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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 48 txt  15.1KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

48. Exercise You vibrate in the breath of eternity, dipped into the light of My being. I JESUS CHRIST, knock at your heart's door, and your heartbeat is in harmony with the FATHER'S call for His child. Only in this stillness, the state in which you are right now, does My wellspring bubble up and speak to you. I want to be the Living Water in each of you, which streams forth without end, giving itself in the stillness, but also in your speech and in your actions. Do not be afraid of My wellspring breaking lose! Do not doubt My words in you! My light is alive in everyone of you, and in all of you this light is making its way by taking hold of you in the I AM. You have fears: "LORD, is it You? Can it really be You speaking to Me already, I, a human child with still so many errors and weaknesses? How can You, oh My Beloved, speak with me already, never mind the FATHER! It simply cannot be!" is how you still think. However, your thoughts are wrong. I use the word "wrong" very rarely, if at all. Does an earthly father not answer his child when he comes to him, asks him things and needs an explanation? Although the child may not totally understand the explanation of the adult, but whatever he cannot yet understand can wait until the moment when he understands his father's speech. If, therefore, with earthly parents the stream of love flows by way of the word, why should not also the stream of the heavenly FATHER flow to His child by way of the word? If the child comes to the FATHER, with all his needs and worries and full of trust, should the FATHER let this child be lead down the wrong path? Oh no, the FATHER takes His child gently by the hand and speaks with him in accordance with his consciousness. If you come to Him with your daily trifles-you can hear the humor in my voice-then the FATHER answers his infant. If you come to the FATHER with simple things, which you do not yet understand, events from your life, the FATHER answers His child. Depending on your development, your questions will change as well, and the FATHER'S son or daughter struggles to recognize things and gains wisdom, and the FATHER answers His son or daughter. In addition, this answer given is in accordance with the consciousness, which the son and daughter have developed within them. The FATHER always gives so much as you are able to understand. This is true also for Me, Who am His love. Nevertheless, free will is taken into consideration with all. An example: When you come to Me and say: "LORD, I am at a cross roads here. I do not know whether to take a right or left turn. Tell me, which is the right way?" Do you believe that I will answer your question by saying: "Now go to the right, it is the better way." If I were to answer thus, I would encroach upon your free will. Instead, I would answer with a question: "What do you think is the better way?" Then the child will examine himself, will weigh the pros and cons and will come to his own recognition of which way he should take. No matter which path he takes, I will accompany him, no matter whether he turns right or left. Every decision is thereby a matter of your free will. So then, how is it when you say: "LORD, I cannot decide. I will stay at this point until you have decided for me." Therefore, you are consciously placing your free will into Mine. Still, I will not take you by the hand, leading you right or left; for even when you stand still you must come to your own decision, otherwise the path of recognition would be barred for you. Recognize the freedom in this "letting you go"; for it is your gift! Let this always be your criterion when you test the word! For you know the saying in the scriptures as well: "Examine, and keep that which is good!" Now another question appears: "LORD, if it is You in unity with the FATHER speaking to me within myself, why then is there the restriction, "Examine the word, and keep that which is good!"? This restriction once again has to do with you. My explanation thereof is as follows: Here on this planet Earth, you are in the sphere of the lowest of frequencies. You are overshadowed by errors and weaknesses, that is, all of you without exception, even every instrument. When I walked this Earth, I too was overshadowed. I repeat, these shadows have to be, for if it weren't for them you would de-materialize; for the next higher vibration, the vibration of the divine Will, is no longer identical with the vibration of matter. Everything that is in a higher frequency than matter is no longer visible for your eyes. The spiritual eye is another matter. Once you have developed the spiritual vision, you will also see more highly vibrating frequencies. Therefore, My light radiates through this shadowy being. When this light hits the free will, and should you unconsciously wish to effect or enforce something, your will, therefore, will also seep through the pure well [along with My will]. This is so because the pure light irradiates the shadow, irradiates your will, your wants. If you have not