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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 60 txt  17.73KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

60. Exercise The Evening is advancing, which is the reason I, JESUS CHRIST am immediately among you with My WORD of Love, even though you are not yet meditating, nor have you gone within. Instead you are still mentally occupied with your previous conversation. This evening has once again shown you all a part of the path. By your active sharing, you were able to help one another. Not until later, in the coming days you will notice how much your conversations with each other, which were guided by Me, are helpful to you. In this schooling, through which you are presently going, it is important that everything that still lies deep in the layers of your soul can come to the surface, and that you speak about it openly and freely. In this way, you can work out your various problems. Time and again, I have addressed the aspects, of which you spoke tonight, therefore I will but briefly touch upon them. They have to do with the freedom given to the FATHER'S Son, or Daughter. The perfection of love was also addressed. Verily, on this earth I was man, just like you. I too had to pass through My development. Due to the fact that My life was to be short, I heard within Me the voice of the FATHER even in My earliest childhood. As child I often sought solitude in order to link in My innermost being with GOD, My FATHER in the stillness. You too are developmentally of different age levels. Even when the WORD first breaks through in you, you are still child. Your life span does not last only thirty years as it did with Me. You will outgrow your child-being by and by. You will discard childhood and transform toward perfect love, whereby absolute perfection is only conditionally possible while you are in the earthly garment; conditionally because the human being with his ego cannot be eliminated. However, your inner striving should always be aligned with this perfection, with this channel: simply to be, without wanting anything, without judgment, without condemnation! Perfect love touches everything and everyone. With every one of your steps love will irradiate Earth. Every cell of your body radiates light and blesses the environment and your fellow-man, no matter whether you know him or not. My faithful fold, recognize that in order to reach perfect love, you always have to move toward the golden middle, whereby this "have to" is not to be taken literally. You still have the free will. I can only speak to you in words of your understanding, just as I have always spoken in accordance with their understanding whenever I spoke through former instruments; and just as I have always addressed the particular circle that was to be touched through the instrument, in other words, I have always addressed the different circles with the words of their understanding. Therefore, never condemn other faiths, religions, and opinions! Let them stand! Whatsoever your brother, your sister recognizes as truth is his or her truth. It does not need to be your truth. Your own truth is the one you have developed by your present consciousness. This consciousness changes and expands and thereby your inner truth expands, and by this you attain wisdom. From this wisdom you recognize that all truths put together have their legitimacy, because they have served a particular group of people in order to raise their consciousness. Therefore, your Muslim brothers and sisters need their strict religion, because they longed for and needed the order of this religion. In fact, they need this order on their path of recognition toward expansion of consciousness. It is the same with all other religions. You glance at all these communities and recognize from the wisdom of your divine being that every religion, in its own way, can be a connection back to the FATHER for a specific group of people. Since in your various incarnations you have made your experiences in almost every religious community, your understanding for the many levels of consciousness will grow as soon as you have opened the way to your inner soul-spheres and developed them fully. At that time you will no longer judge and condemn. A master, being near perfection, can ask for another incarnation, which - according to human opinion - will throw him far backwards. Let us assume, for the sake of an argument, that he binds himself to a church taking its strict ascetic path of a monk. At the end of his life he is once again free and can oversee his mastery beyond the limitations of time and space. In looking back over his life he recognizes that, by taking the path of bondage to a religion, he was able to learn humility and understand his brothers and sisters who still opt to go their paths via outer religions and church institutions. A master student has not yet achieved inner freedom as long as he still sits in judgment or even condemns such a community. If such thoughts are still part of the master student, he will voluntarily put these thoughts into action and walk the very path he condemned. The same is true for all similar examples. Be it that someone is lacking compassion or understanding for those who suffer, or for drug addicts, for gamblers or similar addicts. Whenever you notice that you are not accepting a fellow-man in love just as they are and understand them, or at least try to understand them, you still judge and condemn and are by this not free; for by this judging and condemning you are binding yourself to that person, causing new karma. By the judgement over the weakness of a fellow-wanderer you are raising yourselves above him in haughtiness, causing karmic ties to the exact weakness you are condemning as well as to this human being. My beloved fold, you have already come a long way on your path to the light, toward the divine center, toward the SOURCE. Do not take this as a judgment either, because no one is better than his neighbor. You can never know what experiences your neighbor