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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 40ex txt  10.24KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

40. Exercise My beloved sheep upon the resting place on high, you who have gathered round about Me, JESUS CHRIST, once more - for the third time - I am breaking My bread with you to strengthen you, and I am giving you the chalice with the living water, which is the life, the love, the I AM. Eat and drink and be in My community. Is the present not full of miracles? You are feeling your deliverance from the 'old Adam', and you are vibrating in the light of the Cosmic Presence of the heavenly creation of all angels and of all those who are walking with you on the spiritual level. You are resting in the PRIMORDIAL FATHER, in oneness with His Heart, that I AM, THE LOVE. Allegorically, you have turned over your recollected past to the flames. At that moment, I gave to you the power of My strength with My beginning words, when I gave you the bread, to afford you to turn over, now, to My love everything that is still part of the past and is still touching you in this Omnipresence of GOD. Now, My sheep, My beloved fold, do not ask for the future, nor for the past but for the moment, that I, your friend and brother, may dissolve in My light of love all that moved you in this moment. This way, your thoughts will not reflect any expectation for the future and will not dig up things from the past; for My power will help you to solve the problem of the moment. If you constantly try to put yourselves into the present, your hard work will be crowned by success. However, once more I stress, free yourselves up of wishing for things; for every wish is an expectation that is future-based! Even if you want to help, and I emphasize the words 'want to,' it is an expectation that in reality is not helping, for because of your wanting and wishing, I cannot work through you. At this place of rest, My beloved, I irradiate not only your love-consciousness, so that you will continue to walk Earth while blessing every one and everything, but I irradiate every single brain cell as well. You can sense the irradiation in the area of the larynx. It is the patience to remain in the here and now, devoid of any wishes. Out of this patience I purify all your opinions and conceptions, and you will be enabled to give an answer to your neighbor with the right words coming from My spirit at the moment when such a task is put upon you. You are instruments of My love when you live in the present; for in the present, it is not you living but I through you in the unity with the highest spiritual consciousness. An instrument through which I am doing My work has to be free of all conceptions and opinions, free of all judgments! You can do this if you live in the present. Here an example: You are encountering a fellow-man, and a wave of antipathy overcomes you. At the same time, you realize: "It is my reflection. The neighbor makes me feel this way only because the faults I see in him are still in me." This seemingly long thought process runs its course in the present, since in the spirit there is not this sense of [earthly] time. The sensation came from the past, but since you live in the present, you know that it is the past that resounds. And at the same moment the wish awakens in you to dissolve the past in love. Before you can even form a thought, the love for your neighbor begins to stream, and, to put it once more allegorically, you have torn down the wall of the past and have raised your brother or sister into the Omnipresence of GOD, into His love. If you watch yourselves in the coming time, you will be able to better understand My WORDS of today, for the clarity of My WORDS in you will grow only in the lived example. And only by your lived example will you make progress in expanding your consciousness. Only by exercising, daily anew, will you experience and live through the wonderful events of becoming ONE with Me. Once you have experienced the love-stream from the most high heavens, the most high consciousness and vibration, you will understand Me, because in the consciousness of the absolute love-vibration the past dissolves immediately, and in this love- vibration you are in unity, the unity of eternal being with your brother and sister. Space and time are a delusion. You told each other this with your discussions about natural science. Many of your physical laws exist only in your thinking processes. But when you use your mind to explore the logic of My WORDS, the deed will prove the eternal being and by this also the dissolution of all your human conceptions. See, in the future you will only be able to be My instruments if you live in the present! In the past and by virtue of the FATHER'S grace and mercy, I have given many of My instruments My powerful love for the purpose of giving the WORD in My name, and in order to place their hands on others for healing. These My instruments were then not yet able to remain in the presence of GOD. Although they felt that space and time withdrew from them, during the moments of receiving the lofty WORD OF LIGHT, or during their laying on of hands upon another for healing. However, as soon