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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 39ex txt  9.1KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

39. Exercise My beloved friends who have gathered about Me trustingly, you who listen to My words and are willing to awaken them to life, verily, everything is guided, including your conversations. Slowly you are coming from your place of rest high upon the hill - recognize the symbolism here - away from the human difficulties of your daily being. More and more you recognize your true life, which does not exclusively show itself via your human body. Instead it points more and more to that, which is spiritual. I gave you bread to strengthen you, I broke it with you, and you also drank from the cup filled with the water of the SPIRIT. By this I have made you My disciples, and now you have the chance to redeem yourselves - in accordance with your free will. On this place of rest, My beloved, I am teaching you the streaming of the healing forces. I am teaching you the things concerning the INNER WORD, and I am leading you yet deeper into unity with creation. My faithful students, only based on this unity can you work [with Me toward all things]. Everything is woven together with everything. Creation ministers to you, and since you have begun your discipleship with Me, you too should prove yourselves as servants of creation. I have taught you to recognize yourselves in stones, in plants and in animals, as well as in your fellow-man. And now I would like to lead you into spiritual radiation, if you are willing, so that you can open the spiritual [aspect] within you and link with it, and even become one with it, the spiritual that is behind the stone, behind matter. Before you a light, a candle has been lit, and before your inner eye you do not only see the flame, but also the radiation of its light, its aura. This radiation of a single light illumines an entire room, its sparks reaching even into the darkest corners. Just as this light disperses, so each created being also has a radiating crown from the eternal divine being round about its body. It is your task not to link with matter, but to let your soul- consciousness link with the spiritual being of a stone, with the spiritual being of a plant, and with the spiritual being of an animal, as well as with the spiritual being of your fellow-man. When you train yourselves in these sensations, the different worlds are no longer hidden to you, those that are near you but in a higher level of vibration. They are all nature beings, which surround you, the angels that accompany you, the light-filled souls that protect you and learn along with you in order to take by storm the spiritual summit, as you are doing, all in order to hasten toward the only goal, the SOURCE back home. Think of your first stone, how you came to find it. Think of the piece of wall you had found, the piece of matter you brought with you to show this circle [of friends]; and how you examined yourselves by the stone's sharp edges and corners, and by its lines and grooves, to see which reflection was given you through them. This kind of task, "to recognize your mirror image," will be with you until you have transformed your consciousness upward to a next higher level. And this means the dissolution of coarse matter. However, whatever I am teaching you now lets you immerse into the true being, into that, which is SPIRITUAL. Sense your stone! Before your spiritual eye you see it before you with its radiating corona, for it too is irradiated by the CREATOR-SPIRIT, and I, JESUS CHRIST, want to lead you into unity with this CREATOR-SPIRIT! I want to remind you how deeply the mineral bows before you, so that your steps may have firm hold. May you too be prepared to stretch out your human being in deepest humility, as any stone will do under your feet. If your answer is yes, then you are jubilating in the unity of the SPIRIT. You then jubilate in the true life's freedom; for right now you are still bound to many things, which will have to be overcome now. For instance, you are still bound to your earthly- material laws. This stone will be for you hard matter, will remain stone on stone, a layered wall, until you penetrate it by virtue of your becoming one with creation, spiritually, just as creation is already penetrating you with its power of radiation right now, even though you are not conscious of it. When you stand next to your house plant and touch it lovingly, you will be able to feel its radiation as well, if you are doing it with your heart's sensation, with your soul. When you are outside in nature, even the tree wants to communicate with you, by virtue of its radiation, and wants to communicate with your spiritual being. Not only that, everything wants to connect with you, be it the wind moving the grass and leaves, be it the clouds in the sky, the evenly falling rain, or be it the sunrays. Everything penetrates you spiritually and wants to reach your consciousness. Only when you gradually begin to venture into the CONSCIOUSNESS OF DIVINE CREATION-UNITY, can it open for you and miracle after miracle can happen for you, which will then no longer be a miracle, but the true and real being. You are living in a world of shadows, with shadowy laws, the latter of which are losing their verity more and more. Step away from your shadows by separating yourselves from your intellect, and by connecting the intellectual thinking with the heart-sensations. When the heart- sensations create harmony in your brain cells, new laws of creation will open themselves to you by way of your brain cells. These are laws that even now reach into your being and that you are beginning to notice already, although they are not yet part of your daily consciousness. I would like to lead you to this consciousness. Not only for a few moments, but this consciousness, this condition shall become your new basis for life! Again, the way there leads by way of your love for the small, insignificant stone, and by way of the piece of plaster or cement, which was holding together a house. It leads into the world of giving and taking, a mutual relationship, which gives of itself in a harmonious circle of vibration. This harmonious vibration of love for creation is disturbed, time and again, by your self-will, and that causes discrepancies in your surroundings. The love which I am teaching you at this place of rest will expand your inner being into the spheres of the SPIRIT. You still have your free will to either follow me, or not. So, let your task be, that you would go into meditation at least once daily in order to give yourselves to this vibration at the place of rest. Imagine you are with your brothers and sisters of this circle, not wanting anything specific, only knowing that I am in the midst of you! Open your hands and let the power of love stream to your brothers and sisters by way of your hands. Let the love flow to all of those who are in need, then let it flow to creation, wherever you feel love is needed. Then, may you meditatively enter into the mineral kingdom. Place your hand upon the stone - if you no longer have it, I will guide you to another stone over which you may stumble; take this one along. As I said before, put your hand upon it and then remove it slowly! I will help you, and you will feel the radiation of this stone. Do this exercise several times until the next time we meet. By doing these exercises of love I will strengthen the forces of healing in you, which are supposed to flow to creation and to your fellow-man through you, for every one of you is an instrument of My love. "Be My instrument of love!" I am now going from chair to chair in this circle. I am touching your forehead with My hands, the center of love. And I am also touching the palms of your hands, through which the love radiates. And you, My beloved brothers and sisters, when you read My words, go into meditation yourselves, if you are willing, and I will touch you too with My power and with My call: "Be My instrument of love!" May only love stream through your brain cells; may it link with your heart-sensations and flow out by way of your palms, in order to re-connect with the CREATOR-SPIRIT in all being and in order to close the cycle. I will remain silent - give yourselves over to your sensations. (Pause for this meditative moment). Beloved brother, beloved sister, see, I place the coarse-material creation into your hands! Sense the spiritual light in it and raise up that, which is coarse-material and bring it back, SPIRIT to SPIRIT. Transform it through and by My power, which is also in you the spiritual heritage! Beloved brother, beloved sister, through you, love streams into this world of suffering and struggle. Be a consoler, be light in the darkness, be the vessel that is ready to give and give, time and again, and to give yet one more time wherever there is a lack of love, wherever there is a need for transformation! You are feeling the strong vibration within you. Let it stream! I AM through you. My blessing is with you and with all My adopted earthly children. Keep this initiation in your hearts, so that you are always conscious of the fact that from now on I am giving you hands for the blessing of others. 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