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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
Gottfried Meyerhofer 
Jakob Lorber 
Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 11. Exercise txt  8.95KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

11. Exercise He who leaves the noise of the world in order to enter into inner silence, into the stillness hears Me, the CREATOR-SPIRIT speak in all being. He hears my caressing word in the rustling of the leaves, hears My call: "Come My child of creation!" He will accompany the bird in its jubilation: "JESUS CHRIST, I am on the way home to you!" He will bow in the wind as it glides over a wheat or cornfield, will bow just like the ears, before the eternal SPIRIT, WHO GIVES HIMSELF to His children in His multiplicity. Verily, I say unto you, everything serves to your recognition and expansion of your inner consciousness into the fullness of the creative gifts. All you need do is to be willing to become still inside and to let the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT speak in you. At first, My beloved students, My friends, the murmur of the well is but noise for you. However, when you are still within yourselves you will hear in your introspection the murmur of the well as the FATHER'S call to you. At first, your friend, the tree is simply a tree, apart from you. You try to enter into the vibration of love and you sense that you will not yet succeed in this vibration, which is still in its beginning phase. But the more you enter into this life streaming in every tree, the more you allow the tree to become a part of you, the stronger will the impulses of light, will the love toward creation become. You have thought about the roots, thought about your own rooted state. The tree is the symbol of your life, even in its stem, the branches, twigs, leaves and fruits. When you go within, when you enter into the temple within you and consider your tree, it will show you where in your life your weaknesses are: Is the stem still upright, even though it has been shaken and whipped about by the storm of life? Is it bent and does it moan and groan? Are the branches, the twigs that stretch toward the light full of joy or do they droop sadly toward the ground? Is the tree sick? Is it in need of your help? Do you have such weaknesses, which are in need of divine help? Is your tree standing in a crowded garden, and are the neighbors grumbling because it is blocking the sunlight? Are you crowded in where you are or do you crowd your neighbor? Are you blocking their light? MY CREATION SPEAKS TO YOU in manifold ways, My friend, just as in the example of the tree. Does your tree show itself blooming profusely, or do you love more its fruit? The blossoms are representative of your path home to the FATHER, the fruit is the autumn, the harvest. My beloved students, just as a young tree needs good earth, so you too need a firm basis. You have found it in GOD, otherwise you would not be here, nor would you read My WORD. However, in order for the roots to become anchored firmly in the ground, many a storm or hurricane has to blow by its stem and has to shake and rattle the little tree of life, so that it becomes more firmly and securely rooted in God. And in that way nothing can ever topple the growing tree. Before the tree can bear fruit, it will need blossoms, which are the symbol of the longing for GOD. The human being recognizes that he will only be satisfied, if he passes on the love he receives from creation. The fruit develops out of the blossoms. The more the human being steps away from his/her egotistical thinking, from his wishing and wanting for himself, and moves toward love and service, which gives itself just like the CREATOR-SPIRIT does, the larger and more numerous the fruits become. Love can be likened to the rain that waters the tree, filling it with power. The power rises by way of the roots and the stem into the branches, the twigs, into the leaves, into the fruits. And the human being begins to give himself in them, more each year. At the end of his life, the tree has become huge and mighty. Powerfully it stands in the light of the eternally holy serving love. And the soul looks back, full of joy, and then sets out to continue to serve in the spheres of the beyond, until it has perfected itself. Now, I call you back to your friend, the tree, which you have chosen for yourselves. Mentally, stand beside it. Feel your way into its roots, which are your spiritual roots! Lean against your tree and test how firmly it stands in its faith and trust in GOD! Raise your eyes to the branches, the twigs, the leaves or needles and be full of joy! Joy is closely connected with love, for only he who is joyful on his path home to the FATHER, truly loves GOD. He whose motive for the path to self-mastery is only eternal bliss and his secured place in heaven for his good deeds, does not love GOD above all; for this kind of love is not unselfish, but has an egotistical purpose. If such a person will pay attention, he will notice that on his way back to the FATHER joy is lacking, time and again. He is missing the elation of: "Everything that does not knock me over makes me stronger, helps me to overcome my weaknesses and errors. It helps me to let the storms of life blow over me, so that I reach the autumn of life when I will bear fruit!" As you know, every tree bears some kind of fruit, even a coniferous tree. My beloved friends, already the relationship with your tree has changed. When you listen to My words and think about your tree, you feel a certain vibration between you and it, one that is not of this material earth. It is a vibration of understanding, of being connected. The tree, which teaches you things about yourselves, which gladdens your heart with its blossoms, or which brings you fruits and gives you shade, and many other things, imparts you with the spiritual vibrations by way of its spiritual aspects. When you walk through nature and behold creation, when your eyes gaze upon its blossoms or when you look at this tree or that stone, and when you are still in your hearts and ask, for instance: "Oh tell me, what are you trying to talk to me about, you wonderfully luminous yellow blossom at the side of the road? What do you wish to tell me, oh tree, or you little stone in my hand?" It is then that vibrations come from you to creation. And creation is not silent, but sensations come back to you from this creation. It is the CREATOR-SPIRIT, WHO is speaking with you, and the sensations are the start of HIS voice speaking to you. As you proceed on the path, what you will have about you is no longer dead matter, but EVERTHING LIVES and EVERYTHING SPEAKS TO YOU IN YOUR INNER BEING. In the life, which pulsates everywhere and simultaneously flows in you as well, the PRIMORDIAL WELL OF LOVE will then burst forth in you. You have given love and love comes streaming back to you: "My child, I call you, I, YOUR GOD IN YOU, WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU, WANT TO GUIDE YOU MYSELF, HOME TO ME." That is the path I teach you. Beloved brothers and sisters, when you go into nature in the coming days, I would like to see your sensations stream in nature, as I have described to you; all in accordance with your free will. If at all possible, take a half-hour and go into nature while you are in the stillness and resting in Me, your friend and brother! While connected with Me, walk through nature, which spreads out before you with infinite love as grass, moss, as stone, or as flower, hedge or tree, and let your inner sensations, the vibrations of love, with My help, flow consciously into creation! Look closely, how the blades of grass bow in the wind, how they bow their heads. Look at the treetops and listen what happens within you. Listen to the rushing leaves and sense the love flowing to you from creation! Go with Me on this walk, which will teach you to love creation, but which will also show you the many places where man has destroyed creation. You will once again learn with and through ME how to come into unity with creation; for this will be your life in future, which on the new earth will be with and no longer against creation. On the new earth, which spiritually is already spreading itself out before you, however still invisibly to you since you are still blind for it, on this new earth you will be one with every stone at your feet, with every blade of grass, with every blossom, every tree, hedge, yes, with every animal. There will no longer be any suffering, because man has recognized that he too has to serve, just like creation. He learns that he may serve joyfully, just as the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT gives Himself to His children and serves them. May you go into the following days with such meditative thoughts. Even if human things still press in on you, consider that you are walking a schooling path, in which you are given all things by which to grow in love. You need only be willing to walk at My hand, and you will pass all these tests easily and quickly. You have all power within you. My love accompanies you, and I am looking forward to our walks, together, through all that My CREATOR-SPIRIT gives to you. I bless you in the name of the FATHER, here in this circle, and I bless all those who have set out on the path home to God with Me, in joy and in love. Amen Last Revision on 12/11/01 37 37