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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 13. Exercise txt  16.25KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

13. Exercise My beloved friends, I, JESUS CHRIST am in the midst of you. I was present in your conversations, listening with seriousness at times and then with amusement. I have listened and looked into your souls and thereby into your actual depths. That which now represents your human being is the result of several incarnations. Everything that was stored in your soul memory bank, not only in this life, is molding your present being. I will explain this to you in more depth. As you may have learned in school, at the base of your brain with its cells is the brain stem, in which all the autonomous digestive processes take place, and the cerebellum and finally the cerebrum. I do not wish to discuss further the biological processes, but rather want to point out your true memory. Your soul, having walked this school, this planet several times, and having had several different garments, has not forgotten anything. It has not forgotten and will not - in all eternity - ever forget anything it has ever experienced. Even from its first conception of the primordial creation, from its being of spiritual rock, then plant and then animal life, the soul knows its construction stemming from the different elements of the nature kingdoms. It knows its composition and knows, also, that once upon a time it inhabited the pure heavens in the being form of a nature spirit. The soul knows that it associated with the purely spiritual creation on one hand, and with God's children on the other. They are those who already have received the blessing, which made them authentic children of GOD; or those who came from the first divine creations, before the nature kingdoms, the basic and then developmental kingdoms were even in existence. (The later created nature kingdoms came into existence after God's first created children, his first four sons and His daughter Sadhana in order to create the foundation for the nature spirits). All this knowledge is stored within the purely divine spark, the spirit within the soul, including your descent to the depths, no matter what the reason. You have within you an eternal memory - according to the meaning of your words - eternally. Nothing is lost, no sensation, no thought, no action. Everything is forever stored. And all that you are now feeling, as the human being that you are, is a sum of all that is stored. However, the incorruptible pure spirit within you is covered over by the garments of the past incarnations. As you reenter the earth for an additional life, the memory of the past incarnations is taken from the human being, as GOD'S act of mercy and for your benefit, but I will explain later. Your sensations and feelings, however, are not taken from you. They are the feelings and experiences incurred by your past incarnations, for they are stored in your soul and are transferred by the soul to the human being. That is how it can come to immediate affinity and antipathy. Why do you like someone immediately and dislike another? Why do you like a certain country and dislike another? Thousands and thousands of such sensations and feelings subconsciously govern your human person. Such negative sensations and feelings, when they are negative, are to be transformed to positive ones. Again, I now address polarity (darkness and light): The FATHER'S love determined the possibility of light and darkness in GOD'S Primordial Creation, otherwise the FATHER'S creatures would not have been able to have free will, the will to freely choose between light and darkness. Both were there to be researched by the created beings, be they those who were coming up through the nature kingdoms or be they those who were created first. Light was just as enticing as darkness, it was the difference of the two poles: to serve and bow in love, or to raise themselves up and say: "I am more than you, I do not want to serve you. Watch what I can do by my own power!" GOD gave His children creative power - every single one of you possesses it. However, every child should acquire the recognition himself that he should use this gift from God to serve creation in love, not to oppress it. Nor should God's child oppress his or her fellow-man. It is up to the child to acquire this recognition for him or herself. The basic question with the first beings of creation was as follows: Is GOD, our eternal CREATOR Lord over us, or are we His equals? Can we not do everything the FATHER is doing? Can we not do everything the first-seen and first-born SON, THE CREATOR-SPIRIT, THE LOVE is doing? "Look, what we can do," they said, "Why should we serve?" They did not recognize that GOD gave HIMSELF to his children in creation, that HE HIMSELF SERVES IN CREATION. And this was the FATHER'S intention from the very beginning, to serve. They did not recognize that everything they created - which you too can create - in the last analysis is done by the power of the ALL-SPIRIT. They thought they could do all they did by their own power. GOD, the FATHER let His children be, so that they could explore their free will. They had to explore light and darkness in order to understand the light. Those who are always in the light could not comprehend the beauty, greatness and fullness of the light. But those who explored the depth of darkness knew what it meant to be in the light. And now you are on this earth by your own free will. I say unto you, it is a wonderful