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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 19. Exercise txt  9.86KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

19. Exercise My beloved fold, I have called you by your name, and you have come to ME, JESUS CHRIST, the good SHEPHERD. Verily, I want to be your friend, your brother and want to walk the paths with you - as usual. These are paths that lead home directly, without detours, home to GOD My and your FATHER, with Whom I am one. Even if you do wander about on the meadow of life here and there in order to pick this or that juicy grass and flower, go, run to them and pick them. You will be back at My side that much more quickly; for the longing in your hearts leads you right back into My arms time and again. And you will continue the path to the light cleaving even more closely to Me. I know My sheep and My sheep know Me! No matter what religion they may be in, they will recognize Me by My love. I am the love of the FATHER, by which HE - the ALL-ONE (GOD) walked the earth in Me, the JESUS OF NAZARETH. It is this love that has been leading you thus far, from the eternal home in the pure heavens all the way here, into this community. And it is that love, which will lead you all the way to your goal, the SOURCE. In this season of the stormy autumn people, My adopted children, commemorate those who have gone to the beyond ahead of them. Everything in nature reminds them of things passing away as well as the new becoming; for where ever the leaves whirl to the earth, you can already see the branches develop its buds for the burgeoning life in spring. And so you too should collect your thoughts now, in this more quiet time of the year, should watch these thoughts for what kind they are, so that you can become master of your thoughts and so that they will not stream forth from you unbridled, creating their shapes and forms, be they positive or negative. A conscious life, My beloved friends, is of the utmost importance, for as of now man walks this earth unconsciously or, in other words, in a state of sleep. Just as My disciples slept when I asked them to "Stay awake and pray with Me," so many of My human brothers and sisters are still sleeping. I call out to all: "Awaken, awaken to conscious life! Awaken and pray with Me in these critical times, but also in times of joy and of transformation to a new wonderful era!" Conscious thinking means that you give Me - and therefore God - your first thoughts in the morning, as I have taught you. Conscious living also means that you place all your thinking into the commission of the light, time and again, no matter what your occupation may be at the time. How many useless thoughts whirl about in your often heavy heads? How many light-filled thoughts of peace and love could raise your entire being and powerfully irradiate your human being?! Recognize, My beloved students, your sensations and your thoughts have effect upon your human body, and more so, of course, your deeds. However, even your sensations and thoughts affect you. Let Me give you an example: You awaken in the morning. It is stormy outside. The rain is pelting the window panes. Dark and dreary is the day. Perhaps your thoughts were with Me, JESUS CHRIST, with GOD THE FATHER, but your second thought was "What miserable weather we are having!" "And I should have to go out?" "It's disgusting!"--- How often do you think in this manner? Immediately, these thoughts cause your mood to sink, cloud your consciousness and render you unenthusiastic. Thus the day, begun so wonderfully in prayer, in the light, will be pulled down by these thoughts into a low level of consciousness. Your body will immediately vibrate in this lower vibration. Depressive thoughts, not only yours but also those of others who are on the same level of vibration, will fly to you and will affirm you in your ill-tempered mood. How else could such a rainy, dark day be begun? You look outside; it is still dark and gray. The 'human being' cannot help but see this murky darkness. But then try, at that moment, to behold the positive aspects in this rain: Does nature not direly need this rain? Does it not need the storm, so that it may blow the leaves off the trees in order for the new buds to be able to form next spring and in order for new green leaves to grow? Does nature not need cold days, yes ice and snow, and the calm of winter? Just as nature needs these things, My beloved, so do you need these dark days. They are only outwardly dark. In your inner being they can be glorious and light-filled times of reflection. They can be times in which you can withdraw from the loud world of the summer, of mirth and pleasure, allowing you to take stock of your passing year. Which ones of your good intentions or projects can you still fulfill in these remaining months or days before the New Year is upon you? Surely, you have made resolutions at the beginning of the year, had planned this or that project, and how quickly has time passed by - has run away from you. Now you have this time to think about your