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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 64 txt  15.63KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

64. Exercise Beloved Friends, I, JESUS CHRIST, greet you! Your conversation this evening revolved around the institutions Church and the bondage you feel at certain times. I will take you back to the beginnings of mankind to enable you to understand why institutions formed, time and again, in which hierarchies were built up that then took over the leadership of the faithful. When the first humans incarnated on Earth they did not know anything about the laws of nature. They could not explain the reason of a meteor striking the earth. They did not know why there was day and night. They were fearful when the moon darkened the sun, and they fell to the earth in terror and fear that the sunlight might disappear forever. However, even then beings of light who, from the MATERNAL ASPECT OF GOD, called Patience, Love and Mercy, incarnated on Earth. They had taken on the earthly garment in order to help their brothers and sisters on this earthly sphere and in order to help them further their spiritual development. Yet, at the same time, these messengers of light penetrated the spheres of darkness and had to bow to the laws of the dark beings, whose desire it was to explore the darkest of nights. Since, by the divine laws governing the Son or Daughter of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, the light could not fully incarnate in the human body, highest knowledge and highest consciousness had to remain veiled in the human body. The beings of light could not fully take their own light into the human body, because the body could not have endured the high vibrations. Therefore, the light had to remain in the spheres of home for the most part. Thus it could happen, that the messengers of light were subject to becoming darkened beings during the time of their imprisonment in the human body. They knew more than their human brothers and sisters and were revered by them because of this. This reverence lead to the development of a priestly hierarchy during the buildup of the first religions. Understand that this had to do with the "fall" of the individual messenger of light. The darkness [fall-brothers and sisters] approached with temptation, and the particular messenger of light was not able to withstand. He allowed them to lift him up, revere him, and alas, the priesthood came into being. No matter where you glance, priesthood exists in every religion, even in the natural religions. Consider the Shamans and the power they still exert over their tribes. All the leaders in the course of mankind's history are former messengers of light - and by this I mean the religious leaders, not those of present worldly governments existing today. In the primordial times of mankind, the priesthood was at the same time the government. And depending on how deep was the fall of the messenger of light, his rule was still blessed by GOD, the FATHER. For in spite of the way he ruled, some measure of light was still brought to mankind, unless the ruler totally sided with darkness, began to rule with brutality, and was able to foster fear, thus subduing his fellow-brothers and -sisters with fear. Priesthood existed even during My time [on earth]. You have been handed down the way I have dealt with them. Lastly, they nailed me to the cross because I took the power out of their hands. Nevertheless, the Spirit of Love is active. Especially at this time, a great number of messengers of light have incarnated here on earth and have done so everywhere, within and outside of all religions and institutions. All have the same common commission, that is, to lead GOD'S children to freedom. Did I not say, "Wherever two or three have gathered in My name, there I am in the midst of them?" Therefore, I support community and have always supported it, but I disavowed external bondage. Who is it that is bound, externally? It is he who believes not to be able to come to GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, without being tied to an institution, no matter what name it might have. He among you, who looks into the institutions, will recognize the old adversary spirit with his hunger for power and the will that is born of willfulness, to make GOD'S children like putty in his hands by using fear. Simultaneously, he will also see the messengers of light who, in the consciousness of the new spiritual era, are guiding GOD'S children into freedom and are accompanying them because they still need guidance. And they will need this guidance until the son or daughter becomes spiritually grown-up and fully conscious of who they are, that is, spiritual Sons and Daughters of the eternally holy FATHER. Programs stored in your memory therefore reach far back into the very first [primordial] beginnings of mankind; for in your subconscious you are always linked with all that has ever happened in space and time. Therefore, you are quite familiar with all power structures, and it is only natural that once you have awakened to freedom, you would vehemently fight against all these power structures. After a certain period of awakening - hear the humor in My voice - you will cease your fighting. You will, instead, turn toward all-understanding love. You see the in part desperately