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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 08. Exercise txt  15.64KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

8. Exercise I, JESUS CHRIST, your friend and brother, am in your midst and I have been listening to your conversations. Sometimes, we - I and the angels who accompany you - would like to take you by the hand and lead you out of your human garment, back to your eternal home so that you will once again understand the loving rule of the all-one CREATOR-SPIRIT. Nothing exists outside of HIMSELF, everything is in HIM - one unity, one LOVE. Earth is a weak reflection of the eternal home, whence you all have come. Upon the purely spiritual planets grouped about My Primordial Central Sun, there are worlds of creation rich in minerals, plants and animals. They are of a multiplicity and beauty unimaginable, and everything bows to the ETERNAL. When you walk through nature as pure spirit beings every plant bows before you in love, and you embrace it mentally. Love streams from you and thus raises up the plant child toward the sunlight; for in the eternal home everything develops toward the one goal, that is to become a child of God. The mineral develops into a plant, assimilates the animal kingdoms in order to strive toward the nature being, which perfects itself. At the appropriate time a dual pair attracts the spirit being in accordance with the divine laws of attraction, receives the becoming child of God and turns it over to the eternally holy FATHER WHO in turn will bless it. Love streams forth in all spheres of life, and so the mineral kingdom is connected with the sphere of Order, the plant kingdom with the sphere of Will, the animal kingdom with Wisdom and the nature beings with the sphere of Justice (Earnestness). These are the natures of the COSMIC FATHER. These natures within the child of God must still be perfected through Patience, Love and Mercy. The basic vibration of these aforesaid characteristics of GOD, patience, love and mercy, is transmitted to the mineral, plant, animal and nature kingdom through the purely spiritual sons and daughters of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. Similarly as here on earth the spiritual planets have soft hills and valleys, others have mountain ranges, again others are more flat. There are manifold life forms to be found. Creation knows no limits. The spiritual being walking its planet - void of time and space - gives itself in love to the mineral. It is not hard matter, such as is found on earth, but can be compared to gems, like sapphire, emerald, quartz crystal, which do not only reflect the light of love the spirit beings give to the mineral, but which also shine from within. From all its facets, the light radiates back in deep thankfulness. The plants, which bow before any spiritual being, long for perfection. The love that is given to them lets them strive onward, toward the Primordial Light. As the plant passes onward, it gives itself in love to the animals, for instance a blossom in its beauty to the butterfly, which is no longer bound to the spiritual primordial rock and which flies upward, knowing only one longing, that is to develop itself by constantly absorbing more love in order to be love at the end of its developmental path. And thus the divine natures are perfected within the minerals, the plants, and within the animals. The pure beings of the heavens of light lovingly and joyfully give their help in this developmental process. And due to the absence of time they see the development ahead of its actual happening and know the following: This profusion of blossoms will one day turn into an animal, which bears peace and love, and which learns from the beings of light. It will let them teach it what is to be learned in order to perfect itself in the divine will; which uses the freedom it is granted to learn the characteristic of divine will, to bow to it and to rest in it. It learns all about wisdom as it can freely course through creation. Nature beings surround these animal kingdoms. They are the fairies, elves and gnomes. Everything pulsates in this wonderful love-unity of the developing creation, as it is perfecting itself. Over and over (newly developing life), for the FATHER'S creation is unlimited, and you are all part of these events of creation. You too can co-create and co-fashion, for GOD placed everything in your hands as well. Only the divine law of the love-service was to be heeded by the sons and daughters of the pure heavens. And this meant to place their free will into the WILL OF THE FATHER. Not heeding this law led to the fall. The free will had opposed the laws of the Eternal and had developed creations, which did not vibrate in the divine pure law of love. By the continued actions of opposition, the (fallen) spirit beings had transformed a part of the pure planet to a lower level and it was cast out of heaven with them, because they turned away from the love of the FATHER. They did not respect the laws of love, which says: one will serve the other. They have set themselves higher than creation and are thus no longer in unity with it. Through infinite spans of time, which cannot even be imagined, this material cosmos formed itself , and GOD saw His children amid the hot lava of the rock formations as the (material) worlds were taking on form. In