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 Thus it shall come to pass jc  76.66KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

Thus it shall come to pass Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German Thus it shall come to pass Second Edition in German 1974 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English June 2, 2002 INDEX B.D. 8098 God Reveals Himself in Times of Spiritual Misery B.D. 1842 Confirmation of the Prophesies - World Events B.D. 9025 World Conflagration ... Catastrophes in Nature ... Last Decision B.D. 3773 The Interference by God B.D. 6324 Approach of a Star B.D. 6970 Calmness before the Storm - Illusions of Peace B.D. 3209 Occurrence of the Events before the End B.D. 3737 Most difficult Conditions of Life after the Catastrophe B.D. 7970 Catastrophe - Anti-Christ - Struggle of Faith - The End B.D. 6758 Struggle of Faith - The Anti-Christ B.D. 4879 Forerunner of Jesus at the End B.D. 5077 Return of the Lord - Witnesses of the New Earth B.D. 5607 The Lift B.D. 8624 Destruction of the Earth as the Result of Experiences B.D. 8219 Judging the Spiritual at the End B.D. 4777 Hardest Punishment B.D. 7425 About the Last Judgment and the New Earth B.D. 2667 Finally Redeemed .... Settlers on the New Earth B.D. 5235 Behold, I make all things New! B.D. 6882 End Prophecy B.D. 8098 Feb.09.1962 God Reveals Himself in Times of Spiritual Misery Every thought that you direct towards Me in spirit and truth is acceptable to Me and I will sincerely try to answer you. But you must also endeavor to accept My answer without prejudice. You should feel like empty vessels that I would fill with the right content, which will be solely for the benefit of all of you. You should know that My Love for you is limitless and that it will therefore use every means -- since you are so near to your perfection -- to help you to achieve this aim, and that there is not much time left. You should be aware also that My opponent possesses an immense power during this last period before the end. Those, who were not enough seriously driven towards the last perfection, gave it to him and it is probable that he can succeed in seducing many, whose earthly path would then have been in vain. Everything is known to Me, including the fact that many undecided souls are too weak to resist his shameless actions but My Love is without limit, and I really want to liberate all mankind from his hands without transgressing the eternal order that I have established. Therefore I will act within the framework of the eternal order and help all those who elevate their thoughts only to Me, whose will is not averse to Mine, even if they had not declared themselves openly for Me. I want to help them make the right decision. I have to give them light and strength so that they can learn to recognize Me, in order that they may find enough strength to resist My opponent and to strive towards Me. I am not at all a God Whom you cannot reach. -- I am Love - and My Love is never far from My creatures; it is with them consistently and constantly, even if they are far away from Me. This God you should first recognize as the Father, Who cares about the destiny of each one of His subjects and Whom you should never look for outside yourselves. A sincere thought from My child calls Me to him, and I will be close to him and remain so, because the child's love for Me cannot endure any separation, and I will reveal Myself to him. And this is My great aid in this end-period that I bestow on mankind, which is in immeasurable spiritual need. I Myself speak to mankind, and all those who open their hearts to My words from above will be able to hear My words. The light and force I mediate to them through My Word is what they need for their perfection. And so I Myself... your God and Father in all eternity.... act, to weaken the operations of My opponent and to give mankind the support which enables it to be saved from the danger of his work. I Myself speak to men, and for this I use a willing instrument who serves Me consciously; who allows Me a direct action .... on and in him .... because I do not impose My will on mankind but allow it freedom in its decision to accept My address or not. But I Myself speak to all people because of My infinite Love for them that will never end, and will always be there to help. And you people should believe that the spiritual misery is great because you are close to the end. And, furthermore, you should also know that the end has been founded on My Love. Because I know what to do when the need arises, I know when the time has come to restore the lawful order needed to continue the work of the "leading back" of the fallen spirituals. But I now also where I can render that help, and in what way, and I truly use every opportunity to open the eyes of mankind, to reveal Myself to them. And My sheep recognize the voice of their shepherd and they follow it. In the universe My voice will sound and it will be heard also in infinity, in all "I-conscious" spirituals who are filled with light and force. You will not be able to say that you could not or may not hear Me, for this would limit My Love or My Might. And though I am not attainable for My creatures, and will remain so, I am united with them in sincere Love, and so close that each of My creatures can hear Me if his love is meant for Me and the intimate contact is established, as it was in the beginning. Then, all My beings heard My Word and this was their bliss, as it will be their beatitude again, when My Love will radiate through them as before. Amen B.D. 1842 March 28,1941 Confirmation of the Prophesies - World Events This is given to you as a confirmation that everything will be fulfilled, exactly as the Spirit out of God has predicted you. The world will not believe that it stands so close to the fateful hour, for man believes that the time for it has not yet come, for that which the Lord has mentioned on earth, and therefore he will not be prepared to withstand the catastrophe. And therefore God points out repeatedly His reminders, so that man will not forget Him. The Spirit out of God does not err, and where it is once established, everything God says is to be believed implicitly and can be spread without fear because it is God's language that the messenger of it announces, and he reproduces only what is His Will. And the ones He chooses are those who have the right knowledge. They accept and repeat as He wishes it. Their human thoughts will be led in such a way that they see things corresponding to the Truth. Their power of judgment will be keener, and their love for justice and truth will guard them against thinking erroneously, and when they speak now, every word corresponds to the Truth. And so write down the following: Every world event is connected with the spiritual condition of mankind. There are indeed only worldly moot points the cause of it, and therefore will be viewed the origin and its effect purely as a worldly matter. The events of the world are in a certain way only the consequence of the spiritual lowness of mankind, and at the same time it should be a means of elevating people higher; but that is beyond the understanding of men with their earthly thinking. Therefore, they will not believe, despite all indications. And thus unprepared, will the catastrophe in nature reach them, and they will not be able to protect themselves, or to flee. And consequently it is stupid to close the mind towards God's warning when it is offered to mankind. That the conflict in which half of the world is involved at this time remains undecided, is the Will of the divine Creator because not through the weapons of force shall mankind reach its supposed right. God gave people the commandment to love each other, and this commandment is being disregarded. Mankind inflicts on itself all imaginable wickedness and therefore as a consequence, it will be punishes hard. God Himself has to take over the office of judge so that man recognizes a Master above Him, One Who knows about all injustice. For that reason you people should not make the voice of God invalid: you should not desire to question the veracity of the belief, and should not attempt to decide for yourselves the time when these prophesies are to be fulfilled. Because the world is in great misery and can only be saved through this immense catastrophe in nature, that will immediately follow the great offensive, and consequently will bring indeed the real decision in the vast fight of nations, which is devoid of every noble motivation, and is only a struggle for might and power. And this fight will be ended by higher power, and will come about as prophesied. Amen B.D. 9025 Aug. 01,1965 World Conflagration ... Catastrophes in Nature ... Last Decision Nothing will be hidden from those of you who offer themselves to My service, because the final events are so devastating that you cannot be left in ignorance about it - and especially when I will speak through you to all men. Therefore, you should also know that it requires only a little motive to release a catastrophe - one that will be considered at first as purely worldly but is the signal for the catastrophe in nature to follow. This indeed is not released through the will of any man, but is, however, the consequence of the human will insofar as that will release a world conflagration that can only be extinguished by