struggling messengers of light in the institutions, and understanding coming from mercy will stream toward them lovingly from your inner being. Recognize that in this way, all these rituals began to form! I have spoken about this with you before and will address it now briefly. When you go into meditation by yourselves, each one of you is still finding it difficult for your own individual reasons. On the other hand, when you are linked with each other in community and listen to the meditation together, it is not only your power blazing up but the flames of all your brothers and sisters linking together and becoming a blazing fire. That is why your meditation is so much more powerful in its effect than if you give yourselves to it at home alone. It is this way only because right now you still feel separated from your community when you are home alone. However, once you are able to maintain this community feeling in your inner being at all times, you will feel this same power as if you were all together. I do not refer to specific individuals, but anyone joining the community through friends, acquaintances, or other circles. You still separate. You leave this group, you leave the particular house, and you go back to your daily routines. The new age is an age of inner connection. The new age is the age of the Spirit, of the MATERNAL SPIRIT, the Spirit of Patience, Love, and Mercy, and in these three aspects separation no longer exists. Even though you are striving for the inner community already, it is not yet working so completely. I want to console you: You are at the beginning of a new age. In this age, not only separation between your fellow human beings will be abolished, but also any other separation. By the recognition of your sciences, by your teaching doctrines, gradually all those brothers and sisters who are not yet walking a spiritual path will be convinced that no life exists, which does not correspond with all other life. Be it the plant life, the animal world, be it the life in every fellow man. And what is life? Life is love. I am love, analogously "The Heart of the FATHER." By then, all the "If....then...." - correlation will cease, for man will experience this all-connecting unity by and by, and will learn to draw from his own inner wisdom. Even then, there will still be those mighty ones, who want to assert themselves, yes, the struggle will increase; for the mighty will lose their power visibly and will fight against losing with all their power. This happens even now, and these struggles will increase. But the light, My faithful ones, cannot be held back. I am leading you into this New Age, whereby you will then no longer think of the word "leading" in the same terms as you do now. Leading means for you today that you bow to someone and let someone guide you, who raises himself above you. In the future, this word will have a different meaning, that is, it will mean that I have entered into a spiritual connection with the soul that you are. The Bridegroom that I am weds the soul that you are. Both are one, and out of this inner unity you guide yourselves; for then, there is no more separation from Me. And you will guide yourselves into levels of consciousness from whose sources you will draw. And a wealth of countless new ideas will open up to you, which will change your present life totally. Priorities will be set up differently. From this spiritual unity, man cannot help but act and be for this unity. He then lives with creation. In addition he then lives with the spiritual worlds, which right now are still separated from you. The veil between this side of life and the beyond will lift. By virtue of your consciousness you will go through all spheres and will be connected with all that is. I have gone into the past with you and from there into the future. Let us now return to the present, to the here and now. As of now I am still leading you as the LORD, as JESUS CHRIST, so that you may break through all barriers, which you create for yourselves, and so that you will also dissolve the barrier of guidance, by coming into unity. In this here and now, I want to give you a meditation. However, you should not cling to its words. It is meant only for an example, as it was with all the other examples, used to learn by and to open your inner spheres further and to raise your consciousness. Briefly, move your limbs once more and flex your muscles! Now let go! Let everything go: Illnesses, worries, emotions, and the past! Exhale everything and inhale spirit, life, light, and love! (Pause) Light is within you! Light is also outside of you! Light, life is everywhere in the material and non-material creation! Everything is breathing the same SPIRIT! Every cell of your earthly body bears life, bears light. If the light within the cells is darkened, vitality diminishes and illness visits you. You are children of the light and as such you are able to bring the light, the life in every cell to full development so that this earthly body can serve the soul with all its strength. Exhale deeply once more all that is darkness in your cells! Light fills your cells. Breathe in this light! Life, powerful energy streams through your body. You feel this powerful irradiation all the way to the tips of your toes. Your body vibrates - don't wonder about it! This vibration of light will gradually increase in