christ-Consciousness. I will lead you into a meditation now, which, like all the others, will point the way to higher spheres of consciousness. Briefly flex all your muscles and then relax. In this relaxation, you will first immerse yourselves into your physical being. You sense the vital power in your feet. It rises upward through your ankles. Warmth spreads out. This warmth radiates throughout your feet and beyond and touches Mother Earth. Yes, it is penetrated by the vital power in you, which is equal to Love. It is energy from the FATHER'S energy, SPIRIT of His SPIRIT. This SPIRIT links with the Spirit of your Mother Earth. This vital energy rises to your knees. You feel the stream that now flows powerfully through your legs. Step by step you have gone and have come near your goal. The center of DIVINE Order now becomes enflamed like a fire in you, not burning you up, but warming you. The energy rises toward the DIVINE Will by way of this center. You vibrate in the consciousness of the Will of the GODHEAD ; FATHER, MOTHER and SON are one. Warmth continues to rise touching your center of DIVINE Wisdom. You feel how this center expands as though it were a golden bowl, in order to receive the FATHER'S Wisdom from infinity, from eternity, and in order to pass this Wisdom on to others. The fullness of the SPIRIT flows into this center in accordance with your ability to receive it. Even if this bowl is formed like a chalice - which symbolizes suffering - I still present it to you in connection with a question asked of your inner being: "Do you want to follow Me as a messenger of light? If yes, then accept the chalice, My beloved soul, the chalice of Wisdom filled with Love! Now you, oh soul, sense My being within you. Sacred Earnestness envelops you, for you know on one hand about the bitterness, which following in My footsteps bears, but also the sweetness, which the unification of the soul-bride with Me, the bridegroom means. Now, you feel Me next to you, as I place My arm about your shoulders in a brotherly and at the same time solemn way. No matter how you decide in the last analysis your path will always lead you back to unification with Me. Time is meaningless. Only fulfillment is important - when is up to you. At this moment, I am connected with you, oh soul, of one unity, one vibration, one SPIRIT. You are sensing it and are bowing your head in humility, and I tenderly caress your forehead. Receive the ray of My love, you My companion. Love burns through you. Love is your being, love streams throughout your body, through this human garment. Love receives you as soul, and love is one with your spirit. In the coming days, let this love continue to irradiate you, My beloved; yet your free will is the deciding factor, now and always! Sense the pulsating power that you are feeling on your forehead now. It is a power which by and by tears away the veils still separating you from the spiritual worlds. Also, this love shows you how to open your arms wide and become a light bearer and co-bearer, beyond time and space; for you will fulfill what you have promised. Mercy vibrates in this love-stream. Beloved soul, all levels of consciousness are addressed in you now, most especially the center of Love. Gaze beyond your body-dwelling, which still constrains you, and recognize that in truth you are free! Even if you are bound to your body down here, you bear liberty within you, the freedom to leave your body at any time and to become active on all levels of being. Recognize that you are doing so already for the most part, even if you act subconsciously! This earthly existence is not your only one. Beyond space and time Love is calling you, and you are actively working in all incarnations simultaneously in and of the power of Love, which I am in you. Even if you do not yet understand, because your human mind is limited and because you are aligned with it, recognize that even your human mind will eventually submit to your world of sensations, and in your sensations, you will see the fullness of wisdom within you. Place your own willing totally into the divine Will! Do it over and over, for it is in the nature of the human being to act in willfulness! Thus you, My beloved, will grow into the unlimited consciousness of your DIVINITY. You are similar to GOD, SPIRIT of His SPIRIT. So let us continue our walk together - one in love - !" Amen Last revision 11/01/02 242 245