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Anita Wolf 
Bertha Dudde 
Emanuel Swedenborg 
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Path to unity through love 
Weg naar Eenheid via de Liefde 
Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe 
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 03 html  9.76KB  Weg zur Einheit durch die Liebe... JESUS CHRISTUS offenbarte dem Liebe-Licht-Kreis Nürnberg v. 1991 - 1995 jenes spirituelle Lehrbuch bestehend aus 70 Schulungen     

3. Exercise

The mantle of love is spread about you. I, JESUS CHRIST, am joyfully in your midst. This was an evening that was quite lively. May it remain as lively and may you speak openly and honestly about your difficulties. And you will see that everyone can learn from the other, and that you will be able to continue your walk in good spirits, while you help and support each other on the path home to GOD.

You are already in the midst of your hike up the mountain. You recognize your weaknesses, and some of you do so with temperament. Use this temperament when you are tearing down your weaknesses by and by, or when you transform them. Your temperament depicts also joy, joy in expeditiously moving toward the light of love.

A person who never reveals what goes on within him, a closed person who cannot share himself with others will have a difficult time on the path to the innermost being, because the vessel of his soul can never empty itself. And to the already present problems more are added. And when finally the soul is no longer able to bear it all, it will unload its pain upon its human being, so that he or she will fall ill.

You are aware of the typical illnesses, for instance, when anger gnaws at the walls of your stomach, etc. However, if you are free and open, as you have been today in this gathering, the soul can finally release itself of all that it has accumulated, even of those things belonging to it from former incarnations.

All emotions that were resting within the soul are breaking lose within the person and his anger shows itself red on his forehead. Rejoice in it, recognize yourselves, and begin to change!

When you change, everything about you changes with you toward a light-filled being, toward the spiritual. I have given you the example of the candle, which shines in a dark room even reaching the last corner, even if its light is but a small shimmer. None the less it shines. And when you are light, your light shines into the hearts of your loved-ones and they reciprocate with love. Not right away, because you need to learn not to expect to be repaid for every loving action. Often it may take a long time, for your steadfastness in your “giving for love’s sake” is being tested here. This will not be hard for you if you are truly love.

It is your task to recognize yourselves in all emotions and to test yourselves again and again: Why am I angry? All your brothers and sisters about you are your mirrors, which I, JESUS CHRIST, hold up in front of you.

When you look into these mirrors, it is I Who am holding the mirror, for instance, when you get upset about your sister, who is your partner in the earthly life, or your children, your parents, etc. In reality it is always I Who hold up and show you the mirror through your fellow-man.

It is not easy, to look to yourself for all faults,

I am very aware of this. However, dear brothers and sisters, that is the path, and [your faults are] the many stones over which you trip daily

, as well as over your own ego. The ego still has expectations toward his or her neighbor or wants to realize itself without caring about his neighbor. Or he or she looks down on someone else, forgetting that each and every one of you is on the path home to God.

Calm yourselves and your emotions, and place your loved-ones, who are giving you difficulties, here in our midst. They are walking with you and not only in this life. They have gone with you through the earthly life, always in different relationships, but many times.

Take them mentally by the hand and ask for forgiveness for all that you have done wrong in this life and even in the past. Radiate love and thankfulness toward them! Take them with you on your path home to God!

I say unto you, dear brothers and sisters, I don’t want any Pharisees who will trumpet for all to hear: “I am going the path, what do you do?” No, together we want to go about it still and calmly by way of heights and depths, by way of still more recognition, and by transforming step by step all that which is not vibrating in divine love.

Whenever your vibration is one of anger and excitement, you are not within the realm of divine love. And it is then that you should look exclusively to yourselves for the cause, not to your neighbor! You need to change!

Let us now go into a brief meditation together with all those you have [mentally] brought into the circle: Let us walk hand in hand with all those who are in this life your mothers, fathers, children, or partners, along with Me, JESUS CHRIST. Together, let us enter into your inner being.

