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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 54 txt  12.64KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

54. Exercise I, JESUS CHRIST, am the light of the world. I am the light within each one of you. You have turned to this light, and this light, this love is guiding you onward steadfastly. I am the one Who guides every single one of you, as well as the community, by way of inherent weaknesses so that you will recognize them and so that you will take on the fight with yourselves in order to be victorious over the human ego. Recognize, my faithful fold, here in this circle as well as everywhere, you will encounter the struggle with the "ego" time and again, for as long as you walk this earth in your heavy material garment. Only when you are able to dissolve this material garment, when you can transform it to a higher frequency, thereby raising yourselves to the next higher level, you will have won the fight. For then you will have absolved the level of Order with all its sub-levels, the divine Will, His Wisdom, Justice, Patience, Love, and Mercy. By this you not only have the ability to move in this higher light-frequency, but your entire being has been transformed. The human existence upon this planet Earth is but your training, your schooling! And because you have said 'yes' to this schooling and have willingly placed your hand into Mine, I am guiding you by way of your fears, as well, as they were described. I will also lead you by way of the limitations you have put upon yourselves. The instrument who serves me has truly followed Me, and lives as I have lived. And now think of My wayfaring years, when I wandered from place to place, healing the sick, teaching love. Who among you can leave all behind him and follow Me, from one moment to the next? Who among you would feel free and unshackled immediately? You know that the scripture contains therein some examples by which you can examine yourselves. Among other things, it was written that "Whosoever loves husband, child, or wife, more than Me is not worthy of Me." Or, as mentioned in the discussion today: "Go, sell everything, give your money to the poor and follow Me." These two examples are meant as symbols. {Note: As symbols of those things to which man clings mostly - comp. Abraham/Isaac) No mother would understand if she were made to leave her little ones unattended in the house and follow My call, in order to teach and heal. Every mother would say: "Would I not sin against my children, if I acted thus?" No one would therefore ask it of a mother. But by the aforementioned example {serious accident years ago} you recognize that there are those opportunities where the soul can freely decide to serve Me on another level, so that the question goes to the human being: "Human being, where do you wish to be? Do you want to go back to the family? See, your children are being cared for. You would never again feel pain. All sorrow of this world is taken from you, from one moment to the next. Do you, oh human being, want to continue to walk through this life, burdened with pain? Do you want to go through test after test, or do you wish to end all this?" The decision lies with the human being and with the soul. If both are ready to accept what is best in the will of the FATHER, then soul and human being harmonize. The human being overcomes death - the soul knows no death - the human being is from here on ready to strive toward higher things. There can be similar examples such as this one as well as others. Every one is guided individually in his life. The human being is being tested through his soul, but the soul, too, is being tested by the SPIRIT, by the pure child within the soul, by the so-called "Higher Self", the Son or Daughter of the FATHER. Therefore, never GOD or I test you, rather in the unity with GOD and with ME, the Son or the Daughter tests the human being; a trinity and yet one being, for in the SPIRIT there is no separation! Matter is energy, it merely vibrates more slowly. It is your task to transform this lowly vibrating matter to a higher level. What are the things of this world that surround you as treasures? Why did I teach you not to amass riches that moths and rust will destroy? When you transform this lowly vibrating energy to more highly-transformed living power, then the worldly wealth will vanish. What is it that causes longing for outer beauty? It is the longing of the soul to bring the outer beauty inside of you. For there is heaven, there is the infinity of creation, and there your thoughts immediately become creations. How hard you have to work for your earthly riches and treasures! How hard do you struggle for your daily bread? On the next higher level you accomplish all that with your thought power. Even now, you are creating your world by your thoughts, except that they take somewhat longer in order to show themselves materially. You have to work for it. You have left paradise voluntarily in order to walk this earth. Every one of you is here by virtue of his or her will and by virtue of this free will, you also have the possibility to transform all these manifestations of lowly vibrating matter, into more highly vibrating energy. Every object serving you here, be it a chair, table or something similar, is vibrating energy, and you are all capable of raising these energies and thereby transforming matter, as this is what it seems to your physical eyes. When you are finally conscious of this, perhaps then your heart no longer clings so much to these external things. For when you follow Me these outer things disappear as if magically, and do understand My humor. What good is it then to you? He who follows Me only wears the clothes on his/her back, and even that is merely a phantom of this world. He who follows Me stands naked before Me. Do understand the meaning of My words! Only when you are absolutely free in your hearts can I fill you with all the power of the heavens. When I call you, My brother or you, My sister, and when I say: "Look, I need you to help an ailing person," and you say: "Oh Lord, wait, I have to marry off my daughter first, I want to buy myself my own 'David' {= a marble statue of King David, Old Testament, which you had discussed in your circle} first, a statue for my living room." "I have to," as it was written, "bury my father/mother." What did I say then? "Let the dead bury the dead." And some among My own are thinking: "LORD, how can you be so