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Path to unity through love 
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 The New Earth jc  87.15KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

The New Earth Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German The New Earth Second Edition in German 1974 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 2, 2002 INDEX B.D. 5630 Spiritual Reverse? A Change of the Earth . B.D. 6529 Spiritual and Earthly Change Close at Hand. B.D. 8258 The Reason for the Earth's Restoration. B.D. 3204 Total Change Materially and Spiritually B.D. 4116 The Destruction of the Old Earth? Experience in the Flesh? Warning B.D. 8071 The Earth's Last Hour B.D. 7425 The Last Judgment and the New Earth B.D. 4368 Transformation of the Earth? Change? Dissolving. B.D. 7297 Transformation of the Earth B.D. 6230 The End? Transformation and New Creation B.D. 7179 Purification of the Earth B.D. 7520 New Earth. Rom. 8:19-22 B.D. 8440 The Creation of the Earth in a Moment of Time B.D. 3264 New Wonders of Creation on the New Earth. B.D. 6352 Paradisiacal Condition on the New Earth B.D. 8429 A Life of Harmony on the New Earth B.D. 6227 The Redeemed at the End? The Inhabitants on the New Earth B.D. 5743 Witnesses of the End on the New Earth for Their Descendants B.D. 4054 Handing Down the Word of God to the New Earth. B.D. 5769 Satan bound ??The New Earth B.D. 8253 Satan clothed in light?. Paradise on the New Earth B.D. 2515 Abilities?.. Commission and Regression?The New Earth B.D. 3359 Free Will?.Knowledge of Good and Evil.. The New Earth B.D. 5235 Behold, I make everything new! B.D. 5630 March 19, 1955 SPIRITUAL REVERSE?.. A CHANGE OF THE EARTH You must not have false expectations for this Earth, that it will change for the good, that the character of people could improve and live in Faith and Love. This Earth will no more experience such a spiritual improvement in people, so a spiritual crisis is at hand. The Earth shall become totally different. But before that it will undergo a total change and mankind on this new Earth will be on a higher spiritual level. But, whoever believes and hopes that the people on Earth will change themselves, that a better time will begin are very much mistaken. They also do not understand GOD' s plan of salvation which has another purpose than only a higher spiritual mankind, namely; to benefit the development of the spiritual substance still bound in material form. But to begin this new period of development and redemption requires first of all a change in the exterior form of the Earth. Indeed the spiritualizing of mankind on Earth would be according to GOD' s plan of Salvation and beneficial for mankind as well as for the spirituals still bound in the creation works. But with this low spiritual state of mankind in this present time a turn for the good can no more be expected. They are dominated by the lust of the material and ignore their spiritual progress. They strive constantly downwards and are therefore themselves the cause of the end, which means, a dissolving of the creation works, a release of all that is still bound therein, and also their own banishment into the hard matter of the new Earth. Consequently, a doctrine, which supports a spiritual turn for the good is not true, even though a spiritual reversion is at hand. People will not believe in a destruction or end of this Earth. This thought is incomprehensible to them, therefore they expect a turn for the good because they are still convinced of a coming change. That people will not believe that this Earth will experience an end through destruction is to their disadvantage, otherwise they would truly use their time in a better way. They would live more conscientiously, seeking GOD' s Will and realizing that changing their walk of life is the only way to save themselves from incorporating in the new creation. Knowledge and faith is lacking in people and can seldom be convincingly brought to them. Enough directions are given but their free will decides if they will let it influence them. They feel, and have a foreboding that same great events are at hand, but will not believe that these will be so drastic that an Earth period will come to an end and a new one begins. However, they could believe this if they would live a life in Love. They would give their needy fellowman their Love, which would supply themselves with Light. They would then acknowledge the hour in which they live and not doubt what is told them about the nearing end. AMEN B.D. 6529 April 22, 1956 SPIRITUAL AND EARTHLY CHANGE CLOSE AT HAND A spiritual crisis is at hand requiring as well a total earthly change, although, people themselves will not bring about this change, for it is I who must alter the Earth. I must first dissolve all earthly creations otherwise it would be impossible to create a spiritual condition on this Earth any different than the existing conditions. Mankind can no longer be expected to achieve the degree of maturity required to change themselves from totally unspiritual people, which could be considered a spiritual renewal on Earth. These days people are going down hill more and more. Only a very few who stand on a higher spiritual level are progressing and will acknowledge that their earthly existence has a purpose, and try to achieve it. The majority, however are far from all that is spiritual on this Earth and will hardly ever come near it. This low spiritual level cannot continue because it would cause a darkness, which would result in disaster, spiritual and earthly. I have therefore set a limit and have decided on a total change. From eternity I foresaw this low spiritual condition. People?s lives on Earth, at present are without meaning and purpose. There is no benefit in their lives for their souls, because the things of the spirit are not taken into consideration, although this earthly life has been given to them for that purpose. A total change of the Earth's surface is urgently needed, a revision of all earthly creations and a new incarnating of all spiritual substance in forms, according to their maturity. The spiritual condition of people on the new Earth will be of a much higher level because the new mankind will consist of spiritually mature people, who have overcome their great separation from ME and are near enough to ME that I can dwell among them on the new Earth. A real spiritual change will have then taken place. The Earth will have another appearance. All creatures, both men and animals will live together in peace and harmony. It will truly be a paradise on Earth, a new period will begin in happiness and blessedness. But there will also be a new banishment for all spirituals that, as man on Earth sank back into the depths and failed in their earthly life test. You are all facing this spiritual change and each of you can still alter your life in the short time left. You can all still overcome your low spiritual condition and develop a higher maturity, which could make you a fellow citizen of the new Earth. The possibility is still open for everyone because in MY Love and Mercy I will lift everyone out of the depths, who