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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 05. Exercise txt  11.17KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

5. Exercise My love flows into your hearts, takes hold of your thoughts, your doubts as well as your inner pain. It takes hold of your weaknesses and everything with which you have burdened yourselves on this earth, in order to once again come nearer to the light of love on your journey. I AM JESUS CHRIST! Still, you are free to believe it or not. Love has you by the hand and leads you to the one goal, no matter what paths you may take. I am truly the might and power of God, the FATHER, His love which became man. At the same time, I am your brother, your friend, the bride-groom of your souls. I want to be so near to you that all your thoughts, your sensations and your deeds rest in Me, THE LOVE. I want to be so near to you so that it is no longer you acting, but I walking this earth through you. Well, dear brothers and sisters, the claim is high. You gaze at your planet, look into the eyes of your brothers and sisters and see hatred, unfriendliness and unkindness. Still, every one of these children walks at My hand, just like you. At My hand they walk home to the Father, to perfection. Did I not say: "Become perfect, like your Father in heaven is perfect?" I walked ahead of you, and the way was not easy. I taught My disciples love and humility, and they saw in Me the future king, the ruler of the people. And their disappointment was great when this seeming ruler took the path by way of Golgotha. Every earthly walk, My beloved, is the path by way of Golgotha. However, he who feels Me at his side does not bear the cross alone. He is no longer bent under the heavy load, but bows thankfully in humility and walks onward up the mountain, realizing that all the difficulties that lie on the earthly are there merely to serve the soul's healing and that the human garment should be a garment of joy. Do not linger under the burden of the cross, but walk with Me through your difficulties and be of good cheer. Yes, you have been carrying your burden up until now. However, carry it from here on in the consciousness that you are sharing the cross that lies upon the entire earth, and that you help to carry it. Even if you have sinned, from the moment when you joyfully accept pain or sorrow, you accepting, willingly, the burdens of all your brothers and sisters who are also on the path home to the Father. And together and united with My power you will bear it more easily. No matter where your brothers and sisters might be, no matter what religion they might bear in their hearts, they are all your brothers and sisters. For there is only one FATHER in heaven, no matter what name man may give HIM. HE, the ALL-ONE (GOD) loves His children! And out of this love, He sent Me so that I may show you that the way home is possible. I was man, not only in the physical sense, but I was man with all the errors and weaknesses man has, which I had to take upon Myself voluntarily, otherwise I could not have existed on this earth. A human child that is perfect has raised its vibration so much, that the earth will no longer carry it. He would spiritualize himself and be enraptured to GOD. He would have become the pure child, which once you all have been. And so I said: "Become perfect, as your FATHER in heaven is perfect." In other words, strive toward perfection, every day anew. However, this also means, in other words, recognize yourselves and acknowledge what you still are. Only if you accept yourselves as you are, can you develop further from that base, and can strive toward the light. Those people who are do-gooders, who say what you want to hear and are always friendly to you, are least helpful to you. People who make life difficult for you are your testing ground. With them you can grow in love. With them you, the gem, can polish yourself, all the facets can become polished until the jewel, which shines brightly and with clarity in all of you, has become visible once again. I repeat: The human garment should be a garment of joy, especially when you are going through personal pain or sorrow, when those who are near to you inflict pain in the deepest recesses of your soul. When this happens, think of Me. It was at the moment when I hung on the cross that I was united with GOD, My FATHER. And when someday you stand at the hill of Golgotha, you too will be one with GOD, and therefore one with Me, JESUS CHRIST, the love, the first-born and first-seen son. Simultaneously you are then one with the Creator, because love is the creator-power. The language of the heavens is sensation. Words are not the language of the heavens. Therefore words can be misunderstood time and again. But when you learn to step into your world of sensations, you will learn to pick up the vibration of the particular word. And one single word can thus open the entire heaven for you. I want to train you to recognize words by sensation. When I walked this earth I did not wish My words to be written down, for the word is alive. The word lives among you, and it has never ceased to live among you. It has never ceased to beat in your inner being and to knock and knock, until you too will enter into your inner sanctum and will listen to the wellspring, which bubbles up within every single one of you. The loving word within you is simply buried by your conceptions, by opinions and knowledge that has been accumulated over the course of incarnations. The loving word was buried also by separations, which the human being brings to pass again and again. In GOD all is one, you are one, the entire creation is one! In GOD you are one with the smallest stone. HIS power of love