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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 33 txt  12.12KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

33. Exercise My beloved friends, I JESUS CHRIST am among you as usual, from the beginning to the conclusion of your gathering. Unconsciously to you, I pulsate into your souls and lift the shadows into the light. My joy is with you because you are speaking openly and honestly with each other in this community and are not hiding your opinions under a mantel of piousness. By this, you truly work together and give each other the support on the path to light, to Me and therefore to the FATHER. Verily, everything is yours. Not only this small Earth was given to you by GOD the FATHER, but all the orbiting planets, even those in the farthest heavenly spheres, everything is yours. Even the sun, the center of your planet system, is given to you. You receive power from all constellations. Every planet fulfills its task as gift to you, to uphold you, and with "you" I mean to include all that are called children of GOD by the CREATOR-SPIRIT. Look into the depths and width of the cosmos, which is being explored ever more widely and deeply by your scientists - everything is yours. And this is merely the visible creation. The invisible creation is raised to a higher power, that is, seven times seven in number. And all of it is yours. In His creative power, GOD gives Himself to His children. I give Myself to you in love. And in the eternal kingdoms there are no longer these terms of "mine" and "yours," there is only "our kingdom." It is the FATHER'S power and glory that immerses you, and when someday you have all come home again, it will also be "your" kingdom and "your" power and "your" glory, in which GOD the FATHER can reflect Himself in all eternity. Then, the sentence in the prayer of unity, which I have taught you and which you are praying, "our kingdom comes" will have become eternally-holy truth. As of now, you still fence yourselves in, in the dominion of those forces that want to be more than GOD, the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT. Recognize that the "fall" began with just that thought: "I, Satana, want my own kingdom in which I will rule over my own." She misunderstood the love of the FATHER and did not want to see that He, the ALL-ONE, humbly bows in His love and that he never rules or dictates; that He, out of this humility gave His children free will, enabling them to decide for love or against it, deciding thereby for dominating their own. What was once "our is the kingdom, the power, and the glory," became a separated creation, and still you can see in your earthly and material surroundings the effects of this first thought of the fall. Observe this small country, where the various ethnic groups murder each other. All of them fight for a small piece of land, upon which they want to rule or dominate. Is that the love that GOD the FATHER showed through Me on the cross? In the heavenly spheres the thought of separation was never there. This thought exists only outside the purely spiritual worlds. GOD the FATHER sees you all within the realm of unity, and thereby I as well, HIS LOVE BECOME MAN. Even all purely spiritual beings see you in the realm of unity, in the light of eternity. Whatever part of you is taking the path of experiences right now is not your true being. Rather, it is like various shadows of the spirit. The shadows of free will, which has given unto you, and through which you are presently passing. The spiritual spark, the child in you is pure, the son , the daughter is infinitely pure. At home there are spiritual families, just as it is in the earthly sphere. Last time I spoke to you about your own dual soul. Today I will only briefly touch on the spiritual families and how they live, later I will go into it in more detail. The relationship of the dual pair in the light of eternally divine love, within the blessing of the FATHER, is irradiated by the purest of loves, by the highest might of creator-power. While enveloped by this creator-power, a being from the spheres of development can be attracted to the dual pair. Such a being - having a similar vibration as that of the dual pair - has absolved the spheres of development beginning with the spiritual mineral, then continuing its development through the spiritual plant world, the spiritual animal kingdom, and finally that of the nature beings (more about that later). I will explain the laws thereof later. Such a small being, having passed through the patience of a mineral, the joy and beauty of a plant, the will of the animals, and having developed into a nature being [i.e. elves, gnomes, sylphs], and already having fulfilled certain duties in the developmental spheres of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom; such a nature being is received lovingly and enveloped by the power of grace, while from its spiritual father and mother the child-characteristics stream into this being. When these forces called "child-characteristics," which fortify patience, love and mercy, have been perfected, the dual parents present this child to the FATHER, and GOD the FATHER blesses this being and raises it to the status of His Child, His Son or Daughter, while the choir of all purely created Children is jubilating. And for this [new] child, which existed from the Primordial Beginning as thought in the FATHER'S mind and which now entered into the spiritual life, even though it had to pass through all the aforementioned stages, for this child there is a being predestined for him or her from a primordial eternity. And after a certain period of time - not to be compared with your earthly time - this predestined being and the aforementioned [new] Child of God will be brought together in order to create one more dual pair [or: couple]. According to sublime laws, these two will attract each other, while in GOD'S thoughts they were always one Dual-flame. This time in the spiritual level is a phase of growing in wisdom and love. The spiritual child is introduced to the wisdom of the heavens, inasmuch as father and mother are able to do so. The child will attend spiritual