My Will. And since man considers only the news of the world .... something has to occur that is inexplicable. The view of the worldly man must obviously be directed towards My interference and all human endeavors have to stand back in the face of the discovery that something is being prepared in the cosmos that will finally afflict everyone. Therefore, mankind must learn to fear God, and not their worldly antagonists .... And even if it is everybody's right to believe in God or not, that cosmic occurrence will be greater and more life-threatening than the world conflagration, which will fade into the background because then the spiritual attitude towards the Creator and Maintainer of all things will decide how the catastrophe in nature affects each and everyone. lf you believe it or not, this event moves with gigantic steps towards you, and only a short time separates you from it. And you, who know about it should warn each of your fellowmen of this impending event, even if you are not believed .... for the future occurrences will prove it. The end comes closer and closer, and this catastrophe in nature is only a last sign for it, but who will be influenced by it? People will only want to see in it a natural catastrophe They will not be able to recognize any connection with the spiritual condition of mankind - with the exception of those few, whose spirit is awakened and whose warnings went unheeded, and therefore spoken mostly in vain to warn people before the end which they now face without any chance to escape. Don't permit the signs to pass unnoticed because they admonish all of you that you have in the time of the end. Think about it - that there is only little time left in which you can decide for yourself either to walk the path that leads to Me, Who wants to save you from all misery - or to move again towards the opponent, who will corrupt you for an endless time again. By reason of your free will, you cannot be aware of the day or hour, but I can only assure you that not much time is left. But you are so much touched by and involved in the happenings of the world, that you pay very little attention to what I tell you. And therefore the event will overwhelm you with such power that you will not know how you should protect yourself. But let Me just tell you that only I Myself can offer you protection, and that you must come to Me for shelter and be lead through all the dangers of body and soul. lf you people would recognize, therefore, only one thing - that there is an active higher Power, and that you should call on this higher Power if you don't want to be lost without Salvation. My opponent once more will use all his might at his command to get you into his hands. And he, who has not decided in the short time that is left, to be with Me, will have to be bound in matter again and will have to travel again the eternal long path through the Creations of the new Earth. Amen B.D. 3773 May 17, 1946 The Interference by God Before My Will, human will must resign itself; what humans aim for will be prevented through My interference, and all power will fade in the shortest time inasmuch as it is helpless against My Will. Because I will show the world occurrences in other direction if man himself is unable to do so. I let happenings go until it becomes clear which Power will carry through on Earth. But then I will not hesitate to break this power even only temporarily, so that the time can be realized. I will appear openly before the end, that is, I will move once more closer to all men and let them recognize Me as the invisible Power that acts distinctively only because fear alone can make mankind call on Me ... the fear before death, which threatens it with hopeless downfall without My help. In no other way can their senses be turned towards Me. And all worldly might will go down into nothingness because it cannot resist the force of nature, through which I will speak. And suddenly there will be a change, and everything that had previously moved mankind's thinking will be without value. New problems will have to be solved, new miseries will appear, and it will take much strength to master the new Situation. And this is My will. I am sorry for the mankind I created which has not found the way to Me despite greatest worldly need and whose interest was devoted solely to worldly events and did not recognize the effect of deluded thinking and the utmost distance from God. They see all guilt and the cause of their human misery only in their own will, but not in their own spiritual misery. Therefore every man should search for a remedy and it should become his first duty. Therefore I want to confront mankind with My Will, so that it should recognize that it is also exposed to another Might ... and it should then approach this Might for help and see Myself revealed in it. Only then can I support them. Mankind urgently needs assistance but despite the need for it, it deprives itself of My Force And in order to prepare it to receive this force, I let an overwhelming misery come over them. Soon you will hear My voice again - you will get proof of the veracity of My Words. And blissful are those who have faith before I deliver proofs; blissful are those who are preparing themselves and constantly drawing the power from Me, because those will not be frightened by the misery. For the night of nature will not harm them .... because that is My Will. Amen B. D. 6324 Aug. 03,1955 Approach of a Star Open your hearts wide, prepare yourselves to receive My Love ray from above, and listen to what I will tell you .... A sure sign that the end is near is the appearance of a star that moves towards the Earth but travels in a strange way - now and then "lost" from your view and then suddenly reappearing, because it is accompanied by an opaque fog, that dissolves from time to time and condenses again. You people face something unknown until now. The effect of this star on your Earth is such that you will be awestruck because you will feel that the Earth could become a victim of that unknown star, which causes noticeable disorder on the Earth, for which you have no explanation. There are people who cannot be affected strongly by anything, whatever it might be, but they lose their calm when they suspect that they and the whole earth will be the victim of natural forces that they fear because they don't know how to meet them. Precisely for those people the force of heaven is put into action. I will especially address these people and try to succeed in getting them to entrust themselves to a God and Creator at that moment when they realize their complete impotence. What is caused by the will of man - and be it as terrible as can be imagined.... will not move such people. But they become small and weak once exposed to the occurrences of nature. And then it is possible that they will take refuge in the ONE, Who is the Lord of every Creation... then it is possible that they will find ME in their greatest distress. And this performance of nature will unleash an immense uproar amongst mankind, and the anxiety will not be unjustified, for many strange appearances will accompany the star as it steadily moves closer to the Earth with an eventual clash seeming unavoidable according to those who discover the appearance of the star and are following its orbit. But this I have predicted a long time ago - that I will send you an enemy out of the sky, that you people have to expect a catastrophe in nature of the greatest dimension, which precedes the end.....that means the total transformation of the Earth's surface, which asks for innumerable victims. Again and again I1 draw your attention to this catastrophe, and My Word is Truth and will be fulfilled. But you should have already known about it, because you people should recognize My Will, and nothing is without sense and purpose that happens, that I think of all those, who are quite without faith and whom I don't want to lose to My opponent despite everything. And therefore you people should know what to expect so that you come easily closer to faith when you think of Me in great misery, as the Lord over Heaven and Earth .... over all stars and worlds, and to Whose Will everything is subjugated. You should already receive this knowledge so that it will help you, if you are of good will to get faith. A misfortune will befall you, but it can also be a blessing for each of you, if he wins through this the life of his soul, and even if earthly death reaches him, when only then, in his misery he calls on Me. Amen B.D. 6970 Nov. 16, 1957 Calmness before the Storm - Illusions of Peace And even if it appears to you that you could anticipate a period of peace, you should not let yourselves be deceived, it is only the calmness before the storm and sooner than you think there will be changes in the face of those, who speak of peace but start to throw the torch amongst the nations of this Earth. The lull is dangerous for you because you get drowsy and in this state you value only your earthly existence. And therefore I have disturbed the people again and again in the tranquility into which they have fallen, for I want them to be wide awake. And therefore many things will happen, and the attention of men will be directed always towards accidents and catastrophes of all kinds. In addition to the apparent process and the earthly well being, people must participate in