His love, mercy began to flow toward His children. He said: "Let there be light for My children, who have fallen! Let there be light and may the waters separate from the earth, may plants grow and may animals develop!" After that, nature beings volunteered to come to earth in order to serve the animal and plant life. The eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT placed His love into these creations so that He could call His children through all of them. And so GOD calls you through the rock formations. HE calls to you through every plant: "See how the plant world is serving you, how they truly give themselves to you! It is I, My SPIRIT that gives Itself, for there is nothing outside of Me." Even this event of the fall - with all its fall-worlds - is in Me, the ETERNAL SPIRIT. Yet, My love, which called all My children through everything, was not heard. The attempt was made to stifle this love. In your fairy tales and legends there is still a sense of this knowledge of your ancestors. They still heard My call coming from the rock formations. They still sensed My love which turned to them in the plants. They still saw the animals as their friends. It was later, that they began to kill them. After the first murder on this earth, the blood of the blameless creatures began to flow. However, again and again there were beings of light (sent by Me) to hear My call, who could and can hear and see all the nature beings, and who did not close their ears to their lamenting over what man has done to the old Mother Earth. During the schooling through which I want to guide you, I want to open your inner being so that you will be clairvoyant and clairsentient once again. They are the spiritual senses, which are asleep within you and are waiting to be awakened. Verily, the intellect of man tries to block off the love of God, and still love turns toward man all the time. The more man tries to explain everything with the intellect, the more he becomes entangled in his own explanations. And he finally has to recognize that there is only one explanation: THE LOVE OF THE CREATOR-SPIRIT RULES IN ALL THINGS, AND EVERYTHING SERVES THE OTHER IN LOVE. And just as GOD serves His children in creation, the children too must learn once again to serve, so that all shall once again be as it once was. You have taken the steps into the darkness, but now you are retracing your steps back to the light. While some of you may have advanced a few steps ahead of the others in a certain area, others are ahead of you in another areas, and thus you may help each other, be there for each other. Verily, your love should be vibrating on the same level as that of the plants. You should not make differences any more. If you still love some more than others, it can serve as your means of self-recognition and can be part of your schooling. My beloved students, THERE IS NO COINCIDENCE. Everything that happens round about you has its causes, just like you talked about in the example: Plants shrivel up and die because a human being is sad and because he can no longer bear grief. The sadness that is in you is at the same time heaped on your surroundings. Now you need to ask yourselves the following: Do I want this? Should really all this life around me die, because I am sick of life, without a friend and tired of struggling? What is life? Explore this question in depth. Life is LOVE. He who loves, forgives, just as I have forgiven on the cross. He who loves has compassion with all that is about him, and suffers along with them. Therefore he tries to keep smiling in spite of his pain and tries to radiate love. At the same time, creation about you can breathe easier, because just as you are co-creators in the eternal home, so you also help fashion your immediate surroundings here in the earthly life. You are not conscious of the power that is within you, My faithful ones. Because of this I teach you the path to the inner life, to the spiritual being, the life. At the end of the path I wish for brothers and sisters, for conscious sons and daughters of the eternally holy FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, who will help change this earth to spiritual being. It is a lofty goal, but you have the power within you even now. Just as plants will bloom and grow under the loving hands and even grow blossoms out of joy at a time when they normally do not bloom, just because they want to give back the love to the human being, you too can transform your fellow man by your love. Here is an example: You get into a bus, a subway or streetcar with a smile on your face and you treat your fellow man in a friendly way. Many a grumpy face will lighten up and return your friendly smile. Even in such a simple way you can help change the people of your city, and can give them of your light. You can actually help to raise the dying plants into the spiritual being. In the course of the schooling, I want to bring you to the point where you are able to open your eyes to these spiritual events. You see only little of what is actually happening around you. You look at a tulip and you say: "O yes, it is beautiful!" You do not see how it shines and radiates when love flows from you to it. At that moment there is a flashing of light round about this tulip, and this flashing will also envelop you, as there is an exchange of energy between you and the tulip. The tulip