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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 63 txt  18.52KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

63. Exercise Questions: Why did GOD make creation? Why does GOD need us as His reflection? What "game" is being played with me? Answer: Dear Brother, I JESUS CHRIST, answer your inner questions and thereby for all of you as follows. See, in the purely spiritual spheres the creator is not separated from the creature! Creature and Creator are one, of one SPIRIT. During the condition before creation you were, as Son, as Daughter, a thought of GOD, you were in HIM since all eternity. HE, the ALL-ONE saw you always within Himself as His Son, as His Daughter. The love, streaming forth from GOD to His thought that you are, placed you into the condition of individuality, expressed with human words: He placed you into a spiritual creation and revealed Himself to you as FATHER. Still, I repeat, in the purely spiritual worlds, creature and Creator are not separated. In this unity the creature shares a part of GOD and in addition shares a part in what I always express as inheritance, that is, a share in the act of expressing GOD'S THOUGHTS by calling forth creations. That is your SOURCE, which is difficult to explain to you in the words of space and time. For aeons, using the words of space and time, you have been creating in the spiritual worlds, in joy, in harmony, in unity. But see, had the Creator not at the same time given the creature its freedom to co-create and co-fashion in accordance with its own will, the creature would merely have remained a marionette of the Creator. This gift had to include the freedom, however, to act and create willfully as well, according to one's own conceptions and not in accordance with the laws, which in the purely spiritual realm are love. Therefore, this freedom, which the Creator gave to His creatures, already contained the possibility of the fall. And now, you asked about the name of the 'game' that is being played. The name of this game is FREEDOM. The creature was meant to walk through light as well as darkness in absolute freedom. Light stipulates darkness, so I explained to you. Why? This too is contained within the law of freedom: If the creature would know only light, he or she would eternally remain marionettes. However, if the creature recognizes also the darkness and passes through it, he reaches the true freedom of a creature. Let Me come back to the story told [in exercise 53] of obedience versus disobedience. Only disobedience against the commandment of the elders, not to visit the beloved, brought the freedom to leave this city on eagle's wings. Only disobedience against the rules of the ALL-FATHER, to act in love, lets the creature see the meaning of freedom. In this freedom you, as His Son or Daughter, have walked through the depths and have come to your present level of consciousness. And in this your present condition, you are in your innermost depth - try to sense it - unhappy. There is a certain longing in you. You do not know what to call it, you feel confined and believe to find the reason for it in your present life situation. But the cause of it lies much deeper. Let me compare here to the condition of the prodigal son just before his return. Seen from the human side, you are on the way home for some time now and are guided by Me, JESUS CHRIST; however, this nudging of your Higher Self has become mighty in you now, and you translate this nudging as dissatisfaction with your human existence. But when you recognize that this nudging is the impetus of the pure Son, the pure Daughter, who you are in your innermost being, and that this impetus is focused upon the divine inheritance within you, you will open yourself for the streaming fullness, and you will realize your very own Damascus experience. You have already heard Me call you twice. In all distinction I have touched you, and you will hear me once more. With the third time, My Son, My Daughter, you My Friend, your inner being will expand and you will recognize that the mind has to link so much more with the heart, so that Patience, Love, and Mercy can fill you and so that you can draw from the fullness as you go through this life. Then you will no longer feel the constraints as such, as they are imposed upon you by outer circumstances, rather, you will sense that you are the Son, the Daughter who takes her steps across Earth in freedom. Do not limit yourselves by your own conceptions! See, the width of the entire creation lies at your feet! Due to your own longing, you would sometimes like to break through the armor of your present human life. However, recognize that this jail, seen from another view point, is a blessing and a gift of grace you have been given. My love is with you. The evening has advanced, and I ask you for a little patience, to receive My WORD and to give yourselves over to the vibration of it. You are now living at the beginning of a new era, of which you have been told that My servants and handmaidens would prophesy, that they would see visions and dream dreams. Walk without fear into these for you uncommon events! During the previous schooling exercises I have taught you that fears exist only when you lack love. However, since you have followed Me thus far, you have proven your love. Yet I would like you to let this love become a mighty fire, and your fears will melt away. What can happen to you when you go through space and time unified with Me? Everything is present to you. For then you will see the past and future events from a higher vantage point. I will use a precognitive dream as example, which intimated the transition of one sister to the other side of life. The human being [in general] mentally still links death with something negative. However, what is death? Death is release, is redemption, is eternity, life, for the truly dead are the not spiritually awakened ones, as I have taught you. However, those who are awakened in Me live eternally, and death is a friendly brother, extending his hand in the form of an angel in order to help with the transition from this earthly-material level to a spiritual one. There is nothing spooky in such a procedure except for your conception, your opinion still forms your thoughts. Change your thoughts, and you will recognize the