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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 18. Exercise txt  10.45KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

18. Exercise Two-thousand years ago, when I, Jesus Christ gathered My disciples about Me on this planet, and when I taught them the meaning of love, they looked at Me with big eyes too and said to Me: "We will never be able to believe what you are telling us." I answered them: "O you, My disciples, you are not to believe, but come to knowledge by your own experiences." Faith, hope and love are required in the beginning of the discipleship. To believe what I am teaching you, to hope that all the changes I am teaching will be actualized in each and everyone by love. This is how the student - in the course of his or her many experiences - comes from faith to recognition, then to knowledge, and all the many questions that come up in the course of his spiritual journey will answer themselves in the inner being of the student. It happens when he actualizes what he has learned to know. I took you by the hand and - by way of love - I lead you to the stone, the plant, the animal, for man could not exist without these parts of creation, these co-creatures. Since man is about to totally destroy his co-creation I am now walking this earth, spiritually, world-wide and am working through My own in this difficult but at the same time joyful time. Worldwide, and in all religions My Spirit of Love is effective; for this earth is to be raised once again, all the way up to the purest of spheres, the eternal heavens, through the very people who once caused the earth to fall as deeply as it did. As of now, you are still in your human consciousness. You know about your souls, you know that all sensations, streaming forth from the human being, do not flow from the personality but rather from the soul itself. By this I mean sensations such as joy, thankfulness, but also sadness and pain. Sensations are the language of the soul. Through this schooling of love I lead you to this language, for you shall learn to understand creation once again. For nothing in this creation is dead, everything is full of life; everything is vivified and pulsated by the omnipresent CREATOR-SPIRIT. Nothing is outside of Him, everything is in HIM, THE ALL-ONE. When via love you enter into the soul's world of sensations, a whole level of being opens for you, which is to date still closed to you. It is a sphere that cannot be compared with the present earthly state of being. It is a sphere where you intensively experience the unity with creation, so that nothing is separated from you any more. Everything is within you as well, be it the stone, the plant, or the animal. You are one with all of it, for everything is permeated with the same divine breath. You, by that I mean the entire human race, are about to enter this level of consciousness. It is the reason for all this suffering on earth, for all this need and pain, for everything that once was caused by man must now be atoned for and therefore resolved. Let me give you an example here in this circle: In these days, the conquest of a continent is celebrated. In My name, millions of people were killed, human beings, My disciples, who lived in unity with nature. Because, verily, I say unto you, no stone was moved from one place to another without the (natural) inhabitants asking the stone for permission to do so. These human beings were thankful for everything that was granted them, and they understood the language of the plants and animals. They knew no illnesses, and why? The plants communicated with them and they knew which ones could be used for injuries and which ones to combat bouts with fever and many more things. They did not hunt animals for the love of killing, but only did so when nature could not come up with enough vegetables or fruits for them to eat. They thanked the animal, which gave itself to the humans. That is how those inhabitants lived. ----- Some part of their wisdom is still transmitted to you now, a wisdom that included the world of the nature beings, as they experienced it. You too shall come to knowledge by your experiences, to a faith that is more than a belief, one that is knowing. In My name, the inhabitants of that continent were nearly annihilated. Even today they are displaced by the white people, driven out and oppressed, despised because of the color of their skin and also for the sake of their life style in nature. And now I ask you, with which people am I more in My Spirit of Love, with them or with those who call themselves Christians and who murdered with the sword in their hand? Verily, I say unto you, whosoever fights with the sword will also perish by the sword. You know this 'word' from the 'scriptures'; this 'word' has verity especially in this time. All those who carried the sword at that time are now under this sword. It is the reason why there is so much suffering and need on this earth. All those that were executed in My name are now gathered in other religions and are opposed to Christianity. I AM THAT I AM, one with GOD, the FATHER, His LOVE. I am within every people of this earth and live in My SPIRIT wherever love is actualized. Love is the highest power. The transformation to a new heaven and a new earth is accomplished by this power. The old has passed away, peace and love