such events where human strength is not sufficient to avoid them. They must realize that nobody is secure before such buffets of fate, even if his earthly life seems to be quite safe. Do not be fooled by the world's situation even if it looks tranquil; they are all deceitful machinations and there can be a rude awakening for you if you submit to this apparent calm and pay no attention to all the signs that point to the end. The change will come suddenly and all of you should be prepared and therefore believe that the end will come. You observe many signs of the final time, but My opponent will try to throw sand in your eyes because he doesn't want you to believe in an end and reflect and continue to do right. Therefore, he also influences his servants to make people believe that they will encounter a new, beautiful future, in peace and joy, and he is successful in this, because people always prefer to believe what they themselves can observe than that, what is announced as coming from the spiritual realm. But above all, they want and prefer to believe in a beautiful and happy future in the earthly sense, rather than in an end for this Earth. But I will not stop warning and cautioning you, because it does not only concern the few years of your earthly life, but eternity! And My admonitions will always become more urgent the more tranquility spreads over the earth, the more humanity accepts a seemingly peaceful existence and forgets all its good intentions that may already have been taken as the result of the hints about the near end. My opponent will stretch out his arms once more to catch and gather mankind, and it requires a strong faith not to become a victim of his force. Therefore I will continue to draw your attention again to what is still awaiting you. Don't let yourself be deceived! My Word is Truth and will be accomplishes and My Word tells you about the end that is near, and which is to be preceded by a clear interference through Me, by a catastrophe in nature of the greatest extent. And this catastrophe will surprise all those that believe in peace, but they can still turn around and start back on the short path until the end, in a constant striving for perfection. This catastrophe will cost lives without number! And do you know whether you are amongst them or not? Do you know if it is not already too late for you to walk in indifference and with hope for the future, dazzled by the prince of this world? Therefore, remember always the words of Mine when you hear of the sudden disappearance of people, from misfortunes and human suffering of all kinds. Whereby I want to admonish all of you to expect a sudden end; I desire that your eyes may be directed to the Might that can destroy everything that you have built, and that can ruin all your plans forever. Unite yourself with this Power; seek the way that leads to Me, trust Me and ask Me for the right guidance, for protection and mercy and believe that there is peace only in connection with Me -- that you will be cheated if an earthly peace is assured to you? because humanity no longer lives so, that the earthly existence can be peaceful; it does not struggle for a spiritual development, and therefore has also lost the right to live on this Earth. Amen B.D. 3209 Aug. 01,1944 Occurrence of the Events before the End It would not be helpful for humanity to know about the exact time of the spiritual change because the exact knowledge would be an injury to the free will. Man would then feel obliged to change his lifestyle, as the predicted time draws closer. But it is not God's Will that people know beforehand the day when He would sit in judgment; but they should know only that the end is near, and recognize this end in the signs of the time. However, as faithful people pray to Him for illumination, He will give it as long as it is beneficial for the Salvation of their souls. The final time precedes the last judgment. In this final time there is a short period that is marked by an extraordinarily strong struggle of faith. At the same time as this struggle of faith is going on openly, the final time enters in its last phase. As soon as all secrecy is no longer considered, and it will be acted openly and recklessly against all spiritual movements - when commandments and order will be enacted, which forbids man every spiritual endeavor - when none of the divine commandments are respected, and persecution started against all faithful people and they can no longer appeal for justice, -then this is when the last judgment can be expected each day and at each hour. Before this faith struggle blazes up, humanity will find itself in a spiritual and worldly chaos. Regression will be observed everywhere, and people who are dominated by Satan will cause this regression. He will manifest himself in earthly destructions and desolations, in loveless rules and a blasphemous way of life; in revolt and fury against the ruling force and in brutal tyranny and restriction of freedom and by the abuse of right and justice. These conditions will occur after a monumental earthquake caused by the Will of God, to conclude a gigantic struggle between nations, that cannot be ended by human will. This earthquake will mean a deep change of people's lifestyle, to which they had been accustomed, -- a time of strongest deprivation and difficult conditions of life. In the beginning, this time will indeed be suitable for the spreading of the divine Word, but no longer as an impulse towards a world church power. Because mankind will strive busily for an earthly improvement of its life conditions and these endeavors will be irreconcilable with a spiritual drive -- with the faith in a Might, that asks humanity for responsibility and requires in addition to the divine commandment- -- Love! And therefore, everything will be attacked that hinders the restoration of the former luxurious life style. The faith struggle occurs very close to God's interference, that leads the world events into other paths. The incidents will follow in quick succession, accelerated by the spiritual lowness of humanity. That is very obvious and recognizable by the loveless actions of people and their way of thinking--witnesses to their deepest corruption that prepares actions that can only be called satanic. With this, you people will perceive also the point of time when God's intervention is to be expected. You will have a time indicator through the happenings in the world. You will perceive in the action of which humanity is capable, that it has withdrawn from God, and this will prove that a spiritual revival with this kind of human race cannot be expected. Those people, who will be loyal to God, will strengthen their closeness to Him, they will be in truth "His church", which they will assert through misery and suffering, but their number will be small. But the world denies God, is hostile against everything and fights everything that is for God. And this spiritual misery is significant for the end. Therefore, be watchful for the signs of the time; observe the behavior of humanity, of the apostasy from God, and their inclination for the world. If people stay notoriously under the influence of Satan - if they are addicted to him and do everything that is against the divine commandments, - if nothing is no longer holy - neither the life of their fellow men nor their possessions - if the lie triumphs and truth is attacked then know that the end is near. Then you will be able to witness the events that were foretold, because all of it will happen during the age of one man, who will somehow hasten the disintegration, the one who worships the destructive principle and therefore is not building up but destroying all. And with the end of this man, the end of the world has come also, i.e.. the end of humanity that people the Earth at the present time, and those who are separated from those, who belong to God. And so you now know, that only a short time will pass, that no longer delays will be given, that the end is imminent. And you must therefore be prepared, you must live as though each day were the last one, because you don't know when you will be called in the realm of the beyond -- if you will live, to see the end on Earth. If you are needed as a combatant for God in the time of conflict before the end, then God will guide your thinking also in the right way, and you will be able to recognize when the time is come - the time of God's intervention through unfettering all might in nature, the time of struggle of faith and the last judgment. God desires that you call this to the attention of humanity. Therefore, He will also enlighten your spirit and guide your thinking, so that you may recognize the right, and proclaim now what you have recognized as right, and transmit it to your fellow men. Amen B.D. 3737 April 06,1946 Most difficult Conditions of Life after the Catastrophe In the very near future you will already live under other conditions, and you must completely change your way of living- if you want to accept the new, very difficult conditions and be able to bear them. This change is irremissibly because the final time enters into its last phase, equaling the heaviest life struggles, in order to achieve the quickest spiritual upwards development. Because the time until the end is truly very short, and what this great earthly misery cannot achieve anymore, that will put the