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Anita Wolf 
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Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 50 txt  11.67KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

50. Exercise My friends, My light of wisdom radiates in your hearts. You are free children, free sons and daughters of the one FATHER, not belonging to any group, nor community, except to Me, if you are willing, Who is the love of the FATHER, the creator-power in you, your brother, your friend and in the unity also your FATHER. A community, I emphasize this, can only accompany you for a while; however, every one of you takes the steps him- or herself. Wherever they may go, these steps are taken in absolute freedom, even if you believe to be driven by fear. Where does the fear come from? This complex has to be unraveled by you yourselves, for every one of you has different fears, and no one is absolutely without fear. When you go to deeper levels within you, you will recognize your personal fears. For, be they ever so slightly impressed upon you, they are present none the less. These fears need to be explored and you need to confront them. Are they really fears of the present or have they been built up and are they from the past? [Living] with Me in the present, you have no fear; but if you live in the past or in the future, sensations of fear will move you. Fear is always a lack of trust, a lack of love for GOD, no matter what kind of fear it may be. You will be confronted by your fears until you courageously face them, until you recognize the primal fear of humanity and until the SPIRIT takes up the reins of the human being. For in that moment when the SPIRIT irradiates you powerfully - your heritage, the Child of God - all fear will disappear, as you live in the moment, in eternity. You have always been and will always be. Nothing can separate you from eternity in unity with the ALL-SPIRIT, the FATHER-MOTHER-GOD. You are unity. I repeat: fear is lack of love, is lack of trust! Every one of you goes his or her own personal way of fate, which he has chosen freely: from the highest heights through the depths and back, for in the here and now is eternity, and the way to the depth and back is a given in this eternity. In this eternity you have never removed yourselves from the FATHER in your hearts, you merely sent forth the ray, which has gotten lost in the darkness, more or less. When you follow Me, the pure SPIRIT, your divine heritage in you puts your human being to some tests. Therefore, not the FATHER in the unity with Me test you, but you yourselves in order to bring back, from the darkness into the light, the ray that you had sent forth. Before I, JESUS CHRIST, walked the Earth, there had been specific initiation rituals. But I teach, on the other hand, that it is the life's path of the Hierophant, which lets him become master, when he or she faces his or her tasks courageously. Now, there are a variety of tests, by which you will grow and by this growth, you expand your consciousness. By this you master the human being and awaken to your soul-consciousness, which then grows together with the spiritual, the love-unity, becoming one in perfection. Human being, soul, and spirit are then once again a conscious unity for the 'human being'. At the beginning of the path perserverence is required. Time and again you will examine yourselves to see if you are following this path willingly, if the SPIRIT is in control of the love-power or if the human being desires to make his way through the darkness of time and space! During these tests, stones are often placed in your way, even from your fellow human beings. An example may serve you in today's laughter over the weaknesses of your fellow brothers and sisters. Is the person hurt by it in his or her inner being, letting intellectual considerations of others confuse him, or does he overcome his ego in order to go the path, which was also Mine, persistently. Persistence is also part of discipline, is a part of Order. Examine yourselves in that as well, time and again. And understand Me right: It is the SPIRIT in you, the incorruptible pure spark from the FATHER'S SPIRIT, which gives these tests. Your courage is also tested, which is closely related to your fears. Do you face your fears courageously and overcome them in the light of eternity, in My light of love? May others think what they will, may they ridicule and chide you, do you courageously continue on your chosen path, undauntedly and in the authority of My streaming power of love? Are you courageous when thought waves are affecting you, and do you face up to them and fight them with your light-filled thoughts in order to dissolve them? Or are you still weak, not willing to put up a good fight and to admit to yourselves your weak points in order to then fight and master them, so as to gain victory over yourselves? Everyone among you has a weak point; everyone struggles and is challenged to courage. There too, the arising challenges will increase. In the beginning it is the fight with oneself. In the course of time it is negative thought powers coming from others, which can affect you because you still bear similar vibrations in you, which you must raise to light-filled ones. When you become seeing beings with your spiritual eyes, you will also behold the darkness round about, you will see the thought-waves that stream at you calamitously. Do you oppose these forces in full consciousness? Do you struggle with them and dissolve them in the light of love? As next point to mention is justice: Do you stand up for those who are in the minority, who are the weaker ones? Are you always on the side of the weak and poor, or do you look for friends who are rich and have influence? So, do you still seek your happiness in the 'world'? Justice does not condemn or pass judgment. He who is just to himself is also just to his neighbor. He who is just to himself recognizes all his weaknesses, and for this reason he will not judge or condemn his neighbor. And