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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 61 txt  21.75KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

61. Exercise As storm I, JESUS CHRIST, have churned up the depths of your souls, have catapulted upward all you had kept hidden, and I will continue to act as storm within you, until your innermost being is pure and swept clean and until you can ignite the light of a new birth in you. You are commemorating the souls that have gone to eternity ahead of you, as the human being would put it. And already in this thought lies separation: The separation of time from eternity. I urge you to conquer all separation, also to tear down all confines and boundaries so that you may find the way to freedom of a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER! When you connected with the consciousness center of Order and - as you described - could not truly go within, to the right way of meditation, it was I Who was active in you with My spiritual power, in order to address all that which is not yet vibrating in divine Order. I did that to send My light into the darkness of your being in order to awaken you from the sleep of earthly events of time and space. Verily, the holy Will of GOD wants to become effective in you, wants to work through you, affecting thereby also your surroundings. Do not understand these surroundings merely spatial. Since you are linked up with all that surrounds you, the redeeming Spirit works through you in all material being, whenever you recognize your true being, your indwelling divinity, and when you live accordingly. When a child awakens from his sleep, he simultaneously awakens many others who were in the state of slumber. When a child arises, he stimulates others to rise and to be as active as he is, and the others will follow him. When a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER awakens to love and to the consciousness of eternity while in the here and now, the path is cleared for many other Sons and Daughters as well, so that they too may actualize the love of eternity in the here and now. I repeat, recognize the responsibility each and every one of you bears, here in this circle as well as everywhere you read My word! Recognize that this "Time of Transition" is in gear right now! No matter how much the darkness may oppose the light, the light is stimulating the darkness to transform itself toward the light-filled being; for in this event of time and space and opposition, the elements of opposition will dissolve. Why do you call the beings of the fall "beings of opposition?" They are living with you in space and time, in this world of polarities and opposition. And every one of you is living in this world and is joined with this contraposition. And you are finding it extremely hard to let go - with your human mind - of your thoughts of rebellion. That is why I have admonished you in the past, time and again, to switch from intellectual thinking to heart-feeling. When your heart-sensations take the upper hand, you will also be able to transform your mind, your intellect, to light-filled spiritual thinking. In this spiritual thinking neither light nor darkness exists, neither good nor evil, because from a higher view point the pure spirit being, who you are, speaks to you and tells you that all these experiences of your brothers and sisters about you serve your own recognition. For this reason you are thankful for all experiences, which you do not need to make yourselves. Therefore, you will no longer condemn or judge your brothers and sisters, parents and grand- parents, when you think about the experiences of your youth, which still burden you today. Instead you will try to understand your relatives and thus come to forgive. As human beings, you are able only to view the time period of the past in this life. It makes it very hard for you to understand why, as child, you had to endure so much suffering. Oh see, since there is nothing in the earthly sphere, which is not subject to the law of Cause and Effect, everything that happened and still happens is good for you and for your growth toward love, toward understanding and forgiveness! Yes, the greater step is to "ask for forgiveness," even though you are the one who had been hurt, and ask out of an inner knowledge, which comes from wisdom, that nothing happens to you that you have not caused yourselves. It is even true that your causes were far worse, for the FATHER'S grace and mercy is helping you, so that the burden that lies upon your shoulders is not too great to bear. Did I not tell you that you are only carrying a chip of the entire beam of the cross I carried? I know how hard many a human child is caught up with His earthly body. However, you have all received the power to break through the jail, which you have built around yourselves. You have set all bars round about yourselves. You have even placed the barb wire around yourselves, which symbolically shows the pain it can cause to the body. What is the body? It is matter! You are not only this matter. You are spirit, soul and this body! Here on earth it is your task to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony, as well as and especially your body. Is not every cell serving the body with devotion, and does not your body serve the soul as vessel for its stay in the material sphere? Whenever you link with your body from the consciousness of the spirit, a tremendous sense of thankfulness streams through the body, for the latter is enabling the spirit to be active here in matter and to