hope down for any improvement of the world situation. But whoever is still alive after God's forceful intervention, can, with good will, form a spiritual concept: he can bring all events into the right affinity with the will of the Creator and can gain from this attitude the grandest benefit for his soul. Those who are wholly unbelievers will not accept this coherence and will seek to master the earthly life with their own force, thus using their will wrongly and not in accordance with the divine Will. And they will succeed because they find support by that might, that works against God. The ones who are faithful can also overcome the more severe conditions with the Force of God which they can indeed feel, but that does not act in a discernible exterior way, - that for instance, though the person lives in worldly comfort, but he will produce the inner force to endure also under the hardest life conditions. The earthly misery will be great and not easily changeable in a natural way because the immense destruction through God's Will causes great chaos which will strain everyone's endurance to limit. And then each one must get more Force from God, if he wants to survive the most difficult time. This Force is, however, abundant at his disposition. And therefore God, will show constantly through his servants what is to come. Thus all people are informed about its imminence, in order to establish the previous connection with the force giving Might, which omits no one who asks for it. It is still very difficult for humanity to imagine such an intervention of God, and therefore they refuse what is hard for them to believe. However, they should think seriously about it in order to face the fact not entirely unprepared, when the day has come. Because it comes irrevocably and will surprise all, even the believers, and will cause enormous changes. And happy is he, who changes also his thinking, who rectifies his opinion towards God, who finds the way to Him in the greatest misery - - because for him the day will be blessed. Amen B.D. 7970 Aug. 18, 1961 Catastrophe - Anti-Christ - Struggle of Faith - The End What still will take place before the end of the Earth can only be announced as something very heavy and full of grief for mankind, because God's voice will resound everywhere, though in a quite different way. Where His Love word is still remembered, there He will bring Himself forth with more clarity. Grief and misery will be all over, accidents and catastrophic events will come with upheavals of nature when the elements will threaten and finish life. And all this is the action of God or His admittance to shake humanity and make it conscious about the real meaning of the purpose of its earthly life. And where people are united with Him, misery will also be easier to bear because He never leaves His children even if they are in the midst of this event and cannot escape the end. And therefore you people should be aware of all that happens around you and in the world, because these are visible signs. For the believers it is always recognizable as God's intervention or admittance, because it was predicted to you, that misery and calamity will be your future before the end comes. All omens that were predicted for the end are recognizable, but you people always want to picture this end as far distant, and don't want to believe that the time of the end has come. But you were also told that time will be shortened for the sake of those, who want to believe and stand firm. And everything will therefore follow in quick succession - - the misery and affliction, the struggle of faith and the raging of the Anti-Christ. All that will emerge very clearly, and from these facts the final- time must become believable to you. Because people who are under his domination will compete with each other in viciousness, hate, lies and revenge; hunger for power and tyrannies will clearly mark his actions, and humanity will submit to him because it accepts his will and acts without regard towards its fellow men, especially against those who still persist in their faith and want to be loyal to God. These will receive unusual protection and uncommon supply of force, because God will remain with His people and lead them through all misery and grief. Blessed is he who recognizes the time and has confidence in Him Who alone can save him from each misery, blessed is he who believes, blessed is he who lets Him speak and accepts consistently His Force, because this hard time will end and the destiny of those who stand out until the end will be blissfulness. Once the power of God' opponent is broken, he and his followers will be fettered, and peace will again be on Earth. But this will not happen anymore on the Earth because its end has come according to the law of eternity. But it will go forth anew, through God's Might, and humanity will be transferred into the Paradise of the new Earth. And so will all those who were steadfast until the end because they believed in their God and Father, Who will save them out of the deepest misery and affliction - - because the time is fulfilled and the end comes as it is prophesied in word and writing. Amen B.D. 6758 Feb.08, 1957 Struggle of Faith - The Anti-Christ The closer the end, the fiercer will the battle rage between light and darkness. But you will experience all the horror of the fight only, when it is directed against My adherents; when the faith in Me, in Jesus Christ is tried to be displaced, when Redemption becomes the goal of attack of My opponent - - when people will be called up for an open confession of their faith, and will be forced brutally to abjure it. Then will start the distress and affliction?.. the time that promised to My people to shorten. And then the furor of My opponent will be revealed. Because humanity no longer has inhibitions, nothing is holding it back because the people are incited by Satan and submit themselves entirely to his will. Let it be said that not much time is left before struggle of faith begins. Before that time, a still greater misery will come over this Earth, that will hit man through My Will in order that in this misery their faith can be proved or strengthened. Many people will indeed consider this misery that hits man exceedingly hard through a natural catastrophe, as cause to go against the faith, because they now especially doubt a God and Creator Who Himself destroys what He has created. But he, who is instructed in the Truth, has the right explanation for everything, and he now carries this Truth to his fellow men. Then it is possible that amongst them the coming struggle of faith can produce even a stronger faith, able to stand firm against all threats to which the faithful are exposed. That the great majority of humanity has lost its living faith is the work of My opponent, who therefore will not cease to work against Me and the Truth, and he will have more success with mankind than the representatives of the pure Truth, the right representatives of Christ's teaching. Only a few will believe the latter. My opponent, however, can offer to humanity whatever he wants, and it will be accepted. And, therefore, first must come a clarification where everybody must confess openly and freely for Me, or against Me. In the time of misery that comes over the Earth by My Will, though I speak through natural forces, each one has to decide for himself whether to call on Me for help or to isolate himself entirely from Me. That equals a turn towards My opponent. But then comes once more the determination that must be made in public during the last struggle of faith on this Earth, when it will be required of you people to give evidence for Me in Jesus Christ or to deny Me. But then you know, you who have been taught by Myself in the truth, that the end has come. Then you know that I will shorten the days for the sake of My people; that I Myself will come to help them and to redeem them from their misery, that I will gather them from the Earth and take them to a place of peace before I begin the destruction of the Earth, which means the end of all created of this Earth. I wish you would believe what I have again and again predicted. The conditions on Earth already prove, that My opponent rages because he knows that he has only a little time left and he is furious, and that the world is peopled by beings that are - - as he is. This has to be recognized by all of you, and should be sufficient for you to meditate about it. Every day offers still a grace for humanity, because the most depraved have an opportunity to change, and to win faith in Me before the end - - because I will still try everything to wrench away souls from My opponent before the end, and whoever has faith in Me will be blessed, but the unfaithful must share the fate of him whom they followed voluntarily. But you my children, have no fear, because you will not suffer in the terrible time that is to come, even if you are greatly deprived of earthly things that you need for living. Inasmuch as you believe that I Myself will take care of you when you will be persecuted for My name - - you must not be frightened by the means that are used by My opponent. Because what they will take from you, you will receive back from Me, although in another form. But you do not have to starve because I Myself will satisfy your hunger. As you see, the birds under the sky - - they don't