wisdom of My WORD! You will also recognize the grace that is given to you, that you are now able to take your steps at My hand in an eternal state of being. Indeed, this sister gently said goodbye to you, by the slight noises at the window and at the same time, the message reached you, dear brother, which said: "Everything is good as it is! There is nothing between us any more!" Only your human being lingers with old thought patterns. See, accept the message thankfully, and accompany your sister into the light by your prayers; for her call at the window was at the same time her plea to you to continue to accompany the soul by your prayers. My faithful fold, here and everywhere, recognize that in the coming times such experiences will mount, yes, they will become part of your daily living! For this separation between this side of life and the beyond has to be dissolved. Only then will you be capable of consciously bestowing help in your soul body whenever it is needed in the spiritual levels. In order to test your steadfastness, symbols are used in your dreams, which may still frighten you here and there, but only to help you recognize your still remaining fears, which you can then dissolve by your love for Me. I need fearless workers of light! Your consciousness on this earthly sphere is still limited. You are not yet able to be consciously active on several levels simultaneously, but I, JESUS CHRIST, want to lead you to this kind of conscious being; and I want to show you your own spiritual capacity. [In truth], you are unlimited, just as GOD, your FATHER, is unlimited. Outside of space and time, you are actively working at many places simultaneously, as I have explained to you before, and your present level of consciousness corresponds with all your former levels of consciousness in the events of space and time and is effective. Even if you cannot grasp this with your human mind, I ask you to immerse yourselves into this wisdom with your heart-sensations; for outside of the level of space and time everything happens simultaneously, eternally, now. Your expanded consciousness is also effective within the events of space and time, with the exception that you experience this expansion in steps. Yesterday you had a certain quality of thoughts and actions, and tomorrow your thoughts and actions will have changed. You are seemingly prisoners of this time-track. Yet, I say unto you: You are free, because your soul knows both conditions, the condition of imprisonment in space and time, but also the condition of freedom, the condition of eternity, for instance, while you are sleeping. Sometimes you awaken blissfully early in the morning, refreshed and full of joy, strengthened and full of vigor. During the night, the soul had been in the highest spheres and is taking the joy one experiences in these spheres into its earthly being. The body receives the radiation of the soul, which expresses itself as feelings. Another time you awaken sad and depressed. Your fears had held the soul in earthly spheres, and your body would not release the soul as you slept. So it wandered around the earth, accompanied by the fears of the human being. These fears linked themselves with similar fears during the soul's travels, and the soul returned heavily laden to the earthly body, unloading all this burden by way of the physical body, in feelings of malady, pain or similar things. Both conditions, the first as well as the last, serve to give you recognition. Only he who does not cling to Me, JESUS CHRIST, trustingly, before he falls asleep and does not place his daily work into My hands in order to ask My blessing, awakens tired and depressed. Because if you ask for My blessing of the day, all that which did not run as well as it should have on that day will be cleared up by the prayer. When you fall asleep in this radiation of blessing thoughts, your soul will release itself. Buoyantly and free and in unity with My SPIRIT, the soul will strive toward higher spheres, or it will be surrounded by many helper angels. Together with them and with Me, we will walk through the spheres of matter or through the partly material worlds, in order to serve in love wherever this serving love is needed Continue to watch your dreams, for they say a lot about the consciousness and condition of your soul-life. Turn to Me for their interpretation. Ask Me, if you do not understand something, and I will give you the right impulses. Here too I am ready to give you further information from the SPIRIT, far beyond the archaic dream pictures; for even in the dream events, there are three levels to consider: the material, the psychic [soul], and the spiritual level. The material level is being addressed more and more now, due to futuristic dreams. The soul level is explained by the archetypes of the fairy tales, the myths, and symbols. The spiritual levels, I, JESUS CHRIST, will explain to each of you individually, for its meaning is for you different than that of your brother or sister, as each of you have taken on different spiritual tasks. You all bear the wellspring of my I - AM - THAT - I - AM , the WORD, the living water within you. And I ask for your trust in the impulses rising from your inner being. You are under My protection, and when you try - always - to find the way out of your self-willed nature to the Will of GOD, I will guide you by way of your weaknesses in such a way that you will stumble over them - even materially. Since there are no coincidences, you may want to ask immediately when such an event takes place: "LORD, tell me the kind of ego-rock I still stumble over?" At the same moment, even before you have finished asking, I show you what you are lacking in a flash of recognition, since you are ready to receive this recognition - for only then am I able to help you. Therefore, do not be afraid that untrue things may come out of your willfulness, which may deceive you. I repeat, you are under My protection! This protection leads you into becoming an autonomous Son or daughter, who exclusively listens to his or her inner being, viewing it as his or her only valid source. All other truths are given you merely as accompaniment. Whatsoever you do not recognize as inner truth remains heard or read truth solely. Only that which you have worked out within yourselves is truth for your present consciousness. I will