garner experiences, to gain recognition and thereby to gain its freedom. For, if the spirit would not incarnate in matter, it would not be able to fight for its freedom, the freedom of a child of the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT. I taught you that darkness stipulates the presence of light. One is unthinkable without the other. Remember, when the creative SPIRIT spoke the fateful words: "Let there be light!", he gave to His children the freedom to work in this freedom and to create, either in accordance with the will of the FATHER, Who in his love serves His children, or in accordance with the free will of willfulness. Freedom was given to every son, to every daughter, either to act in accordance with the Will of the FATHER, or to act out of his or her own self-willed actions, called willfulness. If the DIVINE SPIRIT had only granted one of the two, creation would be bound, would not be free. Hence, every one of you would not be free. Therefore, freedom stipulates opposition. By this, the free will was given into the hands of the Sons and Daughters of the FATHER. With their inheritance given to them by the ALL-ONE, they were able to create either in accordance with the divine laws or by their own willfulness. On the other hand GOD, the eternal and all-benevolent FATHER, beheld His Sons and Daughters and allowed them absolute freedom of action. Even now, HE beholds you in perfection since for HIM there is only the perfect Son, the perfect Daughter, divine individuality. Whatsoever happens here, in the events of space and time, is merely the path of recognition of the pure Child, who places about his or her purity the FATHER'S gift, which is freedom. This freedom encompasses willfulness. The pure Child is in GOD, is in perfection, is in the heart of the FATHER. He sends out his freedom, which irradiates everything out of the light of perfection. May the symbol of the sun serve for your better understanding: The core of the Sun is perfection, is GOD, the Sun ray is the Child's freedom. Freedom is the ray, which was sent forth, upon which your consciousness travels along, becoming more and more overshadowed until it comes to a limit, the limit of the space and time event. This limit acts like a lens, which breaks up the ray into hundreds, yes thousands of individual rays. The consciousness splits up into many incarnations in space and time. In this event you experience everything linearly, one after another, because your consciousness has limited itself so much, on its path of exploring freedom, that it lost its unlimited being of eternity. Laboriously, you are moving about as children on earth in space and time, in a body made of earth. Everything you are in reality has been covered over while you are in this reduced consciousness, enveloped by the shadows, which you call soul. I have asked you no longer to identify with the end point of the light ray, but to turn about and to look into the light in order to follow the ray. Joyfully take with you all recognition, which you and your brothers and sisters have gathered during your exploration of the free will. And remember the experience that in the last analysis, freedom of willfulness - when you turn about - will lead to the will of the eternally holy FATHER, Whose will is then also your will. For it means you are dissolving all suffering, pain, wars, all that which has already happened to you during your stay in time and space, for centuries, for thousands of years, yes, milleniums. By your drawing from these experiences and having come to the recognition that in the will of the FATHER it is love that serves and not tyrannizes, you will not only redeem yourselves from the servitude and imprisonment, but you will help redeem your brothers and sisters. You will also redeem the creations that you have called into being yourselves, which are crying out to the DIVINITY, in their suffering here on earth. The serving love redeems any creature. Step by step you will walk in this love THAT I AM, JESUS CHRIST, retracing your steps as you dissolve and redeem all negativity, so that the lion will peacefully lie down next to the lamb, as I have already revealed to you 2,000 years ago. This path homeward bound is taught in all religions in varied forms. The love only has different names. It may hide here and there, but is always and ever the same. In love, mankind will find each other. You see the signs of the time, in which My SPIRIT is effective powerfully. You recognize them on the one hand by the peace treaties going on and on the other hand by My storm of love, which does not only churn up everything within you, but also within the families, the communities, peoples and races. Everything not vibrating in the holy Love-Order is catapulted upward. And so it is also with all the suffering imposed upon your Mother Earth, as I have taught you before, imposed upon the MOTHERLY DIVINE POWER, which serves you in this mother Earth. She trembles with all that is done in opposition to the order of all life on earth, the nature kingdoms, etc., and she quakes in the horror of the events in space and time. Here too, I have repeatedly asked you to work against the powers of destruction, in the consciousness of a Son, a Daughter of the FATHER, by walking this earth with blessing strides. And whenever you do that, others are inspired to do this service of love along with you. You know the term "Snow ball effect." I say unto you: All power lies in your hands! Take hold of this power of serving love and work with it, so that the light may transform the darkness and the blackest