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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 47 txt  10.01KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

47. Exercise "Human beings think, while GOD leads the way." My question to you is: Why, My beloved, do you think so much? Am I, JESUS CHRIST not the power in you that helps you at every moment so that you make the right decisions? You have the free will, but if you live in the moment, in the here and now as I have repeatedly taught you, then you will act in My power, you act with the assistance of the heavens, of the entire purely-spiritual world. That is why I emphasize, time and again, that you have to let go of your past- and future-oriented thinking and look to the events of the moment instead. The moment requires your entire strength. However, if you think of the future while being in the moment, perhaps, seeing the future tainted with the past, how should My healing power work through you? I have guided you through the School of Love, through the School of Recognition. All knowledge is within you and you can call upon it at any time. What has begun now is the time of the deed. All that you know shall now be translated into the deed, step by step! Externally, you have all gone different ways [in your lives], but in the inner being you are all walking at My hand., no matter whether you have just recently come to this circle or not. You would not have been guided here if, at the beginning of your incarnation, you had not decided to fulfill your promise in this chapter of time and space. The ways that every one of you have gone were and still are today meant for your up-bringing. The past of your soul was reflected by Me into your 'human being', in consideration of your free will, your "yes" to Me and the path of light. And the 'human being' courageously walked the different paths and partially still bears the shadows of the past. Pay attention to My choice of words, I said: the shadows of the past. If you live in the here and now, in the moment with Me, the shadows of your human being will leave you; for I can burn through you with My power, can fill you with My love, and you will act in accordance with the law and in the will of GOD, the FATHER, with Whom I am one. All question of being right or wrong about doing this or the other thing are not of the here and now, but are fears from the past, which mark the future. I know, My beloved, that the path is not easy, that you are struggling with yourselves, but you know that I have gone the way ahead of you. I, too, had to let go of My mother. I know that daggers pierced her heart, I am speaking allegorically here, for she saw where My path would lead. Let this be a consolation to you, dear sister: I knew about the pain of My mother. At the same time I also knew that I had to continue the path I had begun. I knew the word of the prophets, I knew about My end on the cross. I saw the suffering in the eyes of My mother and could not help it, because I had come toward the fulfillment of the word. I am the love. Feel this word with its vibration: L o v e. I loved my mother. Later, I loved My disciples as you love your children, partners, and your friends, and I had to disappoint them all. I could not be [or them] the expected king, who would lead the tyrannized people of Israel to victory and out of the hands of the Romans. That is what was expected of Me, but my path was a different one, a path of humiliation and disgrace. In spite of the healings, in spite of the love the streamed forth to the increasing number of My disciples, I knew that at the end of My path was the task of overcoming a most disgraceful death. My beloved fold, may you learn by this, My path, that you do not know the path your neighbor promised to walk! You do not know what his soul had planned for himself before he entered the human body, and this is why My plea to you: try to live in the present and not to ponder the fate of your neighbor in the future; for by doing that you will help mold the path of your neighbor, by virtue of your creative power, and now listen carefully, by this molding and shaping of their future, you will also take upon yourselves a part of your neighbor's responsibility. Listen to the earnestness in My voice! Do you live in the moment and do you let love stream forth out of the moment? Are you trying to return to the moment, immediately, whenever you catch yourselves moving about in the future? Do you place the fate of the one you are thinking about in My hands? If you do, My love, issuing from the FATHER'S mercy and grace, will compensate for your creative thoughts [about your neighbor]. They are erased and your prayer of the moment, for power and blessing for your neighbor, will be a bright ray of light on the path of the one about whom you thought. It will be a ray of light based on love, which your neighbor can follow. Recognize that everything is truly placed into your hands! You are not coincidentally very fond of your children. Not coincidentally are you walking at the side of your partners, and you are not coincidentally in certain communities. You should be learning from everything and understand the lesson and learning processes from all events as you apply them to yourselves. I understand your motives, since I too walked through the human depths. I have transformed these depths into peaks and you, too, are transforming your personal depths to light-filled peaks. This is not a promise on My part but it is something I know, for I see you traverse in the light of eternity. The shadows are dissipating. I am guiding this evening as well. The different problems [you spoke of] show you that they will touch you time and again, even when someday you will go your own way alone with Me, without being able to lean on any community. For these topics can all quickly be brought to this one point: [Ask yourselves:] When am I [acting like a] 'human' and when am I SPIRIT of the FATHER'S SPIRIT? He who has developed the humble love within him will ask himself these questions, here in time and space, until the very end of his life and will recognize that this kind of human thinking will get the upper hand from time to time, due to the level of vibration in matter. With this recognition you will smile about the rocks that are in your way, and you will walk on in good cheer. My beloved fold, an instrument of love follows My footsteps, and by this following he will unbind himself in his innermost being from all shackles of this world. An instrument of love knows that every brother or sister, no matter how distant or close they may be to you on the earthly-human level, is in the last analysis making the way home to the FATHER'S HOUSE at My hand. And the earnest instrument will transform this knowledge into action, by trusting in Me, by loving Me. You believe to be removed from the love for Me time and again. You believe that when your thoughts, sensations, and deeds are not moving in the law of love that I am miles apart from you. But it is especially then that I am nearest to you. Why? Because you give yourselves these seeming distances from Me as tests. Let Me remind you of the beginning of My revelation today: Your children are not coincidentally your children, etc. Therefore, you have chosen your own life's options, you create your own environment even now, and you are working into the future and cause its events, if you do not constantly try to live in the present. Therefore, when you are confronted with your self-appropriated tests, be conscious of it. Bow to your neighbor, who is at this moment trying to help you to make your next step of recognition, for I am in him! In him, I am reflecting your ego [to you], reflecting your human aspect. And you will breathe a breath of relief as you execute your next learning step. However, even when you seem to be failing, you should not wallow in guilt feelings; for by this you only strengthen the negative energy field round about you. Consequently, next time such a self-appropriated test comes along, you will give up right from the start, saying: "Oh, it's useless," which were the words that were used today. Recognize that living in the moment is always an affirming [positive] experience, and that you can only be My instruments of humble love when you act out of the moment. Last time, I asked two questions. Today, I want to expand the exercise by one additional question: "Am I living predominantly in the moment?" Ponder it, examine yourselves earnestly and let the developed [healing] streams of salvation flow to everyone who comes to mind! Recognize by these words the guidance. You are all linked with each other, and when a brother or sister comes to mind, therefore enters into your thoughts, this brother or sister is in trouble, be it spiritually or humanly, and his or her call for help has touched you. Let the healing forces flow! It is I Who wants to stream through you! However, you have free will, think about it! The evening has advanced quite far. You are tired, and I still see your thoughts circle about your conversation [of tonight]. Come to Me in everything that moves you. I show you the way out of the maze of this earth. No longer should you bang yourselves bloody on the walls and remain in pain. Take My hand and walk with Me! Even if the way may still look unclear to you, at My hand you will walk safely through all the confusion and entanglements in space and time. At My hand you are on the way to the FATHER, by way of the shortest route. And with you - let Me say this to you as loving consolation and at the same time as a warning in all earnest - all your loved-ones will also be on their way, all those for whom you have heartfelt feelings on the human level, or with whom you have difficulties. Verily, I am the light in you, and you are a migratory community - all connected with one another and in active exchange of spiritual vibrations. How could it be any different, since you are all children of the one FATHER? Bring this to your consciousness, again and again, and come, My sheep. My power strengthens you even to walk on difficult paths! My blessing streams to you constantly. My love envelops you all, you here and all those who read My words. They are alive in you all, for My SPIRIT is the life in you all! Amen Last revision 09/12/02 158