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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 04ex txt  8.48KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

4. Exercise (Note: The question was asked, if GOD is patriarchal.) I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD, I Call My sheep and my sheep know My voice. It is the voice of love, which resounds within every one of you, touching your innermost heart and greeting it lovingly. I have guided every one of you, and I have called every one of you. No matter where you may have been, I was with you. And so, through this instrument, I am among you with My word of love in order to go with you all. We are going this part of the way together, in community, which is supposed grow together in love. It is a community in which everyone bears up the other, shares what he/she feels and helps him/her on the way to the heavenly spheres, on the way home to GOD, THE FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. Beloved brothers and sisters, verily, I say unto you: Whosoever hears the FATHER speak within him knows that both aspects are united within him, inseparably. The spirit knows no separation, only here, in (the world of) matter, because of the fall (of the angels). In the spirit there is only unity in the eternally holy, all-connecting love. All children of creation, born of this one spirit, vibrate in this love, including you, in your innermost being. Within each and every one of you is the incorruptible pure spirit being, which transformed itself down by way of the different levels, in order to walk this earth. Don't think about whether or not you have fallen or have taken the path into the depth voluntarily. Only one thing is important for you, and that is to decide for Love now, and to combat one's human being, so that it becomes once again what it once was in the innermost being, LOVE. He who has studied My life - be it through the book of books or be it by prophetic scriptures (revelations) - knows that I too had My difficulties with being Love, even though I am the love of the FATHER, Who has become flesh. I had to take burden upon Myself, otherwise I could not have existed on earth. To say it in other words, I had to transform My vibration down (to a lower level). I had to put on layer after layer, the garments of human difficulties with its human errors and weaknesses. As Jesus, I had to discard them step by step in order to hasten toward the Love, which I am in My innermost being, just like you, in order to be that perfect LOVE in its perfection as I was on the cross. It was there that I gave Myself (My flowing, streaming spirit) and said: "Forgive them FATHER, for they know not what they are doing." - I blessed them and gave up My SPIRIT. It was at that moment, that I was once again purest perfect love. And so I want to encourage you, dear brothers and sisters, not to be sad when you trip again and again, and when you realized how far you still are from this love. The life on this earth always consists of this decision between the selflessly serving love and the human ego, which desires to rule, in its most crass form through wars, murder and killing. The light of love burns within you, otherwise you would not have come, nor would you occupy yourselves with My words of revelation. You have heard My call and have followed it. So let us go, together, so that this flame of love radiates beyond your human being, taking hold of all who are in your life within and about you. Within you because in the unity of the one SPIRIT, every brother, every sister is within you as well. All of creation is within you. If you withdraw from the world for a few moments, take up a meditative position and close your eyes - as you are doing now - all outer things will be silent and you will understand what I mean with these words "Everything is within you." I lead you to the sanctum within you, the throne of GOD your FATHER, Who is at the same time your MOTHER, and I unlock the well-spring for you, in which you hear His call. I am the LOVE, a part of the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. And even here the human being should not separate (the two), for in the spirit there is not separation. I and the FATHER are one. You too are one in His SPIRIT. Only the human being feels separated from the eternal being. I have come in order to dissolve (render null and void) all separations and to reinstate unity in love, the unity between you and creation, the unity between you and your fellow-man. Let My SPIRIT of Love, and let it carry you upward, to GOD, the ALL-ONE (SPIRIT). The time is critical (serious)and heartens, and this is why I give you further tasks. To fulfill them depends on your free will. However, if you choose to do them, I will help you every step of the way, so that you will feel My presence more and more and My loving guidance. You have already advanced deeply into the schooling. I want to bring you back to the start. The beginning of our mountain trek is easier. We have gone over the hilly meadows, let us walk through them. And there is the first rock of self-recognition. Let us linger with this stone. Picture before you a mighty rock formation. It symbolizes the patience of the FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT. And from this rock formation, and from everything that surrounds you, which is permeated by His SPIRIT, He calls to you: "Child, listen to Me! O, see, I am serving you! Are you not also bearing within you this mineral? Do you not need this minerals too? Am I not serving you in them? Look at the stone at your feet, that has broken away from the rock formation of My infinite patience, which has called you. See, how I am serving you with unending love. My SPIRIT is crushed at your feet and made into dust. You are stepping on Me, and I bow before you. If rock were not under your feet, giving you firm support, you would sink. I am grinding Myself up, in order to rise as mineral in the plants, which you then eat so that your body is strengthened, giving it the trace elements you need to live. I grind Myself up in the rivers and streams of this earth, so that you will be able to ingest these vital minerals with each cool drink of water. All over, I am serving you. I am even in the house you build, in which you dwell, the hard and solid mineral. Whether done by human hand or made from natural stones, My SPIRIT IN IN ALL HTINGS, FOR I am the love in every atom, I am motion, power, the life. Dear brothers and sisters, and so your task today shall be to find a little stone, during your walk, or in your garden or wherever. It shall be a very particular rock or stone, it is your stone, your little friend. You will find it by tripping over it, that is in other words - so that you don't misunderstand - you see this stone and know that it is the one. You pick it up, perhaps you let water run over it to remove the soil. And now it is in the palm of your hand, it is a part of the divine patience, which bows before you. This stone wants to be your little friend. You should build up a relationship with it, hold it in your hand once a day and, if you wish, you can put it in your pocket to carry it with you wherever you go, unless you have tripped over a big rock. Understand My humor! This little friend wants to awaken in you the love for the whole mineral kingdom, so that you will overcome - here as well- the separation between you and creation. This little stone wants to tell you where it came from. Enter into it and ask it. "Where do you come from?" Maybe, by sensations and then words, you will even receive an answer. In other words, they are sensations which form into words in your thoughts. They are impressions, which are given to you by the stone. And maybe you will recognize its path to where it now lies in your hand. And now look more closely at your stone, for it is a special stone. It tells you something about yourself. Bring it to the next schooling, and we will speak about the stone and discover what it is saying about itself and you. If you want to do this, you will find it, because: seek, and you shall find... By exercises of this kind you will find your way from multiplicity to unity once again. You are beginning with the first small step, by building up a relationship to the mineral kingdom, which serves you. Through this you will also find the way to the CREATOR SPIRIT, Who serves you in this mineral. And now I go from sister/brother to sister/brother and lay my hand upon your head, even those who are reading My word. My love flows into you. You are feeling this stream. May this stream grow wider in you and become a mighty pulsating thought, which will actualize itself: FATHER, FINALLY,(I AM COMING) HOME TO YOU! Everyone of you receives My blessing power at the moment of this touch in the FATHER'S name. No matter where you go, I, THE LOVE AM WITH YOU, YES WITHIN YOU. Amen 37