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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 44ex txt  14.26KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

44. Exercise Stillness has entered into you, and My peace streams through your person as well as through your soul. I, JESUS CHRIST, am in the midst of you, and I will lead you through the new exercise of helping one another by way of the healing power, which I am in every single one of you. In the last revelation I taught you the unity between man and soul, due to the happenings during [the spiritual] creation. And I did so to help you understand the responsibility that lies in your hands, and so that you would remember your true being, which is: SPIRIT of the FATHER- MOTHER-SPIRIT. Many questions moved you. Again you looked upon the 'bad' happening in the earthly realm and could not understand why the 'bad' was tolerated by GOD. You thought that the free will should somehow have been limited. In the polarity there is only either and or, or yes and no. When the Primordial Spirit decided to give to His children the absolute freedom, no limitations were attached to the gift of free will. Whatsoever negative thing you may observe on Earth, it all has its causes in the power struggles, in the separation of the 'I' and 'you'. Recognize the wonderful gift that GOD put into the hands of His children with this freedom. It is His heritage, which every child is granted to govern according to his or her free will. Every child is allotted the same divine power. This freedom could only be given to the children by allowing polarity: light/darkness. Let Me repeat once more that both aspects are pure, SPIRIT is SPIRIT, and SPIRIT does not fall. What has fallen is the freedom of the heritage, which was given to every child. However, in this fall also lies the resurrection. In the 'leaving' of the FATHER'S HOUSE lies also the return and therefore the abolition of polarity. You have rightly recognized that you are constantly occupied with polarity: good - evil, healthy - sick, day - night, and many more things. The entire [world of] matter is polarity, attraction and repulsion! Yet, it is My SPIRIT in the MATERNAL and PATERNAL aspect, which causes the balance of the forces, for whatsoever is going on in the events of space and time is but a mirage. How should I explain this to you? You are sending out your freedom in order to pass through the darkness. However, you yourselves are, in your SPIRIT, one with Me and are always with Me. Because of this, the entire creation is to be opened in you, the material one as well as the non-material one. The material creation, as it shows itself to your senses, is vibration that has been transformed to a lower level. In your innermost being you are one with the SPIRIT, and SPIRIT is inseparable, therefore, all spiritual things are within you. Everything is SPIRIT. That is why heaven is not somewhere, it is within you. This Earth orbits within you, the sun and its planets are within you - for matter is SPIRIT - and the spheres of the heavens are within you. If the FATHER'S holy divine Order were not to function, even in this sphere of vibration which you call dark, there would be chaos. However, no matter where your eyes may see, a balance of the forces can be recognized. When you enter more deeply within you, you can also recognize the MOTHERLY aspect: bearing of new stars, new suns, which will pass away again in the world of polarity, since everything is brought back to the SOURCE OF THE SPIRIT. Whatever you may behold - seen with your spiritual eyes - is the purely spiritual aspect in all matter whatsoever. With your human eyes, with your human senses, you grasp only the lowest vibration, which has brought forth your freedom. Let Me give you a parable for your better understanding: Imagine home, the purely spiritual heavens, as the nucleus of the sun. You yourselves, therefore your SPIRIT, are at home in this sun-nucleus, that I Am, as it is the heart of JESUS CHRIST. The enclosure, being without beginning or end, is the COSMIC SPIRIT, in WHOM you move and in WHOM you are at home. Now, every one of you sends out his ray of freedom. You remain in the light, but the ray enters into the darkness. Whatsoever radiates in the darkness is your heritage, is your freedom, is the test of the free will, and is also polarity. You do not identify with your true being, with your light-filled being, but with the extreme or outermost point of the sent-out ray, which gets lost in the darkness and which shines with but a glimmer here and there. It is your task to recognize that your true being is in GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, is in His light. All rays combined - and let Me remind you that rays are light - are simultaneously the MATERNAL ASPECT OF GOD, Who gave His children the