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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 53 txt  16.34KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

53. Exercise {Note: A brother shared the following story: A father taught all he knew to his son. At the end of his apprenticeship the young man had to absolve a test. After passing the test he could have left the jail, which this town was for all its dwellers, because by passing the test he was to grow wings. The task of that day had been: do everything that brings you joy, except do not enter the house of your beloved. Even though the young man's heart strongly urged him to go to her, he obeyed and by doing so he failed his test. The meaning: Do not heed the commandments and prohibitions of this world, but let your heart speak.} My beloved fold here in this circle as well as on the entire earthly sphere, just as you have begun this evening, so did the evening end. That is, on one hand [it ended] in harmony with the blossoming creation, and on the other with the example of that story, in which the son would only achieve his freedom when he would disobey the city fathers. Again, we have the opposites of light and shadow, human being and SPIRIT, space-time and eternity. Energetically, you swing like a pendulum, from one extreme to the other, and I let you swing so that you, every single one of you amongst yourselves, will find his or her own center in the here and now, in the temple of eternity. In this temple the yesterday disappears, everything you have thought to do wrong. The airy fellows of your thoughts are disappearing as well, yes, they are dissolving, for in this temple of the center, of My kingdom, you are in the absolute state of composure. What can happen to you who are resting in GOD? What can still seem a shadow to you who are standing in the light? What is truly important? "My child, come to Me Who am simultaneously your friend and brother, and we will take the path to freedom together, away from all the constraints, which you put upon yourselves time and again. I have to let you swing like the pendulum, if that is what you wish to do, due to the law of the free will. However, if you come to Me, My child, I will bring you out of this to and fro of extremes, which you still undergo as you obey this world. I will bring you out of your prison and will lead you to disobedience, which will let you grow wings. The latter will raise you into your soul-consciousness and place you above all things, my child. And you will see everything from a higher point of view. I repeat - see, all those things which moved you years ago are no longer so important. Just as those things that move you today will no longer be so important in some years. In the aftermath, you will be able to understand the path at My hand. You will look back and understand the actions of your human being and you will see the sense in all your paths. And you will cease to judge, My child, whether or not the particular path was right or wrong, for you then recognize that you are always guided by Me, consciously, when you place your hand into Mine in full consciousness, or even unconsciously, by going your way, no matter where it may lead. In the last analysis, the circle will close [what goes around comes around]. There is only one circle in motion. Every motion comes back to the beginning, you as well, My child. Only when you have found your way into the inner temple of absolute trust, will you have awakened to full consciousness. Moreover, you will be able in all things, be they sorrow in nature, or sorrow amongst family members, struggles at your place of work, or struggle with yourselves, you will recognize that it is - in the last analysis - your path in the light. Come into My light and remain in it! Come and enter into your heritage, called freedom! You have to fight for this freedom yourself, and you can achieve it, no matter where you are in life, no matter what kinds of tests your soul has decided for the human being to endure. Recognize the unity between the soul and the human being. The soul can only be active by way of the human being; and the wonderful thing, here on this earthly sphere, is that there are manifold ways to learn. It is different, even on the very next level, as like comes to like. Here, on this earthly sphere, all levels of consciousness are present together so that you can learn from one another. Therefore, listen My child to what your brother or sister says to you, and test for yourself and accept whatever you can actualize for yourself; and put aside - out of your own free will - whatever you deem inappropriate at this time! On this your path across the earthly sphere, you are connected with people who help you, but through whom I, JESUS CHRIST, hold up the mirror for you time and again. Recognize Me and you will also recognize yourself!" The freedom of the human being is not to be equated with the freedom of the soul. The human being has to pass through constraints here and there, while the soul - as you have said - jubilates. It is truly so. When a human being is in the greatest need the soul jubilates and with the soul, so does the entire heaven. Let Me remind you of the night at the Mountain of Olives, and Golgatha. Only those, of all My children who totally accept the aspect of suffering and follow Me therein, are My true disciples. It is easy to see the splendor of the blossoms in spring. It is easy to jubilate with the birds. It is easy to walk through nature in the sunlight; it is easy to be in the company of loving people. But