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Anita Wolf 
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Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 51 txt  16.77KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

51. Exercise Verily, My SPIRIT blows in you, for you have recognized the responsibility, which every single one of you bears in order to help each other in community, as well as being supportive to each other from the various points of view. Only in this way can I, JESUS CHRIST, take hold of every single one of you fully with My love and can thus participate - through you - in your conversations. Recognize that what grows in such a community is a spirit of inner connection. Even if someday you will make your steps alone, outside of the community but with Me, you will still be connected in your inner being and will still mean support and assistance for one another. You are exercising your sensations and also your ability to perceive your neighbor telepathically. Only one sent-out thought for help from your neighbor to the circle, and you connect at that moment, and you will be there for one another. You too, My beloved disciples, who are not in this circle but, who are going this path in other communities, or who already go this path alone, consider that you too are exercising your sensations by your participating from afar, as your dedication for your neighbor is perfected by this. So, just sit back and listen! Look into the heart of your neighbor, and you will understand him or her. And from such understanding, love grows, a love that cannot be compared with your human love; for this love is irradiated by My SPIRIT. I, JESUS CHRIST, understand all people and souls, and you too shall come to this kind of understanding. Once more, I will use the example from the scripture dealing with 'the adulteress.' How quickly they all were ready to pick up the first stone. Yet, when I addressed them with "May he among you who is without sin cast the first stone," those who already held their stone silently walked away, and I was alone with the woman, saying: "Try hard!" - "Change your life and leave your life of sin!" She bowed her head. My love irradiated her and lifted her up to the light-sphere of spiritual love. At that moment she understood what the event was to show her; that is true love, not your human love, which expresses itself through unbridled sexuality. To this too I wish to say a few words briefly. Recognize that the sex drive too is a gift from GOD to His earthly children and that this power, which you bear within you, will transform itself step by step from the primal nature, which still puts you on the same level as the animal world, to a higher sexuality. For it connects with the SPIRIT of love, with Me, JESUS CHRIST, and thus it includes the partner in this higher love-vibration, no matter what spiritual level you may find yourselves in. Then your point of view will also change as well as your judgment of women, such as in the example of the 'adulteress'. You will change and will no longer judge. Instead you will recognize in those women that they are ministering to you on the physical level, giving themselves to you. I know your objection: "Yes, for money." I say unto you: "Look behind the mask of earning money. Look at every woman, look into her heart, and you will recognize in them as well the search for true love." Do not condemn and judge, so that you in your primal sexuality may not be judged as well, judged by yourselves, for you are condemning and judging yourselves with the same measure with which you measure others. And now I will refer to an earlier conversation in this circle: Hell is a condition, purgatory is a condition. Just as you measure your fellow-man, in the same way you will be measured at the hour of truth, at the hour of recognition, when you make the transition to the next sphere. If you have always tried to understand your brothers and sisters, regardless of how they have fallen on the earthly level, according to how you have viewed them - and I emphasize viewed - then your striving will bear fruit. And in the course of your increased consciousness in the here and now with Me, JESUS CHRIST, the Love, you will rarely condemn and judge, for you recognize yourselves and know that with every judgment, your own vibration has been your sounding board. Only when you pursue the path you have already begun - full of joy and without fear - and when you follow in My footsteps, which I have made for you step by step, will you be sure of victory. It is the victory over your base self, over your ego. This victory can only be wrought through recognition, for without recognition you do not know where you have to begin laying the ax at yourselves. You gain this recognition by the resonance - as aforementioned. Everything that resounds in you, everything that still can call up emotions in you, is very much connected with you by vibration. These vibrations of your own being need to be released. By releasing them in yourselves, you are at the same time - and that is the amazing grace of love - releasing the vibrations in your neighbor with whom you are vibrating in like fashion. This your neighbor was placed in your path by the wisdom, love, and mercy and by the FATHER'S sacred laws. You will encounter only those fellow-human beings with whom you are still connected, by vibration, be that in the positive, light-filled area or also in the negative and dark areas. The thinking in terms of good and evil will continue on this planet, as long as you bear the vibration of both within you. However, when you have found your way back to the golden middle, to your light - which you are in reality - then the concepts of good and bad, your polarized