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Path to unity through love 
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Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 14. Exercise txt  14.77KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

14. Exercise Verily, it is My joy which now radiates into your hearts, even if your conversations were solemn and full of gloomy thoughts. I, JESUS CHRIST understand you and I walk with you during your times of trial. When I walked this earth, I too had to get through this phase. It was the time before My public teaching mission. I felt My FATHER'S power pulse through me. I knew I was to go out in order to teach My brothers and sisters love, I, a simple man of the people. I did not feel competent to do this task, and so I wrestled with GOD, My FATHER in many lonely hours, the hours in the desert, which sometimes extended to days, even weeks. I could not recognize My vantage point. I could not understand why I had to walk this earth, why I had to give room to that which unequivocally was about to break free in Me. I fasted and prayed, I cried and begged. I was alone, and all those who loved Me could not understand Me and I could not understand them. This time of preparation was My greatest inner struggle. I had to wrestle with Myself in order to be able to speak the words: "Oh My FATHER, Your will be done." Only when I said this sentence and when I actualized it within Myself by giving over to GOD all that I was up to this point, only then did divine love, which was asleep within Me up till then, fully break through. I was changed, and I began to go forth among the people and began teaching all that I felt within Me and which I from then on actualized daily, THE LOVE. And since I strove to live the love every second of My life, My brothers and sisters understood Me, for you can only pass on to your neighbor those things that you actualize yourself. Everything else are hollow words. They will not impress or touch him, nor will they interest him. I was a teacher, and My students did not understand Me in many things, to the very end. However, everything I taught was ignited within them as spark of love, by my living example. And this spark gained power over the years, which is why the SPIRIT of the Pentecostal events could come over My disciples and was able to fill them with the power of the heavens, even when I was no longer among them. They too went forth in order to teach love as I have taught it and lived it. Everyone of you, My beloved brothers and sisters, be it here in this circle or wherever you may be, has been put at his or her place, which the soul had chosen itself. At this your place you can bring the bud to full bloom, by virtue of your effort You are energy. Your soul vibrates at a specific frequency. This frequency can be raise by virtue of LOVE. This vibration-frequency touches your surroundings. All those, who are of the same vibration-frequency and who harmonize with you, be it high or low, are addressed by it. That is why their hearts are open to you when you speak about your personal experiences. You have opened their heart with your frequency of vibration. You have opened yourselves (to them). You have begun a relationship with your neighbor, by going from the 'I' to the 'you' and to the 'we'. Now it is up to you to once again raise your vibration-frequency and thereby the frequency of the entire circle It is not as hard - as it may seem to you - to be only love at all times. In the beginning, you may only be able to send your neighbor love mentally, as I have explained to you, as your neighbor may be negatively inclined toward you. These thoughts are not yet love (as you send love mentally), because your sensations are still those of defiance, or - not agreeing with your neighbor. But if you are willing to send the light-ray 'love' and to have understanding and to forgive everything, then, My beloved, your love-thought will arrive at your neighbor. At the very least, it will touch the frequency of love in your neighbor and cause it to vibrate. Only by and by, when you continue to strive to understand your neighbor, when you accept him or her with all his ways of acting and seeing things, when you see through him and notice his true being, his soul, the sensation of love will be imminent. Here is an example: You have great difficulties in getting along with a colleague. He puts boulders in your path. In reality, it is for you a way to ascend to the light, for if you had only sunny days in your life, the fight before the victory would not be there, and therefore the chance to overcome and become love would not be there. When another brings negative feelings toward you, it is much harder to overcome one's weaknesses than when someone is inclined toward you with love. However, when you overcome yourselves, you have made truly a big step toward the light of eternity, toward GOD. Why? Only by virtue of your neighbor's action and by not paying back your neighbor with like coin. As long as you feel that you need to come back with some kind of