need to sow or harvest and store up food, because your heavenly Father feeds them. Think about these words! Think that He Who created everything will certainly also maintain what He has created, and that He will do it surely when His creatures are in need. But the time will come when with brutal means people will try to force you to shed your faith, and he, who is of little faith will not be able to stand up against these pressures. This demands serious probing into the foundations of one's faith, but I will prepare you especially for this time, and then you will be a shining example for your fellowmen, and you will convince them by showing what strong faith can do: that you live even if what is needed has been taken away from you. Therefore, seek always only the realm of God and His righteousness, all these other things will be given you as well. This prophesy will be explicitly fulfilled on My people - - for those who will defend Me and My name before the world, who are not afraid of earthly force, because they feel safe under My protection. And only then will it be proven who has a living faith ?. but they will be very few. Then the buildings that have been built on sand and not on the rock of faith on which I built My church, will collapse. It will be a difficult time where no one could survive had I not told the world the Truth in time, that explains everything and that alone contributes to a strong faith. But if the Truth is not accepted, no man will have the strength to persevere. Only where love exists can you find the power of the faith. An extraordinary person will offer himself as the personal representative of My opponent, and this man will lead the last fight on this Earth. Observe that, and you will know that the hour of the end is quite near. But watch out also for My messengers from above who will appear at the same time to lead you people with light that you should follow. Observe all those who preach My living word and join them, so that a little troop can get together and gather always more light as their faith constantly grows. And to all these I promise My protection, My fatherly care and My blessing. And they should not be afraid of becoming victims of that brutal power, because I myself will come and fetch them as soon as the measure of My opponent is full and My people face the most threatening anger. Therefore I will shorten these days so that My people can stand up and not weaken in the face of persecution. I still have the possibility of rescuing some single souls, and therefore I hold My hand protectively above those, who represent Me before the world. For their strong faith can raise others and a Might can be recognized that is stronger that all worldly power. And, therefore, I will also take care of My children abundantly, and they will in body and spirit resist despite adverse regulations. All this will take place in a short time. What today you cannot yet forebode, will then be carried out, and I draw your attention today to this fact, and you who are instructed by Me know also why all this will happen. You can also see the spiritual misery on Earth and you can recognize by these signs of the time also of the indication of the world clock. But when this struggle of faith starts, only very little time will be left, because everything will develop with special haste. That man, chosen by My opponent as human cover, has no long duration of life and his regime will not endure for more than a short time on this Earth. His supernatural qualities will certainly be very noticeable for he is endowed in a special way by My opponent, and therefore he works for him and his plans. And if the whole world pays homage to him, you will recognize and look through him. Then you must also be especially careful not to expose yourselves zealously to danger. You ?have to be cunning as serpents and yet harmless as doves". But, when a decision will be demanded of you, you must stand out and trust firmly in Me and in My help. No matter how mighty humanity can be, it cannot succeed against My Power, and a breath of Mine is sufficient to destroy them. And, therefore, I will call a halt when the hour has come. I will bring to Me those who are in greatest earthly oppression. The oppressors I will fetter because their term has run out. The Redemption period is finished, and a new epoch begins, so that the Redemption of all spirituals may continue. Amen B.D. 4879 April13, 1950 Forerunner of Jesus at the End From your ranks there will emerge one that will bear witness for My coming in the clouds. And as you will hear him, know that the end is near. He is one of the purest: he is full of love and kindness and therefore closely united with Me, he is for you humans a comforter and friend, a deliverer from the miseries of the soul. He is of luminous spirit, and knows about the judgment of the end and therefore he warns and implores humanity in My name. He is a fighter for Me and My realm and is in fullest cognition. Therefore, he knows also where the pure Truth is represented and he will emerge out of the rows of these who receive My teachings from above. Through his conduct, through his love for his neighbors, he will himself be taught from above. Because he must finally represent My office to be My herald before My return. Because the time has come, the predictions of the prophets are fulfilled and so he also has to appear who is descended to Earth out of the realm of the light for My sake to announce to humanity that finds itself in misery and grief. He will bear witness of Me, because his voice is My voice, and whoever hears him, hears Me. However, he will not stay long with you people.- Before you recognize him, he will indeed be in your midst, but My opponent will persecute him and incite humanity against him. He will preach about love, but humanity will listen to him in hate. They will hunt him and try to kill him. But I know how to protect him until his hour has come, because he has to finish his mission. He must prepare the path for Me ... he has to uphold My children and inform them of the Lord's return that is soon to come. And when he appears, then there is not much more time. His words will catch fire and wake from sleep the lazy and undecided, because he is My mouthpiece, and through him I can speak openly once more. And again he will be a voice that cries in the wilderness, he who returns only because I need a strong force before the end, a force that comes from above to help humanity. But the world will hate him and will use every means to exterminate him, in spite of the fact that he preaches and does only good. The world is absorbed in darkness and all the lights are dimmed. Therefore, a bright light begins to illuminate the Earth. All the carriers of light will come for oil to have stronger lights against the worldly people's attempt to extinguish them. And all who remained in the right faith will recognize him as the precursor of My coming down again, and they will know that the time is fulfilled when I am to be expected, and with Me the last judgment. And they will take his words to their hearts because they will feel that it is I who speaks though him and that I announce Myself through him who is My messenger, as it has been decided since eternity. But it will be a very difficult position for him to maintain with those people who worship the world and do not want to hear his warnings and exhortations. They will not recoil from trying to end his life, in spite of his endeavors to be helpful to all men. Among them will be many who do want to accept his assistance. But the others want to prevent him from fulfilling his mission. But ere that I will carry him away to Me in My realm until he has prepared for Me the way for all who want to see Me, and whose faith he strengthens. For he only delivers what he receives from Me through the inner word, through the Spirit that works extraordinarily in him Amen B.D. 5077 May 02, 1951 Return of the Lord - Witnesses of the New Earth All of you shall be witnesses of My Force and Magnificence: you shall live through My return, partly in spirit and partly in the flesh, because time declines to its end, and it will happen as I have always and constantly predicted. You shall live to see My return and hear evidence for it in the Paradise of the new Earth. I will transfer to this new Earth those who stay loyal to Me through the end, and they shall proclaim My word to their descendants, as they do now by My order. I know who is fit for this new Earth, and will protect My servants before the decline, so that they can perform their office extremely well in fighting courageously against all My foes who transfer their hate to My children. But none of My servants will part from this world before his mission is fulfilled. The last ones of this Earth shall be the first ones on the new Earth, where their task will be the same .... to proclaim My word because it will be joyfully received and desired, and it will be recognized for what it is - - a proof of the Love of the Father Who wants to bring happiness to His children. All will recognize My voice as I use it to speak to the people of the new Earth. All of them overcame the fire-trial on this Earth and remained loyal to Me. Therefore their reward will be great and full of happiness - - a harmonious life in Paradise on the new Earth that no man can yet imagine, but that will be