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 Who was Bertha Dudde jc  64.58KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

Who was Bertha Dudde ? Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German Who was Bertha Dudde Scribe and Handmaid of the Lord Prophetess of the End-Time Second Edition in German 1974 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 1, 2002 INDEX Autobiography of Bertha Dudde B.D. 1742 My Commission --Help The Needy B.D. 0763 Explanation of the Name Bertha Dudde B.D. 4670 The Cause of the unusual working of GOD B.D. 5976 Proclaim My Word. - 17th Anniversary of receiving the Word B.D. 8192 The starting of the given messages 25 Years Ago (June 15, 1937) Questions and answers about the messages Bertha Dudde received B.D. 1811 Man's corrections of the transmissions from above B.D. 8899 Printing and distributing of the messages B.D. 7734 Unselfish distributing of the Word B.D. 1047 The messages are given in specified order. B.D. 5864 The Spirit of GOD works where He wants B.D. 5150 GOD HIMSELF as our teacher B.D. 8251 Doubting Divine Revelations B.D. 6592 Explanation for this unusual gift of Grace B.D. 1857 The Objection that the Word of GOD is concluded B.D. 7898 The Father speaks to HIS children B.D. 5114 My sheep know MY voice AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BERTHA DUDDE. At the request of many friends Bertha Dudde wrote the following biography in 1953: I have been writing messages, received through the inner Word since June 15, 1937. In answer to the many requests of my friends I will give you a picture of my earthly life, a short explanation of what I received spiritually, and my own feelings about all this. I was born April 1, 1891, the second oldest daughter of an artist of Liegnitz in Schlesien, today?s Poland I had a normally peaceful childhood, with six sisters in our parent home. I learned the cares of life at an early age. The desire to make money to help my parents made me learn the trade of a seamstress. As the financial needs of my parents continued, so the burden, and in this way I made myself useful. My parents belonged to different denominations. Father was a Protestant -Mother a Catholic. We children were brought up in the Catholic faith, but never experienced pressure or force to follow the practices of the church so that each child in later years could pursue their own chosen course. I myself was religious, but could not accept the doctrine of the Catholic system, although I respected the church. I could not represent something on the outside that my inner conscience had not accepted. So I did not continue to attend church, heard little preaching and had no knowledge of the Bible. I did not read any religious bocks or scientific literature and did not join any other group or religious sect. Anyone knowing the Catholic teaching knows what a conscious struggle one finds himself in when he wants to loosen himself from it. I also was not spared from this. But the question as to what is the Truth, and where it is to be found, remained. Often when I prayed the Lord's prayer I would beseech the Lord to allow me to find HIS kingdom. This prayer was answered in June 15, 1937, as I prayed quietly and waited on the inner voice. In this attitude I persisted often, for a wonderful peace came over me and thoughts which came to my heart, not my head, gave me comfort and strength. Still I did not know that these thoughts were given to me, until in a strange dream I experienced something, which later proved to be the Truth and caused me to write down these thoughts. So on a certain day as I listened inwardly a stream of words came to me, which I wrote down. This was the first message I wrote which started like this: "In the beginning was the Word, 'a TE-DEUM' to the Creafor of Heaven and Earth." Then came doubt, ?.did you write this by yourself? In short, I have wrestled, prayed and gone through many struggles, but again and again the words came to me like a stream, a wisdom, which made me tremble. Then GOD HIMSELF took away my doubts. HE answered me and I acknowledged HIM as our Father, in HIS Word. My faith grew, doubt diminished, and I received and wrote daily. The contents of the writings were beyond my understanding. Phrases, which I had never heard of, or read about, strange and scientific expressions and references continually came to me. Then came unheard of expressions of the Heavenly Father's Love giving refuge and providing enlightenment to all the questions of life. The "Words" came to me in the following manner: After sincere prayer and a short period of composure I listened inwardly. Thoughts then followed coming to my mind. clearly, distinctly, and the words flowed smoothly always three or four, one after another, like writing a radio announcement or a weather report, slowly so that I could easily keep pace, writing line after line. Now, I write the words in shorthand as a dictation without having any constructive or intellectual part in it. I am in no way in a 'trance', nor do I even form the sentences, but it comes to me one word at a time, neither do I understand the context while I am writing the words down. After days, sometimes weeks, I transcribe the shorthand writings into longhand without changing or correcting a syllable. Each dictation takes about half an hour. I must stress that this could not happen forcibly or in a state of ecstasy. It all takes place simply and consciously, without any excitement or influence of my own will. I can interrupt myself at any time and finish the sentence after hours or days without reading the previous writing the dictated words continue again. My will is under no compulsion, all that I desire is to serve GOD and do what HIS Will wants me to do. I can truthfully say that I was led into this Truth, and these concepts were, in all respect foreign to me. It was only after years that I found confirmation of what I received, when I came to know the writings of Jacob Lorber. No one can imagine my joy when I discovered the literature of Jacob Lorber; "The Great Gospel of John" and the "Youth of CHRIST" Then I understood that other people were given the Word of the Lord, that GOD had spoken to HIS children at all times and that GOD will continue to do this in HIS endless Love and Mercy. I found in Lorber' s writings the same as was given to me. I often could not understand the word that came to me, but in HIS Love the Heavenly Father gave me the explanation. How wonderful are the innumerable manifestations in which the Father displays HIS exceeding great goodness. It became clear to me that my short education, due to lack of money and my lack of time to read good books or visit performances, became my advantage. I could now concentrate on my work from early morning to late at night, and each day I received that precious spiritual Word without knowing for whom I received it. It is because of my ignorance of the Bible and the Catholic doctrine that I accepted the Word from Above without resistance. In my experience an earnest Catholic or Protestant whose knowledge is rooted in dogmatic theories is too much bound to their dogma to accept and embrace Divine revelations without resistance. Still there are scientists at several faculties who earnestly discuss these Divine teachings with increasing interest. Their interest does not only concern the irrefutable explanation of the origin of matter and the possibility of its dissolution, but also the principle of the wrong teachings of different religions, systems and confessions. In the messages I received these errors are recorded and everyone is urged to give instructions concerning these doctrinal errors whenever there is an opportunity. But everyone is free to take the LORD' s Word to heart or not. But whoever understands