next to you has made in the world, on his path, which also serves you for your recognition on the subconscious level. On the path back to the SOURCE, you are at this moment gathering the experience that love leads you into freedom. As people of your society you are time and again trying to make judgments. These are programs you have learned in early childhood that will, in this society, accompany you all your life. That is why it is so hard to remove these programs from your thinking processes. You will only succeed in this if you move in the moment, in My omnipresence and if you keep trying to be understanding love by looking behind the human behavior. I gave you one law. This law is one of absolute love. If I teach you, "You shall love the LORD, your GOD above all and your neighbor as yourselves!" this commandment of absolute love is addressed here in three ways. Who is GOD? You cannot see GOD, but you are in GOD and GOD is in you. You are a part of GOD: Light of His light, life of His life, power of His power. When I say, "You shall love!" you are loving GOD in all that is round about you. You love GOD, the father/mother SPIRIT, for HE is reflected in all of creation. He is reflected in every brother, in every sister. The teaching I gave you contains three laws, and yet it is only one law: the law of love. Love GOD above all! This commandment leads to love via the love for your neighbor and the love for creation and yourselves. If I tell you that you should love yourselves, I do not mean by that self-love. Instead I mean that you should love the divine in you. By this, you are again loving GOD since in GOD there is no separation. Neither are you separated from HIM, nor is your neighbor separated from HIM: Everything is one. And so is the law of love one. Once you have become perfect love once again, once you have returned as the pure Son, the pure Daughter, you will also have become the law once again, just as the FATHER is the law, just as I am the law. The law is love, and love serves! When mankind was in its development of "childhood," GOD gave them the Ten Commandments through Moses. These commandments were specified, so that man would learn to treat one another in love. When I walked the Earth, mankind had somewhat advanced their development. That is why My teaching was love, which I explained at the Sermon on the Mount by many parables. By My example I gave proof that such a life can be lived. Understand that by the law, it is not meant that you should obey such a commandment, as: "My child, you must do this or that in order to be saved!" Instead, understand that freedom is given unto you, the freedom to either follow Me in love, or not! Time and again, I have explained freedom to you from the different aspects. Today I have illumined yet another aspect. This freedom in love helps you, also, to overcome all your crises. You have correctly noted that a crisis happens always just before a recognition, it leads to recognition. When recognition has been reached, the next step toward the light is accomplished. So, do not be afraid of standing in a fog. Fear not that your vision has been taken from you! Follow Me blindly, and let yourselves fall! What is asked for here is your complete trust, faith and love. When you let go of everything that burdens you, all that causes you difficulties during your crisis, I can truly guide you because you have laid your self-will at My feet. However, if you are attempting to master the crisis by your human will, you are turning down the divine help. You also spoke about the power of prayer. I taught you: "Ask, and you will receive; knock and the door will be opened to you!" You have noticed correctly that a prayer can come from many different levels of consciousness. Here too it is about the development of the infant, who is still in need of the very basic things of life, begging for them. And the child is to move and develop onward, he who already has its first consciousness recognition, onward to the [status of] Son or Daughter of the FATHER. The Son, the Daughter knows that everything is given to him or her from the fullness. Also, the Son, the Daughter no longer pleads for things for him or herself, but he or she asks in behalf of his or her neighbor. By your prayer, by your plea in behalf of your neighbor who is not yet able to open himself for the fullness of GOD the FATHER, you are standing by and are helping him, so that more light, more power, and more love may take hold of him. Your prayer goes far beyond the narrow limitation of your relatives and acquaintances. It will then no longer know limits, for a Son or Daughter asks universally. A perfect prayer is a letting oneself fall into one's own divinity. Your Higher Self takes over your being and irradiates the divine power, the sanctified heritage given to you by the FATHER. It is then that you will also experience, through clairvoyance and clairsentience, where your light goes. It orbits the earthly globe, pausing here and there in order to irradiate receptive brothers and sisters, whom you are able to help in accordance with your level of consciousness. Recognize that you are connected with all things and with everyone! You are not separated from anyone or anything, neither from the earth at your feet, nor from the stones on which you tread, nor from grass, the trees round about you, from animals, from human beings, from spirit beings, nor even from stars and planets. You are linked with everything. Everything is dependent upon one another and has a reaction to all actions, which flows by way of the morpho-genetic field. Therefore, there is no action without a reaction! That is why I keep asking you to practice thought control.. May this be your special task for the coming time, whereby I always take for granted your free will to do the exercises I give you, or not. You are free to do so or leave them! In the first week, pay careful attention to your thoughts, and be honest with yourselves. Notice where or when it is, that you are still judging and condemning, notice when