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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 62 txt  17.27KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

62. Exercise My friends, I, JESUS CHRIST greet you and irradiate your hearts with the sensations of My smile. You walk the gang planks of this earth, striving to remain at My hand. And still, here and there you stray apart, like sheep threatened by the wolf, instead of remaining nestled tightly to Me, the GOOD SHEPHERD and by this to learn serenity. Did I not promise you the hurricane? It has to be so, because your path via this earth has for you a higher purpose than simply to remain in the worries of your daily lives. You have set out in order to find the way home into the light. You have set out to take your fellow-humans with you on this way home and to be active in creation, so that it will be carried back into the light. In order for you to be light, My storm is churning up everything dark in you. And [let me say this] only for your recognition: Do let the leaves fly in my wind, and don't weigh them down with your mind! Let me open your deepest inner being so that your inner temple will shine brightly in the light of eternity, while you are in the here and now. For while you live in the moment you no longer live in the past, nor do you think of the future, as I have often taught you. And so that you may find the way to this present, you have to become conscious of how often you still think of the past or the future from time to time, and therefore, how often you seemingly run from me, like a frightened lamb. Recognize that by virtue of this schooling you have advanced insofar that My SPIRIT wants to work through you at every moment of your lives! However, I can only do so if you stand by Me with serenity, in absolute faith and trust and in love for Me. See, it is autumn and winter is near. Winter covers all that, which was churned up during autumn. And in order for the churned up things to become mere memory, after they are recognized, it takes My storm in you and, most of all, your love for Me, Who is so near to you so that you may continue your path joyously no matter what may happen. For I need instruments who are firmly resting within themselves, that is, in Me in their inner temple. That is why you have to go through many tests. Then, winter may come and can cover everything with its white beauty. Winter is a time of inertness, of preparation, it is a time of rest - of resting in Me. With the symbol of spring time new life breaks forth, the new life that I am in you, with greatest power, and along with all your earthly activities you will - if you are living the deed - fulfill the spiritual tasks you once promised to fulfill. You gaze upon your life, on your business, or in your profession, and with worried voice you ask Me: "LORD, how are we to fulfill spiritual tasks in this time of need? Don't we already have to bear enough?" Oh see, this is your present level of consciousness! But when you grow into the level of trust you will gain the serenity and live in the fullness, even though seemingly you may lack this or the other thing, when actually the entire creation is yours. Why are verbs of consolation given to you, such as this evening? {When you think: "I can't go on!" there comes a light and life goes on.} Whenever they come to mind, recognize in them My encouragement for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It goes even further than that. You should not only see the light, but also feel yourselves in it at that moment! This is meant for each and every one of you. You will repeatedly experience difficulties on this earth, for you are in midst of a fight. Even though the light dwells even within matter, it is not at home here. It is transformed down to such an extent that a longing in you is the basis for all your negative sensations. What, My faithful fold, can possibly happen to your here on Earth? Everything can be taken from you, including your earthly life - think of Me - but one thing the darkness cannot do: That is to rob you of your spirit. Your soul is free. The spiritual Child, the Son, the Daughter is free. Why was I nailed to the cross? The darkness believed in its victory, concerning this dark point in the material sphere. But there, where it was the most dark, My SPIRIT shone brightly, and My light immersed itself in all My earthly children - in the human beings as well as in those of the soul garment. My SPIRIT shone in the form a supportive CHRIST-SPARK so that they [the fallen spirits] would recognize, in the midst of darkness, that the light will not be conquered by the darkness and that there is only one path, which is back into the light. As far as that goes, no special track has to be set. The train has to go back to this one direction. May there be ever so many detours on the way; the consciousness lost in the darkness will find its way back into the light, to the very recognition that it never even left the light. Everything that happens in the material sphere is consciousness, and not only here. In fact, when you raise this consciousness, as I always teach you in the meditations, you will also win back the inner freedom of a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER, which you possess in all eternity and from all eternity. This is your inheritance from the FATHER, for in HIM is no beginning and no end. Since you are of Him, you are also without beginning or end. It is only the consciousness that was transformed down to such a low level, which causes you to believe the breath for life is being taken away from you. But when you immerse yourselves in your inner being, you raise your consciousness and enter into the serenity of a Child of the MOST HIGH. What can possibly happen? Everything is good the way it is. Peoples come and go. Gaze into the firmament: Stars come and go. The light