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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 56 txt  12.55KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

56. Exercise A quiet joy spreads out in you. --- Sense your way into your inner being, and you will tap this vibration in you. I, JESUS CHRIST, am in your midst, am the small impetus in all your conversations, and your honesty toward one another and for each other leads you ever more deeply toward understanding My love-teaching, which you are receiving from Me. You are addressing inner freedom, time and again, the freedoms to go your own personal path as you presently see it as right for you. It is the freedom of the CHILD OF GOD. There are no detours, no community takes detours on this earthly sphere, for they are all simply experiences, which the human being, My child taps and learns from, in order to then go the path homeward to the FATHER with that that much more joy. You constantly learn from your own experiences and from those of others; not only now but also later, when you all finally go your own ways. They will be your own paths, self-determined ones. At that time, you will only be linked with your community from the heart-level, but finally they will be the paths which will fulfill the promise you once gave. Even then you will be part of a learning process, and every experience will trigger joy in you; for the sum of the experiences is the path homeward to the FATHER'S HOUSE. The sum of all experiences is the immutability of the ever-present consciousness of a completion of the fall event in time and space. These experiences can then be recalled time and again in the cosmic-consciousness [heaven] and will be available to all children of the FATHER at a moment's notice. Once this space-time-event has been completed, and the Son and Daughter recognizes that this dream of darkness is yielding to the light of eternity, this dream will always remain present in the cognizance of all GOD'S children. My beloved, when you go your paths in this event of time and space, when you pay attention to your thoughts, as they lose themselves time and again in your daily events, when you read the papers, listen to the media and take account, time and again, of the sum of the forces, whose energies were sent fort, then you will recognize where you are on your path homeward. Is the vibration of love prevalent in you, of feeling compassion for your neighbor? If this is the case, may your fears about this or the other problem be ever so great; the fear will dissolve, for love will also be victorious over fear. That is why I taught and still teach you the path of the all-encompassing love. The love for the elements guided you away from your ties by way of the elements. With meditation you are able to let go of your earthly pull. You raise yourselves toward light-filled heights and face your fears by and by; and by this you conquer the negative power of the elements, which are still in your physical body, for your body is made up of the four elements. The soul will only become free when it conquers these four elements, however, not by force but with love. Therefore, fear cannot be released by force, but only by love. The example shared in community, of overcoming a mountain, showed this to you. The individuals would not have been able to conquer the mountain alone, with its very steep incline. However, in community the group was strong when one had sent to the other courage, unconsciously. This shared event was an external one. Nevertheless, such an event can also be viewed on the psychic-spiritual level: By virtue of the love-power sent to someone when giving him courage, the individual will reach his goal because the community has supported him and by doing so, the community is able to simultaneously conquer its still hidden fears. Therefore, when you extend your hands to one another at moments of danger, your fears will transform to courage. If left to oneself, the fear would tend to overcome you, but by the help you give to your neighbor, you outgrow your base self and link with your Higher Self, the Son, the Daughter of the FATHER. Why did I say: "Wherever there are two or three in My name, there I am in the midst of them?" [I said it] because community builds strength. One who struggles alone has a much more difficult path to take, even though he too will reach his goal, if that is his path. In community you help one another. However, whether you wish to go in community or walk the path individually is again a matter of your own choosing, is your freedom. That is the wonderful gift from the FATHER to all of you. It is this absolute freedom, of which I have spoken extensively once before. When you bless the waves of water lovingly, they will carry you even in a stormy sea. They might crash over your heads, but they will carry you toward the water's edge, your goal. It is the same with a burning fire or in the flashes of lightening. It cannot burn you when you are one with this fire, when you feel love because you see in it the purifying element of spiritualization. The SPIRIT OF GOD in old pictures is depicted as tongues of fire over the heads of the believers, sent forth as I promised. You too are subject to this test with fire. To be at one with the earthly fire means at the same time the opening of your inner self for the spiritual fire, which wants to take hold of you completely, if you are willing. You are children of the earth, bogged down with a heavy body, and at the same time you are inhabitants of the spiritual sphere: the element of air. As long as you are not one with this element of air, as long as you do not actualize the unity in the breath of the creator-love within you, you will crawl on the earth like a worm and cannot overcome the different levels. However, as soon as you are one with this element, the breath, with the power of the SPIRIT that vivifies everything, including you, you will no longer identify with the heaviness of the earthly matter and all things connected, but you will be free and will raise your spirit. Out of this ennobled state of being grows your inspiration to profit from the talents that lie within you, even to use them for your earthly gain, which you can then use for the purposes you see fit, purposes you deem important and right, all in the freedom of your state of mind as the free child of GOD. However, as long as you are "wont to make things happen" you are not in