freedom to send it out, to test out the free will and to bring it back to the light, with My help; for I am the creator-power, the ove, and thereby also the creator-power within you. Everything that appears to you is a mirage of your self-caused polarity, is of your own making, because I gave you the gift of freedom. I have taught you that this Earth bears a MATERNAL PART-ASPECT of GOD, all the light- filled rays of her kindness, her love, patience and of her gift of wisdom, which leads you into recognition - yes, even the healing power as you have practiced giving it to your neighbor this evening. Now I will change the subject, so that the brothers and sisters reading this revelation can also take part in exercising the healing forces and their transferal to those seeking healing. Within you, as well, radiate the DIVINE characteristics of Patience, Love, and Mercy. Especially from the aspect of Mercy, power streams toward you which you can concentrate within you by your prayer, which then enables you to transfer this power to your neighbor. I have taught you that everyone can receive this power. It merely depends on the individual inasmuch as he or she will open for these forces and is ready to use this SACRED radiation in a healing, loving and merciful way for his neighbor, and I am stressing the word 'SACRED,' for it is. Freely you receive, and freely you shall pass it on. That is law. I taught you that the path goes at razor's edge. However, if you are humble, if you are merely the glove for My hand, and if you are the instrument I will use in accordance with My will, then you will walk with sure steps over this sharp edge, with the deep abyss at your right and left, because you are under My protection. There are seven centers of consciousness in your body. I will name them once again: Beginning with Mercy, at your skullcap; the center of Love, between the eyebrows on your forehead; the center of Patience in your larynx area; the center of Justice in the heart area, in the middle of the spine [therefore not in the actual center of the heart]; the center of Wisdom lies about a hand's breath under the center of Justice. It is also known as the Solar Plexus; following that is the center of DIVINE Will located below the belly button; finally, the center of Order in the coccyx region. When you, My workers in the vineyard, meet with people who are open for the SACRED Powers of GOD, you are entitled to act as transformers, to receive these powers and to pass them on to your neighbors. I taught My disciples the laying on of hands and to heal, and I am teaching you the same. You (should) always receive with the left hand and you will pass on the power with the right. When you lay on hands, it is sufficient to do this in the aura of the one seeking healing, that is, at a short distance from the body. If the seeker wishes to be touched, you can do so lightly. As you lay both your hands upon the head of your neighbor, you bow before the CHRIST in your neighbor and at the same time you bow before ME, Who Am the Power in you, and you turn yourselves over to Me as My instrument. Think: "LORD, Your will be done! I bow before this SACRED POWER, and I receive the DIVINE ALL-POWER coming from the Love-Mercy. Concentrate it in Me by way of Yourself, oh Lord, and let it be." During the healing, may you remain in absolute humility. Even if you feel the power flow through your person ever so strongly, beware of the thoughts: "I am a healer. I am able to receive this power." I say unto you: "You are nothing!" In the beginning you will stumble over one or the other stone of haughtiness, and I will let you stumble. I will give you strong in-flowing powers, but I will also take them from you so that you will recognize that all power comes from GOD. This all happens from grace, but later, when you have completed this schooling, you will act of your own free will. The forces or power will always be available to you, and you will decide for yourself whether you will remain on the path of humility or whether you will fall into haughtiness. The seeker of healing will take a seat on a chair; you will stand behind him and place your hands over his head, the palms facing his head. Immerse yourself into prayer and link with the DIVINE SPIRIT and thereby with ME, JESUS CHRIST! Then open your left hand toward the cosmos, as if it were a bowl, in order to receive the spiritual power! Now slowly irradiate the individual centers of consciousness with your right hand all the way down the spine. Therefore you are standing behind the one seeking healing, and beginning at the head with Mercy, you gradually wander to the center of love, radiating even more deeply, then at the back of the neck Patience, then along the spine to the heart-region of Justice; now follow to Wisdom, Will, and Order. There you remain for a short