as I withdrew the vibration [of that moment], My instruments were again caught up in time and space, and enslaved in their own thinking, in their conceptions and opinions. However, now is the time in which space and time shall be abolished through you. NOW IS ETERNITY! The irradiation in this material sphere has increased, so much in intensity that you not only can understand these words today, but that you have the power to actualize them fully, the prerequisite being that you will put forth the effort. Then you no longer need to ask: "Lord, is what is happening here Your will, or is it mine?", for you have changed from being a person who asks, to one who knows. You vibrate in the will of GOD, and the will of GOD reveals itself at every moment in and through you. In the present, you are in unity with the Most High Energy, you are in unity with Me, Who Am this Most High Energy: LOVE, CREATOR-POWER, LIFE. You will accomplish what I have accomplished; for you once again are taking up the heritage that you had discarded when you changed your state of vibration in the lower spheres. Heaven and hell, as you know, is in the here and now. It is the condition of your being. When you look about you see now the effects of the so-called hell, but changing only a couple of letters, to light?, you are momentarily in the light, in your heritage, in the highest of vibrations. Man created so many things with his mind, his intellect, and by this he created boundaries for himself. Then he even tried to prove these boundaries scientifically. But since everything is enclosed within itself, man comes back to the beginning, for beginning and end meet seamlessly. The boundaries man caused for himself are dissolved when the human being understands that the laws man created in order to understand his environment do not exist. In the here and now, in the present you release yourselves out of the servility of the past and future, out of the servility of your human egos. My child, YOU ARE as eternal as I AM. And while you are in this present, I want to send you out. In this present, you will heal in My name, without having thoughts that point to the future. In this present, I speak through you and your words are thereby irradiated by My SPIRIT, touching your neighbor - not only in his mind but in his innermost being. Here, too, you are free of thoughts that point to the future; and by your request to be able to dissolve the past in the light of the present, you are free of the past. You are a free child now, My sister, My brother, a child of the MOST HIGH. In the past, you were a human being, and in the future you will be a human being, but in the present you are a child, a Son, a Daughter of the sacred PRIMORDIAL FATHER, blessed by Him, always being and in all eternity. I gave you the task to look at a stone, to put your hand on it and to feel its spiritual emanation. I am expanding this task into the plant world. In the present, My beloved sheep, you will sense the radiation; in the present you are one with all that is spiritual. You no longer walk blindly through this world of the SPIRIT. Assuming that you are willing, may you visit a tree, and may you be conscious of this presence. By this, you are connected with Me, the love, the life. While in spiritual unity with all being come close to the trunk of the tree and sense entering into its life-field, which is simultaneously a field of love, and then turn away from the trunk. Come out of its love-field with slow steps! This sensation shows you the radiation of the tree, and not only its radiation, but much more of its sensations. An entire wave of it will engulf you in this present state, and you will find it difficult to express this sensation of the present in thoughts. The sensation is the intrinsic foundation. It brings you out of the intellectual thinking and into the heart-sensations. When you have exercised this sensing of the light-power of love-energy in this vibration-level, your brain perceives new signals. It sends impulses to your eyes, and your eyes see what you are sensing. However, beware of wishful thinking that is future-based. Know that everything is very different from what you perceive with your current human mind - for the latter rules your perception. In the present, you will cease to think, for what are thoughts? Thoughts come from the past and are pointed to the future. Being is in the present, however, and this being is sensation. All this may seem difficult for you. It is again the human intellect that tries to understand everything. Do not try to understand, but sense your way into My words, and you will understand them by sensation! My blessing is a l w a y s in you and streams through you always. You ARE, My child, in the moment of eternity, both are one! And now I go to you, to each and every one of you. You feel My irradiating power, the power of love, which purifies your brain cells, irradiates your larynx and which makes you My word bearer. My child, I AM the holy Primordial WORD in you - for and in all eternity. Amen Last revision 08/25/02 ? Explanation: The German word for "hell" is "Hoelle!" If only one letter is exchange oe to e "Helle," the meaning changes from "hell" to "light" or "bright"= German "Helle."