as soon as the beauty of the flowers and the foliage of spring and summer changes in fall and winter, many people think it difficult to be one with creation, and to be one even with the ice. The birds are silent, nothing jubilates, and everything seems dead. Yet, My child, if you then can say, "Father, Your will be done!", you will have reached this middle ground. You will have entered My light and in you is spring-time, is summer; it blossoms in you; creation jubilates within you; the heavens jubilate in you. Even if the people round about you still walk through darkness ever so much, you are in the light and radiate this light. And you extend your hand to all, saying: "Come with Me, sister, brother, come with me into the light!", and by changing your standpoint the light, which is also within every one of your still seemingly dark brothers and sisters, radiates in every single one of them just as it does in you; and you notice that it was entirely up to you and your viewpoint, which had let everything around you look gray and foggy up till then. And so My path guides you, My child, from light to darkness time and again, from good to evil, from order to disorder, for so long until you decide to stop the pendulum motion and to rest in Me. What do you want with yesterday and with tomorrow? You are NOW, and you act NOW - and I [act] through you. Dear brothers and sisters, My SPIRIT wants to guide you powerfully, yet recognize that it can only happen when you remain in the light and cease to fall into the pendulum motion. Only then can the HOLY SPIRIT take hold of you, can fill, powerfully, every one of your consciousness centers, and it can irradiate your physical cells in your body, thereby raising you into higher levels of consciousness. You are thus raised into a consciousness, which is open to every one of you, a consciousness that reaches into infinity, into eternity. I spoke the words: "I and the FATHER are one!" and so you too shall say: "I and the FATHER are one!" As of now, you are still finding yourselves separated from GOD, time and again. Fear is separation, no matter what kind of fear it may be! Sadness is separation! You keep looking into the aspects of the polarization-effects of this earthly existence, from which I want to raise you and bring you into the true being. I want to lead you into My kingdom, which is not of this world. I want to awaken your spiritual being, which you are, to the state of being conscious even while you are in your earthly garment and, thereby, I want to unlock all the sources of power once again, which are your possessions. Let this brief stillness, My power, be effective in you! Sense the irradiation from the FATHER'S HEART! Now follow Me into meditation: See, oh man, within you is the soul, within you is the spark, your heritage in GOD! Someday, you will discard this compressed garment, or you will be able to raise it into a higher state of vibration. Oh man, recognize that this coarsely vibrating matter is not your true being! Everything that has happened in the earthly existence is like a play in a theater. You put on a costume and you slip into a certain role. From childhood on, you learn your role by heart, and you play it true to its pattern. Often you are not able to slip out of this role and to take on another one. You have pressed yourself into this drama and want to complete it as you have learned it. See, oh man, you can change roles anytime! You can switch from servant to ruler. However, there is one other possibility: You can watch yourself and see both aspects, that of the servant and that of the ruler. And you will recognize that you are neither one of them, but you know that you are in this play. You are acting in this play and at the end, when the curtain falls, you will discard your costume and enter your true being. Whether or not you played your role well is again your own judgment. Put yourself outside of this evaluation, look at it and say: It is neither this nor that; and then watch yourself again. Oh man, recognize that you are supposed to develop yourself - in this schooling during which I am guiding you - from the actor to the spectator! Recognize, oh man, that within you is the power of the universe and that this power wants to serve you - in the very measure that you serve it! However, recognize at the same time that nothing happens by willing it. If you, oh man activate your will, you will be the actor, once again. If, on the other hand, you are in a state of being, the entire creation will bow to you and you will bow to it. Now, oh man, release your soul, so that you too may learn that the garment is a costume, is the envelopment of the actor! Without the power of the actor within you, you would fall to the floor and would once again become one with the earth, which carries you. The life within you is a part of the totality, and you, oh man, by letting go of the soul, shall come to the ability of sensing and understanding the entirety, by virtue of the mind, which was given to you. This your mind will - after having made the connection with the heart-sensations - lead you into your true being that is the - not-to-want-to-be-anything-special, which is, being in oneness. Now, flex all your muscles, oh man, and feel the power of vitality pulsing through you! All the way to the tips of your toes you feel the power, the life, feel the energy. Now let go! - Let go, loosen yourself, oh soul! Take back your power, oh My bride!. Come, come into the freedom! Come! - Loosen yourself from the center of divine Order! You recognize all the things that