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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 34 txt  11.27KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

34. Exercise My faithful students, I, JESUS CHRIS, your friend and brother radiate into your human hearts with My empathy, streaming forth from love. I know very well what it means to walk this earth in the human garment, with all the weaknesses clinging to it. That is why I emphasize that everything I teach you in this schooling via the prophetic word is merely meant to point the way, not to determine your way, for you are free, absolutely free. Every one of you takes his personal path in his innermost being with Me. Everything I have related to you about the Primordial Home, about the events of the fall, what I taught in the past or will teach in the future, all of it is not meant for you as a dogma of faith. You are free to either accept My WORD or not to do so, the reason being that truth can only be recognized as such within yourselves. You should always examine - in your inner being - all that, which is related to you by instruments. As you progress on the path of light you are training yourselves in your Sensing, so that you arrive at Knowing, as you draw from the inner well of Wisdom, which will tell you, "It could be approximately as it was described." For you cannot comprehend with your human mind how as it truly is in reality, My beloved, nor can you fathom it, since the most sacred truth in GOD, the FATHER, is too highly vibrating [for you to comprehend]. Whatsoever is transmitted to you is usually transformed down to somewhat lower vibrating sensations, which will transform themselves higher, gradually, by virtue of this schooling, thereby unfolding to you the inner wisdom. Therefore, everything you are hearing or reading is truth only at the onset. You yourselves are called upon to explore your inner being and to experience the laws of creation yourselves, for all laws come together in the one [law], called Love. It is important for your present consciousness to keep that which is good and to lay aside that which you cannot yet understand. Concentrate upon those things that help to advance you in your development. Every one of you has his or her various problems, as it was shown in your discourse. You are afraid for your children, for the paths they might still take; these are worries which, as you have recognized, are your own issues that are reflected in the children. Then there are the difficulties you experience with your body, which is still very much aligned with this side of life. All these things are part of the reason that the power in man is not yet recognized as the creator-power, which is of God. I know that you look back upon your life's path and that you entertain thoughts of doubt, such as how you with your past could ever become My fully conscious disciples, who accomplishes that which I accomplished and even more. The past is unimportant. The here and now, the instant is the decisive moment for your future. As I said, the past is only important in that you need to recognize that you have brought with you certain characteristics. They were already fortified in your early childhood and even increased in the course of your life. You believe the environment was the culprit, but I say unto you, not the environment caused them, but you yourselves, for you are the builders of your fate, your life. For by your behavior, even at childhood age, you have unconsciously and by and by formed your parents, your nurses or nannies, your teachers, and your employers. It is you who create your environment. You are truly the builders of your life. Every illness, everything that happens to you has its root in your creator-will. As hard as it may be for you to understand this, that is how it is; for this too is a law: THE LAW OF THE FREE WILL. Let Me give you an example: You are fighting for your self-awareness. Even in your early childhood it was taken away from you by your dominant parents. You did not dare oppose their word, and in your inner being you are in reality still the little boy or girl projecting his or her attitude into your environment, and this environment reacts to your projections, just as you expected. As soul you had searched for dominant parents so that you would learn, early, to submit your still very strong will and to learn to accept the will of other people. Now, in the earthly garment, while you have accepted the will of your parents, you have at the same time made the mistake to subject yourselves under the will of all people. This means the pendulum is not balancing in the golden middle, but came to rest at the other extreme of your willfulness. You have aligned yourselves with the will of your environment. As soon as you have recognized this, you can change your situation immediately by becoming conscious of the fact that you are a CHILD OF GOD, and also that you are equal with all other CHILDREN OF GOD. With My power and help, you will then learn very quickly that you are entitled to fulfill your will, as long as you have first placed it in the will of God, out of a sense of freedom, the law of freedom. Your fellow-human beings will accept this, will accept your 'yes' or 'no' and you yourselves will no longer waver between 'but' and 'maybe', but you will have set your clear boundaries and will go your path consciously. You can let this 'being conscious' stream toward your children as well. They too are like you, children of the one FATHER, they too go their paths at My hand. Give them their freedom, from within! That freedom is totally different from the external one. Recognize that outwardly you let your children go and that you see them as adults; but in their inner