They are in reality your brothers and sisters, for there is only one Father in heaven, and you are all His children. As brothers and sisters of different age we now go into your inner spaces. Having entered into the center of your hearts, the spiritual world of intuition opens itself to you:

Illumined by the light, you walk hand in hand toward the light. Before you, you behold the expanse of a meadow with abundant flowers in a land of softly rolling hills. A creek cuts through the green grass in a wavy band, and we walk together with easy steps. Over the soft meadow of grass and blossoms we follow the stream toward its source, the spring. Its waves are rippling cheerfully.

Now consider all the difficulties you are having with the brothers and sisters with whom you are holding hands, and place all your problems into the water. This water carries away all the difficulties. And the closer you come to the source, the spring, the less difficulties there are between you, because the source is love. The source is GOD, THE ETERNAL FATHER-MOTHER-SPIRIT, whence you have all come living purest love in order to enter this planet with all its lack of peace.

GOD did not cause this planet’s lack of peace. Instead, those who turned away from HIM have caused it, those rebel spirit beings, who wanted to be exactly like HE, therefore who wanted a separate creation, over which they would rule and dominate.

This separation happened within you as well. A spark of separation from the eternal love lies also within you. Place this spark into the water, and the water will extinguish it.

Continue walking by the creek, which is getting thinner now. Raise your eyes to the light shining down on you. Look into the faces of your brothers and sisters. Look into their shining eyes! Get a tighter hold on their hands, a squeeze of unity reaching far beyond this earth, reaching far and wide into eternity!

Now you are at the source of the stream, a clear and bubbling well. Lie down all around it and feel the streaming, pulsating love within you and within your brothers and sisters. See the love bubble up in this well, the love, which God has placed into all His children’s hearts.

And now look at your earthly life, your anger, your differences of opinion and realize their futility in the light of eternity. Recognize, oh My beloved, how often you destroy your days yourselves, instead of allowing the river of love to work through you in order to take along everyone with you in this stream of love!

This well in your meditation is in reality within you. It is the streaming, giving love. ----- Come back, slowly, into your physical consciousness!

Dear brothers and sisters, if you wish, may you return to the source of the well in the next fourteen days. As your task, may you return to your well often, especially when you feel your anger rising, when your veins begin to swell, because you think your neighbor has no consideration for you. Think, especially then of this brief meditation about the eternally streaming love within you. When you connect with this stream, the biggest waves will smoothe out. You go within briefly and turn back from a path of humanness to a spiritual life in and of Me.

Continue remaining in Me during the first half hour of your day, and try to connect with each other in prayer at the third hour. You need only briefly think of one another to support each other, you have seen how no one is excluded from difficulties. Difficulties will always be there, until you have become purest love. However, consider that even I was not this purest of love until I was hanging on the cross, when I blessed My enemies and gave My love to them as well as to all earthly children.

In the evening, when you lay down to sleep, may you let your day pass by you once again, and may you think over the tasks I gave you, to test yourselves how well you did: Have I tried to change others, or am I changing? After you have tested your conscience, let your love stream forth, ask for forgiveness and bless all who were your mirror on this day. Bless all you have met that day in the name of the FATHER. Be thankful to them! Only when you have learned to be thankful, even for another’s mean words to you, will you have understood ME.

Whatever may happen, it always happens for your best.

You have extended your hands to Me, and I repeat: It is I Whom you are meeting again and again. You may even think dark forces have kept you from your way; it was only a test, helping you to be more and more firmly anchored with the Love. With Me at your side you will do it. May your last thought at night be with Me, with GOD, the FATHER, and may your thanksgiving for the day that has passed be dedicated to HIM. Thus the cycle completes itself from morning to evening and from evening to morning.

You are born of Love and you will return to Love.

In the name of the FATHER, I bless you and all those with whom you are going through this life, as well as all My human children on this earth.