are not yet vibrating in holy order with your human being, and My power irradiates you, oh soul. It irradiates your dis-order, so that the pendulum movement takes on an even swing. This even swing takes on a mild light red, the color of divine Order. This swing expands into unity, becomes one with Earth's soul, the luminous blaze in its inner being. This swing becomes one with the blaze of the sun, the blaze of all suns and is without beginning, without end. It is eternity, is one with the DIVINE I AM THAT I AM. You are vibrating in the light of the DIVINE Will, and from this consciousness center as well you draw the power, you ascend to Wisdom and take back the power from there as well, bringing it to DIVINE Justice. I call you: "Come!". I call you from the level of Patience, from Love and from Mercy, I call you. You feel the pulsing at the crown of your head. Trust! Steady practice will lead you to freedom, oh you My soul-bride, for you should have the ability, in full consciousness, to remain in your body or to leave it. You should have the ability to be at any place of the universe, yes, everywhere, not in accordance with your willing, but in accordance with your being, in the I AM THAT I AM, and you should become effective in the law of ministering, merciful Love. For now, and until you have made some advancement in your exercise, I am asking for your power of imagination. You are leaving this body, extend your hands to one another, and look down on yourselves. You are all wearing white garments. Here and there they are still a bit spotty, but you can be sure that these spots will disappear as soon as you stay in your golden middle, in the temple, in the light. Even these spots are there only in your imagination, due to your judgment of light and darkness, white and spotty, good and evil. So extend your hands to one another tightly! Look at yourselves! You are a community that has gone forth into this world in order to be help and support for one another in the moment, in order to open this circle and to part once again, yet spiritually connected, and in order to bring all your brothers and sisters into the circle. A circle without beginning or end: GOD, all His children - one with Him. You now expand your consciousness beyond this earth. In your midst you see the luminous blue planet. You see all your brothers and sisters. You behold the individual countries and from the unity of the SPIRIT and through you, light-power streams to every single one on this earthly sphere. Since every one of you would still like to receive individual and personal light-messages, I will remain silent for a moment. Be conscious of the fact that the wonderful power of the FATHER'S Love-Mercy now flows through you, filling all with light, all those of whom or which you are thinking....(Brief stillness) Now loosen yourselves from the planet Earth, for yours is the cosmos, yours is the entire creation! Behold the sun, the stars, and expand your being. The sun orbits within you, about the sun orbit the planets. The planet system orbits about the next higher Central Sun, all within you. Within you are the most distant milky ways, within you is the width of the material creation, within you is the width of the part-material and the spiritual creation. Why within you? Because in this moment, you are one with GOD, you are in His being... Now return from the width of DIVINE being, return from eternity and come closer, once again, to your mother Earth! Now look at the thought-forms you have created and look into the thought-forms others have created. You see them as dark foggy clouds floating about Earth. Partially, these forces have taken shape, are stirring up wars, hatred, sowing dissention and many other things. Look into these dark waves and be conscious of your true mission for whom you have gone forth: It is the task of transforming your own thought-creations - dissolve them! - and also of transforming the thought-creations of your fellow-brothers and -sisters; for you have gone forth in order to consciously walk through the dark shadows. You have gone forth in order to end the exploration of the free will. You have gone forth in order to still the movement of the pendulum, beyond good and evil, beyond light and darkness, caused by the gift of the FATHER to His children, caused by the free will. Even though it is difficult to fulfill what you had resolved to do, because the human being burdens himself with this willing, still, continue, undaunted on your way to perfection. You are now once again in this room and you identify with your physical garment. Accept the role you are presently playing, and consider that you want to change from actor to spectator. Let the "human being" play! Let him and let all the others play! Only one tiny step, and you are outside of the pendulum's motion. Strengthened by the SPIRIT of Love, by your affirming the fulfillment, the power of life streams into your body by way of the soul, fills you with the FATHER'S Mercy, fills you with His and My Love, lets you keep walking your ways Patiently, Earnestly, touched by Wisdom, the greatness of GOD, and lets you accept your present role and thereby lets you acquiesce in the DIVINE Will and in His Order, in the orbit without beginning, without end. Once more you concentrate upon the DIVINE Order within you, which is a clockwise turning vibration. This color of soft red irradiates every cell of your body, but also irradiates every particle of your soul and shines upon the roles you play. - I am Life, I am Love, and so are you. Amen Last revision 10/03/02 181