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Anita Wolf 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 65 txt  13.48KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

65. Exercise My peace is with you. I, JESUS CHRIST, your friend, your brother, your companion, am in the midst of you. My faithful fold here in this circle and everywhere the coming time challenges you especially much, you who are My messengers of love. Your sensing is no longer protected by the armor of the human body, which is draped about the soul. Rather, all vibrations round about you now have their effect on your soul directly. Grace, which irradiates the earth from the FATHER'S PRIMORDIAL CENTRAL LIGHT with increased measure, as I have revealed to you before, is beginning to penetrate and fill with light the heavy material earthly substances. Matter is brought into higher vibration, and by this your human bodies are also raised somewhat. And because of this increased vibration, especially those of you who once promised to become instruments on this Earth, are even more affected by this grace and light from the purely spiritual heavens. This light irradiates your souls and gently touches every vibration in order to align it with love. When this love finds vibrations that have their resonance in the negative spheres, they are touched and explosively catapulted into the consciousness of the human being. Recognize, My beloved fold, that everything has its effect on everything. Everything is vibration: The planets, orbiting with the Earth about the sun, work with each other, either receiving stimulation or stimulating [fertilizing, impregnating...]. And your entire sun system again is in the receiving mode, receiving its power from another middle sun system that is higher up, which has now entered into the sphere of the Milky Ways region, which is the universe you can recognize. Your astrologers say that Earth is under the influence of a Mars year, and many believe Mars to be an aggressive planet, one that causes conflicts and challenges of war. However, there are always two aspects in your polar world to be viewed. The planet Mars irradiates Earth, that is, a certain spiritual vibration emanates from it, with which Mars envelops Earth for a certain time period. Now according to DIVINE LAW, this vibration looks for resonance. If it doesn't find any, the characteristic assigned to Mars is transformed to love. An example for your better understanding: If you live in strife with your neighborhood here and there, the resonance of the planet-radiation "fighting/contention" is aroused. Fighting and disagreements come toward you, and you are being tested in how far you can counter these disagreements with love. If you have become love, due to your development, the disagreement brought toward you cannot resonate with you any longer. Nothing about it vibrates in you, and you will dissolve the hostilities with patience and love. Just as it is in small things, so it is on a larger scale. Within you, resonances are triggered, and you will get into a fight with yourselves as long as you do not feel love for yourselves and accept yourselves as you are. The struggle with yourselves causes vibrations that affect your surroundings unpleasantly. This again results in the mirror, which you are forced to confront. Of course, this mirror is within you, only you wish not to look at it. And so the people around you will approach you with animosity and accuse you of things, will begin to quarrel and fight with you. He who still does not recognize himself in this situation and who blames others instead of himself looks at the daily events of the world. There, a much larger and mightier mirror awaits him: Fighting, animosity, wars, corruption, and destruction everywhere he looks. Massively, these impressions charge at him. Once again he believes he should look to these warring peoples for the causes, and all his sensations that are streaming strongly within the soul and are being bounced back from the soul are forming thoughts, such as: "How evil this world is! Everywhere there is nothing but death and destruction." The less man recognizes himself in the mirror of his surroundings, the harder will be the tests that his Higher Self is giving him. He will have thoughts, like: "The entire world has pitted itself against me. Everything goes wrong." If recognition would set in here, this could be the turning point. Tests will only come toward you for as long as you bear resonances triggered by vibrations that have nothing in common with love. If you begin to look for the culprit within you - and only within you - and if you come to Me, Who is always willing to extend His hand to you, I will speak in you and will explain to you the difficulties in many different ways. And I will do so not only by the WORD but also by everything around you. Everything is energy; everything is vibration. Make yourselves ready to receive all that comes toward you now with joy, knowing that you have gone forth in order to transform this vibration of base quality into a higher kind! My beloved, no matter where you are in the outer world, no matter what your profession, everywhere you are you are the transformers of love. When the love That I AM has taken hold of you completely, when it streams into every cell of your earthly bodies, as it was described today, you will walk the earthly existence as a changed man. You will still see the disagreements around you. Even animosity will still come toward you, but since you are balanced within, since you vibrate in love and accept yourselves as you are, since you love yourselves and therefore Me in you, you will see behind the animosities. Here too, you will recognize what they are trying to tell you, but you will no longer see them as fight or aggression coming from your neighbor. In you is love, and so only love comes from you to your neighbor, and you will transform aggression to mutual understanding, from which love will grow. When you then continue to gaze into the many wars of this earth or into the war MOTHER Earth is fighting against the human beings, you will once again be aware of your task to be light in the midst of disagreements, and will know to spread light in order to transform all that is base into higher vibration. In the midst of the war-events you will see a report sent out by the media, for instance, of mothers setting out unafraid of the din of battle, to find their sons on the battlefield. And when they have found them, they embrace them with tears streaming down their faces. You will again recognize that in the midst of a world full of hatred, love has begun its triumphal march. While in the first instance, you were bombarded with only negative things; in the present state of consciousness-expansion the effects of the light working everywhere is shown to you. This light simultaneously will support you to spread light and thereby love on the entire