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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 42ex txt  8.75KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

42. Exercise My beloved Friends, you have decided for Me, JESUS CHRIST, in your innermost being, and my joy is with you. So do not look at your 'human being' any longer, but at your rejoicing soul, for your soul is the one that irradiates the 'human being' and envelopes it with the light of eternity! It is your soul that has power over the human being now. By your 'yes' [to Me] you gave your soul the power, and I can work through it. Solemnly, I place a spiritual sword into your hands. It is for you the sign of the DIVINE WILL. You vibrate in it, and through it you fulfill in the here and now the ministering love for your neighbor and for creation. Receive the gift from My hands! Your humility will adorn it from now on, your love will stud it with gems, and your tears, shed for love, will be shining pearls upon the sword. They are tears caused by the cross of the world, which you voluntarily take upon your shoulders; the tears are those of My spiritual pain, which has become yours. You serve the elements earth, fire, water and air, and the elements are serving you in the measure in which you bow before them; for everything is permeated by the divine SPIRIT. The more you recognize that the spiritual unity lies in all things, and the more you come to vibrate in the divine unity, the more profoundly you enter into the mysteries of creation. Creation is ready to bow to you with all its love. It is awaiting you, for the transformation shall take place through you. My faithful ones, the breath of My love vibrates in all being. It is omnipresent. This breath is at the same time My creator-force and -power. When you open the left hand and ask for this power, it will flow toward you and that at every moment. Whosoever links with this power on this earthly sphere will receive it. It can be compared to the sun, it shines upon the just and the unjust in the same measure. And so can the might and power of My breath be received by the just and the unjust, and thereby I am answering your question: Everyone can work with this creation-might and power when he aligns his whole being, his willing, thinking, and sensing with it. My love, which is the same as My creator-might and -power, can also be misused. By virtue of your will you can, for instance, move objects about; you can materialize and de-materialize them and many other things. But when you look upon the sword in your hands, which symbolizes the DIVINE WILL, you know that any kind of coercion or force used is not based upon the DIVINE WILL. My will irradiates creation, the animals and human beings. My will heals the souls. My WILL also heals infirmity, if the human being finds the way to Me, THE LOVE, by this healing, and if he thereby is ready to pass on what he or she has received. My will is that My love shall stream [from you] to all your fellow-human beings in the same measure, be it that they are your mirrors and that they remind you of your own weaknesses, or be it that you like them because no negative resonance lies between you any longer. My WILL is the deepest humility, otherwise this SWORD OF DIVINE WILL is aimed against you. Only in humility will you walk the straight and narrow path between light and darkness. The temptation of haughtiness will be your constant companion when you see that you can help your brothers and sisters by My power. At first you are full of joy and thankfulness, but then this power and might becomes habit, and temptation draws near. Remember then the sword in your hands. Remember that it is My DIVINE WILL working through you. And then, may your human being bow down and ask for forgiveness. And I will extend My hand to you, lift you up and will say: "Dear sister, dear brother, it is good that you have recognized yourself. For a moment you thought the power had come from you, and I granted it to you." Know, however, and I repeat, if you should not awaken to this recognition, the sword of the DIVINE WILL shall come against you; for you will not be able to get rid of the forces which you call upon by virtue of your will! They will unleash themselves upon you in the four elements. Fire will burn you, water will not cool you, the earth will collapse under you, and your lungs will no longer filter out the oxygen. This is to be understood symbolically, My faithful ones. You know that everything you do will find its resonance. When you walk through life with My Sword, you are enveloped by My DIVINE WILL, and you are always sure, within yourselves, what My Will is; for then you are humble, with all of your heart, and the resonance are your deeds in thoughts, words and works. They are your blessings, your healing, your consoling power and many other things. When you leave the small and narrow path, realizing that there is in you this power to use, whether you are in humility or not, you will put down this sword of My DIVINE WILL. Just like before, My power and might will serve you, but the sword has to come against you, sooner or later, for this is the law. Many before you have walked the same path you are walking with Me now. You are My friends who go ahead in haste in order to point the way for others. But remember the revelation lying before you, remember the promises you made in your inner being, and remember the words I gave to you today with My spiritual gift of My DIVINE WILL! May you use the power that streams into you now, increasingly. May you use this power in these coming fourteen days! Walk seeing through your environment; do not look only at external things about your fellow-man, but look him or her into the eyes, and allow the inner being of your fellow-man to work in you by way of your heart-sensations! This only takes a short moment. The first thought coming into your mind is from your soul- sensations, for your soul has made communication with the soul of your neighbor. From this first thought you can read what part of the ray from My DIVINE WILL, which is also irradiated by love, your neighbor needs: It only takes one single word: Lord, power, love, consolation, kindness, a soft heart, blessing. Sometimes the strong sensation might rise up in you to pray for him/her, to bring him to Me, JESUS CHRIST, if he is in need of special care. You are My messengers of light! I have taught you that I want to give blessings through your hands, I want to see through your eyes, I want to hear through your ears, your physical body shall be My instrument. You have asked the question why I cannot simply work directly in the individual (needing Me). Oh see, My light is not bearable for your brothers and sisters, even in this transformed state! You are now able to receive My light, to transform it down further and to immerse it into the soul of your neighbor; for in your physical body, you are - by vibration - on the same level with your brothers and sisters. That is why there is much need for workers in My vineyard. That is why I need you. By and by you will become accustomed to coming to the consciousness level of your neighbor and by picking him up there, wherever he or she may be. For instance, if he is a thinker, aligned with his mind, an intellectual, and doesn't yet know how to use his heart-sensations, it will not help to approach such a person with your heart-sensations, rather you have to try to reach him with your mind. Linked with Me, the Light that I am in you will work in your neighbor's mind, streams into the heart, and a longing awakens, such as: "There has to be more than this. This brother, this sister radiates something else than pure knowledge. What is it that lets me ask time and again? What is it that has me address this person time and again?" If you are patient, the moment will come when the longing will form its first questions in words, which no longer come from the mind, but from the heart. With this example I have showed you how I work through you. So may you practice this in the coming fourteen days! Consider that I call upon you at every moment, so that you neither live in the past nor in the future, but linked with Me in the here and now and therefore in eternity! Try, My beloved friends, to actualize time and again the answers you gave Me with your inner being! I said: your trying is what counts! Your trying will become the deed by and by. Even now you have to take step by step. It is the last stage you will fulfill in community. After that, every one of you will go on his individual path with Me and with his or her gifts that you received from Me. Though you will be able to meet again here and there, in order to be support for each other or to discuss things, but even now, My faithful ones, you are growing into autonomous beings, to being Sons and Daughters of GOD. I bless you, here in this circle, as well as all those who have joined in following Me! Amen Last revision 09/27/02