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Anita Wolf 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 15. Exercise txt  12.2KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

15. Exercise With God everything is unity. You vibrate in HIM and I, JESUS CHRIST HIS Love, am in the midst of you. It was ME from the very beginning of your meetings. Yes, I am always at your side. I am walking your paths until your paths are My paths, until your human being fuses with your soul and I, JESUS CHRIST work through you, "am" through you. For before I appear in all power and glory and am visible to you - as it was foretold - I walk this planet through My own, awakening the sleeping. You have placed your hand into Mine, and thus you walk with Me on the path to light, the path of love. Your conversations truly were all encompassing. I want to lead you more deeply, far beyond your human thinking, want to lead you into spiritual knowledge, which you will glean from God's wisdom as long as you are willing and are striving to fulfill the tasks I am giving you, with all of your goodwill. Only thus can I lead you into your soul's world of sensations. Only thus can I open for you the spiritual spheres, only thus will you expand your consciousness. Love is the key to the expansion of your consciousness. Only this way will you be able to go beyond your heavy human body. Only through love will you attain the knowledge that is based on wisdom. It is lived knowledge and experienced knowledge. Only thus will you unlock (for yourselves) the next higher level, which you can occasionally sense although you are not able to see it. Let Me answer you regarding your conversation about the nature spirits, the spirits of the earth, water, air and fire. Verily, everything is vivified and everything wants to vibrate with you in love. Everything wants to open to you, and in your vicinity there is a certain expectant tension in all of creation. As if it were saying: When, oh you child of God, will you be ready to work with us, ready to walk with us into the spiritual kingdoms in order to help the material, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms? The nature spirits can only do so much. How often have they come to the human beings for help? Yet, the latter have become blind and deaf for their world. This is the reason there is much joy in your vicinity; for they see your light radiating, the light of love, which tells them: here is a child of the Most High walking this earth - and it is awakening. The nature beings are waiting for this. They are waiting to work with you at transforming the old earth into the new being. I will speak more about this at another time. We will intensively pass through the kingdom of the nature spirits at a later time, so that you will learn to know and love them, so that you will learn about their activities and work with them. Prerequisite, My friends, is that you will develop love for the mineral - as you have already begun to feel for the plant life, which needs to be deepened even further. You should try to love all plants equally, be it a simple blade of grass at roadside or be it a magnificent tree, which gives you many apples. The grass is serving you just as much as the apple tree. The blossom gladdens you, whether it is beautiful as a rose, a lily, or whether it is tiny and inconspicuous as a daisy, a violet or a forget-me-not. All plants express the call: "Oh, child of God, do not forget us! Give us your love and transform us as well into the next higher being, by the love you give to us!" Therefore deepen your love-sensation here as well, and watch for the differences you still feel toward the various plants. You will recognize yourselves in the different plants, for everything is given unto you for your own recognition. As you know, recognition is the first step toward improvement. How often have you heard these words said? But they have validity! If you love a rose more than the insignificant daisy under your feet, you might want to ask yourself if you do not look up to those who represent something special. Or are you even seeing yourself as a rose in the Father's garden. And so, ask yourselves why you do not wish to be a daisy, and if so, why not? Why do you not wish to be a blade of grass? Why not a dandelion? Ask yourself these questions! This was a brief recall of the kingdom of the plants. And now let us walk together into the kingdom of the animals: There are so many species in the animal kingdom, and in every one there is an opportunity to recognize yourselves again. Every animal crossing your life's path shows you something of yourselves. The ram at the side of the road shows your own stubbornness. The bird flying straight into a glass window, flying against matter and lies on the floor motionless for a while, in shock, until it suddenly flies off, is a symbol for you. The cat, climbing the tree and stalking the bird's nest symbolizes you. What do you wish to tear from the safety of its nest? Where do you stalk something or someone? At what point is in you the aspect of the hunting animal? Or are you the fearful bird, which quivers in its nest, waiting fearfully for the attack? You spoke about vegetarian food. Beasts of prey will cross your path and kill other animals right in front of you until you cease to nourish yourselves with animals, even if you cut it down to a minimum. However, I want to confirm what you have spoken about as a group. Walk with Me, and the carnal tendencies developed by you over the course of incarnations, by your upbringing and learned even in this life, will diminish. They will leave you on your path of love, without you having to fanatically fight against the needs of your 'human' being. Please, I beg of you, always place your development into My hands! Aspire it, but do not force yourselves into it. Think about the animals and their suffering, which takes place by the actions of human beings on this earth. However, if your human being still craves animal nourishment from time to time, give into it, yet not in full measure, only so much as is necessary to still the craving. As you progress on your path of love, your nutrition will change step by step. This change is not bound to any restrictive time span. Even if you have fully passed this schooling path, the