the spirit in the Father's Word and does not act accordingly makes the distance between himself and the Father even greater. When he does not follow the warning words of Love he puts himself inevitably under the law. He will also in the same measure lack in Grace, disregarding GOD' s commandment of Love. In GOD' s Grace people are led anew to the gospel, which emphatically points out the purpose of man's being. For the merciful Love of GOD seeks to save all who still can be saved be fore the turning point comes. And it will come. The end-time of which seers and prophets have proclaimed is now here. According to the revelations given to me, the LORD does not differentiate between HIS children. "Come ye all to ME" sounds HIS call and blessed is he who hears HIS call and follows HIM. GOD Loves HIS children. HE wants to make them all happy, even when they do not want to know HIM. Recorded Nov. 22, 1953 BERTHA DUDDE. B.D. 1742 Dec. 17, 1940 MY COMMISION - HELP THE NEEDY Accept in all humility every gift from Above, offered to you. You will then fulfill GOD' s Will and serve HIM. What HE gives you demands obedience to HIM and your full surrender. Innumerable souls on Earth are searching for knowledge but cannot find their way to GOD alone and need your help. You must bring this help to them by bringing to their attention GOD' s Love and Goodness, which is so obvious to see. And as you give so you will receive. Your soul will receive abundant nourishment so that you yourself will never have to go hunger. As long as you feed the needy soul your bread of Heaven will never be taken from you. GOD will impart new strength again and again and make you constantly happy, so you can continue to give HIS Word to your fellowmen. The Earth is dry and barren indeed, if it remains without that living water. Empty and joyless is the life of the soul if it goes without this refreshment from Heaven. You must help all thirsty souls. You must offer them a refreshing drink and use each opportunity to share this precious gift of GOD. Then a great need can be removed, the Truth will be spread, the Light will shine brightly and draw to it souls seeking to escape the darkness. GOD will bless your efforts, HE will give you strength to fulfill your mission. He will lead you in your task and provide you with all that you have need of to work for HIM. AMEN B.D. 0763 Jan. 28, 1939 EXPLANATION OF THE NAME -- BERTHA DUDDE. All willing children will carry Me in their hearts. They will search for My Spirit, because their soul acknowledges Me. And you My child who offer yourself to Me and My work, will hear My voice repeatedly. Your work will not be without reward. The hours in which you fear for the strength necessary to do My work will diminish. Very soon you will be given a mission you can, with My help, easily fulfill. Your Will, Faith and Love will become continually stronger and I MYSELF will be your reward, which prize you will diligently strive for. My child, everything that you will reveal to people is hidden in your name: B-usse B- They must atone. E-rkennen E- They must acknowledge their origin R-astlos R- They must work on their soul ceaselessly T-aetig T- They must be active in Love. H-orchen H- They must listen voice in their heart A-llen A- They must deny all worldly pleasures D-emuetig D- Submit yourself humbly to the Father in Heaven U-m U- pray constantly for Grace D-ienen D- Serve the Creafor of Heaven and Earth D-ienen D- serve your neighbor in Love E-hre E- Give Me, the Father in Heaven, honors for all eternity Remember, he who seeks the world cannot find Me, but I will meet those who seek Me and reveal MYSELF to them. He who surrenders to Me will possess Me, and he who prays for My Grace is in My Grace, because to understand My Word is a gift of Grace in My Love. So prepare yourself to receive My gift as a sign of My Love. Care for your soul, My child, acknowledge My Love and stimulate the purest Love for Me in your heart. All that is impure must be removed from your heart, in which I will live, for I find pleasure only in the purest Love, in Love which does not ask, only gives itself away and which is always ready to serve. Pure Love is precious like a jewel, it shines as a bright Light, it is always bringing happiness and is always giving. As you have grasped My Love, so you will accept Me and carry My image in your heart. This will bring the highest blessings, even here on Earth. Whatever is destined for you must be hidden from you, because you achieve greater maturity through continuous striving for My Love, even so My Love surrounds you. It is to your advantage for you to seek Me and My presence again and again, in earnest prayer committing yourself to Me, your Redeemer. I come unexpectedly and move into that dwelling which is prepared for Me through Love, to make those who believe in Me, and Love Me exceedingly happy. I will not let MY children go hungry who submit them to Me. I will reveal MYSELF to them at the proper time. AMEN B.D. 4670 June 15, 1949 THE CAUSE OF THE UNUSUAL WORKING OF GOD 12th. Anniversary of receiving the Word. The spiritual need of the wor1d is great. It is again at a low level as at the time of My coming to Earth, because peop1e are no longer able to hear My voice. They can no longer hear Me, neither do they have a desire to hear Me but live their earth1y lives without a purpose or spiritual plan. Instead they are busy pursuing earth1y goals. They can no longer find their way to Me, so they separate themse1ves from the One Who shou1d be their only goal. They no longer be1ieve in Me because they do not know Me, and so do not sense My Love which cou1d lift them out of their low spiritual condition. This could be described as a desperate situation because ignorance brings with it a painful state in eternity, which they could escape if they would use their earthly life in the right way. I know about this frightful lot of the soul, I see men go into the abyss in their blindness. I tell them about it and warn them. I send leaders along their way, who would set them on the right road, which leads to Me. But their will is persistently directed to the world. They do not accept instructions, but would rather resist Me and by doing so separate themselves from My Grace. They rebel against the One Whom they should Love with all their heart, to Whom they should draw closer as children to their Father. But they would rather follow the call of the world, they live only for this earthly life, therefore I cannot come close to them and they cannot hear My Word through which I desire to win them for Eternity. Still, I will not let them go. If they do not listen to Me, I seek to come to them in other ways. I send My servants whom they may not reject openly, and through these messengers speak to them words of Love and care for their souls. I want to come to My children but they will not receive Me, thus I chose a cover, I hide MYSELF behind those who follow Me, who have contact with these who are still far from Me. So I come near and reveal MYSELF to them. Even when they do not recognize Me they hear My messengers. Can you understand now why I appear in unusual ways bringing My Word to Earth, and speaking through servants who are devoted to Me? Can you understand the great need that I want to meet, and why I use all means to gain access to people of the world? There is not much time left before the end so help is urgently needed. Would I let My creatures be lost and not want to save them from a repeated path through the creations? You cannot measure the exceedingly great spiritual need of mankind, but I take pity on men who still have so many opportunities to fulfill their earthly purpose but never consider what will become of them after death. I have compassion on them, still I cannot come to