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Path to unity through love 
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Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 17. Exercise txt  12.75KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

17. Exercise My beloved friends, I greet you and I am in your midst. Peace and love streams forth from my heart, streams into you and strengthens you on your path. This path leads to a following of My path, which I have walked ahead of you. And just as I walked through My youth and learned, step by step, to hear GOD, My FATHER within Me and, through HIM, learned to develop the love for all being, in that same way you are now walking this path. Often, I sought the wilderness alone, played with the stones at the side of the road, enjoyed flowers, grass, trees and bushes, and thanked God for the fruits. I learned the language of nature and creation all about Me. I looked into the hearts of the animals and began to love them especially much. This I recognized very soon, human beingsspeak differently than they think. My world of sensations was very developed, and so I sensed their hypocritical behavior. Their words were sweet as honey, but their thoughts were bitter as gall. But if I went to the animals, I felt at one with these part souls, for there was no fault in them. When they killed, they did it for hunger. I knew from God, My FATHER, Who enlightened Me, that killing was brought into the animal world through the fallen spirit beings. Having My being in the realm of the CREATOR SPIRIT, I was clearly able to recognize, that the characteristics humankind projected upon the animals did not issue from the negative realm, but were forced upon them by human kind. Those animals that were given to the humans as their friends were soon hunted and killed, and by this, sorrow was introduced to all of creation. This sorrow then also came upon mankind. All suffering, having ever been inflicted upon creation, has to be transformed by the human beings. That is why I am teaching you absolute love, which you cannot even comprehend fully at this time. For too long, much too long, man has opposed creation, has not lived with creation but against it, and has opposed the animals. Even if you in this life no longer eat meat and even decline fish, you are still helping to carry the collective burden of mankind for what was done unto the animals. I will explain it to you more clearly: You are on this earth in community with all mankind. Linked by vibration, you are - in the last analysis - walking toward the eternal home together. You are like one singular body, every person being a cell on this body. When a person, therefore a cell on this body, inflicts suffering upon any animal, the entire body bears the burden of this act. It is your task to develop the love within you; for by continuing on this path of love, thoughts of love are being fortified, so that the cells on this entire body (the human race) who are still inflicting pain are touched by the love-vibration you send out. And gradually, these sinful cells, too, are transformed. You recognize the effectiveness of this law by the example that now, on the entire earth, the idea of nature protection and preservation is an important issue. For instance, there is the issue of preservation and protection of the species, finding a safe domain for them to keep them from extinction; the worry of resettling animals where they once had roamed and many other such efforts. Some years back, the human beings cared little whether or not an animal survived. However, now more and more of My human brothers and sisters are awakening to love and recognize that with every animal which dies out, a part of humanity is destroyed as well. Do not misunderstand Me, the souls of the animals as well as those of the human beings live eternally. They are of GOD, THE CREATOR-SPIRIT, existent for eternities and will be in all eternity, except that they are transformed, ascending through all the different forms of being, unto higher consciousness, raising toward more light-filled being until they have reached the status of the Child of God. From there, they are destined to continue their development - in all eternity - for the light of love is infinite. Therefore, the immersion into the light of being in DIVINITY is infinite. Let us get back to earth and creation, which is in the mode of transformation right now: animals that die out will arise on the new earth in a spiritualized version. And those people, who had turned to the animals in love, although they were not able to avoid their extinction, are the co-creators of the specific spiritualized animal species. This species will no longer kill as it did while on earth, but instead will turn toward the light of eternity and will live with each other in love. This does not mean that man should not continue his fight to preserve the species, for by this fight for the animals love is transformed into action. The worry for the animals is the love, which will have its light-filled effect and will lead them to their further development. Everything man has transformed down to the level of the fall spheres has now been placed into his hands once again - in order to reverse this process. That is why I am asking you to turn toward the animals, especially those toward which you cannot extend your love. For characteristics, imposed upon them by man, are still in you as well and must be transformed by you. Once those negative characteristics are changed, transformed, you are able to extend your absolute love to this animal as well. Even if an animal has badly hurt you in a former life, or in this one, it reacted violently only because you have tortured or killed the animal first; for no animal on this earth will hurt a human being when he or she is innocent and free of any burden toward the animal kingdom. The tiger will lie down at the feet of a loving human being; will eat grass out of his hands. The poisonous snake will curl up tamely about his or her foot and will let its tongue dart out to lovingly make contact with you. And in the presence of a loving person no animal will hurt another. Recognize, my beloved students, you are at the beginning of your path, which is the LOVE FOR ALL BEING! Whenever you do not act lovingly, there is something about yourselves you do not love! Wherever you do not love, you do not recognize yourselves. I, your friend and brother, am walking with you on this path of love and am showing you the weak points of your human being and also of your souls, so that the