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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 37 txt  12.72KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

37. Exercise It brings Me, JESUS CHRIST, and all that are coming to you with Me and staying among you, much joy to see you in this openness together, and to see that everyone of you tries hard on the path toward the light, even if it sometimes seems as though you are going in circles. My beloved fold, the steps you take are sometimes small ones, they have to be small, for much is laying in your way, which would get missed if you would take too big of a step. Therefore, bow down to the small steps in the deepest humility, extend your hands to me and walk consciously and carefully on this path, which is narrow and small, though it leads upward steadily! Bend down, from time to time and look at the stones that lie under your feet. Take them into your hands and think about them. What do the stones lying in your way represent? The stone is here symbol for the WORD, for the love which I place into your heart. Every WORD is inscribed in your souls. When you press on with giant steps, trying to get ahead of others, you will miss many a small step, many a WORD of love, and you will have to turn back the same way in order to reach My WORD again, to bow humbly, to accept and receive it and to think about it. MY WORD IS LOVE. It is your task to raise into love everything round about you that is not vibrating in love, by stooping down and taking the stone that weighs heavy in your hand and by raising it up to Me. The stone seems hard and solid. You recognize the expression "his heart is like stone." Love lets this stone soften, love irradiates it, love creates a connection between your hearts, your head- thinking and your intellect. The stone is being polished by the love and humility. It looses its edges and corners, begins to sparkle, and your neighbors reflect themselves in it. Then you will recognize in your inner being, in our heart, all your weaknesses. In the stone, which is still to be worked on, the weaknesses of your neighbor who still have a resonance in you , are also reflected, therefore your own weaknesses. The more this stone becomes love, the more it shines, the more it sparkles and receives facets like a cut and polished diamond. By this, even more reflects in you, and even greater becomes your willingness to recognize yourselves and yet deeper becomes your humility, because you see: "Oh FATHER, were do I, Your child stand?" In this humility, you will bow anew and say: "FATHER, not I, but YOU through me! Not I want to move things, but may YOU, Oh FATHER, move things according to your Will, for what I see in me is so much, that it nearly crushes me. How could I even come home, Oh FATHER, if You didn't extend Your hand to me and shower me with Your great mercy and all-love." If you work thusly on your humility, less and less (of negative things) will reflect in the cut jewel in your inner being. Instead, now My love will reflect, for by your willingness to change yourselves and by your deed of changing yourselves, you will simultaneously change surroundings with which you are connected. Your environment, your surroundings change in the same small steps as you walk them, tediously, but steadily upward. And when you glance back after some time, you will be surprised to ascertain: "Oh LORD, You were right. The path is not so difficult any more. The problems have dissolved. Love vibrates round about Me. I no longer have problems with my children. I have come more or less in harmony with my partner. My friends and acquaintances turn to me, more and more, when they have to deal with difficult situations, and You, oh LORD, can help them through me." Then this inner stone can be compared to a diamond with few inclusions, in which the light of eternity reflects, the love, into the widths and breadths of this earth and of the cosmic space. You will have raised your consciousness, and are no longer bound to the earthly-material thinking, but you have linked the mind with the heart and have directed your vision to the inner widths, to the cosmic widths and creations, which I would love to place into your lap. How narrow is still your horizon. When I listen to your descriptions (portrayals), a vibration of sensation comes from you to Me, as if you are feeling imprisoned in a cage, angrily you tear and pull at the iron bars, and you believe that nothing moves. Nothing will move in your rage, but only externally, My beloved students, for inside of you there is a lot of movement. For your reactions triggers reactions again and - though you are not conscious of it - leads you to new situations which in the last analysis will help you to recognize that the iron bars you are presently rattling do not exist. Only that which you grasp with your earthly senses in that moment is existent for you. With one or the other of you the spiritual senses are now awakening, and you understand higher levels of consciousness, but you must take hold of them as well. If you do not reach out for them, this level cannot turn toward you, due to your free will. Now I hear a call: "But I do want to, LORD!" It is exactly this will, your will, which lets you rattle the supposed iron bars. What is the 'will'? What is the 'free will', what is the 'divine will'? When the soul enters the earthly body it subjects itself to the laws of the body. It had built up this body beforehand. The genes were partially determined by the incarnating soul. For instances, the soul to be incarnated determines which of the genes should be dominant. Defective genes, weaknesses, are induced by the soul, brought about by its weakened creative power, caused by offences in previous incarnations. Whatsoever you are today is for one thing the creator-power of your soul, and for another it is -since the soul has to subject itself to the human being and therefore, to matter, the will of the 'human being'. The 'human being' too has his/her free will, but only to a certain point. If the soul had gone out (into the material world) in order to dissolve its karma and/or to fulfill a mission, and if it cannot do so in the physical body, the soul will rebel. At first, softly and then more strongly. The body will grow ill, or there will be an accident. You believe, coincidence has delivered your fate. No, the soul became active via the 'human being', via matter and caused the fate to happen, due to its