theirs so that My Might and My Magnificence will be revealed. And I Myself will be with them. I will appear in the clouds and take them home, and I will remain with them, because they became My children through the loyalty they have shown in the last faith struggle. They will vouch for Me without having seen Me previously, and therefore they will get to see Me in all My glory before the last end has come. What I predict will be fulfilled. I will come again and you will live to see it. You still don't believe that the time is so near -- - that you must live through the horror of the last- time, and that this Earth will be destroyed with My admittance. You still do not believe that the announcement of the Seers and Prophets will occur in the present, and that you people of the present time will experience great things which no man can imagine because nothing like it has ever happened before on this Earth. But with horror and surprise will humanity soon observe the events that make the forthcoming disintegration of the Earth believable. And then with great rapidity will the end occur. My chosen ones will survive because such is My will. Because this time, too, it will be witnessed by those who have been chosen to speak about these occurrences so that My Might and Magnificence will be revealed to the descendants of man- kind on the new Earth. Because then will come a time where once more sin will be rampant amongst people, and they will not remember Me any more. Then there shall be a warning and exhortation of what destiny awaits those who have forgotten Me entirely. Then shall the decline of the old Earth and the last judgment be mentioned; also what has been decided about life and death, about happiness and damnation. Amen B.D. 5607 Feb.20, 1957 The Lift Only a small troop will be able to see Me in My Glory at the of the end Earth, and they are those who will be lifted before the eyes of their fellow men, and the latter will be at the mercy of the spiritual and physical death. Because as soon as the first have left the Earth, the destruction proceeds: that means that all that live in, on and above the Earth will be consumed by the elementary flames which emerge from the Earth and leave not a single creation work. My people will not be touched by this destruction work because I will gather them beforehand. The view of their sudden departure will leave people in amazement, because My children will disappear upwards before their eyes. But only friends can see Me when I come in all My Glory and Splendor. To the others, I remain invisible, for none can see Me in My Glory who have become the property of My opponent. And before they recover their senses, facing the supernatural appearance of the lift, their end is already here. Earth will open up and swallow all those who fell away from Me and remained like that until the end. The process of the lift cannot be comprehended by the people of this Earth because it is a happening that is quite against all laws, something against nature and that will be unbelievable to all those who do not believe in Me and ignore My Salvation Plan of eternity. However, it will come as I predicted- I will transfer people who still live in their bodies to a place of peace, and this will be done in a moment. They themselves will be aware of this occurrence and will be full of joy and praise for Me. They have passed the trial of loyalty and deserve the payment for their love and faith in Me, and I therefore open the gates of Paradise for them. And that will be a new period of Redemption, and My children will be the trunk of the new Generation on the new Earth. Only faith can comprehend this, for reason offers resistance and doubt until the day at the end has arrived. Amen B.D. 8624 Sep. 23, 1963 Destruction of the Earth as the Result of Experiences The last work of destruction of this earth is initiated by humanity itself, and I will not hinder you from doing this, because I am thinking of the spiritual that will be released from matter through this destruction work and will be able once more to continue in a new form its path of development on the new Earth. This has often been told to you, but your belief in it is small because the whole event is quite unimaginable to you. It is the conclusion of a period of development that is followed by a new period, so that the work of "leading back" can again be done in a lawful order, and a success once more can be registered that was not evident before the destruction of the old Earth. My opponent realizes his last satanic work by seducing people to do what he has no power to do himself- to destroy works of creation in the belief that thereby the bound spiritual will dissolve and will be put under his power. He influences men and induces them to experiments of all kinds, but these miscarry due to the ignorance of humanity, and thereby desolate effects are released. People dare experiments ignoring the potential results of which they are ignorant. They release forces that they do not know how to control and are thereby bound to destruction. And with them the whole creation work "Earth" will also be exposed to immense destruction. The whole surface of the Earth will be totally changed, all creation works on Earth will be annihilated. The effect will reach the innermost parts of the Earth and the destruction will be considered as of the greatest extent. Most people will not live to see all this, with the exception of the small troop of those whom I had previously led away from the Earth. I Myself would never admit a destruction of such great extent were I not winning also new salvation possibilities for the still bound spiritual that already suffers for an endless time in the hardest matter. It also would be possible to establish a continuation of the spiritual development without a complete destruction of the surface of the Earth were humanity not opposed to the lawful order and had fulfilled its duty on Earth. Humanity no longer lives by My divine Order and therefore My opponent has great influence on them. He drives them to experiments from which he expects to gain the return of all bound spirituals to him. And so I do not restrain him in that because it still depends finally and always on the free will of humanity, if it realizes what My opponent induces it to do so. But whatever people do, I will always know how to evaluate their deeds the right way because even the world of darkness is subject to Me and My Might, and it will have to serve Me in such a way as to give Me a share in My work of "leading back" even unconsciously. I have known since eternity about the direction of the human will, and on it I could build My Salvation Plan. But I know also when the time has come and no spiritual progress can any longer be expected on Earth. I also know when it is possible, to liberate the bound spiritual and therefore I do not hinder the activity of mankind, if they through their misguided will, unleash a tremendous destruction. Through this perverse will, humanity has become a willing tool for Satan who himself cannot wreck any creation work; he himself cannot dissolve matter because all bound spirituals are independent of his might. But he endeavors to win back this bound spiritual, and humanity assists him in it because they themselves contribute in the dissolution of matter.... at first through countless small trials und then developing them to such an extent where matter can no longer be withstood. I admit that the spiritual bound in matter will be liberated, even at the expense of humanity which has reached its lowest spiritual level and therefore demands a necessary new ban in the matter. Whatever My opponent und the people who belong to him undertake, at the end it will serve again the upward development of the spiritual that ones more has to attain perfection. And therefore also My Salvation Plan will succeed as it has been prophesied. Amen B.D. 8219 July 21, 1962 Judging the Spiritual at the End There will come the hour of settling accounts, the hour in which every human will have to answer before his judge?. because order has once again to be restored and everyone who has transgressed this order of eternity will have to account for his actions. And the sentence will be pronounced according to justice. Every soul will receive according to its own deeds. The spiritual, after passing through the form will be transferred to that place that corresponds to its grade of maturity. The old creation will be dissolved, i.e. all its forms will be changed into creation works of other kinds, and the unredeemed spirituals will be included into these forms in order to begin again the redeeming path, or to continue it according to its grade of maturity. You people still live as you please for your desires and pleasures, and you will not be hindered from so doing even if your actions are against Me. But soon the end will come, and you people will not be able to act as your own will dictates because the time is gone in which you can work for the salvation of your soul. As you have not used the time according to God's will, but toughened the cover around your soul, you have prepared your own destiny by becoming more and more addicted to matter and therefore again becoming matter, that you have already overcome a long time ago. However, the law of the eternal order must be fulfilled again. All spirituals that were embodied