of nights will proclaim the new day of peace and love in the rising sun; a new day, My beloved, which ends the exploration of the free will! In your divine consciousness the stroll along the sent out ray of freedom will always be present to you. In other words, since there is no time in the DIVINE, everything is present. Let me give you a parable for your better understanding: It is as though you have awakened from a dream and are now in the presence of your day-consciousness. The dream is the exploration of the free will that reached way into time and space. All the children of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT simultaneously had the same dream and awaken in the consciousness of the omnipresent jubilation of eternity. So may you now and in accordance with your free will - for the next fourteen days - repeat the exercise given in the last revelation. Create order by virtue of the storm, which I am in you, and align with the divine Will, which is also your will in the pure being! Pay attention to your dreams! Also, pay attention to everything you encounter in these coming 14 days: Recognize that I am the one crossing your paths! May you transform the coming dark time of winter into a day that is shining brightly within you, by using this time of reflection to find your true Selves, the SPIRIT within you. By doing this you will create unity with your souls and bodies. My blessing love is with you, with each and every one. My blessing is with all of you, even you who are now present here in your soul garment. Enter into the vibration of jubilation of the spiritually perfected ones, who nonetheless are walking with you in community in order to support and help you, so that time and space will come to an end more quickly. Amen Meditation: Move your limbs; tighten your muscles so that you can feel your earthly body and so that you have the consciousness of being unified in body, soul, and the indwelling SPIRIT! All muscles are flexed. Now relax them, let go of all tension - allow yourselves to fall totally into My love! The body is relaxed, muscle by muscle - your breath is smooth, and your heart is beating in the rhythm of love. Breathe out everything that still burdens your human being and as you inhale calmness and peace, you are removed from earthly matters. You are inhaling Me and are exhaling humanness. Your arms and legs are heavy and motionless as is your body. You are not able to move, because your consciousness is now adjusting to the vibration of the soul and is linking with the light of your eternal being. It is the divine spark emanating this light; it is ME in you. This light pours itself round about your earthly body and forms an aura of heavenly bright rays, which are associated with the different spiritual centers. Mercy is crowning you with rays of gold above your head. Love envelopes you in a white, so radiant as you do not know it here on earth. Silvery, humility and meekness play about you in the center of Patience. The Earnestness, in the fulfillment of your commission in space and time, gathers about you like a purple mantel. Sapphire blue Wisdom irradiates you and carries you in soft waves to the emerald green divine Will, which you are trying to fulfill in order to finally vibrate in divine Order that is greeting you like the pink sunrise of a new glorious day. You are under My protection, therefore, do not be afraid. You are surrounded by many angel messengers, who will receive your blessing thoughts from the meditation and will fortify them with their power. Recognize, My beloved that thoughts, entertained in such a deep meditation, have a much greater power than the thoughts of your day-consciousness! Since you have immersed yourselves deeply into your inner being, the purely spiritual world is so near to you, yes in part it is able to merge and become one with you. Your prayer is given increased strength by the heavenly power of your brothers and sisters, and GOD adds His blessings to your love-deed. And so I call you souls as a bridegroom calls his bride. Leave this earthly garment, and follow Me, mentally! Wander with Me through the spiritual worlds! You are not limited to this room and now feel the width of the cosmos. Behold the dark blue night sky, and let your sensations roam the starry worlds! We greet our brothers and sisters of the other spheres of being! Sense, how joyfully they greet you back, as the band of love is leading from the FATHER to all His children and back to the FATHER, closing the circle! Now, while resting in this consciousness, behold the place where your bodies are and you will recognize that consciousness is not bound to any form, but that it can expand. And so create a circle and extend your hands to one another! Love, peace, blessing, and light stream forth from you to the center of your circle, where your city is located. Sense how your consciousness continues to expand. You are holding each others hands, and with every step you take backwards, your consciousness expands even more. With every step, the land in the center is growing larger. Your city has become but a dot, and you have included all surrounding towns as well. You are coming to the borders of your state. Briefly, you remain there. All your brothers and sisters of light, no matter where they happen to be in your state, are now joining you, even if your human being is unaware of it, they are joining you in sending out love, peace, blessings and light. Joined with them, you now leave the borders of your country and are placing the European continent in the center of your