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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 41ex txt  7.67KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

The love for God The path to mystical unification 41. Exercise My beloved friends, I, JESUS CHRIST, am with you here in this circle, as well as with all who read My words and move them in their hearts. I am with all My sheep throughout the entire earth. I ask you who have gathered about Me, who are willing to follow Me, how seriously you truly want to walk this path? Know that you are at a cross roads! You are leaving the path of the student, blessed by My power, in order to follow Me in everything. When you look at My life, as it has been recorded, you know what it means to follow Me. You speak about your fears and worries, you report your experiences, and I, Who stand beside you, look at you questioningly: Do you, oh My bride, truly love Me with all of your heart? Do you bow in the deepest humility and love for God, your Father? Are you ready to live love and humility? Do you My bride wish to follow Me and, by following Me, carry the Work of Redemption with Me? Do you wish to bring it to perfection with Me, JESUS CHRIST? Are your sensations, your thoughts, your words and works irradiated by the light of love? Are you ready, oh My bride, to carry the cross of the world upon your shoulders? It means that, together with Me, you will take upon yourself the pain and sorrow of your fellow-man, without complaint, patiently and humbly, no matter what tests of fate are placed upon your shoulders by this cross of the world. Will you love all your fellow-human beings with all of your heart, just as I am doing? Will you see in them the DIVINE Spark, and will you bow humbly before It, no matter how your fellow-man acts toward you? Will you send your love into creation and help transform all that, which was brought into the lowest of vibration? Are you willing to raise this vibration, by your sensations, thoughts, your blessing deed, as well as by love, so that someday everything will be back in its state of highest, purest vibration? Will you live in the present with Me, JESUS CHRIST, so that I can fill you with the most blissful love, at every moment? Will you, My bride, dedicate every day to Me, and examine yourself in the evening, to see if this day was worthy of this dedication? For it means that you should withdraw daily, at least once, from the worldly concerns and link with Me in a meditation. For see, oh My bride, I too used to withdraw, after having taught the crowd, time and again, suddenly I disappeared from the view of My disciples, because I wanted to be with GOD, My FATHER. And you too shall find DIVINE unity while in meditation! These are My questions to you. They are serious and are leading the way. Even if you cannot immediately answer every single question with a clear "yes," because the human being demands its rights, I say unto you again: "Not the perfection of deed is asked for here, but your trying." He who tries lives in the present, lives in the now, lives in and of Me, and all My power and My help will stream to you at this moment and will help you to let trying become the deed. Oh see, the time of the harvest has come for you! I need workers in My vineyard. Again, you are absolutely free in your decision to take the path of love and also of deepest humility with Me, in the discipleship with Me, or to be satisfied with what spiritual knowledge has been given you in the past. For whosoever enters My vineyard simultaneously enters into the state of matrimony with Me, and the oil in your lamps is the love you live. You know the parable of the maidens. Yet know, even for these foolish ones the door will remain open, they too are lead home by Me! The way may be more difficult for them, for they all have experienced grace from Me, and still they decided to continue their walk by way of this world and to abide by the world more than by the SPIRIT. Yet, the FATHER'S MERCY through Me, JESUS CHRIST, is so infinite as the love - eternal and everlasting - so that some day it will even catch up to these foolish maidens who still want to walk a worldly path. And the call of the Bridegroom will be heard: "Come home and see, the world is breaking up, matter is passing away! Look into the spiritual event, it will last eternally!" For those who decide for being true brides, the way will not be easy either, however, for the human being has to bow in deepest humility, until he or she lie stretched out in the dust of the earth. This is to be understood figuratively. Then, however, the way into the light at My side will be full of joy, for My presence will then at every moment be so perceivable for My bride, that she will walk her paths in a shower of blissfulness. In this blissfulness, the love streams to GOD, the FATHER, with Whom I am one, and to His creation - for all is in and of His SPIRIT - and thereby it flows also to all fellow- brothers and -sisters. This love will irradiate all human weaknesses, enabling you to open the spiritual senses. Even now, My beloved, you sense the stream of love pulsating in you. Even now your soul- consciousness links with creation, and the human being feels this. This is only the beginning! When you continue your walk with Me, when you decide for the moment, the spiritual worlds will open the true being of creation, and you will grow into the wisdom of GOD and will recognize how everything works together in this wonderful GOD-Unity. No longer will you worry about the morrow, neither about your own, nor about that of your neighbor, for by His wisdom you recognize how wonderfully safe and protected every child makes his or her steps of experience at the hand of the Father, and these steps will after all lead him home. Eternity is a condition that will open within you. It is a blissful state of being. Even the sight of the angels at your side is no longer hidden from you. Rather, the spiritual vision is opened, and you will recognize how all levels work together, the material as well as the spiritual ones. Once again: There are no coincidences, everything that happens has meaning. And so every moment can teach you infinitely much - can lead you into GOD'S wisdom. You will now have a few weeks to become acquainted with My pleas, and to answer them for yourselves. You have time for the decision, for this step is to be considered carefully. I have described the consequences of your decision. In these [coming] weeks I will intensively accompany you, will also lead you through several difficulties in which you shall recognize the test, the test that is given to everyone of My disciples: whether or not he or she is serious about the step toward the Bride Status. He he will recognize that being a Bride is a condition, the condition of [living in] the moment, the condition of unity with Me, JESUS CHRIST, the Love, which wants to become active through you. Continue to link with the stone, plants, animals, and with your neighbor, and if you are willing, you can sense your way into the basic vibration of the ALL-LOVE [also: COSMIC LOVE], therefore, this being one with all things. You are individuals and yet you are one with GOD, the Life, the Love, with Me. Sooner or later you will accomplish the step I am asking of you. So, please examine yourselves and let yourselves be examined, thereby coming to recognition. I am so near to you. I am in this moment with you, in the unity and with My CHRIST- VIBRATION. You are feeling this and you are hearing My pleading call: "Come, do not look back to this world with its false glitter, but follow Me!" My blessing irradiates you and accompanies you intensively through this approaching time! Amen Last revision 08/25/02 139