pay back, you are not following Me. At that moment, when such a sensation rises within you, think of Me and of My path of Golgotha. The Father will reward you with a ray of grace directly from His FATHER-HEART, so as to enable you to understand the human aspect of your fellow-man, with whom you are having difficulty and by recognizing his soul. Maybe you will see that he is unhappy, that he is put out about this or that, perhaps because he did not get his advancement at work. Does not every person on this earth have his or her difficulties? Do not gaze at your neighbor's human side, but watch yourselves time and again when you feel irritated with your neighbor. Make the connection, time and again, with yourselves and look for what is the real irritation in yourselves, for it has to do with the law of "like vibration". The actions of your neighbor would not bother you, if you did not have the same vibration-tendencies! You have sent forth a frequency, and the resonance is reflected back to you, or vice versa. You are energy and energy vibrates, and all people around you are in a certain vibration-harmony or disharmony. This is not only true for people, but for the entire creation. Everything vibrates, and everything has resonance. My beloved friends, when you understand the significance of these words, you will also understand the path I am teaching you. No matter what negative thing may have reached you, you have sent it out first. It is why I am teaching you the step by step transformation of all that is negative toward the light-filled state. Simultaneously, I have shared things out of My own life in order to console you and in order to let you know the following: "Things cannot be changed from one day to the next. The path home to the FATHER is a path that leads you step by step." If you resolve to transform one negative resonance into a positive one each day, you are doing a lot. I teach you the love for creation, because not so many negative resonances will bounce back to you from the plant world as you may find recoiling from the animal world, for instance, since mankind has violated it severely. Think of the many animals that have suffered pains and agony at the hands of human beings. I said, it is good that you know nothing about your previous incarnations, for every life should be new for you, with a new chance. Take advantage of this new chance! Not only your life is a new chance, but every day, my beloved students! Every day is a new opportunity to fashion it more joyfully than the days before, as you walk toward the light of love more than the day before. What makes you so restless is your search for the inner center, is your search for Me, for the unity with God. Expansion of Consciousness is only one phrase for it. This expansion of consciousness is not meant externally, but lies within you. When you enter into inner harmony, when you are at peace with yourself, when you have accepted yourselves as you are, and when you go on your way from this center, the temple within you, you are full of joy. And the vibration-frequencies you are sending out are full of light, are joyful. Thus light-filled being and joy comes back to you. It is a process, which takes time, it grows slowly and steadfastly. I merely asked for your "yes", for your willingness to try. When you are willing, turn to Me as your friend and brother at your side. I am not the far-away GOD. I AM THE LOVE in you, so near that you cannot even comprehend it as the human beings you are. You are not able to absorb My vibration of love. There were moments in your life when you were able to feel Me intensively at your side. These were moments of grace. It was My call for you, the longing of the FATHER, through Me, JESUS CHRIST, for His child. Now it is up to you to let these hours of grace become daily living for you. It will not be you as man walking this earth, but I through you will be walking. For instance, I through you will then go through the nursing homes. And it will happen that My SPIRIT OF LOVE will walk through the nursing homes with you and will touch all those who are bound to their beds, so that their souls will rejoice. Perhaps the human being's mind is already clouded, no longer able to hold a clear thought, the soul, however, rejoices and is glad about nearing the conclusion of the test, the walk on earth. Through your eyes, I look lovingly upon those entrusted to you. Through your tongues I speak to the students (school teachers were addressed specifically here) and to the sick. Through your hands I bless your brothers and sisters, your families, your children and your relatives. I live in and through you, and you live in My SPIRIT. That is the goal, My friends! On the way to this goal many a fight has to be won, just as I had to overcome. I have lived the way for you. Follow Me! Recognize that this path via earth is a wonderful path for you, and say 'yes', yes to the place you are at! Nothing happens without you having prepared for it by your own free will, so that you can accomplish whatever you had set out to do. In doing this you