now lead you into a meditation: First, move your muscles once more vigorously! Flex them all! Sense the power that I am in you! And now, loosen all our muscles by imagining in you the flowing DIVINE energy as it streams into you, pulsates through you, loosening every muscle that is still tense, as well as every brain cell, every cell of your body, raising them into the highest vibration of spiritual being! Light, holiest light from the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT touches you, My child. You raise your head and look toward the light. Do not look down! Let all your thoughts flow by you without identifying yourself with them! And now concentrate upon the light! It is flowing by way of the soul at the back of your head via the center of Mercy. Gently, Mercy from the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT vibrates in you. Love streams into you and links with the love in you. You have come from Love and you will return there, being love and nothing but love. You are filled by the Patience from eternity, gently taking one step after another, so that the fullness of light will gradually carry you upward, without overwhelming you. You listen to your heart beat: "I love you, My child! I love you; do you love Me as well?" The heartbeat becomes stronger: "Yes, FATHER, I love You! Justice pulsates through my earthly being with every beat of my heart. It is the earnestness of Your commission to be Your child of light and, in connection with that, the joy to be so privileged." You are glancing about in the circle. "See, My child, your spiritual vision is expanding beyond your heart-sensations; beyond your body it beholds the near and far off creations. You see worlds glide by you, worlds that come and go." And you look further on and see spiritual planets orbiting spiritual suns. Your vision is aligned with infinity now and your sensations align with infinity, called eternal being. You recognize, My child, that your heartbeat is now beating in the rhythm of love, which is effective in the entire creation. You are not this small person in the earthly garment. Oh see, how all suns systems are orbiting within you. Your consciousness is unlimited. Infinitely far, it connects with the consciousness of your PRIMORDIAL SOURCE in the heart of the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. The circle is completed; separation has at that moment been lifted. See, My child, separation from the eternal being is only in your conception, not in your innermost spiritual sensing. So enter Wisdom, from which you draw more and more, as you are placing yourself willingly into the DIVINE Will, and are making Order in you. All cells are breathing the SPIRIT of Infinity. The earthly body receives powerful infiltration. Now your gaze returns, and by this you are catching up with your consciousness in order to direct it once again to Earth, to your present stay in space and time. Your spiritual vision beholds the planet Earth from the center of Order. Listlessly the planet vibrates under your feet, dancing in the magnetic field. Love, highly pulsating love streams through you to this planet, which is irradiated by the MATERNAL PART-ASPECTS of Patience, Love, and Mercy, indeed a part of it has immersed itself into Earth and is asking for you, pleading to be freed. Verily, you are not this small person but a child of light, having descended from the purely spiritual world in order to help bring about redemption. Through you and toward the earth at your feet streams again the thought of love, equipped with mighty creative power. Another thought joins the first one: It is peace. And under your creative thoughts, the restless heart of MOTHER EARTH is growing calm. The churning, hot lava, red and white-hot flowing mass of stones is dampened. You have the power, My child, great and creative power, use it! Love, peace and blessing flow over and through you. Now raise your gaze and look into the suffering among your brothers and sisters still ruling this planet! My children, you have gone forth to lessen the suffering. Fulfill your promise, send forth rays of peace and love into the hearts of your fellow-brothers and -sisters, especially now in this pre-Christmas time, the time of preparation for My coming in you! Powerful thoughts of creation can end wars. Where, My child, are your thoughts fleeting to? How often do you forget to concentrate them, because you are not conscious of your inner commission? See also the suffering of the animal world! Through you, My child, will someday the lion lie peacefully next to the lamb, for I, JESUS CHRIST am working together with My and your love in order to let paradise become reality. Come, stay no longer with the earthly fears, worries and problems but be conscious of your lofty task, and light the candles in your inner heart in order to illumine your temple and in order to welcome Me, JESUS CHRIST! For every creative thought, even sensation, is represented by the candles and the oxygen the candles need to burn brightly is your deed. Now you have come back to yourself, mentally. You are sensing the vibration of the DIVINE Order - the Will - and Wisdom. Until next time and if you are willing, remain in this center of recognition, I ask you! Examine yourself in the light of your truth, with your honesty, where are you still at home, mentally. Catch up to the vagabonds of your mind! Carry them into the center of DIVINE Wisdom, which wants to fill you so that you will transform your thoughts to powerfully creative forces, in order to send them forth and thereby becoming active in the process of redemption! I, JESUS CHRIST lead and guide you and want to accompany you to even deeper levels of consciousness. It is up to your own free will, whether or not you want to follow Me. After having addressed the center of Wisdom intensively, go also into your inner temple, the level of consciousness, called Justice or EARNESTNESS, and behold the candles which you have lighted there! Examine yourself to see if you could not even light more of them, by your walking through these days, meekly and humbly with all of your heart, and by forgiving all that needs forgiveness, and by being filled with Love that is paired with Mercy. My blessing is with you, with you, with you. I, YOUR BRIDEGROOM await you with great longing. Amen Last revision 10/24/02 229