latter will accompany you for as long as you will walk this earth. For then I am alive in you in the WORD, and I will guide you time and again by way of the weaknesses of your human being. All that you are learning here will accompany you and will give you help and support - time and again. Nothing should happen by coercion, My beloved brothers and sisters, for force has nothing in common with love. You should want to change for love's sake alone. Your love, which streams into the mineral kingdom changes its vibration and raises it up. The love flowing into the plant kingdom will someday let you thankfully receive of whatever fruits give themselves to you freely. The love for the animals will free you of 'your human being's' craving for animal nourishment. Only this kind of love is true freedom. Everything else is merely something that you force yourselves into, which sooner or later will cause your cravings to forcefully return to you. Your love for human beings will point you to your own errors and weaknesses, because in all things you will always look first to your own negativity, which you then transform and then see your neighbor in the light of love as brother or sister. May he act ever so negatively, seen by the human perception, I repeat: You will learn to look through the human part into his soul and you will understand why he cannot act in any other way. Coming back to the kingdom of the animals, you have recognized that there are animals which repulse you because they harm you in some way. You spoke of the mosquitoes, wasps and other animals...On the other hand, you have advanced enough in your development so that the spider at the ceiling no longer perturbs you. On the contrary, you see it as your friend. Only when you imagine the animal world as the world of your friends, and thus grow into this conception by and by, will you awaken the love for all animals, even for those you call parasites. The reason is that you will recognize your own weaknesses by the animals, which just then cross your path. Everything in creation is your mirror! The animal world has truly given itself freely to you on this earth. In their own particular species the animals represent a collective, a collective soul. While in the once pure home, this soul collective has decided to serve the fallen children of God here on earth. For it is the spirit of love, which vibrates in the entire creation. And this spirit of love vibrates in the animal collectives as well, the same animal collectives, which had plunged from the spiritual level to this earth. They did so in accordance with their evolutionary possibilities, that is, in accordance with your THEORY OF EVOLUTION. Whereby this theory is not correct, in that all other animal species developed out of the single cell amoebae, by survival of the fittest. Instead, with the increasing possibilities to be life on this earth, the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT irradiated those animal collectives, which had pronounced themselves willing to enter the earth. That is why the missing link between the ape and man will never be found. Because man has not developed from the one-cell amoebae, neither have the other animal species. The spiritual impulse came from God, from the CREATOR of LOVE, that I am. And this impulse has guided evolution and has called into being new animal species. In addition to that, the creative power of the fallen former light-beings played a role. As I have explained to you previously, they placed their negative radiation-power into the animals that were just developing and changed the purely spiritual radiation through their own radiation. That is why you are now called upon to annul this transformation, to bring love into the world of the animals, so that peace can truly be in the animal kingdom as well, and so that the lion can truly lie beside the lamb, the cat next to the bird. Even now you can join in and help with the wonderful work of spiritualizing this world. Even now can your love that radiates into the animal kingdom change all that now still causes pain and sorrow for the animal world. My friends, there is need to raise the vibration step by step, and to transform the vibration of the material levels to those of the spiritual levels. Matter is the energy with the lowest vibration. By your power of love, you are able to raise this energy. And the more ready you are to absorb more love-radiation yourselves, the more love-energy from God's fullness will stream into your own inner vessel. Your vessel should be emptied of all humanness before it can fill itself with the power of love. This process happens by recognizing one's own errors and weaknesses and by discarding them. Then God will take care of the filling of your vessel in overabundant measure, while you add your own love to it. Thus you enter into a life that is so rich in gifts, that your present life seems sad and dark, when later you look back on it. So rejoice, My beloved, and wander into the animal kingdom, fully conscious of the power you bear within you. And if you want to - each task I place upon you is in accordance with your free will - use any animal you want as your friend, be it in your immediate surroundings or not. Use any animal you might think of right now, it will be your friend! Then think of this friend in an especially loving way for the next fourteen days! Try to penetrate its being totally, and try to recognize what it is that reminds you of yourselves and where there are similarities between it and you. In this way you are building up an especially close relationship with the animal that you see so vividly before your eyes! As usual, I will accompany you. My love and My peace stream toward you and all who walk the path of love with you, worldwide. Whether they call themselves Christian or not is unimportant. Important is only the love that is lived in their lives. In this love they are one with ME, THE LOVE, and thus they walk together with ME. So feel yourselves in unity with all these your brothers and sisters and tear down the walls of limitation and pre-judgement by and by! There is only one family, the family of GOD THE FATHER, WHO IS ALSO MOTHER TO YOU. We are all His children! His blessing streams toward you and calls you to come home. Amen Last revision 03/09/02 1 50