on Earth as men must receive new forms because the upward development must continue where it was interrupted. To the spiritual that failed, embodied as man, must again be given the new opportunity to be incorporated in the "back-leading" process. This could be called an extremely harsh judgment, but it corresponds always to the free will of man, which was misused on Earth and that resulted in a new ban of the soul into matter. The ban will again be released and the soul must pass the endless way through the creation until it once more enters into the state as man. Once it will reach the final goal and will be able to leave every exterior form - but it will lengthen or shorten the necessary time, until it enters redeemed into the realm of Light. And as much unbelievably patient and forbearing God is, and tries always in his Love to induce humanity to make the right decisions of will, once the time is up, then He will judge and re- establish the old, old order, which means also the "judging" of the spiritual, a transfer in that exterior form, that corresponds with its grade of maturity. And such a "judgment" is at the same time the end of the Earth or Redemption period. It brings about a destruction of the creation works on Earth, containing all unredeemed spirituals, that must accomplish their development path in a condition of compulsion, as well as those men, who in no way used their earthly existence to progress in their development. These also will be "judged" - - that is, once more incorporated in the hardest matter according to their spiritual maturity. You people who face the end of the old Earth may believe this or not. But again and again your attention will be called to change yourselves in time and to accept the law of eternal order that alone harmonizes with a life in love?. for love is a divine principle that you also must adopt as His creatures if the heavenly order is to be observed. Seers and Prophets who announce the near end, who remind you to think about the purpose of your existence on Earth so that you will not be surprised by the end, continuously admonish you. And you must still appear sinful before God's judge's seat, if you have done nothing to mature in the last form as a human being, nor when you have shed your Ur- guilt by carrying this guilt under the cross and praying to Jesus Christ for redemption of it. He alone can take all guilt from you, and then you can step before God's judge's seat free of guilt and do not have to fear the last judgment. You will then exchange your stay on Earth with the spiritual realm that is your true home. You will be able to enter the land of the blessed spirits and do not need to fear either the end of the old Earth nor a renewed ban, because the eternal God is not a severe, but a just judge, who will consider all of you according to you own will. Amen B.D. 4777 Nov.10, 1949 Hardest Punishment To be enclosed into the hardest matter is the most severe punishment that can happen to a spiritual being, that was already embodied as man on earth. Today's innumerable creations are the proof that countless beings have to start again on their way of development. Because as long as spirituals exist that need development, there will exist also earthly material creations, that serve the spiritual as carrier, and make its development possible through its form, with different shapes of harder or softer substance. As long as those creations exist, the spiritual is not yet redeemed. During the time-space of one Redemption period, the spiritual can have evolved until man, out of the hardest matter. This possibility exists. But that requires the giving up of the resistance at a definite time; this also would be possible but labors in vain against the stubbornness of the spiritual, that in the beginning is so opposed to God, that eternities can go by until the resistance is broken or has become weaker. And that resistance gives evidence to the creations, that appear to the human eye as unchangeable, often through endless times. - - Creations for instance that in a certain way build the crust of the Earth, and go through the forceful dissolution through God's Will, if through that the spiritual could receive the possibility of an upward development. Therefore one Redemption-period is not enough for this spiritual. However, it experiences at the end of this period the stirring in the universe and now urges itself towards a new form. The resistance against God diminishes because it feels His tremendous Force and Might. And God takes into account its desire and dissolves all creations at the end of the epoch that now constitutes the turning point also for the spiritual that was previously bound in inactivity in the interior of the Earth through eternity. The spiritual is now ready to serve and is incorporated in an external form, which then permits an activity, though only very slight in the beginning, and the developmental process above the Earth begins, and leads also with a guaranty to the embodiment as man -- although this only again after a long time. This is a further explanation for the destruction of the Earth in the coming time, that has been foreseen in the eternal Salvation Plan, and even though many people's lives will be sacrificed, it is however Redemption for the spiritual that longs for a new forming. Amen B.D. 7425 Oct. 09, 1959 About the Last Judgment and the New Earth You cannot really imagine in what way the last judgment will proceed; suffice it to know, that it is only a short action where everything is victimized, and that you will then have no more time to change your thoughts and desires, because everything will occur rapidly and it will leave you no time to think. You shall be judged at a moment's notice and that determines whether you will enter into life or death in a very short time .... you shall be lifted, those that stay loyal with Me till the end .... or swallowed by the Earth, which means a renewed ban into solid matter for your soul. And only those humans in whom there still remains a small spark of faith in God, will have the force to call on Me in their last hour, and will still be saved by sparing them the lot of the new ban, even though they do not belong to the troop of the "lifted away". They will however have an easier lot, as they will be permitted to be new embodied as human beings. In this new form as man they can and should also be able to prove their worth. This will be possible for the new Earth is free of temptations because, as it is written, Satan will be tied up for a long time. This is an unusual act of grace to which only a few will lay claim, because at the end humanity is entirely enslaved by My opponent. Rarely will a man still free himself from his fetters, facing the last judgment, which will be terrible. All people face a horrible bodily death - - but before they can think all is over. And My children will be witnesses to this event, because it is My will, so that they can learn about My Power and Glory, My Justice and My Anger towards the sinners, and testify to that as long as they live, for they will form the trunk of the lineage that peoples the new Earth. The event of the "lifting" is equally unimaginable because it happens in a completely supernatural way. It has never happened before on Earth, that humans will rise in their living bodies and escape by being transferred by Me, unhurt to a paradisiacal region, from which they will be brought to the new Earth, as soon as it is created in accordance to My Will. I will not require a long time for this, because all spirituals are only waiting to be put again into the Creation works according to their maturity, to continue their development. Human eyes do not see the act of creation of this new Earth, and therefore it is not necessary to observe a definite creation time for the sake of humanity. And the humans that are lifted have no feeling for time at all as that they cannot judge the span of time in which the new Earth was created. My Might is unlimited and will be recognizable by the form of the new Earth, because there will be many occurrences of which you humans cannot have a concept, but it will make you happy without measure, that you can live to see this Earth. It is a true paradise on Earth, because My children were loyal to be in the battle of faith, and they shall be rewarded for it . All you people could experience this happiness if you would use the short time left before the end. But you do not believe anything and you do not do anything to enhance the maturity of your souls, and therefore everybody will be rewarded only by what he deserves: a joyful life in Paradise on the new Earth, or a new ban in the creations .... to be allowed to walk again as man after endlessly long time over the Earth and to face the last trial. Amen B.D. 2667 April 03, 1955 Finally Redeemed .... Settlers on the New Earth When through My Will and My Might the destruction of this earth occurs, that means of all that lives therein, then it will be proved, who can be considered as really redeemed because only these will survive the end and can enter My Paradise on the new Earth. Because to survive this last destruction work, it is necessary to have fullest belief in Me and in Jesus Christ, together with the total devotion to Me, and therefore a complete separation from My opponent. To this it becomes unavoidable the state of