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Anita Wolf 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 6. Exercise txt  9.76KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

6. Exercise Verily, I, JESUS CHRIST am also your inner Physician and Healer. I make whole all that which is not vibrating in divine Order and is therefore ailing. My love leads you into divine Will, leads to clarity in your consciousness, so that you may grow in recognition and so that you may fathom the eternally divine Wisdom in you. My Love leads to the Deed in My following and Justice (Earnestness) takes hold of you; and you recognize that your life rests in the NOW. That which has passed is past. You are in the here and now at My hand, and My light brightens your dark paths, so that you may walk guided by Me with sure steps through need and oppression. You are Patient with yourselves and your neighbor, so that you will place him into the all-forgiving Love of GOD, your and My FATHER, with Whom I am one, so that finally Mercy is victorious over hatred. My beloved friends, I truly want to be the friend at your side, helping you, letting My healing forces stream toward you, so that you become firmly established in Love. One offers the nicest place in the house to a friend. He is always welcome in your house, and everything you have is also his. For a good friend you will prepare a good meal, you will cut fresh flowers for him, and you spend the day with him. He is with you wherever you are. You show him where you work, your occupation, and you offer him a seat where he can stay while you are busy. However, you are thinking of him and are totally connected with him once your work is done. You go out into nature with your friend. You invite him to spend an awakening spring day with you, and in the evening you go out with him, perhaps in order to hear good music, or you stay home and light a candle. You put on the most beautiful pieces of music in order to enjoy a glass of wine with him. Your whole being rejoices and is glad to be with him. My beloved sheep, I want to be such a good friend at your side. And so, may the following serve you as example for the coming time: I AM YOUR FRIEND! Even as you awaken, be with Me, as you would be with an earthly friend, whom you love with all of your heart. At your breakfast table, offer Me a seat. I am with you, I bless your loved ones and your food, which you are about to eat. I get into the car with you. Are your thoughts with Me? I am truly sitting next to you! I am even at your place of work! When you are busy in your home, I am near to you as well. When you meet people who cause you suffering, I, your best friend, console you, and I put My arms around your shoulders, so that you may cry on My shoulder. I will dry your tears. ----- Let Me be your best friend. You are now going into the days of the awakening spring, but with this spring season a new time begins for you as well. The hard winter of hatred, war and destruction has to retreat, it is in the process of passing away. Springtime cannot be held up. It is the love that walks this earth, which has also awakened in you. Look deeply inside this love, and you will become people who can truly see. Had not hatred previously blinded your vision? Love opens your eyes, love opens your ears, your heart, and springtime enters into your life. Springtime, which I AM, is the new day, is love, is a new beginning. I have walked the path by way of Golgotha, and the cross lay heavily upon My shoulders. You too are going the path by way of Golgotha. However, My beloved, I accompany you on your way. -- I repeat: You are not alone. When you are patiently bearing your suffering, you bear it in part for the whole world, so that there may be a new heaven and a new earth. Gone shall be the suffering which man inflicted upon one another, upon animals, plants and the old mother earth! Walk into the glistening sun of love. Let it take hold of you and thus awaken to new life, so that you will find consolation in your suffering. Rejoice in the many little gifts you are given. The birds which sing for you, the flowers which are now beginning to raise their little heads toward the light, opening their manifold blossoms. You too are as manifold, yet all in DIVINE unity, His creation. All of you are different, no one is like the other, yet no one surpasses another in spiritual beauty. Look at the violet, see its beautiful markings, notice the fragrance it emanates. Then turn to a tulip, it does not smell sweet. Nor is it small and hidden, like the tiny violet. And this is how it is with people. Every being was created as individual spirit child, and was blessed by GOD, the FATHER, as His child. It is home, which is calling you, the eternal home that irradiates your hearts on Easter morning. It is a resurrection in Me, THE LOVE. Not the cross, which you bear, is the focal point, not the crossroads of suffering, but resurrection, the life. Love is life. I did not teach you death, but life, the love. So awaken from