them in any other way but through My Word. I can only teach them and remind them of their need but because of their free will I cannot force them to walk My way. This I can tell people, that I truly use all means to help them and therefore spiritually take My abode on those who will help Me to redeem mankind. So be1ieve those whom I send as My messengers. Be1ieve that the spiritual need is exceedingly great, that I accept all who do not resist Me and that I will draw close to those who acknowledge Me, if they will. So, let Me help you, do not reject Me, return to Me and escape the abyss. There is still time but the time, which I give you before the end is short. Accept My warnings and follow MY servants that I send you. Acknowledge in this the great Love of your Father Who wants you all to return to the House of the Father, and be blessed. AMEN B.D. 5976 June 15, 1954 PROCLAIM MY WORD 17th Anniversary of receiving the Word. "Proclaim My Word to the world", I once told My disciples. Then I filled them with My Spirit so that they could proclaim My Word. They received My Word continually and became the living proclaimers of the Divine Kingdom. They could never have performed this task if they had not been in contact with Me through My Spirit, to Whose voice they listened and Whose leading they followed. Through the Word they acknowledged Me and were conscious of My presence So, now if I want to proclaim My Word to men in the end-time it must again be by choosing My disciples who can hear My voice. My disciples of the end-time must also accept My presence in their inner being, they must let Me talk to them through the spirit, so that not only do the disciples speak to the people to whom they must bring My gospel, but I MYSELF in My Father's Love speak to My earthly children bringing them redemption. I MYSELF speak to them and urge them to return to Me before the end, because they are not walking in the right way and are slipping into the depths. Words of men can no longer reverse this trend. But My Word penetrates people and great upheaval in them, because My Word has power bringing great results if it is not openly resisted. Whenever it is possible for Me to speak to a person through a chosen vessel there will be results. But for this I require someone filled with Love, a mediafor who, through Love will stand firm. I can only speak through men filled with Love because only Love permits My presence. My first disciples were filled with Love for their fellowman, but again in the end-time I will choose the right disciples, because there is a need that My voice be heard on Earth as a last reminder and warning. I will once more proclaim My Word to mankind to redeem them from the last judgment and bring them salvation. So, the Word will come to men, and that Word is GOD. I MYSELF am that Word. So, when you hear that Word, I MYSELF am with you. Then it is not man you hear speaking but the Spirit of Eternity, Who in HIS Love and Power called you into being, and Who through the Word is in constant contact with you. You must have a desire to belong to the Eternal Spirit of Love, therefore I invite you unfailingly with My Word, so that you may listen and acknowledge Me and give yourself completely to Me. I want to prepare unlimited happiness for you whom I have created in My Love. This you can only bear when you walk in Light and Power for which My Word must prepare you. Therefore, I will always speak whenever a heart is filled with Love and gives Me entrance there also is My Eternal Spirit and My Love for all My created beings since the beginning. AMEN B.D. 8192 June 6, 1962 THE STARTING OF THE GIVEN MESSAGES 25 YEARS AGO. (June 15, 1937) I have given you the promise to send the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. I have now done this by bringing you the pure Truth through an earthly child, which was devoted to Me, whom I trusted with the mission of bringing this Truth to those who are willing to accept it. I have ignited a light for you which cannot be hidden under a bushel, but must become a shining light in the night, enveloping the whole Earth, for this darkness can only be overcome by a Light tram above. I have brought My Word to you. I MYSELF have spoken to you. I came to you in Word through My messenger. But the receiver of My Word hears it from MYSELF, he is in such close contact with Me that I can speak to him directly, manifesting proof of My presence. My Word is addressed to him and to all of you, speaking in him and truly revealing the deepest secrets that lead you into the Truth, and a knowledge, which agrees with the Truth, because it is MYSELF who speaks to you, and from Me only pure Truth can be revealed. Thus you have received tram Me a gift of immeasurable value. You can truly call yourself blessed that I have spoken to you, because no one can take from you what I have given and which you accepted willingly. Your soul has received something very precious which is nourishment helping you to mature so that you may achieve the goal of your earthly life, namely: union with Me your GOD and Creafor, your Eternal Father. Again and again the receiver of My Word can in turn give this gift of Grace to his fellowmen, more and more he will receive this means of Grace of such enormous consequences, to help mankind to achieve their goal on Earth, draw closer to Me and continually receive strength from Me for the perfecting of their souls Therefore I will not stop the flow of living water from the spring I have opened up?. because men need a constant supply of power. You must continually keep close to the source to refresh yourself, to draw from it and revive yourself with the flow of power, and drink constantly, from that living water which flows to you from the well of My inexhaustible Love and Mercy enduring forever. I will never let My well of Grace run dry. I will always come to My child who yields his will to Me and who wants to be spoken to only by Me. As long as he is active for Me, I will supply him continually with power. For the child who in free will places himself completely in My Hand, I can take over the leading and supplying of all his needs, both spiritual and physical. I alone know how important this mission is, and what result it will have for innumerable souls who are in spiritual need, and that this mission is redemptive work of immeasurable value. It is a unique gift that I can speak to you through such a devoted child who belongs to Me in free will, and believes My Word, allowing himself to be led into the Truth and giving it to people who urgently need Light in order to find their way out of spiritual darkness. People can receive a great blessing if they accept this Light, and the receiver as well becomes closer to My heart. He accepted My Words in faith and in doing so increased his own inner Light, gaining an insight into the ruling and working of My Eternal plan of Salvation, receiving understanding about MY work of redemption in JESUS CHRIST. My child can only pass this clarity on to his fellowmen who like him afore time, walked in darkness unable to grasp My work of redemption through JESUS CHRIST as a gift of Grace. I could bring this Truth to many people but only as they desire it. And all who accept My Word will never forget it and will be led to the right way?. but this path can only be found by people who do not close themselves to My Word when it is offered to them as a gift of their Father Who wants to help HIS children to find their way back to HIM. My blessing will continually be with you when you submit yourself to Me and let Me speak directly to you. Because the need of the world is great, it is obvious that mankind needs My help through My direct speaking to them. Therefore, you My useful servants on Earth, will receive the help you need, I