freedom, which Jesus purchased for humanity through His death on the cross. Only a being redeemed by His blood can inhabit the new Earth where Satan no longer has any power; where I Myself can dwell amongst My children because the condition of the Earth is again re-established as it was in the beginning. People, whom I call from this Earth before the last end, can also experience the Redemption through Jesus Christ. They also will be blessed inhabitants in My realm where no evil power can harm or threaten them anymore, precisely because they are redeemed from it. Those people who shall inhabit the new Earth, live in equal bliss, in complete freedom, full of Light and Force, but however, in earthly spheres, since they shall build the beginning of a new Generation and help mankind that follows to a complete Redemption, that still has to live as long on the Earth, until everything is entirely spiritualized. The first human beings on the new Earth, as already redeemed, can blissfully influence their descendants as well as everything spiritual that surrounds them and that is still bound in the creations of the new Earth. And thus this spiritual can more quickly walk the way of development. Because the time must be well used, while My opponent is in chains and has no access to the people of the Earth, because the strength and the light of the "redeemed" is so strong, that any approach to humanity will be prevented. Exactly as in the last time before the end, his influence and rage was clearly noticeable,.... as he was using all his power of persuasion to draw humanity into the abyss .... so will in the same way dominate now the influence of the Divine on Earth. Everyone will strive to reach the height and will do so easily, because there is no opposed force that can hinder it. From the redeemed mankind, people full of love, in whom the divine principles dominate, will therefore proceed once more and will entirely mature in the shortest time, and thus be able to enter into My realm of light, when their life on Earth is ended. Amen B.D.5235 Oct.14, 1951 Behold, I make all things New! I make all things new. You people who have not yet reached the knowledge, that have not yet awakened the spirit in yourselves, you do not know what these My words mean. Because you do not believe in a recast of this Earth, you do not believe in the last judgment, in the ending of a development period and the beginning of a new one. You ignore My eternal Salvation Plan and therefore you cannot comprehend My words: "I make all things new!" Each of my words has more than one meaning about which even My awakened ones don?t know, because this knowledge is still too exalted for the people of this Earth, but they understand the simple meaning, that I want to renew those that moved outside My established order since eternity. I want to produce a change, as people do not strive any longer for that order and I hereby miss the purpose of their lives on Earth. They were failures and they did not use their lives for eternity. However, I do not want them to get lost but will give them an opportunity to pass along the neglected development path, once more but not as a repetition but in an entirely new manner because a repeated development path is an enhanced mercy that must be deserved through an exalted accomplishment, for which entirely new Creations give the possibility. I first renew the schoolhouse of the spirituals .... My Earth .... which should promote a higher education right up until the stage of man. I will provide it with entirely new Creations of such diverse kinds and forms that out of the numerous spirituals new possibilities are created, so that the spirituals can prove themselves in them. I will let arise a new mankind, emerging from a humanity blessed by Me, that has become spiritually ripened through their love and loyalty for Me who have reached a grade of maturity that deserves a high spiritual attention, so that the new mankind has every guaranty for the most exalted spiritual perfection. Also, the bound spiritual can quickly reach maturity through the overall beneficial influence of man on the Creations in their environment. I make all things new! I lighten also the conditions for the liberation of the spiritual; not by deviating from My law, but by assisting only in deep Mercy and Love those, who still live in confinement. Every burden will fall away from humanity and it will strive forcefully upwards because I alone will be most desirable. It cannot be pulled down by My opponent who is fettered for a long time. I create a new Heaven and a new Earth, which means that I enrich spiritually and earthly men who now belong to Me, and they shall ease the way to Me for those, who come after them. Who of you people can comprehend this? And who of you humans can truly believe it without doubt that everything old has ceased to exist? That also those humans will cease to exist, who are still far distant from Me, that only a small flock that truthfully follows its shepherd will not lose its lives, because I have blessed this little flock and destined it to continue living in the Paradise of the New earth. A new section of Salvation begins, according to the Salvation Plan of eternity, decided by My Love and Wisdom, to secure an eternal life for the spiritual. Behold, I make all things new! You, who believe in Me, remember these words, let your hearts be moved by them and know that the time has come, when this My word is fulfilled. Believe it firmly, and hope and carry with all patience and acceptance of My Will all burdens, that still wait for you until the end. Because the day is near when will gather all those who are Mine, to reveal Paradise to them, about which is written: "I will create a new Heaven and a new Earth! " and I Myself will be amongst My people and I will guide and teach them as I have promised it. Amen B.D. 6882 July 30, 1957 End Prophecy Are You A Mine? Whoever considers himself amongst Mine knows also that the end time has started, that mankind faces a turn, - spiritually and earthly. Because the Spirit tells it to My children and they can be addressed by the Spirit --- they therefore hear My voice directly or in their thoughts. And they also accept faithfully My word that I sent to them by My messengers, and that come from Me. My children know also in which time they live and that the last hour of the world clock will soon strike. That night draws near for countless people of this Earth, but that a new day dawns for the others - - for the few who remain loyal to Me until the end - - those that belong to My small flock which I denote "Mine". And all those still have a task on Earth. They shall inform their fellow beings about what they have to expect. This will not be easy, however, because My children are convinced about the truth of My Word - - that is therefore also about the announcement of the end, of the judgment. The fellow men will not trust them and will turn away in disgust when they hear of the last judgment. Therefore, to you, to whom I can speak, you should always speak about the fact, that this end will come soon. And as proof of it you should point to the catastrophe in nature, that will, before the end, put the whole world in an upheaval. And you should tell them that with the same certainty the following end can also be expected, because through the event in nature I still want to give mankind a last exhortation, a last warning, so that it may not be too difficult for them to believe what you tell them on My order. He, who is himself in the light should make the light gleam also in the darkness, and he who himself believes in Me and in My Word should also try to lead his fellow men to faith - - but should do all this with love, so that he does not receive resistance. And therefore the event in nature will not keep you waiting any longer, because it should prepare mankind nevertheless for the end. You should also mention the event in nature, which is My interference, from which each person will take notice, because it will be of such tremendous magnitude that it cannot be dismissed as a daily occurrence. You should constantly point to this happening and be not afraid to speak openly about it, because its coming is inevitable. And those who have heard it through you will then more easily believe at the end, that I have announced. My people should also be My trusted collaborators even if their work consists only in speaking about the coming events. With that they already do Me a great service, because I want mankind to know about the end. But I can only give them this knowledge through the mouth of man - - and they can then believe it or not. But they know about it and they will remember it when the day dawns and the whole world will hold its breath considering the event in nature that brings untold suffering to those people who are caught in it. Be not afraid that you speak confused prophecy, but speak frankly and openly that I Myself have given this to you, and that you believe firmly in My Words. They will not be able to call you liars because sooner than they think they will experience the confirmation. However, people should use this knowledge, to shed their doubts about the announcement of the end. With that, much is already done, because then they can prepare themselves and seek Me for recourse as their Redeemer, Jesus Christ, to save them from the abyss. Amen 2