life, for this storm is not inviting you outside to walk around in the rain. Instead, you stay indoors in the safety of your home. So take a lighted candle, light being the symbol of your inner light, take stock and immerse yourselves in the stillness of your inner temple. Your inner temple near your heart is not a small chamber, but is the entire creation. You still cannot grasp the fact that everything is within you. Just as you can take into yourselves the candle light that you first look at outwardly, so it is with your little friend, the stone; so it is with the tree and its glorious leaves that turned color in the fall; in you is also every animal, is indeed truly everything. First you try seeing it with the intellect, with your mind, but later you see this light, the candle within you, with your closed eyes. It fills your entire being, as well as everything else. And with your continued expansion of consciousness - heed the meaning of the words consciousness-expansion - your inner temple of love becomes larger and wider, until it encompasses everything, the stones at your feet, the earth that you tread, every blade of grass, every flower, every blossom, every tree, every hedge, every animal, the nature beings, all people, no matter what the color of their skin, and no matter what idiosyncrasies they possess. Overflowing love streams toward all of that, a love which is already DIVINE, because it no longer makes any distinctions; for by this you are already in unity with the pure angels of the heavens. But you still have ways to go until then, a short distance, which We will walk together, My beloved sheep, if you are willing. We have given our attention to the nature beings, the spirits of fire. With this schooling you are simultaneously passing through your purification. The purification of your human ego happens step by step until the human being truly ministers to the soul. As of now it is the opposite for most of My human children: Mostly the soul is forced to minister to the 'human being.' Step by step, you unshackle your soul so that it may walk this earth in its streaming white garment, having thrown all burdens upon the 'human being,' who then has worked out these things; for the soul came to earth in order to minister to all, lovingly, and in unity with all beings of light. And then, My beloved, everything will also lovingly minister to the soul and therefore to the 'human being,' who has subjected himself to his soul. However, this takes a few more steps. In a brief meditation, I will now guide you into the innermost earth, to the PRIMORDIAL FIRE, a fire that will one day re-unite itself with the eternally holy fire of the pure heavens, the PRIMORDIAL ENERGY of life - which is love. You feel the earth, the planet upon which you stand with the soles of your feet. Spiritually, and at My hand you are now immersing yourselves into and right through the depths of the rock formation, through the waters and into the fiery life of the PRIMORDIAL IMAGE of your mother Earth, into its very soul.--- Flames are all about you. However, they are not earthly flames but spiritual fire. It is the spiritual fire of longing, the longing of your aging mother Earth, the longing to be allocated - once again - with the spiritual spheres. As of right now, it still is the lowliest vibrating planet, yet sanctified by the LOVE that walked the earth in JESUS OF NAZARETH, THAT I AM. The same as you, I had put on the earthly garment. And in the same way as I once tenderly caressed the clay of the earth and said: "Oh Mother Earth, see, the time of redemption draws near, your soul too I will rise up with all those who once entered the depths with the intention to explore the sphere of darkness." In that same way you should radiate loving thoughts, while you are amid the spiritual earth-fire, therefore think: "O Mother Earth, our human body was formed from you, we thank you. - We, your children in the human garment bring to you the love of the heavens, peace and the Good News: see in us burns the light of redemption, not only in us but in many of our brothers and sisters; for the time of transformation draws near. All pain we have inflicted upon you - by the genealogy of mankind - will soon cease now. Together with JESUS CHRIST, we will help carry you upward to the next higher sphere, into the new being, into a higher level of vibration. Your spiritual fire is our spiritual fire, for in us too burns the longing, the longing to return home."--- Now, return to your bodies. You still feel the vibration in the soles of your feet. You sense the unity with the planet earth, spiritual unity. If you are willing, you may repeat this exercise with your words in the coming fourteen days. By this, you will gradually grow into oneness with creation. My joy is with you. My love blesses you in the name of the FATHER, you and all human beings and souls. Now I place My hand upon your head and I address you thus: "My sheep, sense the touch through Me, your Shepherd! I bless you and the path that lies before you. - My peace is with You!" Amen Last revision 05/05/02 64