passes on its own vital power to you, full of joy, because it has received the power directly from the sunlight. The plant-world could teach you so much, for you too have the power to receive energy directly from the sun, but on the path of evolution you have forgotten how to use this ability. I want to bring you back to all of this. Therefore, My beloved brothers and sisters, try to get away from your head-thinking and try to attain heart-thinking/feeling instead. You cannot explore love with your mind. The spiritual worlds will not open to you when you use but your mind, but they will respond to your sensations and feeling. In the beginning it may seem unnatural to you, to give love by greeting the trees at the side of the road and blessing them with the FATHER'S love as you drive by. But the more often you do this task, the more you will try to feel with the plant-world round about you, the more strong will your feelings become for this life, and soon you will notice a telepathic communication starting between them and you. In this way clairsentience and clairvoyance, the spiritual vision will open to you step by step. It shall once again be as it once was in the pure heavens. So go with joyful steps into the light of love and be aware of the responsibility, which you bear in this time of transition, for you are not co-incidentally in the earthly garment at this specific time! Whatever human thing is still bothering you at this time, by and by the humanness will decrease during the schooling, the spiritual will become the weightier issue, and you will understand Me. You will then understand the great longing of the FATHER for His children. You will understand the pain of the tortured creatures and the longing of the COSMIC CREATOR for all this suffering to end. Not God is responsible for all the negative actions happening on this earth, but man alone! And so man m u s t once again transform all negativity. That is the return to the SOURCE, the return to LOVE. Love does not limit itself. Love does not become tied down. Rather, Love connects, links itself. Love links up with the stone at the side of the road, with all stones, with the entire mineral kingdom and thus vibrates once again in the original vibration of divine Order. Love links up with the plant kingdom, with the trees, bushes, flowers, healing plants, fruits, which give themselves to you in love. Love links with the plants that vibrate in the primordial vibration of the divine Will and which pass on to you these vibrations in love. Love links with every animal. The animals, which still hurt each other here on the material level must be transformed by you as well, for one eats the other. This too is part of your tasks. So send love into the animal kingdom, and a tiger will eat grass. Grass renews itself, it does not die. Many plants regenerate themselves, they do not die. And that which still passes away on the earthly level rises up to new life on the spiritual level, not in hard material form as you know it on earth, but purified. By your loving thoughts, sensations, and actions, you cause all things to become transformed. We will do our part to help you, but you must do the steps yourselves. Through the connecting love for creation, for the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and for the nature beings, which are still hidden to your eyes, you are in the process of helping with what I have revealed to you when I said: "See, I make all things new. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. And love and peace will be found on this earth!" Only those who have put their love into action can live on this new earth, and those who are ready to ask for forgiveness and who forgive all, who are ready to live and work in unity with creation once again. The willingness for this is now necessary, not the perfection of it. All of heaven is helping you, so that you may find the way back to the FATHER'S HOUSE. Beloved brothers and sisters, in the coming days may you do this task in accordance with your free will. May you link up with the plant-world once again, to this part of creation that gives itself freely to the fallen children, even though it is constantly mistreated. Forests are being set afire. Crude boots are trampling over its paths and its blossoms. For the sake of winter sports, whole strips of land are sacrificed, and the grass can hardly grow any more wherever man seeks his pleasure. It is the eternal CREATOR-SPIRIT Who lies down at your feet. Feel into your soul, and thankfulness will rise up when you behold the fullness of blossoms in spring, in spite of the harm man is constantly doing to nature. Again and again it showers you with its gifts in an oh so rich way for so long, until man has finally managed to hamper its growth - and this still lies ahead of you. Only then will man recognize how great the love is of the CREATOR-SPIRIT. In this time when man is in the greatest of need, when he is lacking the air to breathe, when his daily bread is no longer a sure thing, he is shown that HE, the ALL-ONE has prepared a new earth for His children, a spiritualized earth. You and many with you have worked creatively, in order to make it into a new earth. It is all of you whom I am presently teaching love - world-wide - so that there may once again be one shepherd and one flock, under the banner of love. Amen Last Revision 11/01/01 31