vibrates. HIS SPIRIT irradiates every atom. HIS SPIRIT is truly in and about you, for there is nothing outside of the divine SPIRIT. The entire creation is within you, GOD, the FATHER Himself with His SPIRIT. When you enter into the world of sensation, when you speak with the stones, communicate with trees, bushes, flowers, when animals are your friends, and when nature beings no longer hide from you, when you see the light-filled beings from the heavens, then you know that everything you observe outside of yourselves is also within you. And when you now think about your stone, consider that this stone is within you. Its image radiates within you, pulsating vibrantly, even it happens to be a small piece of cement. Is not also in this part of matter the energy in motion, love? Encased in it is air, a light element, which wants to carry you away from the human thinking, away from the contradictions. The instrument as stone in your hand ---- do you not feel the call of every atom within you? It is the call that resounds in all of creation, which clearly takes hold of you as well, in your innermost being, a call that says: "Child, come home!" In these words lie the sensations of perfecting oneself, lies the path, it is becoming one once again with all that man still separates. Love brings together, and it brings you together with the insignificant stone at your feet. When you place your sensation into the stone, this sensation radiates back to you from the stone. If it is love, love will radiate back to you. If it is dislike, it too will radiate back to you. Here too it is a coming together to one point. Within you is the macrocosm - as well as in the smallest part, because in the SPIRIT there is no separation, only unity. Link with each other in love. Give to your neighbor loving thoughts, even if you are not living in unity with him. You will be in oneness one day. Even if your paths go in separate directions, they are paths with which a brother and sister come home. Come back to the all-connecting love. Verily, many messengers of light are dwelling on this earth at this time, messengers who brought this light and who taught it time and again. After them came those who then proceeded to cling to the word, but often did not render it in the spirit in which it was taught, resulting in misunderstandings. This will happen for as long as you do not place the words upon your sensations and look at the true meaning behind the words. You will always be seeking, as long as you only see the words. There are enough words! Thousands of libraries are filled with them. However, who lives love? What I teach you, My beloved students, My friends, My brothers and sisters, is the simple life. In this word too lies unity. I am teaching you to put the simple life into action. And now there are hundreds of "ifs and buts" in your thoughts, however, I answer you that it is always you who are causing dissension and discord, not another. As long as the human being always looks at another for the faults, he has not yet found love. However, if man sees in his neighbor the child of GOD, and when he sees his own weaknesses in the faults of his neighbor, he learns to understand and him with all his faults, out of his own understanding nature. How often does man still separate himself, mentally, even while speaking of different religions? Is it not always the same FATHER Who is calling His children? Be it a natural religion among native peoples, be it other messengers who are sending out light all over the earth, even if one has more light than another. Different levels of consciousness have to be addressed, after all. One cannot teach reading to an infant. For an infant, the FATHER appears in a native religion, for an adult son, His adult daughter, He appears in his neighbor: Recognize yourself, o man and work on yourself, so that you become perfect, as I, your FATHER, am perfect! So that your sensations may undergo training, I beg of you, if you are willing, see this stone you have found, the stone that was placed into your hands, yes that has come to you as a part of yourselves. Try to undo the separation between here, your person, and there, the stone. Try, by sensation, to come into unity with the stone by your love-vibration. For the second week, when you walk in nature and other stones are at your feet, you can send this love-vibration to all stones. Take a little time and retreat to a quiet corner. Close your eyes and let the world of minerals float by, from the most simple or base stone to the most brilliant diamond. Sense that within you everything is contained as well, the spiritual precious stone as well as the spiritual substance of the entire mineral kingdom. Sense also the FATHER'S infinite patience with His fallen children and with His children who came in order to be light on this earth and who fell in the process. Then develop patience with your neighbor, who might be upsetting you and who places stones in your way, and develop patience with yourselves! You who have not yet found your stone, put this trustingly in My hands, walk through nature with Me, and your stone, your little friend will be shown to you. Do everything I have told you completely freely, voluntarily, for the greatest gift GOD, the FATHER has given His children is the free will. It is the reason why there is light and darkness, for His children shall choose light, the serving love, and humility out of their free will. In the name of the FATHER I bless you. You feel My presence in your inner being. I am always with you, THE LOVE, which leads every child home to the FATHER, until it one day enters the rose gate, accompanied by the hallelujah of all angels, when he or she is back in unity with love. Amen Last revision on 10/12/01 42