this freedom. The SPIRIT OF UNITY cannot work in you, this SPIRIT which comes from the fullness. When you are in unity, you draw from the fullness. In unity with all being the entire creation is yours, that is, the material and non-material worlds, all heavens. You will draw from the fullness and recognize, at the same time, as you are standing in this fullness of, for instance, earthly gain, that all treasures of this earth will in the last analysis lead to the inner treasure, the dissolution and transformation of matter into the highest creation-energy. Consider My spoken words and draw from them the necessary conclusion: no matter what you may be planning and accomplishing at the moment, it will run into the same goal, time and again, and that is to fulfill the inner commission, which you have accepted to do. Look into this world, look at the suffering creatures. Look at the faces of hungering people, yes the dead which lie at the side of the road, and consider your responsibility resting upon your shoulders! Everything is in transition and transformation, the latter of which you are accomplishing. What does it mean to transform metal to Gold by alchemy? Gold is matter. In the SPIRIT it is light. By virtue of the love developing within you, you are the masters of your own self and therefore, you are masters of transformation. All power is given unto you to bring peace to all you touch. I said, "Peace be with you!", and thus I also speak to My disciples today. Contained in this word "Peace be with you!" is also the call to you to bring peace also to the animal and human kingdom. By this you are actively participating in the transformation! Is it only a dream? No, My faithful, now is the time when you are put to the challenge! Pay heed to the signs of time! You talked about the planet Jupiter, the protective shield for your Earth. Is not GOD, the FATHER, in all His kindness and mercy full of wisdom as well? If that planet were not in front of the Earth as protection, the Earth would never have become the schooling planet. It would have been demolished into thousands of pieces, just as at the beginning of time the Earth split off from a larger planet. The fact that this protective shield is now being attacked, as it was made visible through your astronauts, has indeed a reason. Light and darkness are at war. The Earth was attacked before, but you did not notice because your astronauts were at the time not able to watch these events through instruments. However, now you have experienced these events, and you know about the impacts that happened to Earth in early times. The fight is showing in the heavens, the fight which spiritually comes before the decision in favor of the light. However, more time shall pass, before this decision will show itself in the events of time and space, and this is due to the FATHER'S law of Mercy. This additional time is given you in order for you to become steadfast in your tests and so that you will meet all elements in love, thereby causing them to be unified with you. By this you will attain mastery, and by this mastery you will walk through this given time fearlessly and in the joy of the heavens, as I have said at the beginning of this evening. And the joy which trembles in you reveals itself through you and helps your brothers and sisters to conquer the fears by facing them and by dissolving them with the power of love. Everything that happens on this planet is based on a variety of fears, the 'primal fears', as it is called in psychology. Everyone has to face these primal fears. Only then can he or she free him or herself from the cocoon stage of his or her life and can fly toward the sun with ease like the butterfly. My friends, I will now lead you into a brief meditation: The evening is progressing, still, for a few moments you should sense this freedom of the spirit, by virtue of My enveloping love! You are already calm within yourselves, and your hearts are open. You are standing on Earth with both feet and are one with it. You are also one with the fire. It streams hot through the soles of your feet, connecting you with the fire of Earth. Yes, Earth is a fiery planet, which is spiritualizing itself by the power of love that you are. This power is rising hotly, you are sensing it in the center of divine Order, and the worm that is lying on the ground rises up and breaks the shackles: "FATHER, Your Will be done! I draw from Your Wisdom and I am following You in Earnest. Patiently, I go the path I had planned, that is, to transform love into the deed, from the characteristics of Patience, Love, and Mercy, recognizing the freedom of my soul. Love, crowned by Mercy is setting me free, but it still needs Patience, for everything needs time to grow." However, in this moment, I am giving you, My friends, the grace of a vision into this deliverance. Your soul is no longer bound, it is free, a child of the MOST HIGH. Come, look into the starry sky! You are My brother, you are My sister, everything is yours, everything in the eternal cycle of GOD'S breathing in and breathing out in the rhythm of being Non-being, of one vibration, which is a vibration and at the same time none, like the light. You, oh sister, you oh brother are light. You are every star at the firmament, you are the sun. Now open your spiritual eyes and behold the worlds of non-material being! Everything is you as well, for nothing separates you from anything. You are like the souls, which are still gathering their experiences, and in this equanimity of vibration, you need not make those experiences. Again, your glances go to the SPIRITUAL SUN that I AM, the LOVE, which radiates across all spheres of the beyond and across you as well, oh brother, oh sister, seeking to be active through you in the material spheres. You are this sun, for you are one with Me. Do not separate any longer that which is unity! Sense your way into this light. You are I, and I am you: Love. Maintain this vibration, even when you now return into your physical being, knowing that you are both, matter and antimatter or neither of both! You are everything or nothing, individually, a Son, a Daughter, but merging with GOD in one-ness. A constant prayer streams through you, oh brother, oh sister, a prayer of thankfulness and humility. Let this prayer stream continually in your inner being and take it with you to your place of work, wherever you are right now! I am one with you. Amen Last revision 10/05/02 195