your deathlike sleep. What I mean is all thoughts of the negative kind about your neighbor, even those resulting even in hatred. Awaken and behold the new morning of the Easter blessing, a blessing that wants to raise you up, but cannot, for as long as you do not desire it. All power streams toward you in this blessing! Contemplate your present being and watch your thoughts. As I walk with you during the next fourteen days as your friend, be conscious of My omnipresence, and in this omnipresence of eternal LOVE, examine your sensations, your thoughts, again and again. And you will know if the blessing of the Easter morning can irradiate you. Empty your vessel that is, perhaps, filled with so much 'worldliness': I wish to have this and that. I must do so many things before the holidays. Fulfill everything with Me and out of My SPIRIT, and everything you do will be irradiated by My light. In this moment your fate can change, subjectively, if you take a different point of view, from a higher insight. Oh see it from the point of view of a daughter, a son of the eternally holy FATHER, who looks upon the human life, sees the schooling he or she goes through and accepts it. Acceptance is called for here, My beloved, to accept and to patiently bear it! As soon as you can take on that point of view, what you are bearing now seems no longer so hard to bear. You see it as a burden that is bearable. I have walked this earth as human being and, verily, I understand you. I understand and read your thoughts. I know about your heartbreaks, but I also know why it must happen. "When you, My child, are ready to look at your past, I will show you why you have to bear your present lot. Prerequisite is that you accept this fate and that you do not rebel against it." Only then, My friends, can My love work and the wisdom of recognition can radiate in you and can reveal to you why you have come to such need. If the human being would know of what he has caused ahead of time, he would not have the courage to go on. That is why it is good, believe me, not to know the extent of your burdens or guilt. The veil of merciful love is placed over it, and is only sometimes gently lifted so that the soul can free itself. This is the only reason why I explain to you this or the other thing, be it in dreams, visions or through the word. When the soul lets its fate spill out over the human being, it frees itself of its burden. When this burden is expiated by forgiving love, and by this I stress that forgiving love shortens the expiation time, the soul will also reveal the event that has led to the guilt, and all burdens are dissolved. When you have discarded the earthly body, when you enter into the new life on the new earth or heaven, you will be able to oversee your past and will recognize how lovingly the Wisdom of GOD rules all things. Then you will shake your head about yourselves and will say: "O, FATHER, how silly I sometimes acted in my human garment! Even though I knew in my inner being that nothing could happen to me that was not based on Your love, I rebelled against it, and everything in me screamed for hatred and vengeance. O FATHER, how unreasonable I sometimes was." Dear brothers and sisters, you are wandering into a new era, into this new earth. The old ways will no longer exist, they will have passed away. For then it is My kingdom, a kingdom of the SPIRIT. Whatsoever lies upon your shoulders now is but the key to this kingdom. Many a soul has burdened itself now with every possible thing, while in the human garment, so that it may enter My kingdom freely and full of joy. Recognize the love, which is guiding you in all things that happen to you. Believe in this love and trust it. Trust Me, your friend at your side, the bridegroom of your souls, and I will make you whole! I heal your souls and also your bodies when you are able to live love, and when you remain in this love henceforth. Try to do it again and again! Do not be saddened when you fall, but get up, joyfully. I repeat once again the task, if you are willing: Take Me as your friend, but really, as if I were truly humanly next to you. Offer Me a seat, greet Me next to you and you will feel My nearness. It is an exercise, which is supposed to help you build up an inner relationship with Me, THE LOVE, which is to lead you home to the FATHER. It is a love that wants to reveal itself within you, and that wants to speak with you. Dig up the well through love, the well that has been buried. When you mentally greet Me again and again as your friend, when you feel Me, I will be able to show you where you are still lacking love. So take Me with you! Although I am always with you, this exercise shall help you to build up a truly deep and inner relationship with Me, such as you may have it with a very dear human friend. In the name of the Father, My blessing flows into you. My arm is about you in deep friendship and affection. Pulsating through you with profound love, God goes with you, if you are willing. Amen Last revision on 10/19/01 23 45