circle, including the country where there is still much suffering, due to the still ongoing war. However, you are not powerless. You are light, and this light is now effective, increasingly, through all messengers of light dwelling upon the earth, for whom you are now opening the circle once more. Mentally, you are placing a luminous cross over this country. The vertical beam signifies love, the horizontal beam signifies peace. The cross shines radiantly in the darkness, even for those who are not even aware that they are now in the soul garment. Rather, they believe to be in the thick of battle, crying out for GOD'S justice in their need. Now they see this light-filled cross, which serves as a bridge into the soul-spheres. I, JESUS CHRIST, together with you am blessing all the suffering, be they in the soul or in the earthly garment, blessing them with My Grace, which flowed from My heart center on the hill of Golgotha. They are strengthened by it, while your prayer causes them to recognize the light of redemption in love, and in mutual forgiveness. The cross of light expands to all adjoining countries, shining for all in whose souls the destructive fire of nationalism burns disquietly. You irradiate unifying love, which immerses itself into their souls. You behold all continents - all-merciful love is streaming. Strength flows to the faint of heart, radiant healing forces stream toward the sick, the suffering, and the light of direction shines for those who have lost the way. All of them and everything is included in this circle of light. Again, you are expanding your consciousness and are leaving the earth. You are now in free space. Irradiated by Love and Mercy you are linked with all messengers of light. The earth lies at your feet and together, you are raising up the Blue Planet, which radiates from within, toward the light of the stars, toward eternity. It lies in your hands heavily, but My power of Love helps you, and a prayer hastens through space and time: Oh FATHER, see, we are all carrying this planet, Your gift to Sadhana. We are all praying and staying alert so that space and time may bow. Together, we carry the cross of the world and are raising it into Your all-merciful light, so that the transformation may take place. We have fully tasted our freedom, beloved PRIMORDIAL FATHER. The deepest depths have been experienced, and now the time has come when the night will fall, as the morning is already beginning to rise. Oh most holy PRIMORDIAL FATHER, we bow to You with deepest humility and thank you for the freedom You have given us. From this freedom and in this freedom we return to divine perfection, which we had left only as in a bad dream. We seek to once again redeem everything that is calling out to You in pain and need, with the help of your grace in JESUS CHRIST, Your Love. --- Gently, you are putting down the planet once again, and you are observing its heaviness as it sinks and sinks. Simultaneously you recognize that the prayer that was poured out in the light of Mercy is breaking its fall velocity. You see the spiritual part of the earth shine through and you sense the longing of your mother Earth, to burst its heavy material shell in order to become a light-filled home for all those who are returning, and her longing becomes your longing. You are saying your outward good-byes to your brothers and sisters of light, and the circle is getting smaller. The consciousness is still expanded, you are once again in the circle as when you gathered here. A promise is prevalent in you: We promise that our garment shall become a garment of honor, one which serves the soul. We will honor and love this garment and give witness to our thankfulness to it by linking with the SPIRIT within every single cell, thereby giving it its light-filled nourishment. You are entering this garment and are feeling irradiating vitality, all the way into the soles of the feet. From there, this power rises up pulsing and flowing through the feet and legs. You are feeling the slight rotation in the center of divine Order, like the hands on a clock. There you remain in prayer: FATHER, I want to totally put myself under Your rule of divine Order, even as human being. I ask You, irradiate me with Your divine Order, so that all my sensations, my thoughts, and my deeds can prevail in the light of perfection! -- In the second week, may you stay with the center of the Will: I will place myself into Your divine Will, FATHER, want to be like a leaf blowing in the wind of Your Love or like a drop in the wide ocean of Your Mercy, asking nothing and expecting nothing, wanting nothing. In all that happens to me I recognize Your divine Will, I recognize Your hand in the purification of my soul.- Teach me Your Wisdom, oh FATHER. Teach me to see You in all my brothers and sisters and to understand thereby the multiplicity of unity! Awaken in me the holy Justice in following Your Son, in whom You Yourself, in Your love for Your children in the earthly garment, bowed down to them! Teach me Patience, serenity, devotion, and humility. Teach me Your Love, which makes no differences and sets no boundaries, which sees all in its perfection, and teach me to exercise Mercy! In this way, Your natures and characteristics, oh heavenly FATHER are once more awakened within me to spiritual life, which will carry me home to you, collecting and redeeming all experiences of the incarnations, all that which lies in pain in the realm of time and space. This meditation is given to you only as example; let Me guide you into your own intuition. Amen Last revision 10/17/02 218