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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 35 txt  13.6KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

35. Exercise My beloved friends, I, Jesus Christ, am among you with My WORD of revelation in order to support and help you. See, your present life, your stopping point in time and space, is the sum of all your previous experiences in the various incarnations. Your s o u l lives outside of space and time. In the soul, everything is omnipresent, the purest of heaven, the sanctum of GOD, THE FATHER, home, eternity, as well as all stations of reduced vibration and their planets, all the way to the present level of vibration, to which your planet belongs. This your planet will raise itself with you and through you out of this level in the coming time; yes, the transformation is ongoing even now. When you look back on your life - as you have done in the past - it helps you to better understand yourselves and thereby to have better understanding [empathy] for your fellow-man; for when several years of earthly time have gone by certain events, you can understand them much better from your present viewpoint, and you are then able to make recompense for your transgressions; not only for transgressions from this present life, and please don't cling to the word 'transgressions,' but for everything that is stored in the soul from the beginning of the fall, as you have been walking through the increasing darkness, all the way through today. If you stood before the fullness of your soul-impressions, you would be frightened and believe that you would never be able to penetrate this fullness with the light of love. That is why I, THE LOVE OF THE FATHER, came to Earth, in order to be support to you all on the way home and to teach you love, through My WORD, which is only partially recorded in the book of books. And not only to teach you love, but also to show you the power of love, which is the strongest power, a power that is able to illumine all darkness. If you would only take one of your own character's characteristics, which does not vibrate in love, and would transform into light-filled being this characteristic with My help, a chain reaction would follow this transformation. And it would dissolve - at that moment - any and all that was ever connected with this characteristic, and would take from you any burden of guilt connected with this characteristic. There are various aspects with which you can view the same event. Last time I spoke about self-assurance. If you once more receive My words carefully within yourselves, many of the questions you still have today will be resolved. But wherever a 'red thread' appears with special intensity, there usually is yet another aspect [to be looked at] than the one showing externally. There are always three levels to be considered: The first level is that of coarse material matter. It is what you experience and grasp with your five senses. The second level is the soul-level; therefore it is the sum of all that the soul has gone through, since it left the pure heavens. The third level is the spiritual one, the recognition why the pure child of God chose the path into the depth and why it became shaded, here and there. Just to give you an example, one of the reasons can be to show those fallen beings who are of the same family as the pure being from the eternal home, that in spite of the incurred shadows, there is always the path to the light. May the story of the homeless people sitting drunk upon a park bench serve you as example: And here, too, are three levels to look at: The purely material one: Your human mind tells you that "This person is a good-for-nothing, he doesn't work, he drinks and will not conform to society, and he lives only for himself." With this you are making one judgment after another. You are looking at your fellow-man purely with your intellect. If you add your heart-sensations to this, you will let your soul speak. You try to understand the person sitting on the park bench, totally drunk. You ponder what situation may have brought him to the edge of such an abyss, you have pity on him, and love streams from you to him. The soul has already learned, by your empathy, that there is a karmic correlation, and that it, too, is going and has gone through depths of various kinds. And now, let us illumine the spiritual aspect! The spiritual aspect is humility. The purest light-being steps before GOD, the FATHER and asks for blessings for the path through the darkness, in order to be light [for others]. Lovingly, the FATHER admonishes His child and also shows him the difficulties that can also ensue. And since everything is contained in all things, the child recognizes also the possibility of his own fall on the way to the depth. However, the love for GOD is so great, that there is hardly any being of light that has not yet gone this path through the depth. At the beginning of this path the light being is still quite conscious of his light, and only by immersing himself, repeatedly, into the dark spheres, the light is covered over more and more. But since the pure child of God has not yet burdened himself by his own mistakes, there is something in him that does not yet identify with the worlds through which he passes. Pay heed to My words carefully, here. The deeper this child of light immerses himself into dark paths, the greater is the danger to [haughtily] raise himself above those beings living in these levels. For, not to identify with that someone is the same as being haughty, which once caused the fall. And by being in the fall-spheres [earth], the child of light has also immersed himself in the thought-, sensation-, and deed-spheres of the fall, and he will fall. If he would not fall, he would simultaneously not be able to remain in the descending levels of vibration. He falls. The pure child of light places about himself a shell or shadow for every sphere it passes through, which has turned away from the light. With this shell come the experiences of the fall- possibilities as well as the fall experience itself, and that is the soul. When such a child of light recognizes that he has been haughty, he bows humbly before GOD, the FATHER, for HE, the ALL-ONE gave him this moment of enlightenment, this recognition. And so that the child of light can truly be radiating light, he will traverse by way of the deepest humility. He will accept incarnations that will lead him to the abyss of humanity. In many a totally drunk person, such a journey of humility has been carried out. That is the spiritual aspect. He who has fallen so deeply, that his brothers and sisters can trample on him - as you have expressed it - has truly become humble, with all his heart. And he will never again raise himself above any of his brothers or sisters. Now you have an explanation for your own difficulties, here and there, to identify with this earthly