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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 46 txt  13.19KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

46. Exercise In the stillness of your heart chamber, I, JESUS CHRIST, am present in order to speak with you face to face. There, I am waiting for your answer, and I am waiting to have you open the gate wide that leads to My light, which says to you: "I am glad, dear brother, dear sister, that you have found your way home. I am glad that you recognize Me within yourself, that you listen to My words and no longer seek outside of yourself, but that you find all truth in Me within yourself." With these words I would like to address every one of you. The path to Me is not far, it does not even require a large step, only your devotion to Me. Now, at this moment you are once again seeing the light within you. Your 'human being' perceives My radiating power of love in every cell of his or her body; and all your cells, even the sickly ones, are aligning with Me, open like a chalice in order to spiritually receive My radiating and all-transforming Love. In the stillness of your innermost hearts I AM. From an instrument that is walking Earth in a healing fashion, it is expected to also give advice and help in word and deed. Therefore, not only the development and exercising of the healing streams flowing within you is required, but simultaneously the training and development of the speaking instrument, for My kindness, My love, My mercy wants to flow through you, even in the word. For this you will have to develop trust in Me, and this, My beloved fold, takes practice. Whenever you go into the stillness during your meditation, may you ask yourselves these questions: "LORD, who am I? Why am I walking these particular paths right now?" - Become free of any outside thoughts, just as you have learned it with spiritual healing.. May you even be free of thoughts while asking the just mentioned questions, and may your loving devotion to Me alone guide you. At the beginning, a lighted candle will help you with your concentration, for this external light symbolizes the Light within you - Me - but also yourselves; for you too are born of this Light, which is simultaneously Love. It is the creation-power, which has called you into His creation by GOD, the FATHER'S thoughts alone. This light which radiates in your soul helps you to make the connection with Me. The irradiation happens via the divine FATHER-SPARK of the pure God-Child-connection, which lies in the back of your head. That is why even 2000 years ago I taught My disciples to lay hands upon people. By a number of symbolic images, such as the Pentecostal SPIRIT as related in the scriptures, you know how this irradiation happens. When you now aspire to live merciful love, the divine SPIRIT - HIS SACRED BREATH fills the entire cosmic creation - flows toward your soul in concentrated fashion and links with the PRIMORDIAL LIGHT within your soul - links or connects with your true being. From there this SPIRIT flows onward toward Love via the center of Mercy and further to Patience, located in the area of the larynx, onward to your heart center, the divine JUSTICE. In this center My CHRIST LIGHT is effective. It is the Redeemer-Spark of My Love, which was given to every soul at Golgotha with My words "It Is Finished," and was meant as the soul's support(ing power) for the way home. Since you are endeavoring to bow in merciful love and humility, the latter being the center of Patience, located near the larynx, and since you are willing to be of service, the stream of the highest power given by the FATHER can link with Me in you, thereby raising the soul to higher vibration. By raising the vibration the connection between Heaven and Earth, between GOD, the FATHER and His human child has been reestablished. I AM the LOVE of the FATHER, and therefore the connection to Me, THE LOVE is reestablished as well. When that "small circulation" develops due to your dedication, My "I AM" in you awakens as well. I AM the Love; I AM the Life; I AM the power; I AM the Light; I AM the flowing Energy; I AM the Word that took on flesh, just as you did, and that, after the "It Is Finished!" was spoken, returned to unity; whereby I left unity, as seen from the 'human being', only seemingly. You, too, only seemingly walk this life's plan in order to make the experience of the 'free will,' and that with all its possibilities. Whereby you need not go through all possible abysses yourselves, but can learn by the example of your brothers and sisters and can glean recognition and knowledge from their experiences. Recognize! Everyone who confesses to love and who tries to live the same simultaneously vibrates in DIVINE ORDER. For whosoever lives love, subsequently thinks, senses and acts light-fully and pays heed to keep the laws of creation. He bows before the will of the MOST HIGH, for he knows from his recognition of wisdom that the FATHER in and through Me prepares the way for you, and that you - while resting in His Will - will receive everything you need. Before you have even completed thinking your wish to the end, it is fulfilled as long as it lies within the will of the FATHER. Now it is often hard for the 'human being' to separate the Will of the FATHER from his own self-will. But I say unto you, seen from the SPIRIT, this is very easy. You are guiding your energies into a certain direction, to a certain goal. Sensations appear, wishful thoughts begin, and at the same time - for in the SPIRIT there is only the now and not the 'one-after-another-happening - you cling to the Will of the FATHER, just like a snowflake flows with the wind, and your guidance will grow out of this moment. You thus act in accordance with the law and in the Will of the FATHER. The difficulties the 'human being' experiences are always because he or she tends to "step away from" the happenings of the moment and instead becomes "future-oriented." Instead of being conscious, again and again, that the moment dissolves time and space, the human being thinks much too often about the morrow and about the effects of his creative energies. Instead he or she should place his or her creative energies-of-the-moment into the FATHER'S power. By doing so, he thus increases these energies by the highest influx of power. Why did I say to My disciples: "You could move mountains!?" Recognize the symbolism, even in these words! To move mountains means to do the seeming impossible feat. All power and might from the Will of the FATHER is also given unto His child who lives and acts in the FATHER'S will, therefore such a child lets "it" act, lets "it" happen. For instance, let us say you are mentally going over something that has to you with business; you