planet. The intrinsic part of this planet was a gift to the first spirit being that fell, Sadhana. It was a gift from GOD to Sadhana from the time when she was still in the pure heavens, it became her own planet. She pulled it into the depth along with herself and the others. And not only this planet, but also all the material star worlds, which you see about you. Countless beings came to the depths with her in order to explore them. Today, dear brothers and sisters, I am consciously using the phrase to explore the depths. After they have made their way through the infinite widths, they will return by way of this planet, and with them all of you. What I want to teach you today is for you to look at this planet spiritually. What did the first astronauts tell you when they beheld the widths of the starry skies and saw the blue planet? Amid the cosmos a shining blue planet! Is this not wonderful? Your earth sank with Sadhana from the highest and most light-filled heights into the blackest of spiritual night and still remained her gift, even here in the fall-region. Everything you have on earth is but a weak reflection of the former being. And when you learn to behold that, which was full of light, in its light and no longer as darkness, you will understand Me. Oh, look about you. Does creation not give itself to you? You might want to say, yes, here with us it is so, but all over on various continents there is hunger and need. I answer you thus: Not by the will of GOD, but all that is was done by man. The earth was placed into Sadhana's and her follower's hands as their little paradise. "When you are ready," said the FATHER, "To incarnate and walk across this planet, this school, you can return home. However, Sadhana looked to the widths of creation, which she called her own, and answered "No!" and with her all her followers. This "No" echoed through all aeons, until I spoke the words, "It Is Finished," which I uttered on the cross. But then, the planet was no longer what the Father once had given to His now fallen child. What is about you now is what man as a whole has created. Look at the sad cement walls of your cities! Hot topped streets, sometimes not a tree or hedge anywhere. Slowly, man is beginning to change his thinking, and amid the asphalt desert there is a tree fighting to survive. Still, the tree is giving itself to all those people who live in this asphalt desert. And occasionally, someone walking by even feels this current: a piece of nature amidst this desert, a greeting of mother earth. Can you not be co-creators? Is it not up to you to render the streets and houses green once again, to bring plants into your homes once again? The plants rejoice over being able to serve you. Oh, recognize that you are a part of them, that you bear within you elements of the plants, the minerals, the animals and even the nature beings-----everything is within you! Let Me remind you of the soul's memory! You are the crown of creation, a perfect creature of GOD, a child of the FATHER with free will to decide and with creator-power transmitted by the CREATOR. It is up to you to fashion the earth in such a way that no one need to suffer hunger, that you will once again live in loving community, and that there be unity. You should live with each other, not in opposition to one another. However, do not think about distant places, but about your own surroundings. Change the world all about you, and the earth will visibly change for you! Then you will experience that everything surrounding you serves you with joyfulness. This, however, will not happen when you are doing things in a self-willed way, that is when you wish to 'exert power' in the old fashion of the fall children. Even though you could learn how to develop the power to make spirits obey you and you could indeed exercise it, because you bear the power within you, you should know that all power and force will turn against you in your next incarnation, or in the one after that. Woe to him who has taken such paths and who has made creation subject to him by force. He has in fact sent out an arrow, which will sweep its circular orbit only to hit him in the back full force. Everything that had been forced to obey him will rise up and turn against him. Since man is the crown of creation, he can - by the power of his trained thoughts - rule creation. However, by the divine law, every power or force will turn against the user in order to draw from him. It will persecute him in the next incarnation in order to give back to him all the misdeeds he had committed unto creation and all its beings by his self-willed actions. Sick in mind and spirit, such a person will then wander about in the institutions (behind bars) and will eventually learn that not by force does one gain victory, but by love, exclusively. Perhaps, the aforementioned soul had not chosen that incarnation, since he or she was unwilling to learn. The soul was left its free will and was allowed to use it. However, those whom the soul had violated are now visible to the soul and round about the soul, that is why it ended up in the demented state of mind. With these words, let me leave it at that. Dear friends, verily I beg of you, walk with Me the, perhaps, mountainous path of love! Go it with ME, step by step! Please try, as it is all up to you! Be willing to try! Even if at the beginning you are still acting out of your intellect, eventually, your intellect will make way for the heart-sensations. It was Me Who let you experience these few seconds of grace, during which you felt as if your