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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 16. Exercise txt  14.31KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

16. Exercise From the eternal home, the purely spiritual heavens, love, peace and joy radiates to you. All those who are fervently linked with you are sending you this love, peace and joy, from the circle of your closely related spiritual families. I, JESUS CHRIST Am the One Who leads you through paths of love, which will deliver your souls from any and every burden, so that you may be once again re-united with those who love you and are concerned for you. My beloved friends, every walk to earth is a difficult decision. However, everyone of you has consciously embarked upon this walk, as well as previous walks. You have accepted the earthly garment. You were aware of what might come toward you during this walk in time and space, and still, you agreed, even to the sorrow, which was previously discussed in this circle. I say unto you, you have gone through infinitely much suffering, for messengers of light do suffer here in the realm of darkness. With a burning longing of their souls, they walk across the earth, seeking, until they have found ME, the SPIRIT OF LOVE; then also recognizing - in the human garment - why and to what the soul agreed and gave its word. Already, while leaving the realm of the plant kingdom and advancing to the animal kingdom, you notice the difficulty to be LOVE; for the animals, having been changed by the negative vibrations of the brothers and sisters of the fall, cannot help but pass this negativity back on to the human beings. And so there are animals, which will do harm to people, but only to the ones who have previously harmed them. Everything is vibration. Any vibration that is sent forth will induce a certain resonance. As far as their sensations, the animals are far ahead of you. Intuitively, they are able to read from your soul's vibration whenever you have raised your hand against or maltreated one of their species. All animals sense your soul's vibration. So whenever you submerse yourself (mentally, in meditation) into the animal kingdom and one specific animal species attacks you aggressively, ask for forgiveness and dissolve the pain you previously inflicted upon this particular animal-collective. Henceforth, such animals will be friendly toward you, for they will feel your all-balancing love you have thus actively sent to them. So, if you should have been harmed by animals, seek the causes within yourselves, no matter how severely you were hurt. Parasites too react to your vibration. You are energy and you constantly send vibratory impulses. The animals will draw near such waves of vibration, in the positive as well as in the negative sense. When mosquitoes sting especially you, it has to do with you. How often have you raised your hands against them, and still do so now? Those animals will continue to swarm all about you until you recognize yourselves, go within and learn to love this life too, no matter in what form it reveals itself, be it through the fly or through the elephant. Life is spirit, life is love, and whosoever destroys life opposes love and is therefore part of the original fall event. Dear brothers and sisters, I know that My words are difficult for you to grasp, and that you will have to gradually find your way into this train of thought. For you have so many parasites and vermin about you, be it the bacteria or the greatest vole, which eat your tulip bulbs. All animals have been given to man for their enjoyment. Man himself has caused for some of the animals to turn into his foe. And the one who caused this development is now called upon to transform this animosity to friendship once again. Let me use bacteria, as example. Life would not be possible without bacteria, for you need them. They live with you in symbioses, help you in the innermost recesses of your body, without them you cannot exist. However, there are noxious bacteria which will make you ill. And now ask yourselves: Why are there certain people, time and again, who are surrounded by sick people suffering from highly infectious diseases, without growing ill from them? Realize, they are selflessly serving people who do it for love. Love is the highest vibration. Whatsoever vibrates in love cannot be attacked by bacteria! These human beings who give their services relentlessly to the ill and suffering no longer think of themselves, but are constantly thinking and acting for the welfare of their neighbor. Since they do not even have time to pore over old things, negative thoughts hardly enter their minds. For one solitary negative thought is enough to create a vibratory channel, so that bacteria can enter the man and make him ill. One single negative thought is all it takes! However, your body is well equipped if your vibration is mostly one of love. For in that case, if you have this one negative thought, you will be able to dispose of it quickly enough in order to keep from harm. If you do not vibrate in love, if, for instance, your immune system has been weakened, your human being will grow ill. So much for the infectious diseases. There are a number of other kinds of suffering, which were often accepted voluntarily, especially by messengers of light. Such are the physical defects and similar things. The soul accepted them in order to help carry a burden for another, who had wanted to explore the darkness, so that he or she would be able to reach the light of love more quickly. For the radiating light of such a voluntarily borne burden of suffering will shine so brightly, here on earth, that its rays will reach into the darkest depth and can move another to turn about. Coming back to the animals, their multiplicity can be a symbol for you time and again, as I have told you before. Every day, you will meet a different animal. Sometimes you are surrounded by animals that crawl upon the earth in your garden. Are your thoughts at that moment heavy and close to the earth by their quality? Are they clinging to the soil? Another time you will see only butterflies and birds taking to the air and jubilating like the meadowlark. Watch yourselves, are you then not free as well, free in your inner being just like the lark? If a dog barks at you angrily, did you not just then have judgmental thoughts about your neighbor, which the animal picked up from you? Therefore, you recognize that not only vibrations from previous incarnations are transferred to the animals, but that your entire thought world reveals itself to them. Whoever has a domestic animal knows whereof I speak. You need only think: "I am going to take the dog for a walk," and already the dogs runs for the leash and for the door, wagging its tail joyfully. Watch the animals, and you will notice that they enter into a quiet telepathic communication with you, even the wasps, which are relishing your plum trees right now. It is the thought waves that come toward you, such as: "Oh see, we like the same things you like to eat as well. Please share the fruits of your garden with us!" You may have a glass of lemonade on your table, and already they are here, beckoned by the sweetness, and you can feel the thought waves that say: "We need something sweet right now, so that we can make it through the autumn." Animals, such