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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 31 txt  15.48KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

31. Exercise My beloved students, I JESUS CHRIST am amongst you. I have accompanied you through this evening and guided your conversations, indirectly and directly; directly by speaking through your thoughts and indirectly when I touched your souls and allowed your emotions to surface so that they became apparent to the circle of brothers and sisters and so that you may recognize yourselves in them. Oh see, community helps you to abrade and polish each other. It helps you, by everyone showing his neighbor from his own reflections where the weaknesses are. In the world you often suppress your anger and do not recognize the opportunities of gaining recognition from the reflection of your neighbor. In these My words you recognize that you are still reflecting one another. For if this was not the case you would not notice the negative characteristics of your neighbor. From your vantage point they would be an endearing quality of your vis a vis and no more. As long as you still show to each other your own weaknesses, as you did today in this circle, you will bear more or less heavily upon those weaknesses. And it is good this way, for by your recognition you will discard them by and by, until there is only a slight glimmer of them upon your souls, a glimmer which will remain in you for the rest of your earthly lives, otherwise you would not be able to remain here in the sphere of vibration called Earth. However, let these small weaknesses not serve as excuse for you, for the glimmers of which I speak can hardly be perceived, while the weaknesses of which I speak are partially present in quite large measure, and not only small ones. The topics of your conversations this evening were quite diversified. I will come back to some of them later on. Now I would like to touch upon those topics that may be most important for your development at this time. The interactive difficulties between people have to be transformed to the positive inasmuch as you are no longer a hindrance to each other on the path to light, but that every one may walk his path freely, without feeling leashed. If you have difficulties in your families, whose members according to you are not yet on the spiritual path, always look to yourselves for the blame, for - I repeat - if you are on the path to light and spread light about you, this light will show to all those who are walking with you, and they will develop toward the light along with you. That is the law of love that I am teaching you; that you may open wide your hearts in spirit and stretch forth your arms in order to take along as many as you can, home into eternity. This taking along may not be done verbally or with attempts to convince or coerce. No, this taking along shall be accomplished singularly by your love, which shows itself in your actions. If you spread love round about you, sooner or later love will come back to you. However, My beloved, do not expect anything of your neighbor, otherwise this love is only a means to a desired end and not true love. For as long as you are not yet capable to give love purely, freely and without looking for recompense, ask Me to help you and I will stand by you with the angels of the heavens and will teach you the pure, unselfish heavenly love by thought-impulses. Glance outside into nature [and see] how it gives itself to you lavishly once again with all its blossoms, and to everyone in the same measure! You too should come to the point of being able to love without differentiating. Even though at the moment this is for you in the earthly garment still difficult to comprehend, think of My words I spoke, which were not understood then either: "Who are My mother, who are My brothers?" You are all mother, sisters and brothers. My disciples did not understand Me and thought I didn't love My mother. However, today you understand Me when I say: "I love you all equally." In the same way as nature gives itself to all, [let me give you] yet another example: In the same way as the sun shines upon all equally, in the same fashion, I love you all the same. I may see the shadows upon your souls, however I see beyond these shadows the pure CHILDREN OF GOD in the eternally radiating light. That, My beloved students, you too must learn to do. No matter whom you may have talked about in this circle, be it the unruly children or the behavior of your brothers and sisters, if you were to behold your brothers and sisters as I do, with their divine radiation at the center of their souls, you would see their weaknesses and faults in a totally different light. And if you go the next step by putting yourselves beside them and beholding your own weaknesses and faults, you will recognize that every one of you has to work on yourself in order to reach this divine primordial center, for none of you is better than the other. Whatever weakness one of you might have, the other may not have that particular weakness, but nonetheless he still struggles with other faults. Now to change the topic, looking back upon your childhood and seeing your parents in a mirror, you should develop, by and by, a great amount of understanding and appreciation for their passed situation; and not only what happened in the past and how they treated you as children, but also for the present situation. A mother who carried her child under her heart will always consider him her child; it is the human beings way. Only when the mother goes the spiritual path will she recognize: This child is my brother in the spirit. However, when your parents do not go the spiritual path in the way you are executing it - I say this to exclude the possibility that your parents are not as far ahead as you on their path to the FATHER'S HOUSE - you will understand that they could not act any other way than they did and that it may take some time before they will recognize that their son or daughter are staying behind in the earthly being, I am leaving this world, this body in order to enter into another dimension. Many mothers cannot let go of their children even in the spheres of the beyond. In such a case they are sometimes afforded the possibility to further protect and guide them from the spiritual realm, until they too will enter the beyond. During that time they are being taught by angels about their several earthly walks in the human robes and by and by, they will come to understand that their child still in the earthly realm is their spiritual sister or brother. Have compassion for your parents! Have compassion for your children! For you especially reflect yourselves in your children or in the children placed in your care (specifically kindergarten teachers/teachers/etc.), concerning your red thread that runs through your life. Pay attention, especially, to the children; not those, My beloved, which are sitting quietly in front of you, listening to your fairy tales, but look especially at those who lift their little heads defiantly and say "I want". Especially those children reflect your own self, for you radiate this self. When I walked this earth, there happened to be a noisy group of children nearby, and since I wanted to teach many of My disciples My most faithful disciples were trying to keep these children with their - and please note this only in parenthesis - "noisy screaming" from Me. Let Me remind you what I said to them: "Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!" The little ones pressed in on Me, grew silent in their child-like urge to be in constant motion and listened to My voice, because I hardly reflected Myself at all. My soul was not encumbered, except for a few soft veils of which I spoke in the beginning. You, however, My beloved, are still radiating your