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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 57 txt  16.46KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

57. Exercise The mantel of My love is spread about you protectively, and kindness and mercy are effective in your life. You are gently guided by Me, JESUS CHRIST, and yet you are free in accordance with the primordial eternal holy law of the child of GOD, free to accept My leadership or to walk your paths through this freedom of earthly existence in space and time, in the midst of the fall events. My leadership is one with your Higher Self, is one with GOD. From this unity you have sent forth your thoughts; for your walk through time and space is nothing other than that. Your place is in the heart of the FATHER. Only in your thoughts, which are creative forces, are you walking through the depths of this being, for the thoughts of the FATHER'S Son or Daughter are powerful and mighty. The thought, born of the intelligence of GOD, is the PATERNAL power, which was given to every single one of you as your heritage. With your thoughts, you draw from the intelligence of GOD, and are thereby co-creators with HIM. The thought is awakened to life by the MATERNAL power, and perfected in the deed of LOVE, THAT I AM. Everything that is visible and invisible is the deed, is creation, is LOVE, IS ME, THE SON. And you too share a part in this Filiation [Son-ship or Daughter-ship]. Once again: Powerful and mighty are your thoughts as Son, as Daughter of GOD. But what and where is the power in the human being? What is therefore the power as heritage within you? Once again, it is your thoughts that are thought by your brain, which transforms the highest energy down to the material sphere. The Son or Daughter thinks, and man completes his orbits on his cycles of re-incarnations, until the Son's or the Daughter's thought returns to the source and enters into his true DIVINE being. Therefore, man's power is creative power that flows by way of his thoughts, with the exception that it is transformed to a lower level. When you come nearer to your true Son-ship, Daughter-ship [or: Filiation], by actualizing love in your daily life, the creation-energy within you becomes more and more powerful, and you return to the SOURCE, from where this power will draw and create in all eternity. Even now, in the human form, you are creating and drawing from the well in immeasurable amounts. You are not yet conscious of these forces. However, by and by you will be confronted with your creative forces: They are your own creations, which you encounter day by day as seeming tests on your way. Fears are creations of the negative kind. Joy and love are creations of the positive kind. That which is full of light outshines the darkness. However, you must also become aware of that which is dark. That is why this fight with the dark forces is necessary. It is the struggle with yourselves. Only when you have conquered the darkness within yourselves, will you have also conquered fear. At this point you will have become the true messenger of light. Inspired by Me, you have spoken about the levels of initiation into the four elements, with which you will have to become one, through love, in order to attain the freedom due to the FATHER'S Son, or Daughter. For Patience, Love, and Mercy are child-characteristics, which you have to develop in order to master the four elements. Otherwise you will not have achieved this task in love, patience, and crowned by Mercy. I had told you that you could subject these four elements to you by force as well. However, this is possible only for a given time and only in space and time. In that event they will come back to haunt you, since you would only have bound the elements to you by force, and they will therefore draw you back into the material sphere. Only by using love, will you become truly one with earth, water, air and fire. Whereby the sequence is unimportent, as often the test with fire is the hardest. You have overcome the fear of the earth, of the physical death, many times over in previous incarnations, so that on this path it can no longer frighten you. But fire, water, air and the spiritual spheres are forces before which man deems himself small and conquerable. You have overcome death, not only once but many times. The earth took your body, and the soul raised itself up toward the light. The water, however, also contains parts of the element of air. The spirits of the water crash in on you with a roar, materially embodied in the form of waves: Are you fearless before them? Lightening or fire, blazing mightily or striking with loud claps from the sky, are fiery spirits seeking to get hold of you and wanting to tie you to this material being. Are there not still wishes present from previous incarnations, like wanting to be in control of fire, or to make the spirits of water subject to you and to subject the spirits of the air to serve you. Recognize, My faithful fold here and everywhere, that these three tests are closely linked with each other and that they have to be looked at, not just from the material aspect! Everything has its point in the psychic and spiritual level as well. I spoke about ties which the soul has to sever. Fears of the elements are always connected with a violation against them. Not, as you believe, that you have drowned in a former life, or burned to death and that this causes your primal fear, your panic, a fear you cannot control. Instead, it is the spiritual forces that have to do with these elements. A child of GOD, the Son or Daughter, has creator-forces within