will supply you continually with strength physically and spiritually, so that you can work for Me and My Kingdom in My Name. Then you work in My stead, and make it possible for Me to speak to My children who are in need and want to hear the voice of their Father. They must receive help, which I alone can and will give, because I long for their return to the house of their Father and therefore will do everything to help them. AMEN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE MESSAGES BERTHA DUDDE RECEIVED. It is often criticized that Bertha Dudde' s messages use an old-fashioned style of writing. This accusation seems right from man's point of view. But anyone who understands that each mediafor of the Father is an unique instrument whom GOD uses, knows also that every rendition has to some degree its own tone of instrument. Consequently, each mediafor between GOD and Man has their own speech and literary style. We should not pay too much attention to this. We should be more interested in the spiritual contents of the message. It is "GOD' s Spirit and not the letter that gives life". (2 Cor. 3:6). According to GOD' s Will we should not take offence at the style of a message nor change anything. Therefore the following message: B.D.1811 Feb. 15, 1941 MAN' s CORRECTIONS OF THE TRANSMISSIONS FROM ABOVE. The consignments from Above should be written down unchanged, otherwise man's will opposes GOD' s Will. Each message has its purpose, but man does not always understand its purpose immediately. Often the change of a word gives another meaning, then the original purpose is missed. GOD HIMSELF will let people know what is not according to HIS Will when through men's inability HIS Word is not received as it was given. But it is not the task of people to change the message, because their ability is not sufficient to judge a message that is not only for this time, but will also outlast times to come. Men might have the best intentions but still must have a considerable degree of maturity to obtain a knowledge that would enable them to correct a message in accordance with GOD?S Will. Human wisdom alone does not give the ability to judge the contents of spiritual Truth. Only the spirit of GOD transmits the pure Truth, and although the human mediafor is still not able to accept the Truth at its word, yet his thoughts will be led so that he can write it down without error. Although the forming of the words may be less than perfect still they are never in error. Every human correction can be in error and if so, is not in GOD' s Will. The Spirit of GOD can reveal Himself clearer when the resistance of the receiver of HIS message is less. Therefore all ones thoughts must be avoided while receiving the Word. The desire to serve GOD is the best guarantee for a right and unhindered receiving. Then the one who receives the Word does not have the fear of writing down what is not in GOD' s Will, because that desire protects him from error. What GOD wants to produce He will truly protect from such writing which would lead earthly children on the wrong way, because it is HIS Will to give mankind the pure Truth and teach them correctly. AMEN B.D. 8899 Dec. 24, 1964 PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTING OF THE MESSAGES. You are often told that the spreading of the Truth is extremely important, because the eternal life of men depends on the attitude toward the Truth. -Therefore everything possible should be done to present the Truth -.But I know each human heart, I know who is open for the Truth. I know also the way to reach each human being who is receptive, who has a loving heart and therefore will understand My Word, which is offered to them from Above. I will give knowledge of My revelations to anyone who has a desire for Me and My Word. I will bring about connections in the most unusual ways to bring My Word where it will be accepted with thankful hearts. And from there it will spread further, even though slowly as long as people in this world have no longing for My Word, so only very few can be reached with it. But you must not forget that My Word should be offered in Love to become effective, for only a loving heart will accept it. Every work done with this motive will be blessed. You will understand now that every effort, even the smallest, is pleasing to Me wherever it is possible for Me to speak to a human heart through My Word. I will bless each fellow worker who takes the trouble to spread My Word. I truly will care for each of My servants. I will care for them as a good household Father would, so that he can transmit My Word as he has received it himself, as a gift of Love. My Word is not merchandise, which it would become if non-illuminated people got hold of it, who could not discern nor understand it, but mass produce it which would devaluate My Word, and it could come to many who would not appreciate My speaking to them. The circle who would be impressed by My Word will be very small, but I will certainly use them. You will always find a few souls who will gladly accept My Word and are totally convinced of My Love and Grace. But to speak this My Word to a crowd will be futile, because people are more and more taken up by the world, listening to the world rather than to My voice. Everyone whose spirit is awakened knows how difficult it is to win people to accept words from Above, he knows that the works of My opponent are so enticing that people have no desire for this gift of Love, which I offer them. You should also consider this: that much of the literature which is offered to you as "spiritual goods" but does not have its origin in Me, would increase if My Word were to be spread as a mass product. But a spiritual awakening is needed to have My revelations acknowledged as My Word, but such an awakening is hard to be found among men. But I know every soul to whom I can still bring My Word without the need of mass circulation. Also, it would be unsuitable for your soul to know how much time you still have to spread My Word, but you would be appalled to know how near the end is. Therefore, I constantly urge My vineyard workers to be active and diligent. Each one should do what is in his power and must not become weary. Every word, which is or will be brought to men, will someday follow them as a rich treasure into Eternity, or give great comfort and strength in the spiritual needs which lie ahead. But I MYSELF will be with all who serve Me. I will bless your work because it is extremely important and is necessary for all who still are involved in error but desire the Truth with all their hearts AMEN B.D. 7734 Oct. 30, 1960 UNSELFISH DISTRIBUTING OF THE WORD Your stand for the spreading of My Word must be motivated only by your Love for Me and your fellowman. Only then can you fulfill the task which I entrust to you. You must try to meet the spiritual need of your fellowman which is the reason why I supply you with gifts of Grace, so that you will share these wherever I MYSELF cannot be active personally. But it should only be Love which urges you to work for Me and My Kingdom. Then you will not lack results because Love is a power, which will never be without effect. Because of your spiritual work you may well be laughed at by your fellowmen who have no faith. They will not understand that someone would perform a work, which brings no material gain. But this must not hinder you, for the more selflessly you work for Me the more sure you can be of My blessings which rest upon all unselfish work in My vineyard. Only in this way do you acknowledge the value of My gift of Grace, when you see it as spiritual goods yielding spiritual results. You will only be My useful servant when you do not serve Me for your own advantage but seek only to increase My benefits, namely: winning