are doing the will of GOD Who is calling His child and wants to bring him home. This homecoming means for yourself that the ego has to be crucified, and that the children find the way from 'I' to 'you', to 'we'. So let us continue with the schooling: Even when we leave the plant-world and enter into the kingdom of the animals, may your sensations and thoughts keep coming back to the plant kingdom, which gives itself to you time and again. May you recognize the symbolism, which surrounds you! For everything is a symbol, it is Me in you Who explains everything to you. For now I do so by sensation, but soon I will do so in the word. Do you know why your eyes just now beheld the tightly closed bud? Thoughtfully you ponder it..., and you recognize your own still closed being. And so you would do well to keep noticing what the mineral kingdom wants to tell you. You may, for instance, trip over a stone or notice it lying there. Look at it carefully. You should grow into a loving relationship with the surrounding creation and with its language. That too is expansion of consciousness, and this expansion too happens but within you. Let Me right now advance with you to the animal kingdom. I have previously taught you that mankind has altered the animal kingdom by his sensations and actions and has even brought death into the animal world. Your task for the coming weeks shall be to come to the understanding of how this could happen. Look about you in the animal kingdom! There was a remark made in your circle that even in the animal world there was much fighting and struggle about the pecking order. And even when a bird is singing, it only does so to mark its territory. When I walk through nature with you, in the world of the animals, you will have different experiences. A bird will sit upon a branch just before you and begin to sing in such a wonderful way as you may never have heard it before. A jackdaw (European crow) in the mountains, which you know only by its squawking call, may join the branch and pick peanuts from your hand, may sit and look at you with tilted head and begin to sing with a sound that is not of this world. A deer, which meets you in the forest will not immediately run away scared, but will stand still and even walk a few steps toward you, looking at you with a questioning look. The world of the animals is God's miracle. This world is ready to serve you; it is the same in the primordial creation, in the eternal heavens of the pure worlds. The collectives of the animal souls agreed voluntarily to go into the depths in order to serve man and be a friend to him. Even through them the eternal CREATOR-FATHER wanted to call His children. Through their eyes He wanted to look at you and by their characteristics he wanted to admonish you. However, the fall beings could not endure the animal kingdom from the world of purity for long. They altered their being by force, in accordance with their idea of what creation should be like. And still, if you look into the eyes of the animals that serve you, the fall beings could not change them altogether. Think of the faithfulness of a dog, how he guards the gravesite of his master. Or think of the patience of sheep or your other farm animals, the animals of burden. My friends, walk with Me into the animal kingdom, and - for the coming fourteen days - look into this kingdom with My eyes, not with the human eyes. For by and by, I, JESUS CHRIST, wish to take you away from your negative thinking, feeling and acting; for even in the animal kingdom My laws of vibration are active. Whatsoever vibrations you bring toward the animal kingdom will inevitably come back to you from this kingdom as well! When man develops, My child, this development toward love will include the animal, and the animals surrounding him will change because they too are part of the development and its subsequent change. Even the smallest animals will obey you. Flies may swarm about you, but will not sting you. Ants will obey your request and will cease to run through your house. Flies will greet you indoors. You will open the windows for them. They will understand and will take leave through the window. A butterfly will allow you to catch it, because it has lost the way in your house. It will let you carry it into the sunlight. Thankfully it will circle you once, twice or thrice, then will fly to the next blossom. I have prepared a world of many wonders for you. Are you willing to enter into this kingdom of wonders with ME? Your 'yes' in your heart is called for here. I will lead you into this world and will lead you away from your 'ego-self' to the 'we' or 'us', to the unity with your environment, with creation, with your neighbor and with all that surrounds you. So walk with Me in tune with the thoughts I have placed into your hearts. And so I bless you in the name of the FATHER and touch you with My love - sense it! - and I will now end My word of revelation with this plea: "Come, dear brother, come dear sister, come with Me and walk into the light of the all-unifying love". Amen Last revision on 03/05/02 45 45