him or her, as I have already said. When this Son, this Daughter descends to the depth by virtue of sent out thought power, the child of GOD links with the elements which rule this world of pretense. This connection has to be; otherwise the child would not be able to walk on matter. Only when the child accepts the four elements, can a body develop for the soul to be incarnated. The soul creates its body. When a child of GOD incarnates for the first time, his or her love is still alive and he or she walks this world of pretense in unity with the elements. This unity simultaneously gives power to the child, and he or she notices in his human form, and full of wonder, that the forces of nature obey him, the human being. Now the following happens: The child of GOD becomes shaded or clouded in the human garment, because the human being is using force in the spheres of the fall event. He has left the path of humility and has forgotten to ask the spirits of the elements of fire, water, earth and air for permission. Instead he commands them and by that he binds himself to these forces. These ties to the four elements, fire, water, air and earth, are in the course of several incarnations fortified for some, while with others they are severed. You will know by your fears whether or not you need them to be severed. Watch yourselves and you will know what you will need to work on! The strength within man has creative might. Use it only in humble love, which then serves in this might! Again you recognize the paradox in My words, but you understand the meaning. He who bows before the forces and uses the creative powers humbly serves the unity with them, not only in the world of appearances, but also in the actual being, in the PRIMORDIAL spaceless and timeless eternity. Understand Me, you are not far from GOD, the FATHER. You are resting in His heart, only with your thoughts are you walking through space and time. You are on all levels of your earthly walk at the same time. Your recognition is effective simultaneously, and your level of consciousness is raised in all your learning processes, without you having to leave your place in the heart of GOD. So that you will understand My words, I will now lead you into meditation: Relaxed, the human being gives himself over to the Spirit, That I Am in you. The cells of your body are vibrating in the "I am the love, the life," in every cell. All cells of your body breathe the power of this life. All tightness is relaxing in this love, which equals life, for there is nothing to which the human being clings at this moment. Free and relaxed, he turns himself over to the vibration of the word which reaches his ear. It is a melody from a different world to which he listens now. It is a melody that raises him up and into the life, into love, into unity. In this light the human body becomes light, weightless. Now sense your way into your body, into every single cell!... Sense the vibration of the power of love!... There is a streaming via [the consciousness center of] Order, to Will, to Wisdom, to Justice, Patience, Love, and Mercy, through the centers through which the divine power is streaming, and through which you are linked with your own Primordial heritage. It is this heritage that causes the melody within you and that raises up, becoming one with the ease of air. Sense how the heaviness is leaving your feet, how they are light and free, how the heaviness is leaving your calves and thighs! Nothing binds you. Heaviness is leaving your hands, your arms, the lower and upper torso. Light and free are also your thoughts, your head. While in this sensation of lightness, you are mentally going to the edge of the water, the edge of the sea, which reaches infinity... beyond all spheres. Water is rolling over the sand toward your feet... and is touching your toes. You are bowing humbly, saying: "Oh you spirits of the waters, I greet you and bless you in the name of the ALL-FATHER and ALL-SPIRIT [or: COSMIC SPIRIT]. If I have ever forced you into my services, I am now placing the power into your waves. I am one with you, one with every drop and with the entire ocean; one with the spirits of all spheres symbolizing water, the divine Will, which were also created of the divine Will in order to rule over all waters." Now you are walking into the water, into the waves with easy steps. A high wave is rolling toward you. It is mountainous before you, and a question sounds in your ear with the roaring of this wave: "Are you ready to serve love, even if I consume you? Are you willing to subject yourself to me?" Again you bow and answer: "May GOD'S WILL be done unto me." The wave tosses you upward, and you are feeling a lightness of your being in this rush; and you are not under this wave but on top of it; you are one with it, and you are rejoicing with every single drop: "FATHER, oh ALL-SPIRIT, Your Will be done and is done!" The wave is setting you down gently on the beach. Once more you are bowing and blessing it in the name of the ALL-SPIRIT. Happily, you walk on. However, you have hardly come away from the beach when fiery tongues appear over the prairie grass, which spreads out before you. "Do you want to flee from us?" the spirits of fire are calling out to you. Behind you is the saving water. "See, you small human, we are coming in order to claim our right. We have served you, now serve us!" A windy flurry feeds the flames. They are gusting up brightly. You are looking back. Behind you is the quiet sea. Should you retreat from the test, a test which isn't one, since you yourselves caused it by your creative forces? Discouraged, the human