will be and you will then be on this level of consciousness, which, as of yet, you cannot comprehend with your human mind. However, by practicing these loving and blessing thoughts, yes as well as the sensations and your deeds, you will be able to achieve it. The next step, which I would like to take you through in this schooling, is the step into kingdoms that you cannot see. As of now, you are walking through this world blind to these kingdoms. However, if you are willing to immerse yourselves even more into the deed of love, the veil between you and the nature beings will no longer be there. For know that whatever tale your fairy tales are telling about the fairies, gnomes, and many other things, are not fairy tales. Rather, they are the experiences of clairvoyant ancestors and also of those clairvoyant people living today, who are serving nature in and out of the love of the CREATOR-SPIRIT. Nothing is unvivified, neither a cloud, nor the wind, nor fire or water. Everywhere, you are surrounded by nature spirits just waiting for more people to awaken to their world. For whoever lives in unity with creation will lose the blinders before his eyes. For then he will see the wondrous world of the heavenly hosts of ministering beings in the nature kingdoms. Every plant, every tree has devas caring for them. Every bush is supported in its growth by the loving spiritual hands of the nature spirits. The winds are vivified by the spirits of the air, which take up the seeds and carry them far along, so that they may grow and flourish upon the earth in order to nourish you with their green nutrients. Animals see the nature beings. When you watch them, you can tell by their behavior that they see something you are not yet able to see. Not yet, My beloved students. I want to bring the world of the nature beings near to you so that you may learn to know this creation as well and thereby take the first step into a more spiritual world. It is a step that will lift you out of your coarse-material human being. Even this small flame of a candle [pointing to candle in the room] is inhabited by a tiny spirit of fire. At the very moment when a light is about to be lit, a tiny spirit flies toward this light in a breeze and holds its delicate hands protectively all about this light. It is one with this flame. You too should become one with this light, and so it shall be your task, for the next fourteen days if you are willing, to keep lighting a light from time to time. Gaze into this light, even if for now you cannot yet see the spirit of fire. Recognize the symbol in the fire - it is purification - and I say unto you: the world is burning, for purification involves the entire earth. And when you immerse yourselves in this flame, I ask you to link with this purification process with light-filled thoughts, and to send them forth to the areas of crises (or war)! Verily, I say unto you: spiritually you are at that very moment within warring people and can bring to that place love and peace. There shall be peace on this earth, peace in all human hearts, and you are called upon to help bring this peace about - even if you have the feeling that in the midst of the crises area, here and there, people are dying in spite of your spreading blessing about, in spite of your thoughts of love and peace, which you are trying to spread all about. I say unto you, the soul receives this impulse of power and recognizes, even while the human being is dying, that there must be togetherness, unity, not opposition and disunity. And when you walk through nature, try to sense the nature beings! Pick up, once again, your little rock, your small friend. In that moment when you take it inside of yourself, link also with the spirit of the mountains, whence the rock once originated and from which it separated. Or you can link with the soul of the earth in whose very berth this stone was safely kept as part of a massive rock formation. Everything is SPIRIT, not only SPIRIT from the breath of GOD, but also SPIRIT in His creations - and the FATHER'S thoughts of love-creation are immensely multifarious. When you meander to your special tree, the one whom you gave all your love, be also conscious of the fact that it too is inhabited by a nature being. Link, mentally, with this spirit and your consciousness will rise beyond your coarse-material garment, beyond the human being. My beloved students, walk with Me through the harvest time of year and its falling leaves, and walk with Me through the creation of this earth, which is preparing to sink into the sleep of winter and free itself just before it is at hand. You too are in the process of freeing yourselves, and the (symbolical) sleep of winter, with its white snow cover, o My beloved, is the gentle veil of purity that you put about yourselves in order to draw from this purity when you re-awaken to new life. It is a more spiritual life than the one you previously lived, a life of love-unity with creation, with your brothers and sisters, no matter what religion, people or race. All are children of the eternally holy PRIMORDIAL FATHER. In His name, I bless you as well as all My brothers and sisters of this earth and those in the soul garment. And I bless also the nature kingdoms. Many of these beings are all about you in the joyful expectance that you will soon awaken to their being. Amen Last revision 05/18/02 61 60