thinking, will cease and will dissolve. While standing in the light you [will] recognize that there is nothing but light. You are then resting in the heart of the FATHER. Your true place is there, your standpoint, while all else are merely conceptions. Dissolve them and you will actively transform the fall-events to light and love, to freedom, which had been given you from the very beginning. My beloved disciples, may you begin and try hard to change your consciousness by and by, so that you no longer identify with the ray you have sent out, but instead with your true primordial being. Only with the soul will you recognize yourselves as Son, as Daughter of the ETERNALLY HOLY FATHER. When you change your standpoint you will behold all events on this planet from a raised consciousness. However, these too are steps of development, steps leading through time and space. I have gone them ahead of you, and I am asking you to follow them, for every one of you should recognize his or her inner freedom. You are truly free sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH, you are not bound to matter, neither are you bound to any spheres. You shall move freely, once again, in the pure being. I will lead you to this new consciousness. Walk with me - according to your free will. Recognize that at your birth the soul has tightly connected itself with the 'human being.' Even though your soul was near the developing body, which was to serve its incarnation on this level, but not until the first breath and with the first cry of the child, did the soul enter the body. In the first years of earthly life the soul was still able to leave the body, even during the day. The child had not yet said the words 'I want to' - you have received the chapter where this is explained. With the first 'I want to,' however, the soul was imprisoned [in the body]. Even though this soul irradiates its vital power into the body, its consciousness retreats from the soul and turns more and more to the physical body. Subsequently, the human being recognizes in his or her ego his physical being, identifies more and more with this body, and loses at the same time the connection with the soul. Many of you were made aware of your soul only by experiencing illness or blows of fate, through which your soul shows you that there has to be more than the human body, and that in this body there exists another power, which gives this body life. When this power withdraws, the human garment falls ill. Also, the soul freely and consciously accepts blows of fate as well, so that the human garment, which now only identifies with the brain, recognizes that there has to be something other than the body with its cells. Only through this thinking phase, the connection with the soul is renewed, and from there on the soul pulses in the 'human being,' reminding him of all that for which the soul has come to earth. The soul reminds the human being - by way of sensations - that the human being must serve the soul and not vice versa. So may you - again all in accordance with your free will - loosen your consciousness from the human body and return it back to the soul. Go with Me into a meditation: You are sitting upright, your hands are placed loosely in your lap, and both feet are on the floor. The seat of your soul is on the back part atop of your head. I, JESUS CHRIST, place My hand gently over it, and My power pulsates into it. You are now feeling the irradiation of the soul at the back of your heads... My brother, My sister from the light, I greet you. You have journeyed far and still you are so very near to Me. Come, let us irradiate your earthly garment together, so that the human being feels the power coming from you, the power which has united with Me, so that all cells of your earthly body can be touched by this power, and so that your cells can align with Me, with GOD, the ETERNALLY HOLY FATHER, with Whom I am one. My irradiating power, joined with yours, oh soul, now touches the center of Mercy, while rays from the divine Mercy play golden about the center, at the crown of your head. Love from the eternal heavens is also pulsating there: One SPIRIT, one POWER. The entire head area is filled with this power of love. Every cell is drinking from the ocean of Love. The FATHER irradiates the center of patience with Patience. You, too, oh soul, are patient with your human garment. Justice, located near the heart, begins to pulsate. With every beat of your human heart you, oh soul, sense how this human garment is ready to serve you. Even if the human being has not fully understood the gravity, look patiently upon this human garment, oh soul, and with the same benevolence that you are now feeling, as it comes from the kindness of the FATHER. The Wisdom within you is inexhaustible. The human being cannot fathom it; yet in the depths of your being is the consciousness of the seven times seven levels and the purely spiritual heavens. Everything is within you. Even if you oh soul feel imprisoned by the intellectual thinking of the human being, see, this human garment is ready to draw from the divine Wisdom. My stream pulses through you further, oh soul. It is My life, My love, My creator-power, and it streams into the consciousness center of the divine Will. See, oh soul, how the human being tries to act in the will of the ALL-FATHER, how much the human being willingly follows in My footsteps. Again, My Patience irradiates you. You recognize how the human being also struggles with the level of Order....Now, oh soul, you sense that this garment bows before you, that the human being is ready to serve you. And you, oh man, sense now the joy within you, how powerfully the life, the love, streams through you! When you, oh man, are one with the soul, you