it is at this point that the test gets harder. The great ones of this world will approach you if you go your paths with Me and with the power of attorney from the heavens. Is then your heart with the ones who are hungering and thirsting? Is it with the ones who are suffering or mourning? Is it with the sinners, which, as you recognize yourselves still, are you as well? Or will you then quickly side with the mighty [of this world]? And this test is followed by the test of humility. I have advocated humility to you time and again. Until the very end of this earthly existence in your heavy-material garment, time and again, humility will be put in your path in form of a test by your own pure spirit being, which you are in your innermost being; for haughtiness was the fall and by humility, the fall will be dissolved once again. He who is humble, with all of his heart, loves, and his love is carried by mercy. Love and mercy are truly lived by him who is humble. He who passes all these tests in the last analysis masters death and considers the latter a friend, views it as a discarding of the heavy-material garment and the transformation to the next higher vibration. Death is transition. He who walks with Me lives eternally, has overcome death. The dead are merely the sleepers who have not yet awakened to SPIRIT. There is no death. Why then this fear of death? Why not joy? Joy over the fact that your neighbor, and be it even your father or mother, has the opportunity for change? He who follows Me will open his inner heaven and will gaze into the spheres of bliss, to which your brothers and sisters go before you, for all are your brothers and sisters. True love sets free. True love has changed from bondage to love-connection. Do not mis-take your earthly love-relationships with DIVINE love! The love of the pure SPIRIT sees only the different paths, which lastly will all lead back to perfection; be it the letting go of beloved house pets, of children, parents, grand parents, of human beings whom you love, whom you know. Letting go means to give back someone's freedom. What is human mourning? Human mourning is the injured ego. My loved-one has left me alone; the animal leaves me alone with my pain. The fact that all who went before me are leading the way for me, this recognition, will come sooner for some and later for others: It is also a clear sign for all that this world is of short duration. How brief is the life of a plant, of an animal, even of a human being! Yes, how brief is even the life of the planet, when measured by eternity! Billions of years pass away in but a brief moment in eternity. Everything you call dying should only be a sign for your lower ego to make the necessary changes, to transform him or her to the spiritual Son or Daughter. The lower or base ego transforms itself to the higher soul-Self and then, after discarding the soul-garments, to the pure Child of the MOST HIGH. Once more, let Me repeat: In the very depths of your inner being, you are always this pure Child, all else is nothing more than garments, shadows which you have placed round about you. But verily, I AM the radiantly gleaming white garment of love, which you must put on so that you may continue your ways with Me in this purity and of My SPIRIT. And this while you joyfully face the tests of your higher Self, recognizing them in the moment and accepting them with a smile. Watch yourselves in the mirror, how often your facial features are still contorted or strained! Look in the mirror from time to time and behold your countenance, and then smile at yourselves, and notice how relieved your Self feels when you smile! In this consciousness of smiling at your lower 'human being,' you will grow into it more and more with every test; and nothing will shock or deeply affect you that could cause your features to become contorted, so that angry or similar emotions could stare at you from your mirror image. Thus you walk toward perfection by way of the tests, retrieving the ray of light that was sent out by you, yet always conscious of the fact that perfection is not attained until your consciousness has become pure SPIRIT once again. Perfection is not achieved until you were able to release your consciousness from your human being and were able to immerse it in the soul in order to guide it into the depths of your being, thus becoming one with the Primordial Spark, the Son or Daughter of GOD. Then and only then has your path of the 'sent-forth-ray' ended, and you have come home. Here in time and space, you are walking the path by way of the sent-out-ray in absolute freedom. The ray itself is light, with the exception that round about it is polarity, is darkness. You are light, only round about you are the shadows. When you change your consciousness, the shadows will vanish! In the coming revelations, we will release the consciousness of the 'human being' step by step, and raise it into the soul level. However, as always, your free will is honored at all times. To conclude the evening, I say unto you what I have said in the beginning: No one can take your inner freedom from you. Inner freedom is your heritage and will always be so. You are walking with Me. You are walking with your higher Self, which is one with Me. There is no separation from GOD, from the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, there is only Unity! Everything that happens here in time and space is to be compared with a dream-like event. It is not reality. Reality is your place in the heart of the FATHER. Reality is light, is eternity. You are walking in this eternity and are developing it for yourselves step by step, all the way to your recognition of the truth of my aforementioned sentence. Your light, which is at one with My and the FATHER'S light, shines for you. The power from the FATHER'S power, which is also yours, strengthens you in your human garment. The FATHER'S love, that I AM and that is yours, as well, goes with you through the seeming darkness. Be courageous and face up to your 'human being!' Amen edited 09/18/02 169