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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 30 txt  10.28KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

30 Exercise My friends, you have extended your hand to Me JESUS CHRIST, ready to walk the paths on which I will henceforth lead you. However, these paths are partially quite steep and lead over rocks and boulders, rocks and boulders that mean your human ego. You have extended your hands to me in order to turn back, which is, to look at your life thus far in the light of love and to continue with Me Who is Love, onward toward the perfection of the love in you. The path led first of all by way of your love for creation - for it is easy to love the stone, the plant, and the animal. It is much harder to learn to love your brother and sister in whom your ego reflects. The path by way of self-recognition is full of thorns. However, look harder at your path and at the thorns! Do you not see the blossoming roses? With every self-recognition you are picking one wondrous white blossom, from which its fragrance issues enveloping you; for it is your home that is blowing its fragrance about you, which is coming nearer to you by this rose. It is your spiritual home within you - GOD your FATHER, with Whom I am one. Do not look upon the thorns, do not procrastinate with them, but pick the rose and continue your walk! You spoke about the Law of Karma. Verily, I say unto you: No child of the FATHER would ever be able to come back home if everything he had caused would have to be expiated [atoned for] to the last drop of blood. But the FATHER'S grace is streaming toward you, helping you. When you recognize yourselves and are willing to observe your present difficulties in the light of this self-recognition, GOD'S grace will envelop you symbolically in the fragrance of the rose and will give you all the power to pass through your present fate and to bear patiently what has to be borne. When you are amid a karmic event, you have the choice to loosen this karma or to even deepen it. You would deepen it by continued quarreling. You deepen it by hurting one another. You would loosen it by forgiving one another, perhaps, by going your separate ways while you envelop the other with love; for he would not have crossed your path had you been free of any karmic guilt [sin]. Only love dissolves [these things], only forgiveness dissolves them. The two cannot be separated, for true love forgives everything. True love lets the other be and is above the human concerns. As long as a human being is not able to live this true love toward his neighbor, he should consider that the other may get even more entangled in his karma, which then has to be dissolved by both of them. Why am I teaching you so intently about this forgiving love? Why did I say, even on the cross: "FATHER, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing?" You simply do not know why your fellow man acts in this way and not in another. You cannot yet gaze into their soul; you do not know their karma. For as long as you walk this Earth still blind for these events, you will not be able to understand your neighbor. For this reason, practice the all-forgiving love until you have reached this understanding by your growing wisdom. Let us walk together through your childhood, through your youth. Time and again, you are meeting children and young people who are mirrors for your childhood and youth. Time and again you will - if you are willing - observe yourselves in your brothers and sisters; for only when you have learned to understand yourselves can you reach understanding for your neighbor. As long as you have not learned to know yourselves, you are in need of understanding for your neighbor. As long as you don't love yourselves as you presently are, you cannot love your fellow-brother or sister, nor accept them as they are. I will always guide you back to these two key sentences, for they are the boulders in your way, over which you will have to navigate. My beloved friends, self-actualization is not actualization of the spiritual path to GOD when it does not at the same time contribute to the development of your fellow-human beings in your vicinity. If you take the path into the light only for yourselves, without extending your hands, symbolically speaking, to take your neighbor along with you, you are walking the path in vain. I refer to a teaching of wisdom of one of the great world religions, the search for illumination that goes on for many years. Illumination did not come to the man in solitude. The wise man did not reach illumination just for himself, no, illumination came when the wise man turned to the people and took them along on his path to illumination. That is what I too taught when I walked this earth. Love spreads out hands, makes arms and the heart wide in order to take along all those standing left and right at the road's edge. My beloved students, I do hear you call: "Lord, how can I progress spiritually when I am stuck amid my human difficulties?" I answer you the following: O see, these human difficulties have to be on the way to the light. There is need for thorns, rocks and cliffs, for only thus do you walk upward. Whether you stand in the shadows or in the