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Anita Wolf 
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Path to unity through love 
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Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 20. Exercise txt  7.63KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

20. Exercise Dark is the night, foggy and cold. Yet, he who does not pass through this darkness will not appreciate the warmth and the light of the sun. Therefore, My beloved, the FATHER has granted His children free will, so that they may pass through the darkness swiftly and can return to the light freely. Never again will there be darkness, for darkness has been explored through all eternity and has been transformed to light. You, who are walking through this dark night have suffered many an hour of your life in deepest despair and heaviness of heart. Bitterness was in you, not only against human beings but also against GOD, because you had been taught that HE, THE ETERNAL LOVE punishes. Now, however, My sheep, you see the silvery streak at the horizon, for the morning redness is dawning, and the first rays of love spread out over the still dark morning sky. I, JESUS CHRIST, am this light, together with all who send out thoughts of love and peace, blessing thoughts on this earth. I am spiritually walking this earth through these people, therefore also through you who have decided to follow My path. Even if some thorns between the rocks may injure you from time to time, My sheep, I THE GOOD SHEPHERD am with you in order to heal your wounds when you come to Me at that moment. For I am only to help you when you ask Me. It is written: "Ask - and it is given unto you!". If you hadn't asked, the door would not have been opened for you, because according to the law of free will, the door would not have been allowed to be opened for you. It is the same with the continued walk on the inner path of recognition. You are absolutely free concerning your decision to stay on the path. However, it is the soul's freedom. The "human being has this freedom only conditionally. Why? When you were but an infant, the soul entered the physical garment with certain expectations as to how it wanted to fashion its life in this body, having to do with what it wanted to learn and perfect. The soul therefore had a goal. Now, the human being has the choice to go along with the soul, but also to oppose the soul, but only for a certain span of time. Because if the human being acts in opposition to the soul's conceptions - remembering that the soul is striving to reach the light - there will be discrepancies of vibration between soul and the human being. And these discrepancies will express themselves in ailments, thoughts of displeasure, depression and, if this "working against the soul" continues even in illnesses. Therefore, the "human being's" free will is conditional. This does not mean that everyone who is ailing is to be thought of as one who lives in opposition to his soul; for this would only tempt the human being to look down on those suffering from disease or illness. Recognize that there are exceptions, that is, there are brothers and sisters who take upon themselves the burdens of their fellow-man, just as I took the cross of the world on My shoulders so that My brothers and sisters would not carry as heavily and could reach the light more easily. Therefore, never judge. In this time of introspection, while you are preparing for a feast that is dedicated to My birth, you, My beloved, should not identify too much with the very external worldly striving. Instead, you should think of My words instead and try to identify with your soul and with what it wanted to accomplish in this earthly life. Know that especially in these so-called "dark times" (season) of the year, the spiritual forces are streaming especially strongly. He who opens himself for these forces, he who makes himself more translucent for the love of GOD and becomes receptive for it can receive a fullness of grace and pass it on to those who are important to him. I say unto you, My sheep, your loved-ones are more blessed with these heavenly gifts than with any material worth. However, even an external gift can bring blessing, if it was chosen with love and imbued with the blessing of the giver. However, always consider this: What is any earthly gift compared to the fullness of the FATHER'S Love? There shall be light on this earth, light in all the hearts of the human children, light in all the despairing ones. There shall be light and peace in the ones lacking peace, light and love in the hearts of all the refugees who are passing through the experience of having to ask themselves: What and where is home on this earth? Only by this experience the human being recognizes that the earth is not home, but that home is eternity, is the eternal being. And so I ask you to go into the coming weeks with introspection. Receive the fullness of love, beginning right now and every day a bit more. Empty your earthly vessel of all your human worries and need. Empty yourselves of all sorrows and negative experiences. Empty it through love and open your vessel so that the fullness may be given unto you. And when you walk your paths with Me and link with Me time and again, you will awaken to a conscious life in Me and with Me. Let Me be the friend at your side. Let Me walk with you through the seemingly dark days, so that they may be sanctified by your thinking, sensing, by your deeds and your speaking in and of My SPIRIT of love. When you are ready to walk with Me in this SPIRIT, then the nature spirit's world of sensation no longer will be foreign to you. When the morning fog in the streets, fields and forests thickens, see in it the symbol of the veil that lies between your earthly world and the spiritual one. It takes only the sun of love for the fog to lift. It takes your sun, for every one of you should be a sun, and the fog will lift. Then, no longer will be the spiritual world hidden from you, the spirits of the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Yes, for then the spiritual world - which is protecting and surrounding you full of love - is no longer hidden from you. By sensing them, you will make your first contact, My dear students. For instance, when you look out into the fog, are there not the dancing water nymphs in their damp element? Feel yourselves into their world, as they gently spread out their hands in the fog, over the fallen leaves, in order to promote the spiritual process of transformation: leaves fall to the earth to be nourishment for the trees, for bushes, grass, and flowers. Sense, how everything is weaving and working, so that in the spring new life can awaken once again! Immerse yourselves into the magical world of the nature beings! Magically - that is what you call it - the chemical processes are at work. The intellect believes it to happen this way. However, know that nothing happens without the spiritual power. Wherever this power is not at work, there is idleness, stagnation, nothing happens. Just like clockwork, everything comes together, one wheel serving the other. The smallest mechanical part fulfills its function, exactly like the large sun wheel and a much larger one, your nearest neighbor, your central sun in your vicinity. With nearest to you, I mean not at all far - seen cosmically - but for you human beings quite incomprehensible. You too shall take up your place in this DIVINE clockwork, ministering lovingly. You should lay yourselves gently, like a leave falling from a tree into the wind of the FATHER'S love. And you should let His will blow you wherever you can minister in love. That is your task. I bless you, every single one on you in this circle, and everyone - near and far - who joyfully walks this path with you, the path of this Love-Schooling, and I bless everyone, because in the last analysis everyone walks toward the same goal, GOD, THE HOLY PRIMORDIAL FATHER. My peace is with you. Angels accompany you. Amen Last revision 05/09/02 67