you now; for the era of the spirit walks this earth and spirit is light, is love, is life. Your body vibrates in clock motion. All cells are in this vibration, for the opposing vibration is illness, which you have breathed out. The center of Mercy vibrates in clock motion. "Oh eternal CREATOR SPIRIT, You Who are Mercy in your Motherly aspect, I rouse this characteristic in me as well." From the aspect of Mercy grows the understanding of all that lives. Out of Mercy grows also the love for all life. Both centers are joined closely. "Love streams to all of our brothers and sisters, whose behavior we may, perhaps, not yet comprehend with our present understanding. We may even condemn them. We now send our understanding and all-merciful love toward all who are struggling - the same as we - on the way home to the FATHER'S HOUSE. From Mercy we gaze into the infinite spaces of time, the aeons of human development. By this retrospect the center of patience is strengthened, it is the center akin to humility and meekness. We remain in DIVINE Patience in the here and now and bow, humbly, before all our brothers and sisters. We are aware that everyone is struggling and that after all, everyone is on his way home, and we recognize that they had only sent forth their consciousness, from their place in the heart of God to the darkest of nights, in order to explore it." Humbly, you are conscious of the fact that you, too, have gone through darkest of nights! Humbly, you recognize that nothing separates you from another, and that every path is somehow tied up with yours. Humbly, you further recognize that every still remaining emotional reaction comes from the deeper levels of your soul, from incarnations in which you thought and acted as you do now, and in which you have contributed to those things that appear to you in the here and now. The mirror will only silence when you have found the way to true freedom (liberty) of the all-comprehending love and mercy. My WORD to you is earnest, and in this Earnestness vibrates the center of your heart. It now beats in the rhythm of eternal being, in unity with the Breath of GOD. Your heart will beat anxiously, fast, or will even race at times for as long as there is still rage and anger in you from the past. May this center be especially "close to your heart" in these coming days - all in accordance with your free will. Recognize, by these words of your usage, how important this center is in your life. How many more things are close to your heart that it may have to beat so anxiously? Or is it vibrating as now, for instance, in unity with all life, in unity with Me? This center is at the same time your inner temple in which I, JESUS CHRIST, come toward you as your Bridegroom. It is the center of the most intense irradiation of light. When it has been awakened, your mind is linked with the heart, and your thoughts are embedded in Love, Mercy and Patience. This inner temple is simultaneously the place where you can bring all your worries of the daily struggles of your existence. I, JESUS CHRIST, am present there in order to take from you any burden whatsoever in order to strengthen and console you, not only by irradiating power to you, but also in My personal word. How much I would like to speak with My Bride in every moment of her existence. Sense now the longing that streams toward you from this inner sphere, the longing for the mystical unification with you. That is then the true Christmas celebration, I and you, My soul bride, in sacred consecration - one SPIRIT. From now on you will draw increasingly from the indwelling Wisdom and will recognize the truth, which is hidden in all religions and communities of this earth. Out of that wisdom you will affirm all that is light-filled and will transform that which is still of darkness into light-filled being. Why do you still see yourselves as passive? You are all the actors in this "game," as you call it. [The] Holy Will of the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT takes hold of you. And it wants to transform the willfulness of this world, of this earthly existence through you so that the DIVINE laws of heavenly Order may become effective on this earth as well, and so that they may transform this planet to a higher level. Once again: You are the actors. You are the co-redeemers. You are the messengers of light. Not from a willfully human level, no, but with Me, JESUS CHRIST, in the unity of one spirit, one power, one love, one light. In this consciousness you will break through the constraints of your earthly body and will begin to vibrate in the width of your Being, the Consciousness that is never separated from GOD. In this consciousness, the entire planet Earth lies in your hands, and light streams through you into Earth; and you will be effective at the crisis centers in midst of the darkness in the capacity of an all-dissolving light. In this consciousness, you are in community with the purely spiritual world, with all spheres, with your star-brothers and -sisters; and in this unity you will be effective in the dissolution of space and time. All power is within you. Use it! My blessing vibrates toward each and every one of you, in connection with My longing for you all, here in this circle and everywhere. Let Me no longer stand here, pleading with you in your inner being! Amen Last revision 10/25/02 234 237