bowed humbly, if there is only one iota of haughtiness in you, this shadow will have effect upon the light, will reflect itself in purity and will be projected outwardly in the word. This is why it can happen that there are many instruments on this earth with different comprehension, with different opinions; for their comprehension or opinion reflects in My pure light. My faithful ones, time and again I teach you the following, and that is that you should accept your brothers and sisters, who are also My instruments, in you inner being; that you should not judge or condemn them but that you should keep that which is good and put aside the rest without judgment. It could be, My beloved, that at a later time and by your expanded consciousness, you will understand your brother or sister, and [it could also be that] the very thing you had previously put aside is now understandable for you. If My wellspring begins to flow within you, give yourselves to this stream! A good practice is to communicate in writing. You ask the question, and I will answer you. In the beginning of your training, I will consciously lead you by way of your errors, by way of your wanting and wishing [your self-will]. For instance, you will notice that the flow suddenly stops. Your brain is empty, without thought. It is I Who frees you up of all thought, Who causes this blockage, and you realize that the last answer, which you received in good faith that is was from Me, JESUS CHRIST, could not have been from Me, after all. You know, because this answer may have, for instance, been: You, Oh My beloved child, who are completely resting in Me and are perfect..... You notice that My love has to sweep away your thoughts at that moment, for who of you is already perfect? Who of you can dissolve each and every atom of his or her body, by transforming them into highest vibration in order to stand in the throne room with the FATHER? Who can walk on water? And this exercise is very easy. You will be able to do it, and not only in some far-away time but step by step. I will lead you in such a way, that you will learn to raise your vibrations and to love creation so much, that you are at such a lofty vibration as to cause the water below you to bow to you, so that you can walk across it as I was able to do. I was at one with every single drop of water under My feet. Every drop in My body communicated with the infinity of drops in the lake Genezareth. I was at one with all waters of Earth, with the element Water. Only such a level of unity can raise your vibration-through love-to the extent that you are able to do the things that I have done. For now, this shall only serve you as a sign: that nearly no person on Earth has reached the consciousness in which he or she is one with the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Who, I ask you, has totally actualized or completed the six sub-levels of DIVINE Order? You know that within the DIVINE level of Order, the following levels of Mercy, Love, Patience, Justice, Wisdom, and Will have to be developed as well. Only then your being vibrates in DIVINE Order, in the Order of all cosmic being. I extend My hand to him who has made this great step, and together we walk across the waters of this earth-again, hear the humor in My words. Being that it is the day before you humbly have ashes strewn upon your heads [Ash-Wednesday], consider, My beloved, do you not truly need the ashes? Recognize that he who has fulfilled the sub-levels of Mercy, Love, Patience, Justice, Wisdom, and Will in the level of Order, finds it easy to master the upper levels, which are outside of the material being. How hard is it for you, at times, to keep order in your sensations, thoughts, and the words and deeds following them? Are they always all based on the will of the MOST HIGH, the FATHER? Do you draw from His Wisdom and do you actualize your knowledge in the deed, by living that which you know during these grave times? Are you truly filled with love, through and through? Do you love GOD above all, and your neighbor as yourselves? For instance, do you thank your body for serving you the way it does? You understand loving a fellow-man or woman. You know it from the teachings by the sensation streaming from your inner being, how the pure love for your neighbor should be, even if this neighbor is not well disposed of you. However, often you forget to love yourselves. You do not accept yourselves as you are, presently. You do not love the vessel which voluntarily bears your soul. You do not nourish it in the right way and you injure it. Consequently, when it doesn't work well any more, it even reaps your negative sensations and thoughts. How should your body heal in this manner? Are you in the consciousness that the body truly serves the soul with every atom, that this body actually is a sacred vessel, for it bears the DIVINE spark from the PRIMORDIAL BEING, from the FATHER, including the redeeming power of His love that I am? Is this vessel sacred to you? Think about this as well. This vessel bears My "I AM the Light, I AM the Wellspring, I AM, without beginning or end." This I AM streams that much purer and more powerful, the