souls for the Heavenly Kingdom. Some day you must cast off your body and although you cannot take anything of your earthly goods with you into My kingdom, you can still come to Me with rich blessings, because your spiritual treasures follow you into Eternity. These are the goods, which are unnoticed by those who do not acknowledge the meaning and purpose of this earthly life. Those who have gathered only earthly goods and have so obtained their reward which is allowed them for their deeds and walk in life. But you who want to be active for Me and My Kingdom must disregard earthly gain and be motivated in your work only by Love. You must see and recognize around you the spiritual needs of mankind. You must be willing to help, knowing that mankind is headed for the abyss and work untiringly while such work is needed in view of the nearing end. Then you will understand why I have separated you from the world, because it would draw you away from the task you must fulfill. You must understand that I continually seek faithful servants who are active in proclaiming the gospel to their fellowmen, because men must hear My Word that I want to bring to them again and again, through you. You must understand that I knock on all doors and that I send you ahead, to announce Me, your GOD and Father, for I MYSELF want to come and take My abode in all men. They still cannot understand Me, and this is why you must go ahead, so that I can speak to them through you, for the need is urgent that they experience My Love which seeks to redeem them before the end. Everything must be done to bring men the knowledge that I again and again work in the hearts of each human being whose will is right. You must therefore proclaim Me and My works in Love and unselfishness. You must bring My Word, which I have blessed with power, and not become weary in caring for the spiritual needs of your fellowmen. In this way you help to spread My Word. But I MYSELF will lead you in seeking people. I will give you the opportunity to come in contact with them. I will bless each work that you accomplish for Me and My Kingdom. AMEN Remark by the publishers: It is often criticized that the messages Bertha Dudde received, have so much repetitions. Therefore, consider the following message. B.D. 1047 Aug.10, 1939 THE MESSAGES ARE GIVEN IN A SPECIFIED ORDER. Listen to what the LORD' s Will is: All messages from Above are given in a specific order, so the transmitting took place in a certain order. But you will recognize this when you come to better understanding. Deep wisdom is continually given to you and it would appear as if there is no connection one with the other. All gifts from Above are unique messages of wisdom, but the seemingly un-arranged transmitting is necessary to make the following messages understandable. It all serves to stimulate the person to think and be more aware of all that is spiritually around them. The teachings must be presented so that men can have insight into all subjects and consider them thoughtfully. The revelations must also become understandable for the receiver so that he can perceive all that he receives in this way. The creations as well as the activities of spiritual beings must, to a certain extent be portrayed to him. This will be done in carefully prepared teachings, which follow one another so that people can perceive in their thoughts and understanding what is offered to them. Therefore the messages are at times seemingly without connection, first one theme, next another is chosen and more or less discussed in detail. But GOD and the spiritual teachers concerned understand the necessity of each particular revelation; therefore they supply the lack of knowledge with the needed messages. That is why the spiritual teaching must be repeated again and again until it has fully penetrated that earthly child and its meaning and importance has become clearly understood. A single teaching would not provide enough needed knowledge so that the receiver himself can in turn be active in teaching. He could then give a clear and convincing answer to all questions, so that many people may accept the Divine teachings, which requires a great and extensive knowledge. For this reason you will often receive revelations, which you think, you have had before. This is necessary so that you can teach clearly and understandably the messages you received, to those who wholeheartedly want an explanation of the Divine Word. Therefore, accept willingly what is offered to you, because your willingness and attentiveness will result in a GOD pleasing maturity in many people. Therefore each message is very wisely prepared, and they come to you as the LORD wants it. AMEN B.D. 5864 Jan. 28, 1954 THE SPIRIT OF GOD WORKS WHERE HE WANTS. The Spirit of GOD works where HE wants. Only GOD knows where HIS Spirit can express Himself without opposition, where HIS revelations will be accepted and used without resistance, and where attitudes will allow the working of HIS Spirit. It is HIS Will that the people receive the Truth and that errors and lies are brought to light so that men can acknowledge it as the Truth. It is HIS Will that men find the only way to happiness, which is the way of the Truth. So HIS concern is to bring the Truth to men, HIS only goal being the happiness of HIS creatures. On this Earth ruled by HIS opponent and under his influence the Truth is continually disputed and polluted. It is constantly infiltrated with lies and errors, for Satan's goal is to withhold the Truth from mankind, to frustrate their striving for GOD and their belief in HIM. Therefore the Truth must continually be brought to Earth from Above, which can only happen through the working of the Spirit and the outpouring of the spirit on men. And GOD HIMSELF chooses such men. HIS Spirit works where HE wants. But this working can only take place in free will. Never will GOD use force to bring people to accept the Truth. It requires the total dedication of man's will, and a will so devoted to GOD is well known to HIM. A dedicated will opens one's heart so that the Spirit of GOD can be poured in. It is then possible for the spirit to flow unhindered into people, enabling GOD to lead the Truth to them and also erecting a spiritual protection against a contaminated, lightless influence. When a person has completely surrendered to GOD and lives in GOD' s circle of Light the spirit of darkness may not enter. It is GOD? s Will that Truth be brought to Earth. So it is understandable that this can only happen through men whose will is submitted to the Will of GOD, and who grant no room for GOD' s opponent. To such GOD gives HIS protection when through their devotion to HIM, they give GOD this right. The working of HIS Spirit will then be evident by the bright Light shining in such a heart from whom the spirits of darkness flee. The reason GOD brings Truth to Earth again and again is that in HIS Love HE wants all HIS creatures to come to salvation. There should not be any doubt that HE will fulfill HIS Will. Consequently, HE chooses for HIMSELF people who are able to accept the Truth from Above. HE will lead these people in Truth, so that they will not accept error, which would make it impossible to bring the Truth to them. But it must be emphasized that men can speak of the pouring out of the Spirit only when it concerns the proclaiming of spiritual Truth. The bringing of the pure Truth through the working of the Spirit only concerns spiritual things or Divine knowledge. GOD can also teach people in earthly matters but this happens through their thoughts, although the correctness of such thoughts again depends on their spiritual condition. But the pouring out of the Spirit cannot be related to earthly knowledge. For this reason spiritual and earthly knowledge must