schools, and he or she has the free will, right from the start, just as you too have the free will and free choice. Father and mother are one unity and are inseparable in spirit. In spirit, the female principle is blessed with more shares of Patience, Love and Mercy, whereby the basic divine natures of Order, Will, Wisdom, and Justice are present, but not as emphasized. With the male principle, Order, Will, Wisdom, and Justice are emphasized, while Patience, Love, and Mercy are the blessing gifts of the FATHER, but not as emphasized as with the female principle. Both complement each other and are - inseparable - Patience, Love, and Mercy teach, guard and introduce Wisdom. Order, Will, and Justice take the child of God by the hand and show him the widths and breadths of the cosmos, the widths and breadths of creation and the tasks that are to be fulfilled joyfully with an attitude of ministering love. However, recognize that both principles are equal! They are the flame before GOD'S throne. Nothing is separate in the eternal Kingdom of Love. After this brief sketch of the eternal home, which can only be described humanly or in humanized form, because you are not yet able to understand this wonderful event fully, let us come back to your earthly existence, to the events of the fall. Wars happened, for as long as you are able to think back in time. All recordings report of it, that is, time and again of a split kingdom, separated and diced into many parts. Yes, even the Wisdom of GOD separates, partitions into many religions, and all believe to have the one true and right one. The most sacred gift, which is given to the spirit beings in the heavenly spheres is creation, including the power to create and animate beings of unspeakable and inexpressible beauty and to present these as children to the eternally Holy FATHER. Here on earth, this power and might has fallen or diminished to the level of the animals. Animals only care to maintain their species. The human being does not know that the procreative power is sanctified, even here in the earthly sphere. It is creative power, which causes a child to develop from a seed and an egg, a child of GOD, animated by a purely spiritual being, by this I mean in its source pure, as I have already said, and shaded only by its self-willed journey of wanting to be and wanting to have riches and power. My beloved, I know that it is not easy for you to understand My words fully in their depths and thereby to actualize them and therefore understand them. However, if you only take home a tiny spark tonight of the eternally holy power that is effective in you, then I will be able to guide you; and guide you I will, until you are able to attain the right understanding coming from wisdom, which will be unfolded for you. The motive power [sexual drive] in you is sacred; it is the creator-power. If you, together with your partner, transform this sexual drive in love, and if you transform this being sexually driven to a giving of yourself to your partner in love, you will have taken the first step toward this sacred creator-power. The more you turn to Me in your inner being, the more pure becomes your love for your partner. And if in your case there are still several [partners] for you, you will recognize, step by step, that the unity in the SPIRIT OF GOD, in His love, can only truly be accomplished with one partner, for you cannot love them all without hurting the others. And in the same manner as it is in heaven, it shall be on earth: Unified power, in the progress of raising itself up into ever higher spheres, until I can be present to you at any time, even during your loving unification (whereby you cannot, even now, send Me or your accompanying angels away, for we are always present.) Recognize, My beloved students, that you are walking various levels! One of you may have more problems with this topic, the other less, whereby the other may have more difficulties with other topics, all depending on different things. I am accompanying and helping you, together with the angels that have been placed at your sides. I am placing into your heart the right understanding of: "Our is the kingdom." The moment comes for everyone when your efforts are wholehearted and constant, when you will look back and will say: "Oh Lord, how silly I was when I clung to this piece of matter while you placed the entire creation into My lap. Oh Lord, forgive My human thinking!" All of creation belongs to every one equally, a creation whose extent you cannot even fathom. Now I come back to My word in the beginning. Look with your scientists into your world of stars that has been availed to you by now. Not only into the starry sky you can see with your own eyes but beyond, to the one your strongest telescopes can still reach. Look at the programs that will report about them, and I say unto you that you will not find an end to them, even if you could leave the speed of light far behind you. You could travel in all infinity and would never find the end of creation. For you know that there time is no more and you, as spirit beings, will never find an end to creation, for you too are constantly creating and shaping [things] anew. When someday you have discarded all your shadows, you will create, shape and form, infinitely. For then all joy and power is given unto you, all glory lies in your hands, for the FATHER reflects Himself in His children. That is His love, it is I. So grow into the "Our is the kingdom." I bless you, My beloved friends. Think wisely about My words and about your conversations that were guided by Me! Think about the time of your first job, your beginning profession, and enter thereby into the age of the adults! We will, from now on, take somewhat greater steps, in the 5-year cycle at first, later, toward the end of this spiritual training, called "exploring your consciousness," we will take steps of 10-year cycles. Therefore [task], in the light of My words, let the beginning of your professional years, also your marriage, flow by you and work on yourselves diligently, as you have been! My peace and my love irradiate you. I, the GOOD SHEPHERD, am within each and every one of you. Amen Last revision 07/25/02 25