more purified your vessel is. However, let nothing happen out of fanaticism. For fanaticism, My beloved, is a mask to which you cling, desperately. Behind it, things truthfully look totally different. What is the deeper reason for holding on to a mask, for Wanting-To-Be-so? It is the lacking love for yourselves. You cannot accept yourselves as you are, with all your present weaknesses and errors. You want to be more; you want to stand right before heaven's gate, if possible. Is this not so? Examine yourselves time and again when it comes to your wishes, your desires and wills. I am right at your side, whether you are a little lamb, a sheep or a wolf. As I have said before, it is I Who transforms the wolf into the lamb. However, the wolf has to recognize himself first as such, and he should not believe to be a sheep or lamb; for I have to leave him in his belief until he comes to the recognition that he is wearing the mask of the lamb. That is why My I AM irradiates also your masks, your not-wanting-to-accept yourselves as you are. Recognize that the FATHER in His love, kindness, and mercy uses Me to praise the child on the way, to strengthen his faith and trust, and to give him or her courage. However, the more self-reliant the child becomes, the more admonishments come along the way, but never admonishments that would infringe on the free will. From this, as well, can you recognize the reflections of your ego. If you believe that I am totally satisfied with you, you can be sure that I am merely irradiating your shadows with My light and that the shadows reflect "perfectly" in the word. All this is revealed to you for your training, and thereby you understand, step by step or word for word, what your shadows are and what the light is within you. The more you give yourselves over to the light; the greater your humility becomes; the deeper you bow before all your fellow- brothers and sisters, before the entire creation; the purer My wellspring will also flow in you, whenever you say: LORD, I am not worthy to loosen even one of My fellow-men's shoestrings. I am not worthy, because as a human being, with all my human weaknesses and foibles, I cannot stand before the light of GOD in my neighbor, even if this neighbor-and now listen closely-is in jail because of embezzlement. How quickly man makes judgments. With his judgment, again, the shadows flow over My pure light as if they were the wellspring. However, through him who bows humbly, time and again, My light flows clearly and purely in accordance with his developed consciousness. He who tests My WORD according to these criteria and with his or her own heart-sensing, with his or her innermost being, no matter where upon this earthly globe the WORD is proclaimed, will recognize the purely vibrating Love and will recognize the purely vibrating Love within himself. If you are willing, let us turn to this task in the coming time with increased measure. May the Wellspring in you be made free of those rocks called "It simply cannot be," disbelief, haughtiness, prejudgment, and judgment. Push all these rocks to the side and let Me stream within you! Try your hand at conversing with Me! Give yourselves over, totally, to Me. Do not desire anything, nor wish for anything, and the water will begin to flow. My love then streams in you via your thoughts, purifies your brain cells from all your wishing, and leads you lovingly in the described way and through your free will. In community prayer, as well, My power will flow as blessing for all. Prayer is the pre-level of My sacred "I AM THAT I AM." May it be sanctified through you by your humility. Awaken to My I AM! Let it also flow in community! For, the word flows through you in the same way as the healing forces stream [through you]. And when later, I lead to you brothers or sisters needing My help concerning My WORD and who still have this WORD, My I AM, buried within them, then My I AM will stream through you via words, if you have bowed with the deepest humility before Me within your brother or sister. Then you will have the right impulses, and then you will give wise advice, which will never confine or restrict the free will of your neighbor; for the freedom of a child of GOD is most important. Drawing from wisdom, you will recognize that you can only assist your neighbor; he has to do the walking himself. You cannot make the steps for him. I want to assist him through you, but he will make his own steps according to his free will. I am still guiding you, you and all your neighbors, all those I have taken on as My children. In their freedom, I am the light that gives direction, which illumines the goal on all paths. The goal is home, the unity in GOD, the FATHER. My blessing is active in you. You are feeling My pulsing power in all centers of your body-consciousness. I bless and irradiate the vessel carrying Me. Only your free will still opposes this irradiation from time to time, and this too will lead to recognition. Accept yourselves as you are! Love yourselves as you are! Moreover, from this standpoint, let us be homeward-bound together in the spirit of "I AM one with You, My child! Amen Last revision 04/08/03 161