always be separated. They cannot both be included in the concept of the revelation of Divine Truth, although the thoughts of men can be in line with Divine order enlightened by the Spirit according to the Truth. As soon as people eliminate all worldliness making the Spiritual Kingdom their only goal, as soon as they seek to increase their knowledge in spiritual things, as soon as they endeavor to improve the condition of their soul by accepting spiritual Truth which can only benefit their souls, as soon as they give heed to that which assures them of everlasting life for their soul ignoring everything which concerns only the life of the body on Earth, striving for what is of the Spirit, only then can they be led by the Spirit. Then HE will reveal HIMSELF and teach them inwardly which is beneficial for the upward progress of their soul. Then they can be given Divine revelations according to the maturity of their soul that can bring only Light concerning the spiritual Kingdom, spiritual relations, and the origin and purpose of all that is created. As long as you live on this Earth your intellect alone cannot comprehend all that cannot be proven. You can solve earthly problems in accordance with your understanding. However, a true solution can only be the result of an enlightened mind, when you endeavor to achieve this enlightenment through a walk pleasing to GOD. Men must acknowledge that Divine revelations have to do with the soul's life, the spiritual development of man, the knowledge of his origin and destiny and the knowledge of GOD' s Everlasting Plan of Salvation. But to earthly questions men themselves supply the answers in so far as the maturity of their souls permit. The closer man is united with GOD the stronger will he feel GOD' s influence, the clearer will be his thoughts and the more accurate can he answer all earthly questions. Because then he accepts the inner working of the spirit Who will lead and guide him in his earthly life. But direct revelations through which the Truth is brought to Earth are to be evaluated differently. Such revelations contain Divine knowledge, that can be transmitted by GOD directly to a human mediator. But for this, however, there are certain qualifications. This will always happen according to the plan of GOD, Who alone knows the possibility of success. For this reason HE chooses a vessel suitable to HIMSELF. He will always do this when men urgently need to receive the pure Truth, to urge them to be more active in their spiritual development. Only GOD knows the heart of men, HE alone knows which earthly child has been given the ability to receive Divine spiritual knowledge, and these HE will choose. The Spirit of GOD moves where HE wants. HIS Spirit will only move in a vessel suitable to HIM when it is very important to bring help to penetrate spiritual darkness with rays of Light. Such help, coming forth from GOD, can still rescue many people from spiritual death. It is a way to lead men out of the material world, into the Kingdom of Light. It presents a possibility for people to change their ways, if they are still of good will, and reach out to the extended Hand of the Father, Who does not want to again lose HIS children for a very long time. Therefore every receiver may enjoy Divine revelations and the special protection of GOD, so that he can fulfill HIS work, so that the Light of Truth can enlighten the Earth in the depths of darkness, so that people will use well the time given to them before the end. AMEN B.D. 5150 June 13, 1951 GOD HIMSELF AS OUR TEACHER Whoever receives the extraordinary Grace of being taught by MYSELF, who receives and accepts directly transmitted revelations has certainly no need to gain knowledge elsewhere, for I will abundantly satisfy such a one with the Bread of Life. He need no longer accept spiritual condiments nor draw from the cistern when clear water streams to him from a far purer and better source. But when it is necessary to draw fresh water from a well, men must gratefully accept what is at their disposal, and carefully protect it from pollution. Do you understand what I am saying? I would certainly not despise what is dear to you from the old, what has been sacred to you for so long, the Book of the Fathers which will never lose its value, from which those who in true Faith and Love for ME seek to draw their knowledge, because deep knowledge is hidden therein, recognizable only by those whose spirit is awakened. When I MYSELF instruct you I give you both the teaching and the explanation, and adjust it all to your degree of maturity. I give you only what is understandable to yourself, first of all, making MY Will known to you to enable you to fulfill MY Will in your life's task. I reveal MYSELF to you as the Creator of all infinity, but also as Loving Father of MY children, who must achieve Divine Son ship on Earth, for which they need much help and support. The meaning of MY former Word has become incomprehensible to you. Therefore, I bring MY gospel to Earth again as I foretold during MY walk on Earth. I will not only be present as GOD in your intellect, but I want to live in your heart. I want you to believe in ME with a living faith and I want to teach you how you can obtain this living faith. You cannot gain a living faith through intellectual knowledge acquired in the Bible but only by a completely unselfish life of Love. Your knowledge and faith will become greater, not through much study but through the fulfilling of MY law of Love to GOD and your neighbor. Then you will truly be wise, closely united with ME, and able to teach your fellowman about the result of a true walk of life. Then you will be MY representative of Light on this Earth, a minister according to MY Will, drawing all knowledge from within yourself. MY Spirit within you will lead you into everlasting Truth, for you possess a knowledge that you did not receive elsewhere but from ME continually through MY Grace. The fountain of Life is opened for you, from the fountain of MY Love from which living water flows for your refreshment. But you must also reach out to your fellowmen with refreshing drinks, so that they also can taste that pure clear water, and if they are of good will they will never want to be without it. Everyone can refresh himself at the source of Life but only a few will find it. These few will not be satisfied with what is incomprehensible to them, but will search for the Truth, and turn therefore to ME the Everlasting Truth, so that I can give them a refreshing drink which I certainly will not fail to do. Therefore, draw from the fountain of Life, accept with thankful hearts what MY Love offers you. Appreciate the great mercy to be taught by ME, because you are going to need much strength which you can obtain only from MY Word, which comes to you from Above, because I have blessed this MY Word with MY Power. AMEN B.D. 8251 Aug. 8, 1962 DOUBTING DIVINE REVELATIONS Many people will doubt MY revelations because they have no living faith. Otherwise they would understand MY working in this time, before the end. But a living faith requires a life of Love which most people neglect in favor of self-love. But in such self-love they cannot find ME or see ME as their GOD and Creator, Who only want to be their Father. Today most people have a superficial faith, a knowledge taught to them through tradition, which could never become alive. So they do not understand the "outpouring of MY Spirit" which I have promised to all who believe in ME and keep MY commandment. To such I will reveal MYSELF. The more people are caught up in a superficial faith the more they resist MY revelations. But I still will bring MY revelations to Earth, because I consider it necessary for people to receive the whole Truth and not to seek the purpose