will truly travail matter with light-footedness and pass over all difficulties, which you deem to have here and there. Oh human child, see how the life pulsates deeply in the soles of your feet, and how powerfully the Love streams into the earth! There is only one unity, it is the MOTHERLY aspect united with the FATHERLY aspect! Earth is your mother; it is one with the SPIRIT of the FATHER. You, oh man are of the earth, are nourished by it, and you receive all radiation from it, not realizing all the things the earth gives to you. See, all radiation issuing from your mother is full of light, unless this light-filled radiation hits upon dark radiation that is still in you, oh human being, caused by flawed thinking. If only love flows from you to MOTHER EARTH, oh man, she will serve you with all her might. Now be conscious, oh man, that the soul is at this moment taking back its power step by step, so that you recognize that not you live, for you are but earth of this earth. You are matter, and the life in you is SPIRIT. So that you, oh man, learn to place your consciousness into the soul, the latter will now withdraw its forces. Only so many vital forces will remain in you, oh man, as you need to maintain yourself. The soul draws the life, the power from your feet, from your calves, and from the knees and thighs. Heavy and motionless are these body parts. The soul withdraws from the center of Order, from the center of the Will, from the center of Wisdom, from Justice, Patience, Love, and Mercy. The human body is totally relaxed and fashions a unity with the earth. Now, oh soul, you who are in your inner being a brother, a sister from the light, come and extend your hand to Me! Leave this human garment, trust yourself to Me. Come!... Look about you! You see Me only dimly in the light. I Myself have dimmed the heavenly splendor. Do not be afraid of the condition of freedom your being is experiencing! See, I want to walk with you beyond time and space. I, JESUS CHRIST, guide you into the light, whence you have come. I guide you to activity not bound to the laws of this earth. I am guiding you into freedom. Extend your hand to Me! You are moving about freely. There are no walls. You see the dim light that I am, dimmed for you, and you see into the widths. You rise above Earth, freely and unbound; you are walking toward reality. There is darkness on this half of the earth. Rise up and you can see the sunlight! Come, with this first exercise you should give yourself over, totally, to the freedom of viewing the earthly sphere. Do not look upon the dark shadows but see here and there the light, and fortify it. Let My love, which is also yours, flow through you into all the countries spread out at your feet, to all your brothers and sisters who are, just like you, walking this planet in the earthly garment. Surround them with the band of love from the heavens! From your point of view, you recognize how they struggle the same as you, all souls, your brothers and sisters. You see how they identify with their bodies, which are nothing but matter, the same way you are identifying with them. Understanding love streams through you. This love spreads out by blessing - in My name - the mineral-, plant-, and animal kingdoms and blessing all nature beings. You see them now. Look closely, they are not shadows. See the joy in these various expressions of the SPIRIT! Once more, you bless all your brothers and sisters of this earthly sphere in My name. Now come back, oh soul, but retain the consciousness of your true being, even when you are once again united with your earthly garment! This consciousness transfers to your human being whenever you, oh soul, feel shackled to it. Accept this garment and acknowledge it, and rejoice that you are able to walk this earth in it! You see now the shadows, which you yourself bear, but you also see the wonderful task, to help Me, JESUS CHRIST, so that there can be peace on Earth and so that I can make all things new. I am within you, oh beloved soul, in unity with the FATHER, as you know. Through you, I walk this earth. Therefore, there is no departing from freedom. You are always free, oh soul! Your power, the life, the fullness streams into your human garment once again. By way of the center of Mercy, the life streams forth, toward the center of Love, Patience, Justice, to Wisdom, Will, and finally divine Order. There you linger, knowing that you are once again totally united with the human being. The life pulsates, once again, all the way to the soles of the feet and to your very finger tips. Though you are still moving about in this level of Order, while in the earthly garment, you nevertheless see the light, that I-AM-THE-LIGHT, which is within you as well as within all of you in the entire wide world of Earth, the light that wants to pass through this Earth through you. My dear disciples, align your consciousness with your souls! May you practice this meditation daily in similar form by yourselves, if you are willing. You needn't stick to the exact words. You are free to choose your own words, and just as freely as your consciousness unfolds through your soul within you. Don't let this meditation become mechanical, for by doing so you will again infringe upon your inner freedom! This meditation is given you only as example. By your soul's sensation, it very well may run some other course and it should. For by this you identify yourselves as My true disciples; because you no longer lean on anyone or anything; because you are a rock yourselves. You are the rock on which I can build My inner church, My inner community. My blessing is also in you. My power flows in you. Continue on the path of unity with Me, in a new consciousness, raised to a higher level. Amen 172