want to accomplish something! You hear by the words that you want to accomplish something. Whatever you may have accomplished can only be done in the measure of the power you have presently developed within yourselves. But if you use the following words: "This is how I, as a human being, have envisioned it to happen, FATHER, but I place my conception into Your hands and ask you to accomplish whatever is best!", then the entire heaven is at your side, and the FATHER'S Will is done, His power is effective. To grow into this way of thinking, My faithful fold, still needs some practice, but everything is in your hands. You need only change the program 'human being,' with its limitation, and exchange it for the program: "I am a child of the MOST HIGH, I am SPIRIT." When this spirit is at work as the highest God-given energy, your heritage, the heritage that makes you GOD-like but not equal with GOD; when this SPIRIT in 'man' is at work and grows because you give it room to grow, you will raise this planet Earth into the next higher vibration. You are at a turning point of a new epoch, and you are executing the love-schooling, recognizing that man does not stand outside of creation but that he is an integral part of it, and that everything is in a relationship to everything. By this recognition you should use the power, this most high energy, the serving love, by bowing before this energy. In this attitude of humility GOD works through you. Everything then bows to this DIVINE SPIRIT, which is an indescribable merciful love-radiation, for everything is one in this vibration. This affirming attitude is the flow of energy, streaming through everything and creating a circulation, in which every one of the individual parts are fulfilling a particular plan. When you walk through nature, resting in these very thoughts, it is quite matter-of-fact for you to be in an inner connection with every grain of sand under your feet; to be in a heart-felt connection with every plant, every stone, with every animal and with all nature spirits, and to be in unity with all things and with GOD, THE ETERNAL, therefore bringing Him praise, honor and glory. Look at the multiplicity of the earthly creation. It is but a tiny reflection, but a mere whiff of the eternal being, a reflection only, yes you see only its darkest shadows. Yet even in these shadows you recognize the light in its multi-faceted love. Quite matter-of-fact you bow before nature and are thankful that you may step upon it in the unity of this LOVE-SPIRIT. You are thankful that nature is serving you. For instance, when you are in the forest, the tops of the trees are sounding their greeting in the wind as sign and answer for you: "Thank you, oh human child. We are receiving your creation-forces and just as you are thanking us, we are thanking you as well as the COSMIC CREATIOR and SPIRIT, WHICH vivifies us and everything there is. For a little while, I have taken you away from your human existence into this new way of thinking, which should become your habit, by and by. For creation speaks to you in the fullness of your inner stillness, and therefore the life, the love, and therefore I, JESUS CHRIST, the Creator-Power. Then, in this stillness thoughts will stream through your brain cells, of which you know that they did not issue from you. Even though they may have formed in my human brain, their vibration is not from my human being; rather, it is SPIRIT connecting with SPIRIT. In the stillness, you listen to these thoughts and later you listen to the words that are formed, just as this instrument is listening to My words now with an awake and alert mind, while I speak to you. Every one of you bears My call within him- or herself, the call from the inner-most heart, just as we spoke about in the beginning of the evening. Open yourselves to this streaming circulation - of [My] light, to the light in you! Focus all your antennae on one and the same sender! What does that mean? See, when a human being lives in the past and in the future, he has his antennae pointing in all directions, and his power also flows in all directions and thus waters [everything] down in many different ways. However, when you live with Me in the present, in the now, then all these little directional antennae are brought together, becoming one single great receiver- and simultaneously sender-station. When you are totally aligned with this momentary love-power, you can move those mountains of which I spoke, under the previously described attitude of ministering love and bowing in humility. I have to allegorically repeat this sentence, and will speak it more than once in the future, for you are on your earthly plane in order to transform yourselves from a world of rulers, a world of the seeming mighty, to a world of service [ministering to others]. This power, which bows, is therefore the stronger one and will help, during this epoch of change, to transform all that which seemingly separated itself by virtue of the path of recognition and free will. With simpler words: You are helping Me to bring into the net all the 'lost fish,' the end points of the radiation, which was allegorically described as the sun, thereby bringing all His own back to the FATHER'S heart; and it is light, the darkness is dissolved, the motherly part-aspect is one, once again, with the fatherly aspect; and everything once again vibrates in the here and now and therefore in eternity, which is the reality. All opposition is dissolved. My beloved, may you therefore ask these two questions [see above] in the stillness, and may you listen to My word, letting it happen without wanting something out of your self-will. If no answer pulses through you, let it be but repeat the question. This exercise will help you to reach this inner composure, this calmness, which is effective in the here and now, in the moment. Suddenly, there is the answer; and it is quite clearly in your thoughts and before your inner eye: You have found the way to Me, and your hand has reached for the stream that I AM, has received the Water of Life, has drawn [from the well]. Grow into this inner connection with Me by trying for this stillness and composure! Pay attention to your dreams, as I have taught you last time, for here, too, I am guiding you by way of your weaknesses, showing you your human-earthly point of view, showing you, each of you individually, whatever learning step he or she still has to overcome. Once more My light radiates powerfully in each and every one of your innermost hearts. - Feel Me on the level of Justice! Feel Me in your hearts! Guide the stream in your soul by way of the Love-Center, By way of the Center of Mercy! Feel the streaming, blessing Power! I AM IN UNITY WITH THE FATHER. Amen Last revision 09/11/02 154