for their lives in wrong doctrines. People would rather believe what is far from the Truth than accept the simple Truth from ME. So, it is far easier to lead an unbeliever into the Truth than to convince people who are over zealous in studying the Book of Books, who seeks to explain everything intellectually and reject MY speaking as the work of demons. My opponent has already spread thick darkness over the Earth and even uses that book to confuse men's thinking and hinder them from gaining a clear understanding. He has succeeded because the union with the people and ME is not strong enough that MY Love-force can flow into that human heart so that they could receive the Light and discern error. What a poor condition people would be in if I did not have compassion on them and try to strengthen them giving them a proof of MY Love when I as a Father speak directly to MY children. You seek ME from too far away. Even when you believe in ME you do not believe that I would speak to you as a Father to HIS children, or that I am gracious and try to move you to complete surrender to ME asking ME to lead you through this earthly life. You think that I am a severe GOD Who gives laws that require obedience punishing those who are disobedient. You should know that I never punish MY creatures, but that they create misery for themselves, that they themselves strive toward the depths, and I do not condemn them, but always try to lead them back and help lift them up. I call and invite them continually so that they do not go astray and fall prey to MY opponent. How more can I show MY Love than through MY direct speaking and MY revelations, which explain ME and the essence of MY Being. Because they are Divine Truth the soul can experience them as strength to help them in their earthly pilgrimage. I love MY creatures who go the path across the Earth to return to ME and can only reach that goal when I MYSELF give them the strength for it, when I nourish them with Bread from Heaven and Living water -MY Word. ? But people refuse to understand this act of Love and so resist MY important gift of Grace. They are not ?alive' because they stick to a dead Christianity. They have no power of faith as long as they are lacking Love which would give them the right concept of ME, of MY essence which is Love, Wisdom and Power. Therefore MY Love reaches out again and again to the weak ones with good will needing success in their pilgrimage. My Love will be demonstrated continually, because it seeks to win back all who once came forth from ME to join them to ME again forever. AMEN B.D. 6592 July 10, 1956 EXPLANATION FOR THIS UNUSUAL GIFT OF GRACE It is an undeserved gift of Grace when I speak to men directly, because seldom do people on Earth acquire the degree of maturity which brings them so near to ME that I can touch them with MY Love-rays. Therefore in this last time before the end I am speaking to men in such a manner that they can recognize ME even though it may not be in a direct manner. To do this I require a vessel that will allow MY direct working in himself, who wants to devote himself to ME. I will use such dedication in an unusual way because people need help urgently. I may well choose such a vessel to become an instrument for ME, if he has reached a certain degree of maturity, but even a degree of maturity would not be sufficient to receive MY direct rays of Light. Only a true child of GOD can receive MY revelations, one who leaves this Earth completely spiritualized to be received by ME as MY child, with all rights of a reinstated child, with whom I can commune as a Father with a child. You must understand that such a degree of maturity is required for MY Love-rays to touch a being directly, and from there be further led out to wherever there is a desire for Light. That is why I call it an undeserved gift of Grace when I use a human vessel, which does not have such a high degree of maturity to lead MY Love-rays directly to the people. In view of the nearing end the flow of Grace must increase to help mankind for what otherwise would be impossible, can only be achieved with an unusual supply of power. I accept therefore even the slightest earnest desire to serve ME, which permits the working of MY Spirit in man. I have promised that I will send you the Comforter, The Spirit of the Truth. He will guide you in all Truth and bring to your remembrance all that I have told you. So MY Spirit works in each one who, through Love, has become a vessel for MY Spirit. He will be led to the right knowledge, enlightening his thoughts, and giving him a true insight to remain in the Truth. It will be the Light in him which enables him to transmit his knowledge to his fellowmen. He will be filled with MY Spirit and can therefore truly speak of MY presence. This working of MY Spirit in men requires a certain degree of Love which everyone with good will can reach while still on Earth. But this degree of Love can increase and can lead one to such a close union with ME that I can touch MY child with MY complete glow of Love, so that he can "hear" MY voice in his inner being in indescribable happiness becoming so filled with MY Love-force that he is compelled to proclaim MY Word even further. AMEN B.D. 1857 March 22, 1941 THE OBJECTION THAT THE WORD OF GOD IS CONCLUDED. It is an exceedingly wrong assumption that the Word of GOD is to be kept closed and that every revelation is to be rejected as a concoction of the forces of evil. Both good and evil powers try to exercise their influence on the people. All the forces of good perform the will of GOD, but the evil forces work against the Divine. "Un-knowing" powers, beings from the middle kingdom cannot transmit any good thoughts to you because they are in their darkened state, still under the power of GOD' s opponent, thus more susceptible to his influence than to the influence of Light-beings. But as soon as these ignorant spirits realize their blindness and yield themselves to the Light-beings, submitting to the Divine Will, from then on they pass on only what they have received from these Light-beings. This must first be clarified to disprove that the powers of the beyond arbitrary, express themselves where people are given Divine revelations. The LORD HIMSELF taught on Earth and brought this word to men. It was HIS Will that this Word was written down for the succeeding generation to preserve. HE has, however, proclaimed to mankind by HIS Spirit working through HIS Word, giving them, as it were, the promise to stay with them in HIS Word through all Eternity. HE HIMSELF has said: I will send you the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. There are many places in the Book of Books from which you can conclude that God will always speak to HIS people, but there is not one statement of the LORD from which you can conclude that HIS Word is closed off. It must be considered that HIS Word shall certainly remain unchanged, as shall the gospel that HE HIMSELF brought to mankind. Not one word is to be added, not one word to be taken away, so that the meaning of HIS Word could be changed. But this does not mean that HIS Word or HIS revelations are concluded. Nothing should be changed, not one word added to the words the LORD once spoke on Earth. But human wisdom has attempted to change and improve them. People of good intention, trying to make it more understandable, often distort the Word of GOD. This has led to even the work of HIS Spirit, proclaimed by HIM, being less understood and therefore not recognized. The knowledge is completely lost to men, that GOD will speak to people again and again and that all people on Earth must try to listen to HIS Word given directly. Instead however men draw back from the expression of the Divine Will. GOD HIMSELF comes close to people