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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Johannes Widmann 
Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 10. Exercise txt  6.78KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

10. Exercise My beloved friends, My sheep, I, JESUS CHRIST, your teacher as well as your brother and friend, am among you in order to console you somewhat and to tell you to take courage. You are walking through the valley of tears and verily, it is a v a l l e y of t e a r s . As heavy with rain the clouds may be at the firmament, just as hard raining was many a day in your life or still is. Yet, the sun is above the clouds, and above the clouds it shines radiantly and brightens even the darkest of days. No cloud is so thick, that it could deter the light from breaking through. Take this as a parable, as My consolation for you. Even when you believe you are only making tedious progress on the path, I would like to encourage you and tell you that it is not the case. Better for you to walk ahead in small steps than trying to reach the goal by sprinting ahead, only to find out just before your goal that you have run by many opportunities, which would have enabled your growth in love. So, continue your path, which you have begun joyfully and remain in this joy in spite of the difficulty, which you believe you cannot overcome, even though you are trying hard. My friends, one little spark is enough to ignite and cause a widespread blaze. Take this as symbol and rejoice! If the stream of love does not yet break forth like the sun through a thick cloud, still, with your first thought of "You are the tree I want to love as the LORD is teaching me," the task is fulfilled. The spark is ignited, and this ignited spark will grow in My light and will be irradiated through My light. Step by step you grow into the kind of love that makes no differences. For you in the earthly garment, this is now hard to fathom, and I understand your doubts. I, too, had to grow slowly toward love. How angry I was about those of My brothers who changed money in My FATHER'S house. Did I not knock over the money changing tables? Did I not scold the Pharisees and scribes? And what did I say at the cross? "Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing." That was the end of My path on this earth. It is also your goal, My beloved. Keep this goal in mind and go step by step at My hand into the wonderful kingdom of all-encompassing and all-connecting unity, of high power and might of divine love! Today you may still feel separated from the rock, the flower, the tree, but verily I say unto you, with the first thought, with your sending of the first spark of love, you are already in the process of overcoming the separation. You are striding ahead toward the unity of creation. Meditation: Go within by sensation and receive the vibration of My love for every one of you! Whether you are listening to My words right now or whether you are reading these words, I touch you all with the light of eternity, where everything is love. And I will lift you out of your intellectual thinking for a moment, and will raise you into the streaming grace of the CREATOR-SPIRIT'S very heart. You now see your tree within yourselves. Within you the love for it vibrates, the love for the little baby tree or the huge fully-grown tree, whatever you may have chosen. Now, at this moment you sense what I mean when I say to you, "Give all your love to the tree!" Now you are one with it. Your consciousness enters into its roots, into its stem, its branches and twigs, the leaves... Your friend is standing in clear sunlight and unifies with you. It is your growth, your development, your striving toward the eternal sun of love, from which you even now draw your power. You do so by way of the roots; for the life you are bearing is of HIM. And symbolically you are reaching high up with this tree, with its twigs, branches and leaves. You reach beyond the earth, the entire cosmos, the entire creation and beyond, in GOD, the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. Sense the thrill of your soul! Sense how it raises itself in joyfulness, which is not of this earth! And now, My beloved I will bring you back to your human being. As of now you are still walking through the valley of tears, but all the power to persevere comes to you from the roots - the roots which are within you, from the divine spark that is one with God. When the wall of clouds is too thick, remember the well of power and go to it. And you will see the radiant sun break through the wall once again. So walk with good cheer and continue to make strides on the path of love! There is a word among men that goes like this: 'sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees,' if this is the case it wasn't meant to be. The path home to the FATHER is a path of joy. Yes, here and there it is not easy for you and you may ask: "O LORD, how am I to feel joy now?" Then you will look outside to creation, and you will hear the birds sing again! Look inside of a blossom's calyx or to the fresh green of the trees in spring. If you give thanks for all you see, you will by this thanksgiving feel lighthearted once again. And whatever it may be that is weighing upon your shoulders will no longer seem as a burden. The SPIRIT OF PENTECOST, My beloved, is the Spirit of Love, in conjunction with joy, the joy to be able to serve. He who understands this will be overcome by this spirit and will continue to walk the path filled with power. May you take the following as your task, if you are willing: I spoke to you about the root and would like you to think about the rooted state. Recognize, My sheep, that the root lies in every case with GOD. May the child have separated itself ever so far from HIM, it nonetheless receives its power from HIM. What is it that you believe you need to reach for with your roots here on this earth? What is the human being still longing for? Examine yourselves and you will understand My words: whosoever loves husband, wife, child, parents, etc. more than Me, is not worthy of Me. He who does not understand that all power, even that for your nearest relatives, comes only from one source, and he who is not thankful for the stream of this power has not yet begun to look for Me, the eternally loving SPIRIT. He does not yet know what love is, a love which gives itself to you in great abundance - as it cannot even be described. So what is meant with these words? What is it that man's roots are trying to reach here on this earth? To what does he still cling? What does he want to hold on to? From what does he seek to draw his power, and does not recognize that all power comes only from the ONE. Think about it and then go with this recognition and knowledge to your friend, the tree, and let the vibration of the brief meditation I gave you today come alive. And you will understand My words and their meaning! My blessing in the name of the FATHER irradiates you, as well as all those who are with you on the path home to eternity, home to the WELLSPRING, to the GOAL, the FATHER. Amen Last revision 01/16/02 35 36