as Mosquitoes, which you consider your enemies, will listen to your thoughts and will no longer attack you. They will fly about you and then fly off, and you will bless them quietly; for now it is no longer necessary for them to attack you. Recognize yourselves in the multiplicity of the animal world, which the CREATOR-SPIRIT OF LOVE that I AM gave to you to be your friends! He gave them to you as your friends, through whom this CREATOR-SPIRIT admonishes you lovingly, time and again. And he shows you through them all your own peculiarities, which you still bear within you. Not only the negative ones - please understand my humor - but the positive ones as well. Rejoice in those luminous characteristics, which you are discovering in the animal world! Is not the ministering love very, very great, especially in that area? Take your cue from the ant: Its entire life is dedicated to only one goal, that is, to serve the entire colony! Watch the is the same. Do not a great many animals serve you in a humble kind of love, even though mankind mistreats especially those animals? It is rare, for a steer to fling a farmer through the air with its horns. Consider all the things that had to have happened, before one of such docile animals will take revenge for all the suffering of his species. No steer would ever attack a human being, if the human beings would not violate the animals by killing them. In the coming time, I will be at your side as you walk through the animal kingdom. And if you wish, you can dedicate this first week to the animals of the soil! Give them your love! Remember: If the soil were not teeming with all kinds of worms and bacteria, nothing on earth would grow at all. Recognize hereby how love is ministering in deepest humility, a love which spreads out beneath your feet without even being noticed. And when you hoe the soil, or dig it up with a spade, how often have you cut a worm in half? Even this worm is life. Only, its pain does not mean death, but pain, just the same. This pain enters into the collective field of the animals with an outcry. It is the collective field of the ministering love, a love that serves absolutely. You can dedicate the second week to the animals that live upon the earth, the mammals, as well as the bugs and ants. Focus on all that walks in the earth and upon the earth. Again - radiate your love to them. Whatsoever is brought to come across your path, through Me the LOVE, shows you a picture of yourselves. You will feel that already, you are walking this earth more freely in this second week. Here, you will also meet the mammals, which effect karma in man in retrospect, by attacking him. When you notice such things, do radiate love toward the animal collective so that you can dissolve whatever negative soul-vibration has remained in you thus far. Perhaps, you used to own a farm and had to kill countless animals, because you didn't know better. In the third week, may your eyes be directed toward the heavens and may you turn your attention toward all animals which - just like the birds - are able to raise themselves above this earth in free flight, toward the light; just like the gnats that dance in the sun, and like the butterfly that flutters from flower to flower with the greatest of ease. Contemplate the similarity, the example of the butterfly, developing from the crawler once creeping across the earth. You too are passing through a metamorphosis. You too are sometimes like the crawler, laboriously creeping and covered by dust. There comes the time when you are in a nearly petrified state, neither advancing nor regressing, while you know not which way to turn, calling out to God for His help. It is that time during which you feel the imprisonment in your human garment with special clarity, i.e. in a time of mourning and need, in times of illness and pain. When you have passed through this stage, you will spread your wings in the sunlight of love in the sunray that has overtaken you. With amazement you will look about you, will spread your wings widely and will ascend into the light. You, My friends are at this moment in the process of spreading your wings. You are still somewhat taken by surprise and glance uncertainly into the radiant light, which envelops you. And I call to you: "Alas, fly!" Unshackle yourselves from the ties of this earth, from this heaviness and ascend to the LOVE that I AM!" In the fourth week, may you totally turn toward the animal which causes fear and terror in you, which nauseates you, trying first to merely send love to this animal. Try to place it into my love-light, time and again! You may not succeed immediately, but since I, the LOVE, am at your side, penetrating you with My power, you too will become this love-power, as long as you are walking with Me willingly. The abhorrence and fear you feel for the particular animal will lead you ever more deeply into the layers of your soul. You will recognize the causes for these feelings at the right time -some right away and others later. By your recognition, your horror will vanish, and you will feel the purest love-sensations toward this animal collective; for even this animal is life, is love. And thus you are actively helping to transform and fill with light all that, within the animal kingdom, which before had come toward you with negativity. You are co-creators of the new Earth. You are co-creators of the animals, which long ago - when they still roamed freely in the purely spiritual worlds - had agreed to collectively give themselves to you in ministering love, as your friends, as your companions on your way. Rejoice in this sublime task, to be able to return the changed animal kingdom to its purely spiritual being! A few more words concerning a different topic, which, let me express it with your human words, is in my heart. When you are watching today's media, do not condemn and judge, may people be ever so vicious. Try to place into My love those negative feelings, contrived from human conceptions and ways of thinking! Always consider that everything that happens has its causes, and nothing ever happens to anyone, which he or she in the last analysis has not caused herself! And to emphasize once more: The present perpetrator of someone's suffering has been tortured or killed so that he or she now acts out, in the way the media reports, whatever he previously has experienced. Try to see in all things the equalizing aspect. As I have shared with you, this time is critical. Since every thought is creative energy, pay attention so that your thoughts are ever borne by love! Even when you are unable to understand how people can act so utterly cruel try, I beseech you, to place love into all your thoughts. Send words of blessing in My FATHER'S name, even if in your human heart you don't yet feel it. These blessings from your inner being are enough to help bring to an end all those horrible things that are now rampant on this earth. And by virtue of your inner thoughts and by your help, and so that the last earthly hour may end, there may finally be light for the eternal day of love and peace. So I bless you and all My human brothers and sisters on this entire earthly globe, in the unity with GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. Love envelops you, love accompanies you. So be love as well! Amen Last revision 04/12/02 55