in HIS Word, but they no longer recognize HIM. HIS written word is no longer alive in people. They still read the Word all right but they no longer grasp the meaning. A spiritual drought has set in because the people themselves have stopped the well of Living water. But GOD has taken pity on men. So HE has allowed a stream of Living Water to break forth from the rock. HE lets streams of Living Water flow from the innermost being of those who long for HIS refreshing drink and open their hearts and ears to receive HIS Divine Word. With this the Holy Scriptures are fulfilled. However, if HE no longer revealed HIMSELF, and if HE no longer was close to the people, or among them, then the Word of the Lord through His Earthly walk would have been in vain. So man is not justified to consider the working of GOD as closed. If he does this he only demonstrates his ignorance or in- comprehension concerning the written Word. Because of the innumerable references to the working of the Divine Spirit, which he would thereby make invalid he reveals that he really does not grasp the meaning. Such a one belongs to those who err and puts on their error to other people. He will then not recognize the pure Truth and therefore also withhold it from his fellowmen. But GOD' s Love is unlimited always giving and never exhausting. GOD will therefore express HIMSELF through HIS Love giving HIS Love so that everyone who abides in Love himself or herself may receive it. GOD is Love and GOD is the Word. Whoever desires the Love of GOD receives HIS Word, and receives it through all Eternity. AMEN B.D. 7898 May 22, 1961 THE FATHER SPEAKS TO HIS CHILDREN. Do that you would only let MY speaking to you satisfy you. Do that you would only accept MY Word, letting it move earnestly in your heart and then living accordingly to it. You would then surely experience the power of MY Word. You would then become acutely aware that your Father, Who loves HIS children and wants to give them only the best, has spoken to you. Again I say to you that it is only MY endless Love that you see, that you experience, and that surrounds you that is the reason for all this. I constantly prove MY Love for you, but you do not recognize it. You demand other proofs to accept the Truth of MY revelations. You yourself want to be spoken for though I speak to you when MY Word resounds from Above. Think about this: you are MY creatures gone forth from ME but you must return to ME as "children". This transformation to MY children you must accomplish yourself. It depends on yourself, if and when you achieve this. You can carry out this transformation in your innermost being if you earnestly strive to reach this goal in your earthly life. If you will restore this union with ME in your heart then you will also hear MY speaking to you in your heart and be happy. The Father will speak to HIS child when you yourself restore the right relation- ship between the child and his Father. Then the child will hear the voice of the Father and no longer doubt that the Father is speaking to him. Every man to whom I speak directly must have this maturity. Words alone do not prove this close relationship. You must not only be MY child in faith, but you must also strive to be MY true child. This is the aim of MY speaking from Above, to enable MY creature to live a life that makes him a true child who fulfills the will of the Father in everything and to whom I can speak as a Father speaks to HIS child. MY Word, which resounds from Above, reveals to you again and again MY exceeding great Love for you. MY Love is so great that, although you have not reached the degree of maturity that makes you worthy to hear ME directly, MY direct speaking to you is offered as a Grace. Because MY Love for you has not diminished since your fall from ME, I overlook your defective condition and grant you Grace in abundance. The receiving of the Word through which I give you knowledge of MY Being should be seen by you as being as great a mercy as Love, Wisdom and Might. Whoever accept MY word knows also that he will be constantly followed by MY Love which cares for and protects him, will not let him get lost, and will prepare for him everlasting happiness. Such a man needs no further proof of MY Love because his heart senses this Love as soon as he opens himself to ME in free will. Then he knows that he is MY child and will remain so forever. As long as he seeks ME and responds to the Love, which I give him, he will remain closely united with ME. Anything external is foreign to him. His inner life is completely spiritually oriented, so that the external life hardly affects him. His soul?s maturity is now recognized by the fact that he himself now radiates Love and not by those gestures, which anyone can use, even if they have not as yet achieved maturity of their souls. You must not judge by externals because they could conceal an inner life undetectable by you but known by ME. So also you must not take offense at MY Word, MY external Word, accepting it only with your intellect. But you must let it touch your heart. Then it will do a work in you, but only as you live it out, when you do MY Will. MY Word itself will convince you. And it will convince you as soon as your will is surrendered to ME, and as soon as you earnestly seek ME, your Father from Whom you once came forth. AMEN B.D. 5114 April 25, 1951 MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE I came to MY Own and they did not receive ME. When I come to men they seldom acknowledge ME. So they do not accept MY gift of Grace as a Divine gift, or to consider it very little. But I want to be recognized by people so that they make use of MY gift of Mercy for the benefit of their souls. How often I knock in vain, for the people's hearts remain closed to HIM Who brings them the best, and offers them a gift of inestimable value. They do not grant ME entrance, they will not listen, and in this way reject the most valuable gifts which they urgently need. I came to MY Own and they did not received ME because they did not recognize ME. Many want to belong to MY people presuming to belong to MY church, but still do not recognize MY voice when I want to gather them as a good shepherd when I coax and call. They do not recognize MY voice, and remain far from ME. MY sheep however hear MY voice, they recognize the voice of their shepherd because HIS Words are words of Love that come to MY Own from Above, to those who open their hearts and allow ME in when I so desire. But very few recognize ME. They all have the ability if they have the desire to seek their Eternal Father. Truly I will allow them to find ME. But there is so little longing for ME, so they do not recognize MY voice, the proof of MY Being, the visible evidence of MY Love to men. So when MY Word is brought to people by their fellowmen they lack faith and therefore an understanding of MY Love, which provides the way that can achieve their goal, while still on Earth, union with ME through Love. It is so easy for those who listen to ME to understand what they receive and utilize it according to MY Will. To them I can come close and reveal MYSELF. They do not doubt ME, but accept ME in the dwelling place of their hearts, and can at any time hear MY direct Word. They will allow MY Word to touch their hearts and become active according to MY Will. They will also understand the Words which I once spoke when on Earth: that MY Kingdom is not of this world, that MY Kingdom is in the hearts of MY children. They acknowledge ME as their Father, Who wants to come to HIS Own, but is not recognized by most, because they live without Love. But whoever is active according to MY Word has Love, through which he can come to understanding; with joy he will follow MY call, because he has recognized ME. AMEN 2