light, whether you are in pain and sorrow or in joy, you always have a choice. I am willing to help you in the shadows, to be light in the darkness, to give you all the power to pass through the darkness into the light, so that you may be delivered and walk upward." I speak to you in symbols and parables, since they better lend themselves to being remembered. Everything that is round about you wants to help you in parables. No matter what happens round about you, there are no coincidences. Everything has been given to you to help you. Today you shared that you gave all your love to a tree, a yew, but that the tree died anyway. What kind of love was it? Was it the kind that had the expectation that the tree should stay alive? Therefore, was the love of the conditional kind? Or was the love the kind that said: "Lord, as it is your will. If you wish that this tree may grow and flourish, then it will do so. If it is your will that its life-power withdraws and the tree perishes, I will accept this too and still give it all my love, knowing that not one ray of love is in vain." Love and hatred are not lost, but one can balance out the other. Consider this always, you are constantly in this state of balancing out, every day, every hour anew. No encounter is per chance! Let Me give you an example: You are entering a vehicle of public transportation. If you can smile and bless all the people there, you can loosen a karmic connection you had created before in a community in some negative way, with that smile and with your blessing. You can perhaps even dissolve individual fate, the kind that is not so weighty upon your soul. For recognize, every unfriendly glance, every unfriendly word, yes even every unfriendly thought is present! These are spiritual forces that you have created and that you will have to undo yourself, for it is necessary that all lowly vibrating forces are transformed into positive and light-filled ones. Now pause briefly and observe only today: How many negative sensations, thoughts, words and deeds have occurred in this short time span?… I give you now My love, My power, and now let us walk through this day together, if you are willing, and let us dissolve every negative sensation, every negative thought, word and deed. - By this love, which is stronger than all that is negative, you [will] diffuse and emanate through your own negative creation, which you now dissolve; you will go straight into the world and will help your brothers and sisters to loosen negative things as well, for that is being a Christian. You will take your neighbor's burden upon yourself, thereby helping him carry it. I will remain silent now. Walk with Me - in a blessing fashion - briefly through this day.--- Just as you were able to immerse this day into light, by virtue of My streaming love in you, so you are also able to transform your past in to light-filled energy. Why does yesterday burden you and take from you all power? Lift it out of the depths of your souls with Me and recognize in yesterday the steps through your shadowy being, no more, for you live and act in the here and now! Every moment I bring before you the decision "For Me or against Me?" For Me would mean to continue on the path to the light. Against Me would be to continue a walk in the shadows. Both paths will eventually lead to the light, but the path in the shadows is much more difficult. My beloved sheep, I am the GOOD SHEPHERD at your side. No matter what path you may choose, I accompany you everywhere, for I am within you. I Am always ready to give to you the refreshing drink of the clear well of My SPIRIT. I extend to you the cup, but you must decide to accept it yourselves. I can only offer My help to you, you must accept it yourselves due to the law of the free will. There are many paths toward the light and every path, My beloved has its legitimacy. Therefore no one can say of another: "This one is going the wrong way" - no one! As long as you walk the Earth as a human being, there will always be detours caused by your human ego. You will trip over them and even fall, but I will extend My hand to you and help you up, you only need to take it. To remain down, My faithful, and to stay frozen in your fate, blaming all others for being on the ground means that you remain in the kingdom of shadows, you are standing still in your development. Get up, keep walking and do not remain in one spot! The here and now changes every second. To turn about means to live through the here and now every second with Me and by My power. The past is over, it is only helpful to you by the recognition you gleaned for the present, no more. So walk with Me, My faithful little flock, and all of you who are joining us outside of this circle. Live in the here and now every moment and try to remain in the moment, that is, try neither to stay in the future nor in the past. Tomorrow lies in GOD'S hand, which He is holding over you lovingly. Yesterday served for your self-recognition, regardless of whether you used it or not, for every moment brings you new recognition. And so, walk by letting My words resound in you and by deepening them so that you may come into GOD'S wisdom, which will open in you more and more. I bless you. Amen Last revision 07/17/02 102