being the same process is going on as with you: They are still the little boy, the little girl. By doing this, you are standing in the way of your children; you are keeping them from finding this self-awareness. No matter what their age may be, you should give your children this self-awareness that says: "I am a child of the MOST HIGH. My father and my mother are support for me only for a little while. I will develop myself." The love which you give to your children by letting go of them from the very beginning, and by not seeing them as your possessions, but as children of the one FATHER and GOD, this love will connect you with your earthly children for as long as you walk the earth. Whatsoever you try to hold on to, whatsoever you bind yourselves to, you will lose. The loosening of your bondage happens through your children in manifold ways. Either, they no longer want to learn in the way you would have them do; in the way they consciously go through life, worrying you and many other things. By this, they try to distance themselves from you, they try to show you that they are their own personality. Believe Me, My beloved, everything that happens to you, be it in the family, at your place of work, or wherever, nothing is coincidence! Everything is reaction, everything happens to cause recognition in you, for your own progress. When you walk through your days consciously, the many clues you receive can help you at every moment. Every person, no matter what his situation may be, is a child of the MOST HIGH, and I am present within every person. And I stand before you in your brother and in your sister. No matter how they are acting, be it that according to you they have failed, it is I Who encounters you through these people and I show you the mirror so that you can see yourself in it while you are making a judgment. For realize, with every judgment you are judging yourself! How often do you make judgments over your fellow man and even your children? With every verdict, My beloved, you are solidifying the behavior of your fellow-man. These verdicts cause preconceptions, and you yourselves are then caught in these preconceptions. For you will label all the people round about you, compartmentalizing them and will no longer see the light that shines in them for you, and only for you, so that you can come to recognition. Ponder My words and watch yourselves in the coming fourteen days. Watch how often you judge your neighbors, how you classify them, label them, how you smile about some people, or trip over their behavior - and then look at yourselves! I ask you to take some time every day, perhaps five or ten minutes, or more if you wish. Sit in the stillness in a meditative attitude, and go to the consciousness center of DIVINE Order. This center is near the coccyx region. It shines in a soft red, like the red of a sunset. This center of DIVINE Order helps you to put in order your inner being, brings your sensations into the DIVINE Love-Order, and helps you to think about your thoughts, words and deeds in the light of DIVINE Order. Do not mistake the inner Order for the outer order! Let me give you an example: He or she who is subject to compulsive and exaggerated cleaning or washing of hands, overlooks a decisive Problem in his or her inner being, which has to do with this Order. The inner Order is to lift sensations, thoughts, words and deeds into the light of love. It is what I have taught you, to love creation and your fellow-man as yourselves. You will be confronted with this DIVINE ORDER, time and again, to the very end of your life, for it is the most difficult hurdle you face. Every negative thought, every negative sensation disrupts the inner DIVINE Order, disrupts your center of consciousness, which rotates [vibrates] in the direction of the hands of your clock, the same consciousness center which connects you with the earth at your feet. I repeat, with every negative sensation, with every negative thought, with every negative word, you thrust yourselves into chaos and disrupt the harmony in and about you. This chaos, which has been incited by you, immediately has its effect on your surroundings, for that, too, is a law. And this chaos also comes back to you, for your surroundings only reflect your inner being. If you are in harmony, then everything round about you is in harmony. If you vibrate in love, the aura of your DIVINE consciousness center of Order spreads round about you and carries you into higher levels of consciousness. So begin now if you are willing, for you are free, begin to examine very earnestly your sensations, thoughts, words and also your deeds, and little by little, your aura will be irradiated and will lose all dark flashes of rage and anger, and I will be able to work through you and fulfill through you all that, which I have already accomplished, and even more. At the same time, may you take on the next five years! Time is pressing on, and I want to continue to walk with you, so that you may perceive Me in you. Even now I am guiding you by way of impulses. Even now you hear, here and there, My loving WORD within you. It is My wish [to have] free brothers and sisters, who are responsible for themselves and who bear this responsibility with joy, thereby working in the light of eternity, in love. The evening is progressing, night has fallen. However, the inner sun shall shine for you and gain more and more luster, a sun which illumines your paths, even if sometimes it still seems dark. This darkness must be, so that you will learn to appreciate the light. The depths must be, so that you can rejoice in the heights. So come, and let us continue our journey! My blessing, My love, and My peace are truly in and with you. Amen Last revision 07/29/02 115