while. You will now take the forces, which you have guided over all the centers down to Order back upwards, by lifting them up with your opened right hand, all along the spine. Again you will lay your hands over the head of your neighbor, palms toward his head, again you will link with the DIVINE SPIRIT, and again you will receive with the left hand and pass on the power with the right, and you will run your right hand down at the right side of the spine, all the way to the center of Order. The power is again being brought up to link up with the DIVINE SPIRIT, while the left hand is still receiving from the cosmos. The right hand is now guided along the centers of consciousness on the left side of the spine, all the way to the center of Order. Again, the power is lifted, and again you lay both hands upon the head of your neighbor. Now you change position by stepping up in front of the seeker, and you will radiate the DIVINE POWER with the right hand into the consciousness centers of the body, by now you are feeling a strong pulsation in the palm of your hand. Again beginning with Mercy - at the crown of the head; Love - in the forehead between the eyebrows; Patience - in the region of the larynx; Justice - in the region of the breast; Wisdom - just above the navel; Will - just below the same, and onward to Order. Now gently pass over the aura of the legs and feet, and again raise up the power and place both hands on the head. Again, receiving with the left hand as it is raised toward the cosmos, this time let the right hand glide downward, very slowly, on the right of the centers of consciousness, while you are deeply linked with Me. Then do the same on the left side. Now stand behind the seeker of healing once again and place both hands over his head, and give thanks for the power of healing! Then, by laying your hands upon his shoulders you are giving him the symbol and thereby the power to patiently carry his karmic burdens, should the healing not yet be possible for him. This is meant only to teach you [about healing]. For by practicing healing in this way, you are aligning with the WILL OF GOD. You know My words: "Go and sin no more!" The healing streams are flowing at all times, but as for how they work is lies in My will and in the faith of the seeker and depends on how much he tries to continue his life in a positive and light-filled way of life. This form of healing given here is only the external setting. He who totally gives himself over to Me, JESUS CHRIST, will be the one through whom I will act, and the healing may run a different course than the way I've described. This description is therefore meant only as a help for you, so that all of you who are willing to help your fellow-man in their psychic/physical need can be helped directly. You always work indirectly, as long as you live in the here and now and in my presence. In this presence, united with Me you are going your way, giving light and healing as you transform the polarities with every breath and with every step you take, just as I have taught you. Therefore you are returning on the ray, becoming more and more conscious of the fact that you are light, and that your SOURCE, this aforementioned sun, is the SPIRIT OF GOD, is the place in the FATHER'S HEART, the place you have never left. {When we speak of the FATHER, the MOTHER is also contained within HIM, for in the SPIRIT there is no separation.} My beloved disciples, walk this mirage of a world in the unity with Me and dissolve it! You know from your natural sciences that everything is energy. What is energy? Light. Therefore, come and be the light in the unity with Me, the LOVE! My blessing is in effect, powerfully, through you, and the work of the home-bringing of all "freedom light rays" will be accomplished, by bringing home all these rays. Polarity is then dissolved. In GOD, the SPIRIT, everything is one. With His SPIRIT, He reflects Himself in His children and is FATHER to them in the PATERNAL aspect as well as MOTHER in the MATERNAL aspect. Be filled with joy, for you are living in the harvest time, in the time of reaping! Prepare yourselves! For verily, from your very core, your spiritual Primordial Light, which is one with the FATHER'S light, the power radiates increasingly in order to bring you home and to simultaneously give you the strength to be help and support for those who sent out their ray so far, that there is hardly a glimmer left. If this spark were not supported by Me, JESUS CHRIST with My words "It is finished," the homecoming would not be possible. But through Me and also you, this test of freedom will now be completed. This 'Now' reverberates in time and space and becomes effective there with ever greater intensity. So come, My beloved, and be active in and of My power, which is simultaneously your heritage. Amen Last revision 09/03/02 147