and in what situation you make judgments! In the second week, set apart the thought complex with which you judge and condemn the most. Then try to transform this thought complex, by asking the judgments what they are trying to accomplish, by uncovering your own weakness in them and by this, discovering karmic connections and knots. You need to sever these karmic ties, and you need to have understanding and sympathy as well as compassion in these situations! In this way you are able to transform negative thoughts to positive ones. And by doing this, you will also dissolve all negative thought-creations you have sent forth. Once more, let me emphasize: You are co-creators! Your creations return to you, and they influence your present life! Think about this sentence: "Every thought influences your being!" Once more, I repeat: You have made considerable advancements on the path to the light. Your thought power is much stronger than at the beginning of this schooling path, therefore, your responsibility is much greater as well. Thus I ask you to practice thought control and try, increasingly more, to dissolve your negative thought-creations, also called elementals. Depressive and ill-humored moods are your own thought-creations. Having been sent out by you first, they linked up with similar ones and returned to you in increased measure. Please, I ask you, recognize this! I will help you by My power to dissolve these creations. At the same time I give you the power and courage for the next step to be executed by one or the other of you. It is a step toward a new identity, toward the fully conscious Son or Daughter of the heavenly FATHER. May you keep doing the meditation as your intuition inspires you. However, for the first week I am asking you to emphatically address the center of divine Order, and to remain in this center for a while. Totally immerse yourselves in this center so that everything within you can come into divine Order. When everything has come into divine Order, there will also be order round about you. In the second week, may you concentrate upon the center of divine Will and remain there. In that week, you are at the same time working on the dissolution of your negative elementals, and you are giving yourselves over, totally, into the will of the eternally holy FATHER and His power of merciful grace. Grace will reward your efforts and will come toward you many steps with open arms, when you take the first step toward dissolving your own negative creations. If pictures appear in your meditations, do not let them disturb you. Be connected with Me, JESUS CHRIST! If you begin the meditation with Me, you are under My protection. You could get pictures, but it does not have to happen. Should you feel threatened by any dream visions, turn them over to Me as well. Do not think about them at any length, for when you address forces that you have put into the world, they could make themselves noticeable. It does not have to happen, but it could happen. You are sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH, equipped with His power and might! Through His love, JESUS CHRIST, That I am you too are able to transform negativity into positive things. Later, the possibility exists that other thought waves roll toward you, which do not come from you, as they could be creations by your fellow-brother or -sister. Now I can see your thoughts: "Why should I have to dissolve what others have created, let them by all means do it themselves." Oh see, if GOD, the FATHER would think thus, that everyone of his children has to bear his karma himself, not one of His children would ever find the way back home. GOD is not only His natures: Order, Will, Wisdom and Justice, but also GOD is in His motherly aspect Patience, Love, and Mercy the supportive element. It is the reason that, while they are in their state of purity, His children also bear within them patience, love and mercy. You are using patience, love and mercy, when you extend your hands to your brothers and sisters and when you help them, in part, to dissolve their negative creations. It is the trade mark of true mastery that you will extend your hand to your brothers and sisters and help them, while following Me. However, you should never set yourselves above them in haughtiness, but humbly recognize that you too had help, and that you too received a hand up from somebody! My words are sounding grave, but you know that they are spoken in love, since I am the Love. I know about all of your thoughts. I know about your doubts. I also know about your pain, every experience, every recognition through which you are passing. I want to be the good friend at your side, who stands by you in all that troubles you, but I can only do this if you let Me help you - in accordance with your free will. How often do you go through your day in pains of hard paths of recognition, calling for Me: "LORD, where are You? Why don't I hear You? Why don't You help me?" I am so near to you, but your human self has built up a big wall against Me, and I cannot get through to My sheep, I the Good Shepherd. If you would only let yourselves fall, at this moment, fall into My love, saying, for instance: "Lord, I do not know why this or the other thing happens to me, why I have to go through this fate, why I have these worries, why I have to suffer this pain, but you know it, and you also know what I have to learn right now. I lack farsightedness, I lack the vision. I know that you are near to me, especially right now. LORD, by Your power I will blindly keep on walking!"--- With these or similar words, My beloved, you are sensing the irradiation of My strengthening love. However, most of the time the human being is in these moments so preoccupied with himself that he forgets Who is so near to him. So let My words of love resound in you, and not only My serious words of this evening! Have faith and come away from the kingdom of shadows, come to the light! My blessing is with you and with all those in the human and soul garment. Amen Last revision 10/16/02 213