sphere, and you know the background. You do not have to live through everything; some go before you, such as the brother on the park bench. They serve you as example, and since everything is connected with everything, fashioning a unity in the spirit, you have the entire and total wealth of experience of all the souls to your avail, if you wish. But since you have been given free will, it is always up to you, whether you are willing to accept the experiences of others and to bow in humility, without having to make the experience of the deepest crash yourselves. My beloved students, to be a child of light brings many test, so that this light may shine purely and clearly, so that every single one of you brings to his fellow-man only love, meekness and kindness, without any judgment: radiating love, kindness, gentleness, meekness, and humility, from a fully developed spiritual consciousness, the conscious awareness of being a son or daughter of GOD. See your past in this light, and solve your present questions also in this light of My words, in accordance with your free will, and may My words have their effect on you. And I promise you that future questions in this light will no longer appear, for I am leading you into your inner wisdom, so that you may view everything round about you in these three aspects, and so that you will no longer view them with your intellect, with your mind, but that you will recognize the profound connections. By this you will grow into the unity of creation, step by step, into this new age of which you spoke at the beginning of the evening. It is an age that will be full of miracles, miracles for the present mind. However, in the future they will be matter of fact. Verily, it will be similar as at the beginning your age of industry. One discovery will follow another, for knowledge radiates into all levels, just as then one invention followed at the heels of another, and so a fullness of spiritual wealth is already radiating your souls and is pressing, with full force, from the subconscious to the conscious level. Subconsciously, you who are hearing or reading My word are already living in the new age, the age of light, the age of the spirit, in the preparation of the New Earth, as of now still unconsciously, but soon consciously. Much new technical advancement will help you to regain unity with creation. It will help you to recognize you errors, and you will also have the opportunity to partially retrace your path that you had taken in the wrong direction, in opposition of creation, which you had to take because you needed this experience. And I say partially, because the process cannot be reversed completely. Your old Mother Earth has been stripped of its wealth and bears within the longing to strive toward the spirit. This longing will increase in the coming time. This means [there will be] violent shocks of the Earth's surface, which in the last analysis will cause the Earth to burst its earthly mantel, in order to become purely spiritual once again. You are now in this time of preparation of the New Age. You are going ahead in order to help your brothers and sisters; for world-wide a wave of light will travel across the earth in order to touch all My children, whom I, as JESUS CHRIST have adopted, until I can turn them over to the FATHER as pure children once again. This wave of love is already churning. On the unconscious level it causes the great turbulence, which you recognize as riots among the peoples. As I have already explained to you, everything will be hurled up- and outward in this process of fermentation, for the souls are purifying themselves. After this purification of the souls, all those who are willing will be lead to the light of love. In this light, that I am, there will be peace among men for a short time. Only few will rebel, only few will not take My extended hand. It will be you who will then stand at My side in order to help Me guide all My sheep to new pastures. May you free yourselves of all the ballast of human striving, so that I can stream through you with My power of love, again in accordance with your free will. Dissolve the 'red thread,' pass through your fears! If you ask Me, I will be willing to give you explanations in all things, be it by way of dreams or outer events, all you need do is to align with Me, the Love. May you, My beloved, repeat the last exercise. May you concentrate in the consciousness of DIVINE Order, the coccyx region, with a brief meditation. Meditate on the fact that you are one, consciously, with your Mother Earth; so that do not live between the worlds; so that you will not totally identify with this human life here on Earth, but that you are conscious of your DIVINE status of the child of GOD. Adopt the attitude that you are grounded with both feet upon the earth, and that you are thankfully receiving the power it gives your body. Be thankful for each step that you are able to walk on this earth. Be thankful for everything that happens to you, for it is this planet which is raised, through you, into the next higher vibration, and which will be followed by all other material heavenly bodies; because here, too, there will be a chain reaction, as I have explained to you at the beginning of the evening: By fighting only one negative characteristic through love-devotion for Me, you can dissolve events that in part originated millions of years ago. Not only that, to dissolve this characteristic by your love-will inspire also your fellow-man, since everything is connected with everything; for he who has the same negative characteristic then also receives a spiritual impulse to try to eliminate this negative characteristic, so that you irradiate this light at the same time on the entire earth; and everyone who wrestles with this receives this light and will be strengthened by it in his struggle; all this [is possible] because of your good will. Everything is so linked with everything, as you cannot even fathom it today. The whiff of your breath, in other words, journeys around the entire world, as I have already said. It is the same with your sensations, thoughts and with every word. It does not only travel around this world, everything you send out reproduces itself in other spheres as well, in order to return to the source [you], for this too is a divine law. And so may you move My words about in your hearts and take on the next 5 years up to your 35th year of your life. Should you be younger than that, look at people of that age and watch yourselves in your sensations, thoughts and in the light and law of the divine Order, which is also radiated by love, as I have taught you last time. My blessing and My power are with every one of you. [You have] question after question, My beloved students, and I want to answer them all for you, for the divine Wisdom is limitless. So come with Me into the depths of your divine being. 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