earth, for vibrations are limitless, they spread out. In matter, vibrations can be slowed down, but the vibrations of SPIRIT are without time or space. They act momentarily and with the same intensity everywhere on this planet and everywhere in the cosmos, yes, in the entire creation. And so the aggressive planet {Mars} renders itself to be supportive at the same time. It is the motive power in you to conquer your human being and to let the positive and spiritual aspect in you become active. Accept the challenge! Face it, and joy will flow through your entire being, for you are no longer marionettes others cause to dance. Rather, you are the actors yourselves on this stage world, and you are actors of light. Only then have you allowed the natures of the PATERNAL aspects in you to become alive. You are DIVINE Order, which vibrates harmoniously in the great expanse. You are the DIVINE Will that comes to expression in you. You are Wisdom, drawing from the fullness. You are Justice, spiritually walking Earth in the deed and at one with Me. Every moment is important. It should be lived in the here and now, one with Me; then you will gaze with deepest humility into the course of human history as it is known to you. You will gaze into the starry worlds, bowing to the unity with the great expanse, and you will recognize the loving works and the mercy of the creative SPIRIT, which gave to you your liberty. So come with Me into a brief meditation: I have addressed the natures of the PATERNAL aspects in you and the characteristics of the MATERNAL aspects. The natures ORDER, WILL, WISDOM, and JUSTICE are touched by Me and brought to higher vibration. Sense the radiation, which pulses through you. Once upon a time, your soul has entered the earthly body by the gate of Mercy. This incarnation is an incarnation of joy, of light for you. You are advancing toward perfection, My love has taken hold of you, and you have awakened from your dream of matter. Patiently you are recognizing your weaknesses in humility, weaknesses that have to be, here and there, so that you can exist in the material sphere. During this schooling, may you give your attention especially to the center of DIVINE PATIENCE. You are sensing My touch in the area of your larynx. How many infinite time spans have you journeyed this earth already? What is eternity? You know the story of the rock that every 1000 years is visited by a bird, which uses the rock to sharpen its beak. When this rock is totally diminished from this action, not one second of eternity has passed. However, this parable is given unto you only for your better understanding, for man is not capable - with his mind and perceptions - to comprehend eternity. Yet man's humility should be a great as the highest mountains, as wide as the cosmos, even as all of creation! For humility and meekness are one with patience. Humbly, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT bows before His creature, the child of creation, as everything is spirit, everything is energy, and everything is light. Haughtiness is darkness, the liberty that was given to the child. However, in this liberty lies also the power of redemption. I, JESUS CHRIST, have gone ahead of you as example on the path to redemption; you need only follow My path. The key for the gate to the spiritual world lies already in your hand, except you limit yourselves with your mind, your intellect, which is based on haughtiness. Man wants to explain everything intellectually, but very soon he reaches his limits. And you too, every single one of you, have reached your limits and knew that there had to be more than what the human intellect can fathom. The mind kept seeking in the deeper levels and found the heart. Between the mind and the heart lies the center of Patience, which represents humility. He, who finds the way to the heart-sense, thinking with the heart, understands humility, Patience. Now mentally, come away from this room! Sense your selves as souls! You are walking through walls, because for the soul they do not exist, and you are standing in the dark night in the midst of the falling snow. Everything is all white and covered in white. In your hemisphere, everything is totally dark, yet you see light: I am the light, I, Whose SPIRIT is among you. Snow is covering you, giving you a spiritual garment of pure crystals, self-luminous, radiantly beautiful. It is the garment of preparation, which My bride is wearing when she makes herself ready for the wedding with Me, JESUS CHRIST. The snow at your feet symbolizes purity, but also the coldness in mankind's heart. Wherever there are wars, symbolically you will also find ice and snow. However, gaze behind the icy crystals and see the other side as it reflects the light! The stronger the love as a sun shines upon the ice, the more quickly the ice changes its condition and becomes life-bringing water. My beloved, glance about you. Note how everything thirsts and longs for this water that I am and that I want to let stream through you! Let all the ice of human laziness melt in you, for it is also a sign for a deficit of love, and say 'yes', joyfully! This 'yes' circumscribes the earthly globe, rises up and is accompanied by the 'yes' of all angels wanting to help you do your duty in the midst of darkness. This 'yes' joins in with jubilation before the DIVINE throne. It is the 'yes' you have given before you have lost yourselves in time and space. Now it has re-awakened and awaits fulfillment. Now gaze at your feet! The ice has melted under the light of your souls, and blossoms of joy are striving toward the light that you are. Snowdrops, Christ Roses...[white Peonies] a sea of blossoms at your feet. Looking up, you see trees in full bloom, and there is a joyful rush blowing through the blossoms. The joy in your hearts is like springtime itself. The deed is like harvesting the fruits in autumn, which summer has caused to ripen. And so there is beginning and end within you. In you is winter, spring, summer and autumn of these earthly planes of creation, and symbolically I, JESUS CHRIST, take this circle into My hands. This circle forms into a crown. It is the crown of the returning bride. As of now, she is without adornment. She is waiting to be adorned by you, time and again, with the gems of Love and Mercy. And so go through this year in this garment, white as snow, crowned by Me - and thereby blessed! Come, oh My bride, go back into your daily life! Once again, you are entering this earthly body, which serves Me as vessel, serving you and Me - think of it always! Let the blossom of springtime radiate each and everyone of your body's cells by affirming yourself and by accepting your being with joy just as it is, knowing that everything is good! And the fruits ripen in the summer full of sun, full of Love, full of Mercy, and you are bringing in the harvest. My blessing strengthens you for all your steps. Amen Last revision 10/28/02 1 241