you see with your material eyes often has already gone out, and the light developing in the far cosmos you do not yet see. Why is that? It has to do with your limited consciousness. Yet you set your own boundaries. Again I see your thoughts: "Oh LORD, say, how can we be doing our daily duties and still flee our boundaries?" I answer you thus: "Even that, which you call your own duties, are your own boundaries. If your duties were done joyfully, they would no longer be duties, no longer limitation or boundaries. You have the freedom to escape as sheep in order to flee the seeming danger of the ravenous wolf. You also have the freedom to remain nestled tightly to the SHEPHERD that I am. At the moment you hug Me closely, it is proof of your trust in Me. You raise your consciousness and recognize in the wolf the mirage, caused by your limited consciousness. Today you also spoke about dreams and their meanings, to which I alluded in the last revelation. Even in your dreams, your souls or your Higher Selves show where the sheep is running. At the same time you are given solutions, which you can either accept or reject, as you are in total freedom. Whether you accept the solution for your problem or reject it, the direction of the running sheep always goes in circles, which leads back to Me. So why run in the first place? The archetypal symbols are examples from experiences and recognition of your brothers and sisters of all pre-ages. You are connected with them on the psychic-spiritual level. There is no separation! Every experience you make is at the same time the experience of your neighbor and vice versa. By way of your subconscious, the rivers of experiences flow and express themselves to you. These rivers of experiences are used by your Higher Selves or by your guardian angels in order to help you in the present incarnation in space and time. Accept them and be full of joy, even if you awaken from a dream with affliction, as it was related to you earlier! For even this affliction is showing you a level of consciousness, such as being separated from Me. It is given you so that you may recognize yourselves and so that you may once again seek nearness with Me. All that which I just related will lead you steadily forward on the path in order to turn you into a useful instrument in the earthly sphere. There is so much need on this earth, and all of you hearing My word or reading it were ready to be light in the midst of darkness. You were ready to extend both hands, symbolically, in order to guide the sent out rays back to the PRIMORDIAL LIGHT. Catch the many light points round about you as with a burning reflector, and guide them back to the FATHER! Every sister, every brother whom you meet needs your light-filled thoughts, needs to be caught in this burning reflector, which you are supposed to be. All human problems that move you pale in comparison with the spiritual need prevalent on this earth, beginning with the torment of creation, the animals, and extending to the suffering your brothers and sisters have to bear worldwide. You are the transformers! You have developed the power in you. This power wants to actualize itself through you. This actualization of your deed can only come about if My storm has churned up everything that was resting in the different levels of your consciousness. It can only be actualized when you recognize all that was churned up as well as your limitations, and when you dissolve them with Me, in the presence of and through My SPIRIT, so that the calmness of winter can spread out in you and so that the fallen leaves can transform to nourishing soil, giving spring time a profusion of blossoms. My sun wants to rise up in you. My sun will rise in you and will proclaim the new day, the new life. Not only for you, but for this Earth, for this planet. Come, do not hesitate! Let us continue our walk together! Practice this raising of your consciousness in accordance with your free will by going into meditation! Be My light! The evening has advanced. My words are moving you. Take JUSTICE along in the coming days! Do not allow the fog, darkness, the sadness of autumn oppress you! It has to be - recognize the symbolism in this as well! Walk with Me through this time of autumn, through the quiet days during which the sun seldom shines. Especially during these times you can feel Me, the GOOD SHEPHERD even nearer to you; as you have related yourselves: "When the need is greatest, help is bound to arrive." When the darkness is greatest, the light is imminent. Also, recognize in the last words that I just spoke the symbolism for your consciousness here in space and time! In the spirit there is no separation, there, I am one with you, and there you are also one with the FATHER, and there you are one with all that is. My Justice, but also the joy of the heavens are with you! In your world of polarities they oppose each other, but in the spirit joy and justice are one. My love blesses you! Come into this vibration of love! Recognize that the movement of the pendulum in the last analysis leads to the condition of resting in Me! And in order for the pendulum to swing it takes two sides. Affirm both sides within yourselves! Lessen the swing and you will reach unity with Me, with your [ORIGINAL] PRIMORDIAL CONDITION, with GOD! Meditation: Move all your limbs - relax yourselves! And now flex your muscles tightly and feel thus your human body with all its muscles, with all its organs. And feel the life, the love, as it empowers your every move! Now become calm and relax once more. Inhale deeply and exhale. Exhale all your humanness and inhale the breath of divine love! Exhale all tension and all worries, all fears! Your breath is now calm and harmonious...It comes and goes...You allow it...You hear the beating of your heart in you, the pulse of life, the love. You sense Me. I am in you - I am in you - I am in you - you