latter can become spotless and pure and so that all that which still slumbers within you (as a weakness) can flow out by way of the human being. Why do you think you happened upon those animals increasingly, of which you are afraid or which you dislike? I would ask you for the coming fourteen days to turn toward these animals, in accordance with your free will, and to explore your own inner being about the reasons for your making differences between certain animals, in the quality of love you extend to them. Why do some people love a dog more than a cat, the bird more than the spider? As long the animals take flight at your sight, your vibrations still express streams of defense rather than those of love. Only when all animals remain near you, no matter what kind of species, are you in the love-vibration and have reached the first level of love. The second level is that you will raise up all animals about you into the next higher vibration. Your cat will then no longer catch mice, for instance. Your dog will be peacefully inclined toward all other animals, will no longer chase a cat or squirrel, but will - through your work in love - come into unity with all other animals. Those animals that still kill one another now will be transformed by your love-vibration and will partake of a different kind of nourishment in the future age. They will no longer harm other animals because the vibration which today's human being has transferred to the animals will have changed to love. Since love is the strongest power, the animals that are about you will be raised by your power of love and will be transformed (along with everything else), in order to enter into a spiritualized existence upon the new earth. Understand Me, My beloved, and recognize here, too, the lofty task is transferred unto you! By doing these exercises that I am giving you, you will grow into this lofty task step by step. Do not ponder your inability to love, but act as I am teaching it to you! Do send thoughts of love, even if your heart cannot yet connect with that thought! The thought is the beginning of this love-path, and if you stay with it, the thought will turn into the sensation. The sensation will then grow strong and mighty in you, so that you may even lovingly embrace the rat, even though right now you are still afraid of it, as long as inside of you, you are one with this spark of being in creation, with this part-soul. When you feel afraid of rats or mice, ask yourselves, what kinds of thoughts are still flicking through your heads? Are they negative thoughts of the kinds that don't let you notice them yourselves, so that you are not even conscious of them? Pay attention to it next time, and you will recognize yourselves in the particular animal! Try out this exercise in all those animals you are not fond of! Connect them with the characteristics you attribute to the animal, and look for those characteristics in yourselves! When we come together again, we will speak about it, and you will see that already you will have lost a lot of your fear in this short span of time; because whatever was latent within your soul has been worked on, spiritually, by the 'human being' (you). I am helping you with this, every single one of you, individually, I, your friend and brother. Recognize that love is taught worldwide, in the many small communities, through Me and other messengers of light, so that there shall be a new heaven and a new earth upon which human beings will live in unity, love and peace with creation. You are now in the preparation of this wonderful era that is upon you. So come with me and execute the steps leading toward love. I ask you, in accordance with your free will, to continue to align with Me your brother even more. (Continue to) diligently collect your thoughts in the morning as soon as you awaken, and turn them over to Me in the unity with GOD the FATHER, and send your first ray of love into this world and to all your human brothers and sisters, and to all of creation. It is a thought that needs not last more than half a minute. Mightily this thought is illumined, spanning the earth, connecting with all thoughts of like quality and returning to you, filling you with increased love-power, which was originally sent out by you. Even during the day and whenever you are able to, fortify this thought, send love and peace into this churned up world, to all the needy places, the wars where brother fights against brother! I ask you; fortify the thoughts of peace, for verily, I say unto you, with every such thought peace comes nearer to you and all this suffering will finally end. Try to be loving and peaceful in your immediate areas, even if you have not yet entered into the schooling, which would show you why you do not like one person as much as another. Still, begin even now to love even the one who is not well disposed of you, for time is pressing on and love is needed! When you go into your restful phase of the day, when your day becomes calm, allow Me to remind you to let your day pass by you, mentally, and to ask your neighbor (mankind) and your secondary neighbor (the animals) for forgiveness wherever it is appropriate. And again place your being into the hands of the FATHER, into My hands, so that your soul, being a few steps ahead of your 'human being,' may raise itself off the heaviness of earthly living, and so that it may help - on the spiritual level - to lessen the suffering and to bring love wherever it is needed. Your soul is not asleep when your body rests, for when the latter falls into its deep sleep the soul frees itself. Still connected to the well-known silver cord, the soul lifts itself up. And - depending on what kind of thoughts you entertained just when you were in the process of falling asleep - your soul helps Me and the purely spiritual beings with the different tasks that are connected with the transformation (of the earth and its realm) and with the home-bringing of all souls. If the human being was very tightly connected with its ego, the soul cannot be of help to Me. Think about My words, My beloved students, My friends, My sheep! My love and blessing is with you and with all who walk with you - and that is all upon the earth's sphere, for all human children are linked with each other by the band of unity, as I have explained to you at the beginning of this evening. One cell stands for all and all stand for one. You are a community, and I am walking this earth spiritually and awaken all those cells that are prepared, so that they may awaken to the CHRIST-LIGHT and may strive toward love. Amen 58