ego quite strongly, and it is this ego, which is picked up by the children and which then is reflected back to you in their child-like innocence. And this happens only when in both, the adult and the child, the same resonance [same vibration] is present. If the adult were to stand in the light of love, no child in his presence would be loud or in its self will. Let Me remind you of the exercise with the animals. The wildest beast of prey will lie down at the feet of the meek and will eat grass out of his hand. Become meek and you will only find meek children around you! Oh see, whatever you are, therefore, your radiation is what has an effect upon your surroundings. Be it in your family or be it at your place of work or on the way to work, wherever you may be, your power of radiation crosses all boundaries as you cannot even imagine. Comprehend, My students, that you are part of a network in all of creation! Be it the rock at your feet, the plants, the animals or your fellow human beings, you have an invisible connection with all things, and your radiation, be it of a positive or negative kind, goes far beyond these connecting links that spread like a network. If your radiation touches the same vibration it will return to you, only intensified, and this is true whether the radiation you touch is positive or negative. This explains why your grown up children, having moved out and living far away from you, are still walking with you and may even baffle you with their wisdom, when after some long time you once again are united with them at table. Even when you separate from people externally, there is still this inner connection with every other being. This inner connection from the unity of all DIVINE BEING is also the bearer of the different vibrations. If the vibration is aimed against the DIVINE, it will come back to you hitting you with full, even intensified force; intensified because it linked itself with vibrations of like kind and came back to the sender, as everything runs its course. When you believe you can avoid tests, it may seem so for the moment, but due to this previously mentioned network and inner connection a similar test will come toward you and you are faced with the same moment of decision, either to pass the test or to avoid it once more and to fail yet one more time. For your consolation, there will always be another opportunity. Until you have finally returned to perfection, you will go from test to test and will pass them, coming out of them with increased strength. You have illumined the chapters of your lives between the twelfth and the fifteenth year. You recognized the step from childhood to youth, and some of you became aware of the importance of this step. Now I will come back to My word: "If you do not become like the little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." So that you do not misunderstand this 'MY WORD,' let Me explain to you its meaning: The child still lives in a certain safety within creation, for a large part also in the safety of the parental home. Decisions are made for the child and it abides willingly, or not. However, by entering into the age of the youth, the child will come to make his or her own decisions. You have worked this out in the example of confirmation. A decision was demanded of you, which some of you deemed too early [in the life of the child]. You have since decided for a different kind of Christianity. And if you continue to walk upon the chosen path it is My teaching, which I brought to you: MINISTER TO YOUR NEIGHBOR IN LOVE. The child in his behavior is still programmed by creation, which surrounds him. He discovers the world, discovers Earth. With advancing age this child-like consciousness will expand, will wallow in reverie, and believes in the angels that accompany him, if that is what he has been told. The child trusts in the words of his parents, teachers and others that are part of his life. It is this trust that I am speaking of when I say "Become like the little children." 'Being' like a child that unconditionally clings to those who are at his side; the trust in the father, the mother, the grand parents, that everything they do is right and good and that they are helping him; that is what is meant with the trust one only has as a child for the world of the grownups. If you have never learned this primal or primordial trust as child, you will find it difficult to trust even GOD your FATHER, and thereby Me. My WORD, which you now hear, would only be like a wind that does not penetrate your depths, that just blows by and passes. However, you are hearing or reading My words and you trust them like a child. You believe in GOD the ETERNAL FATHER, Who protectively places His hand over you and Who guides you on all your paths, paths which you must go in order to reach perfection. Even if you still do go some of the paths obstinately, you are going them with child-like trust. He or she who has never experienced this primal trust in his or her childhood has great difficulties with the concept of a FATHER in heaven. It is a concept for you human beings, for to explain to you this FATHER, with Whom I am one, with all its significance is not possible. Therefore, comprehend My statement: "If you do not become like the children," which does not mean to 'stay back as an infant.' The human being continues on his path during his years of becoming an adult. During your youth, which you relived during this chapter, the world of the grown-ups has become totally clear to you for the first time. On one hand there was the freedom, and on the other the sense of being hemmed in. How wonderful was it for you to revel in playing. However, now begins the momentous part of life, as you say in your language. Now it shows itself that whatever you have not learned up to now will become ever more difficult to learn. Now your marked weaknesses show themselves, those with which you will be confronted more and more, for instance, when you are about to enter into a profession. May the next three years be your task for these two weeks, so that you can think about the gravity of this just begun time of youth. Let this time resound in you once more and let what we talked about in community become even clearer to you. I give you My light of recognition for this task, so that you may deepen your process of finding yourselves and that you may grow toward the light with increased consciousness. So much more I want to teach you, so much I want to explain to you. Yes, I want to awaken in each and every one of you the inner wellspring, so that you will no longer need an instrument; but that you will pay heed to the impulses that stream forth toward you from the well, which are already guiding you indirectly, and will little by little become the direct language. I want to lead each and every one of you by way of the paths, which you yourselves have chosen for your life. Verily, My beloved students, if you try and continue to work on yourselves as you have been doing, we will take large steps upward the steep mountain path, and the sun of enlightenment will take hold of you, and I will clear up everything in you and bring it to light. Verily, live in the here and now! The past is merely your servant; the future is a spiritual goal, but the here and now is your teacher. Let me repeat, at every moment you can decide FOR the light-filled networking of the world round about you, or for the continued darkening of matter. It only seems easier to remain comfortably in the darkness, to keep with the old trudge, than to change here and now; for some day you will have to change. And the more you keep with your same old rut, the harder it will become. So be not afraid to change yourselves and try to continue to live fulfilled, strengthened with My blessing power! Come, My sheep, My beloved! Amen Last Revision 07/19/02 105