being retreats, taking a few steps upon the sand toward the water; and the spirits of fire laugh scornfully, saying: "Oh you poor small human! Look how you retreat from our might." But then a wonderful melody resounds from the midst of the flaming fire. Light radiates from it. Not the light from the lowly sea of flames caused by base spirits, but from the higher fire, caused by the PRIMORDIAL LIGHT. And once again, you, oh man, you incarnated child of God, are walking toward these flames, and you humbly bow your head. Farther away, along with the wonderful melody, a rumbling of thunder can be heard in space and time. Torn between light and darkness, the human being struggles for the light within him, conquers the fear, which he has himself created, and walks into the burnt grass. And see, under his steps the fire goes out; for while he walks he bows his head, ready to give himself to the spirits of the fire, ready to burn in order to enter the higher light in purified state. Creative thoughts now stream through the human being, and he blesses the spirits of fire lovingly. Thunder no longer frightens him, and the light into which he enters receives him mildly and full of kindness. It is the light of home, which now envelops the progressing human being. It is humility, which the Son, the Daughter is living in space and time. The fire dies out. The ray of light enters into the heart of the human being in the form of love, and his consciousness expands due to the experience of love for the fire and the spirits which are controlling it. But now the earthbound being approaches him. The human being had taken the walk to Earth many times. You, My child, and you, and all of you, what is the earthbound being? They are the brothers and sisters who, just like you, have walked through the bleakness of this darkness by way of their thought power. And since you, too, are living in this darkness and have extended your hand to it mentally, here and there, they are now demanding from you the same. You have the power to command the darkness to leave you, but this test is not passed by using force. As long as power does not transform to love, the darkness has not been delivered. Did you, oh Son, oh Daughter, not go forth in order to help redeem, in order to be light amidst the darkness? But where is it that you still extend your hand to darkness - to power? To what have you tied yourself, thereby giving the dark forces power over you? Only when you are free within yourself of all bondage to material things will your love have grown within you, so that you can approach those beings in love and can show them that their place, too, is the heart of the FATHER, and that it is only their thoughts that are estranged from God, with which they identify. At the moment when you place your ties into the bowl, which I gave to you at the beginning of this meditation, you are free, free for your task. You approach those beings and your own being is light, and this light radiates amid the darkness. And wherever this light - it is your light - hits, the darkness is no more, the darkness lightens up, transforms into light. Oh man, see, it is then that you too go through the gate of conscious death. That is, death no longer frightens you. Even if Mother Earth envelops your body, you exit the earthly garment as the fully conscious Child of the MOST HIGH, and in the midst of the rejoicing angel beings that accompany you, you walk through the gate of bliss. In the community of the blessed ones, the angel of your fate might still approach you - due to the promise you gave - with the question, if you would want to walk the earthly spheres once more, in spite of the dangers it holds and that you may fall once again in the earthly happenings. Oh man, hear this: If you answer the question again with: "May it be done unto me in accordance with GOD'S will, and therefore in accordance with the promise I have once made!," in your blissful state and in full consciousness of all the suffering which could await you with another earthly walk, then you have truly conquered death, and you will receive the ability to raise your body cells to higher vibration in the following incarnation and to spiritualize your physical body. Oh man, listen! While in your soul-consciousness, I have guided you through the stations, which are like cross stations. You are ready to follow Me. Therefore, face all your fears courageously, and recognize that you were only fearful in those areas where you lacked humility! You will need more time to truly understand My words in their full depth. But with good will you will penetrate the wisdom of the spoken word and will recognize its depth more and more. You are free, My child, whom I have adopted, here in the earthly being. You are free to follow Me, JESUS CHRIST, the LOVE. You are free, as child of the MOST HIGH in using the creative power, which has been given unto you. Now return to the earthly being! Once again, you are sensing the heaviness of Earth. The lightness leaves your head, the neck, the upper and lower torso, your arms, legs, and feet. Your body is resting heavily, for it is still one with Earth carries it. Yet, know you can unshackle yourself any time, oh soul, while you live in this body. You have been given this freedom. Hear My call and come into the sphere of light in order to be active there as well, active with Me and at My side, even in the consciousness of the course of your day! The mantel of My love envelops you, oh My sister, My brother, My adopted child in this earthly existence. Let this love work in and through you, unceasingly! Amen Last revision 10/09/02 199