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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 12. Exercise txt  8.56KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

12. Exercise {New brothers and sisters have joined us, that is why the repetition} I, JESUS CHRIST, have called you by your name: You are Mine. Wherever you may go your paths, you are doing so at My hand, for I love you, and you love Me, even when in your inner being there are still numerous questions. Wait a little while, and they will all be answered for you; for just as I am speaking through this instrument, so I am the speaking GOD in every one of you. The PRIMORDIAL HOLY WELLSPRING is in your inner center, in your inner temple. And it flows unceasingly, giving itself to you, and it waits for you to draw from this well. You can only find the truth within you, and you can only unlock the spiritual worlds within you. Only within you will you find the way to inner harmony and stillness and will act out of that harmony at your place of work. Thus you are the workers in My vineyard of love. Here on the earthly level, a community can only help you in a supportive kind of way and be of assistance most of all to the 'human being,' to the personality, who has the tendency to cling to the world. However, by the tasks I give you, you are being led into your inner spheres time and again. And so I have asked you to link with Me in the morning as you awaken. By this you are able - with the help of all powers of the heavens - to actualize whatever the soul has planned to accomplish. However, if you awaken and occupy your thoughts with worldly matters right away, such as work and all of the things this day may bring you, you will have interrupted the stream of eternal love and are no longer receptive to it. I asked you to see Me as your friend at your side, as a beloved guest, to Whom you want to give all your attention. My beloved students, these are exercises to help you remain in your center, where you are linked with heaven. I asked you to do everything consciously. Where are your thoughts during the day? Are they in your center? Are they in your inner temple? Are you doing your work out of that inner harmony, or are you caught up in the worldly rush and hectic actions? When you listen to the news, are you frightened by the worldly events you hear about? Are you afraid, do you bear fear within you? Oh see, I want to lead you away from human thinking, want to lead you into your inner temples, to a point of view that allows you to see from a higher level of vision. I, your friend and brother, want to explain to you why this or that has to happen; why there is so much suffering all about you. I want to speak to you about love, which flows to you from all of creation. I want to open your inner senses, so that you will no longer perceive this world with your outer senses only. I want you to enter into a reality with your inner senses, which lets you recognize your life as you lead it now as merely a shadowy existence. I want to sharpen your vision, so that you will behold your fellow man full of love, look into his soul and no longer judge his outer deeds. I want to lead you into the world of the spirit. You are spirit! Your true being is spiritual! The garment you now wear is only a covering for the spirit. I want to lead you away from your human sensations, human thinking, and human actions, and into the life I have lived for you. This My life is known to you from many parables in books. But I also want to lead you into that life, which is partially kept secret, since the old scriptures where not made public. All your questions would have been answered long ago, had the old scriptures been made public. My doctrine of love has been written down, now I wish to let you experience it in your daily living. When you walk through nature with Me, when you live through your days while linked with Me, you will constantly receive impulses from Me - inasmuch as you are willing to strive seriously to follow Me. And you will recognize yourselves more and more in your own actions and sensations, which are not always in the pure light of love. You have enough knowledge, My beloved students. Countless libraries are filled with book-knowledge. What I am bringing you is not knowledge but WISDOM, by virtue of your daily living of that which you are learning. By putting into action what you are learning you are living in the actualization (of truth). Only in this way will you unlock the inner wisdom for yourselves and recognize the truth within you. I Myself am the one who will guide you ever more deeply into the ETERNAL TRUTH, which can only be grasped by the one who actualizes love by living it. Look back upon the paths you have gone thus far. Have you changed greatly? Are you vibrating in love for all of creation? Is there a streaming and pulsating in you that cannot be expressed in words? Only every now and then you fathom a sensation rising up from your soul, for instance, when you see a sun set at the ocean or when you behold a valley below you from the mountaintop. In such moments you dimly fathom what it means to grasp the greatness of creation, of the eternally holy GOD. And when then you adore Him in your inner being, you wish to immerse yourselves in Him. I want to lead you into such a state of being, not just for moments but forever; for that is bliss, to rest within yourselves. The brief moments in which you fathom this are often a rush of grace from the loving heart of GOD. These brief moments are meant for you, so that you will set out on the search for the path in order for you to always remain in this vibration. For it raises you above the earthly events and shall by and by open your inner senses, so that you hear Me and the pure messengers of heaven speak within you. As of now, you still need instruments. However, now it is the time of the last days. In this time many are called to proclaim of the inner wellspring and to lead people to the inner truth. And they are called to lead man away from ties. Now do not misunderstand Me. I do not mean people who are well bonded with each other. I mean those who are in bondage. It is bondage whenever you cannot be without something. Well bonded is when there are no limitations, when the connection reaches the spiritual level. Link or bond with Me, with Me in you, and you will hear Me call, just as I began this evening: "I have called you by your name, you are Mine." Walk with Me into creation! Be conscious of My presence, and I will cause you to fathom the wealth of spiritual gifts, which I, THE LOVE, want to give you. Every stone wants to tell its story. Every tree, every bush give of its love to you, every blossom at the side of the road - irradiated by the CREATOR-SPIRIT OF LOVE - wants to bow to you. However, you do not feel this love-sensation. You will notice the tiny flies that sit upon you during a meditation in the stillness, but the nature beings remain hidden to you. And yet in such moments, you are surrounded by the beings of the earth or the air. Innumerous nature spirits are living and are active about you. All these things I want to make available to you. You are walking blindly through this world. It was not always this way, for those who came before you saw these beings, for they lived in unity with nature. However, within the last couple of centuries, this knowledge has grown dim. Man turned away from the laws of nature, even lived in opposition to nature, and its call to you grew silent. Man no longer saw the beings of earth, the air, of water and fire. Only fairy tales will now tell of those things that are no longer open for him. You are not aware, how sad your walks are, when you go your paths while your head is full of earthly, heavy thoughts. You who should be example to the nature beings, who have not yet reached your level of the full-fledged child of God, you are less aware than they. The animals, which surround you, have developed their spiritual senses. I repeat, a dog 'knows' whether or not you have ever raised your hands against their species, be it in this or in former lives. His sensations link with your soul. The animals live in creation and with creation, and you live against them, without realizing it. If you are willing, I will lead you to a life with creation, and I will open for you your inner worlds. The greatest gift to you has been your free will, and no matter what you may decide, in the last analysis you are walking at My hand. My peace, the blessing in the FATHER'S name streams into you. My love envelops you - I repeat - like a cloak, which I place about your shoulders. Feel your souls and sense the stream of power coming from your and My FATHER'S fullness. Raised up in a higher consciousness you now go your way, accompanied by Me and by angels of light. Amen Last revision on 01/26/02 39 41