cruel?" You do not understand the meaning of My WORD, for it moves about here, in the earthly sphere, on coarse matter. Whenever I call you, I do so beyond time and space! If you heed My call, you will be active for Me at any moment. Those things, given to you as your daily chores in time and space have a much different meaning in eternity. In matter, you are bound to time and space due to your physical body, and yet you are dwellers of both spheres, the earthly and the spiritual one, and I call you from the spiritual sphere. However, when your human being clings tightly to earthly matters, to earthly treasures, to earthly fears, then the soul is not free; for then the soul is bound to the body, because all ties of the human being transfer themselves to the soul; then My call shall remain unheard, and you cannot be active on the spiritual level. Therefore, My words: "Let go of all your ties!" do not mean that you should not fulfill your obligations, on the contrary. Fulfill them, but seen from the spiritual viewpoint. Then your heart is with Me, and you will draw from My power as you go through your daily chores and obligations, while at the same time your soul is active in other spheres, since you have not bound your souls in any way. For you human beings had agreed to your present earthly obligations, and from the spiritual law of love you should indeed finish everything to which you had agreed. But do so with My power, and do it well. While you fulfill your obligations, your true beings rest in Me and therefore in love, and by this your souls are free. My words are misunderstood time and again, because the deeper meaning behind them is not explored. And behind every word is a deeper meaning, just as behind every happening there is a deeper meaning. Today you shared the example of someone's soles on his shoes, which either dissolved or came off the shoe. Do you know what it is all about? Loosen, dissolving, letting go! Becoming free! How should your soul raise itself to higher spheres in order to work in the unity with Me and the angels, work all over the world at the same time, as there is no time in the spiritual sphere, if you do not let your souls go free, if you bind them to your bodies? In meditation, I taught you how to let go. Time and again, I admonished the human being to let the soul go free. But recognize, and this is what came out in your discussion today, that the soul can only unbind itself, if the human being has severed his ties for the most part. I know that this is not easy for you. Yet, consider that I am going with you! Believe Me, My faithful fold, it was not easy for Me either, to unbind Myself! Let Me once more remind you of the example in the scripture of the death of My friend Lazarus. What was My first reaction? I cried, I lamented. Only then I became aware of My power, Which is the FATHER in Me. There are many other examples passed down to you. I know what it means to let go - to the very last piece of garment. I have gone the way before you. I do not demand anything of you. It is the FATHER'S Son, the Daughter in you who is asking you: "Break the ties! Become free from within, it is not the external tie!" Again I repeat: I, JESUS CHRIST, guide you - through your ties. I give you the recognition, but you have to take on the fight, about which you spoke, yourselves. It is the fight, the struggle of the Son, of the Daughter of GOD with the lowest vibrating matter, man, with the dust of this earth, who believes to be everything. The human being is nothing. The human being passes away as does everything [material], unless you let go and thus become able to spiritualize your earthly body, and to take it into transfiguration. Should you now entertain the thought, in the recesses of your mind, to avoid having to go through the physical death, let Me tell you right now: Even if you are in the process of transfiguration, you will not get around the experience of letting go of your earthly shell, for it is part of your path. This earthly shell, which you are wearing right now, is not the transfigured, spiritual envelopment. For when that time has come, your shell in its structure, in its vibration is then raised, flooded with light, is radiant. My faithful ones, do set out on the path! And come to Me with those things you have already begun to let go, where there is woe in your hearts, come to Me, I will help you. I will console you. I also show you the way to cut present ties, be they material or karmic ones. For I am truly the friend and brother at your side! Come to Me, even with your fears about growing very ill, physically! The very basic fear of man, that someday he must cease living, has to be overcome by every one of you. What is it, after all? It is the task of the human ego, yes, even the Son's, the Daughter's individuality is being demanded here. When you are ready, even to give that up, you are the Son or the Daughter of the FATHER in a DIVINE INDIVIDUALITY. Here on this earthly sphere everyone of you struggles with the shadows of your own self. Come to the restful place, come into the light! I am the Light! And the pendulum, which sweeps one time too much to the left, then too much to the right finally comes to calmness, swinging less and less hard, until it finally rests in Me, in the Light, in the state of being of not-wanting-to-have, in eternity, in Love. This love is ready to give over everything - even if it were life itself - in order to help the brother, the sister. (Brief pause) This minute in silence allowed you to let My word resound in you. Take it with you and ponder the meaning of the words! Even those of you who are reading My message, recognize the meaning behind the words! Understand that the human word is limited in its declaration! The sensation cannot easily express itself in a word. However, if you want to understand My WORD and if you flow with My WORD, the entire spectrum of vibration of this WORD is available to you from your soul-sensation, and you will understand the meaning. Oh, understand the meaning of the symbols as well, which were given in the examples of the so-called coincidences during your lives! I will sharpen your mind, and if you are willing I will continually connect your mind with your heart-sensations, and by this connection you will find the Light as well, the I AM, THE LIFE in you; not fear, not death, but THE LIFE. Not pain, not sorrow but LIFE, LOVE! With these WORDS I will close. My blessing is with you. Amen Last revision 10/03/02 185