heart should burst with joy. It was Me Who let you walk in this mood for two whole days, in order to call out to you: "Brother, sister, I Am the Way. I will lead you to the ONE for Whom you are longing. It is the same path I have walked, the way of love, the way of humility, as I have taught it again and again. I was man, with all the sensations he feels while on this earth. Voluntarily, I have taken them upon Myself and voluntarily, I have overcome them step by step. I, too, was often in doubt. I have wrestled with the speaking GOD in Me, Who told Me HE was My FATHER. I have experienced all the doubts you are having and have yet to experience. However, just as I have worked through them, you, too, will work through them. Prerequisite is your will. And now I am coming back to what I said in the very beginning of this schooling path. Required from you is the attitude of, "Yes, LORD, I will walk with YOU." Therefore, prerequisite is only your "yes," and your willingness to try. Then I will lead you to the Love, that I AM. This excursion into creation , as I have suggested it, should show you nature through My eyes. When you walk with Me, I will walk through you. When I walk through you, you are not walking as human beings, but as that which you are in reality, Sons and Daughters of GOD, the crown of creation. Then you will not see with human eyes, but you will behold with spiritual eyes. You will see an ant path, and you will behold the small animal carrying a piece of wood larger than itself. Where did this power come from? With the greatest of diligence, it labors to carry this part of creation around every obstacle. A tiny sensation rises up in you: I, too, have the power, I, too, am on the way. Just as the ant is eager to scurry with its burden on its way to the nest, I too am on the way to the FATHER'S HOUSE, as I carry all my burdens. If the little ant can do it, so can I. And already you hardly feel your burden any more. Joy enters into your heart. Again, I was at work in you. This was just meant as an example for you. I would love to walk with you, not only on this path, which I have suggested for you, but through your entire life; for I want to point all light out to you. All those things you have forgotten in the chaotic state of darkness. The light was forgotten only by the human being, mind you, for the soul bears all light, even though it is overshadowed by all the sorrow and deepest need of many an incarnation. It is blinded by the struggle for the daily bread, so that by now you have but one thought: "Never again, oh Lord, I've had enough! Wherever my eyes can see, there is murder and death, suffering and need." And I can only answer thus: I too have walked this earth, and up to the last steps of Golgotha I have blessed this earth. With every step I radiated love to it, and I saw what it once was. In the souls of those fallen brothers and sisters who wanted to explore their free will, I have triggered the memory of that knowledge of how beautiful this planet once was. And it will be again as I have promised it: There will be peace among men, peace in the animal world. LOVE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, in you and through you and through every single one. I have loved this earth and still do so today, and I walk it spiritually. You, too, should love it, for it is truly a gift to you from the FATHER, a gift of the free will. Do you wish to be marionettes or truly children with GOD'S heritage within you? Look at the earth and your path in this manner, and you will understand Me. You will understand why you are walking it. Then you will see the need and suffering in a different light. There is no stagnation, nor retroaction as you think, on the contrary. The SPIRIT of Love blows everywhere, in all communities, in all religions, even if here and there some intense fights will erupt. Remember, only where there is indifference, love cannot grow. Wherever there is strife and fighting, the people will someday grow weary of all fighting, and the longing can awaken. This longing placed within every soul is the longing for peace and love. All this fighting which rules the earth is called forth by increased light-radiation, the radiation of love. Even when the earth is trembling with earth quakes, when climatic changes occur, when mighty storms sweep cities and villages, when great heat-waves plague mankind and fires rule, what is at work here is still the transforming love. Everyone who is willing to enter into love can see, that within the material fire, there is a spiritual fire burning, which purifies. While looking through the flames, you will see the new being which I have prepared for you and you with Me! With every loving thought given to the present creation, you are at the same time co-creators of the new spiritual earth. And so it is also in your hands, that is, in the hands of all people dwelling upon this earth, how the cleansing comes about and in which degrees it shall take place. You know that there has to be a sort of purification, but with which intensity the earth fights back lies in your own hands, because you are co-creators. You are not only co-creators of your direct surroundings, but also of all earthly events. Every sensation, every thought is an act of creation ! Let these be My closing words. Think about them! My love, My peace, My power and might flow toward you in the name of the FATHER in order to support you in your daily work, in your profession and will help you whenever you are ready to accept this help. Amen Last Revision on 02/23/02 45