are one with creation - you are one with Me - with Me - I AM - I AM.... Now your body, your human garment is totally relaxed. Your limbs are if rooted with the earth, one with the earth... You are not able to lift your feet, they are fused with the earth. Right now, your human body can be likened to a tree standing motionless in the earthly creation and cannot be moved one bit, even by a breath of wind. Yet, the life is in you, the life in GOD, it is your soul. - Set your soul free right now, consciously, by placing into it your consciousness! And now come, My little soul-sheep, come away from the earthly boundaries! You are looking down on yourselves and see a long, flowing garment of blue, which is shining brightly. And in the middle of your heart, there is a luminous ray corresponding with the light of eternity, with the love of the FATHER. You see how these rays from you are linking with the life in GOD, and thereby with the life that is all about you and that is blessed by His holy breath. Devoutly, you gaze about you. Walls no longer exist, for everything is now immersed in light for the soul. And light no longer knows boundaries. Even the dark night on this half of the earth is illumined by the light of eternity, by the light that has taken hold of you and that wants to bring you nearer to your goal, to the eternal LOVE. With your spiritual eyes, you look about you and recognize the heavenly hosts, which are standing in the light, extending their hands to you, ready to renew the covenant of eternity, which says: One for all - all for One - for CHRIST - in order to fight for love. You are touched by a holy shiver. You too are now extending your hands to all your brothers and sisters from the eternal home. A sublime circle between heaven and earth is closing. Your consciousness expands now beyond your aura, reaching into infinity - one with the heavenly worlds - one with all being. You behold the starry worlds and you recognize that even your star-brothers and -sisters have joined this covenant of renewal. In the midst of the circle of eternity My cross shines luminously and lies above My children's test of freedom as redemption. The vertical beam "love" fashions a golden stairway into the heart of the FATHER, and you behold countless beings returning to the SOURCE. The horizontal beam is the secret of brotherhood of all the FATHER'S children. Peace, the angel choir rejoices! Blinded, yet full of unspeakable joy, you gaze into the light. Now you turn around! - Darkness! - Dark clouds of smoke blacken the blue planet at your feet. You see all your 'small worries and difficulties.' A soft and yet serious and still loving voice admonishes you: "Now, My child, see, of My holy inheritance you are bearing power and might within you in order to transform all darkness into light!" A joyful earnestness fills you: "Yes, FATHER, here I am! Awakened from a long slumber, I now stand in fulfillment in the community of light." One thought - one deed - one community of all, in Me, JESUS CHRIST. Love - peace - the heavenly choir jubilates anew. Love - peace irradiates the planet Earth through you, the darkness begins to lighten. And now return from your cosmic excursion, by maintaining unity in your inner being. And take the earnestness into your daily consciousness! Once more you behold the heavenly worlds with your spiritual eyes and greet them with heartfelt fervor. You gaze up to the stars and greet your star-brothers and -sisters. In deepest humility and with profound gratitude, you all bow before GOD, the eternally holy PRIMORDIAL FATHER, and you once again assume your earthly garment, the body. - Everything is good the way it is. The soul prays: "Beloved heavenly FATHER, may Your Mercy radiate into this world through me. You have, after all, shown me how much lack of mercy there is on this earth. Your work, oh FATHER is crowned by Mercy, and so may the golden light of Mercy spread out on this earthly globe, through me and all the messengers of light in your covenant. I bow before Your Love, oh FATHER, which bears all pain and sorrow, and I ask for forgiveness for all the unloving things mankind does. FATHER, I bow before your love and ask it to irradiate my human being to the extent that it may never ever be able to act in an unloving way again. I thank you for your Patience with me, most holy FATHER SPIRIT. Patience, mightier than the mightiest mountain ranges of this earth, patience which lets the sun rise again and again, for the just and the unjust alike, shining with the same benevolence for all. FATHER, teach me Your patience, so that I may always be patient with my brothers and sisters and with myself and let the right humility rule in me! I will gladly carry the splinter of the world's cross and will no longer complain or even be stubborn. Teach me to recognize the Earnestness (Justice) of this age and let me sense your Justice more and more, so that I will no longer teeter in space and time, like a reed in the wind, but that I will stand firm in JESUS CHRIST, in all eternity! Step by step, I want to develop Your Wisdom, Oh FATHER, so that I may recognize my imperfections by virtue of your wisdom so that I may learn to move in your wisdom and thus serve You more completely in higher recognition. Oh, eternally holy FATHER, may Your Will be done in and through me. I will place my self-will upon the altar of my love for you. May all my human willing and wanting dissolve in this love, in the fire of purification, and may Your holy will irradiate me totally! Thus, Your holy Order is accomplished in me, oh FATHER and will give me the power to live and act in and of Your SPIRIT, while I am living here in this sphere of matter." Now inhale deeply and exhale and sense the streaming life flowing and pulsating through your body! Once more, listen to your heart beat: Love - Peace - Blessing - Light. Amen Last revision 10/23/02 224