free will, so that it will be able to better move, via the 'human being', in the direction it had planned for itself. Any unrest in the 'human being', any dissatisfaction is a reflection of the soul. Also, being unhappy, the longings you bear within, all that comes from the soul, as well as deeper sensations, which from the 'human being' you cannot explain. Outwardly, everything seems in order, yet a deepest sadness befalls you suddenly, or a longing that cannot be explained. Why? Your soul is calling attention to itself. If the soul has no possibility, even through the sorrow of the 'human being', to reach its goal, its mission, it will extract itself from this earthly garment, the life withdraws. May the human being try, ever so much, to cling to life, his wishing and wanting is over, he/she has to bow to fate, he feels the life dwindling. He has to give himself over to the will of the soul, has to bow before it, since the soul bears a higher vibration than the earthly garment. Therefore, the free will of the human being is over. Now, above the soul's will towers the DIVINE Will. However, the DIVINE Will leaves his child an absolute free hand. The soul can choose to take the path through the darkness or through the light. GOD, the FATHER, loves the soul exactly the same, either way, and gives to him/her always the same power and love. Only, My beloved fold, if this sparkling jewel in your inner being became covered over (by layers and layers of sin), over the time span of several incarnations, he or she can no longer absorb the FATHER'S light-power, the life, the love, and the soul loses its creator power. Your path is, as I have told you in the beginning, to uncover or lay bare this jewel -all the way to the little inclusions, they must be so that you can exist here in the earthly sphere - so that the creator power, which is love, that I am, can once again become effective in you and so that the longings and dissatisfactions can be satisfied. By your inner drive you know: There is so much more than I can comprehend with my senses, and "I want to comprehend more!" By your "I want to," you have already tripped over your humility, for your thoughts should have been: "FATHER, not I, but YOU through me. I will not accomplish this steep incline alone - only with Your help (can I do anything)." This goes for all of your difficulties! If you are constantly conscious of the fact that out of yourselves, out of your human being, you can do nothing - for the life is love, the life is SPIRIT - if you think this way, you are trying to become truly humble. LOVE GIVES! Love lets the child take all the different paths it wants to take. But the child does not have to go through them, does not have to suffer through them all. The child can learn even by the fate of his or her fellow brother or sister. But there are some of My beloved, children I have taken on as My own, who want to go through every experience at any cost. LOVE LETS GO! My lamb runs on a long leash. It runs after this butterfly, after that beetle, perhaps even stands at the edge of the abyss, but I am holding on to it. He who has at one time turned to me and has heard his name called by Me - this does not always have to happen in the human garment, but in the soul - whose name I have called is Mine, no matter where he may scurry to. It won't be long and My sheep is once again at My side, snuggles against Me tightly and I will lead it on to the green pastures mentioned in Psalm 23. You now will have a little time to ponder My WORD, in which you can render an account of how much of that which has been given to you has been fulfilled by you. I will always be your help and support, and together with Me the purely spiritual world is also at your side, all of your guardians and companions. Consider why you still rattle the imaginary metal bars, why you do not wish to get up freely and effortlessly as the love is, that is life, so that you can glide above the clouds. Think back to your first love! How much you were on clouds. I told you during that schooling evening that the heavenly love reverberated in you then. Ponder, why this effortless state of your life has not yet happened, and why you still walk with heavy steps, even though I, the Good Shepherd, am so near to you. Also, My beloved sheep, try to go within and to see Me, JESUS CHRIST, in this polished jewel! Do not remain outside the cracked inner gate, do not cast your eyes downward before this light, coming toward you, by seeing your reflection and your weaknesses, but extend your hands to Me and say: "LORD, with You I will manage all paths, and be they ever so hard, ever so thorny. Yes, I see the roses blooming among the thorns, blooming for My pleasure." Take retrospect but do not remain in the past, and do not continue to move in old shackles, but try to live the moment. Try to feel the life in the here and now - not only the physical life, but also the spiritual radiation! Consider the three levels, which need to be explored always: the human level, the soul-level, and the spiritual one! Move now with sure steps out of the human level and into the soul-level, so that the 'human being' begins to serve the soul and thereby expands the spheres of your consciousness. Only this way will you look behind the scenes. But first must come humility - I repeat with emphasis - to bow and to recognize oneself in one's own weaknesses. By bowing and recognizing yourselves you will receive the power and the true life from the creator-power. Little by little you will receive the opportunity to take into your human consciousness all that, which you are already accomplishing - on the spiritual level - in the various levels, without falling into your former pride and haughtiness, by thinking what great accomplishments you are capable of - please hear the humor in these My words. It is life, love, that accomplishes all things in you and through you, it is the creator-power. It alone should be your goal, not some powers of which you dream, forces with which you would like to lift the world out of its hinges. You truly possess the power as soon as you can recognize yourselves as true sons or daughters of GOD. And now, My faithful fold, think about it all. My blessing love is with you and with all My earthly children. Even those who are not present at the moment, and who walk with you through this schooling in the soul-garment, are touched by My love and blessed. The blessing radiates throughout creation. Amen 126