will stretch out his hands longingly to ME. But in a short time this opportunity will be over. In a short while the end will come and the door to the everlasting Kingdom will be closed. Then the reshaping of the Earth's surface will take place. Earthly creations will be dissolved, bound spirit substance will be released and the spiritual as well as the physical Earth will be changed. Then the separation of all spiritual substance is carried out. All that is spiritual judged, which means; it is incorporated into a form suitable to its maturity. This spiritual change is near and an earthly change is unavoidable. Then a time of great blessedness and happiness will begin for those who want to belong to ME, who have endured the last battle on this Earth and who, in spite of their needs and sorrows, have remained true unto ME until the end. AMEN B.D. 8258 Aug.30, 1962 THE REASON FOR THE EARTH` s RESTORATION The Earth must be renewed because it no longer fulfills its purpose, that is, to be a maturing place for all spirituals. This order is overruled when men no longer pay attention to MY will. They live contrary to the Divine Law of Love, and Love is the essence of Divine order. Love has diminished among people so, their earthly life is in vain. They no longer strive upwards but persistently to the depths. People should serve in Love but they strive to rule instead. Also much of the bound spiritual substance is hindered in its serving, because people by their accumulation of earthly things take away their serving purpose. Complete spiritual darkness prevails among men, because without Love there can be no Light. Thus people remain spiritually blind and do not acknowledge their GOD and Creator. An end must be made to this condition. Everything must be restored to its rightful order. People who fail must be separated from those who belong to ME, who are diligent in living the right way and are therefore oppressed by them. Indeed the Earth has reached the state where renewal is necessary, when all bound spiritual substance will be set free and enter new forms of diverse sorts in the new creations. Those people who have become totally materialistic will also become matter, and be banished in the creations. This is the most frightful thing that you can imagine for your real "I" to again be dissolved into innumerable particles and travel a new path through the creations of the new Earth, to come once again to the state of man, which requires an endlessly long time. You cannot imagine such an upheaval. It means an end of this old Earth, although the planet as such will remain, but through MY Power and Wisdom, will undergo a total change. Through this change it will again be made suitable to its purpose; to serve spirituality in its development. What you learn concerning these events you should accept and earnestly seek an explanation. You must know that this work of destruction will be very painful for mankind. You will suffer if your walk of life is not according to MY eternal order. You must know that I will keep that day which will bring an end to this Earth, because MY plan, which MY Love and Wisdom has determined, is settled from eternity. A period of redemption comes to an end and a new one begins in which the order is restored. There will be peace and rest when MY opponent cannot rule because he is bound for a long time. Do not think that you are taught wrongly when you hear again and again about this coming destruction of all creations throughout the Earth. Remember, anything is possible for ME, and I know when such destruction is needed to guarantee development for the upward striving spirituality. But people who are completely without Love do not accept MY Word. Consequently they will suffer greatly when the last day has come. But it must be, because MY Love extends to all lost spiritual substance, which is still bound. Also for you who, in freedom as man failed, I will create anew the possibility to reach your goal. But if you lengthen the time of separation from ME it is your own fault, which you must atone for by a banning in the creations. I truly do not want your unhappiness and I will help until the very last hour, to save you from a new banishment, so that you may find ME and call upon ME for mercy be fore the end. AMEN B.D. 3204 July 29, 1944 TOTAL CHANGE MATERIALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. A great transformation is at hand in the material as well as the spiritual realm. This spiritual upheaval, which is unavoidable, requires also a total earthly change. This will occur first in the realm of nature, which needs a total transformation, because the present form is no longer sufficient for the development process of spiritual substance. Spirituals who are longing for progress may travel the road of development in a shorter time and need therefore another cover in which they can serve, even though in abound state. This transformation in nature drastically affects the men who live on Earth, prior to its alteration. A long period will transpire wherein every order is disrupted. It will be a total dissolving process with respect to the Earth. People will again violate the Divine order. They will display a strong will and determination to destroy. This will result in an unsurpassed chaos. Men will all be very earthly minded, except for a few who have prayed for, and received GOD' s Grace. Furthermore, a rejecting of the Divine order must in the end lead to destruction. Whatever still exists must, even if not destroyed, be transformed so that the order, which is best for the development of all spiritual substance, can come about. The creations of nature will change themselves according to GOD` s Will. The spirituals, who have as men separated themselves from GOD will take nature` s creations as their abode. Because the new redemption period is of a shorter duration than the previous one, the new creations will be of a different consistency and totally different than the old Earth. They will be to a certain extent harder, also more intransigent. This means for the spiritual substance bound therein a greater agonizing state than each path through Earth has brought them before. Therefore the GOD-resisting will shall be broken in a shorter time, so it can be freed and continue its development in other creation works. Consequently, the whole process of transformation means a total change in respect to spirituality. The time will come when no opposition power can hinder the upward striving spirituals, because they have endured the temptations and testings and no longer require them. They are in a degree of maturity where they are in union with GOD and have become receivers of Light and strength. They can indeed live a blessed and peaceful existence, which is truly life everlasting, even though it is lived on this new Earth, because with them begins a new mankind, which is necessary for the further development of the still immature spiritual substance in the creations. That means; mankind must fulfill his earthly task to help the still struggling spirituals upwards. The new Earth will be a heavenly paradise, and blessed for those who inhabit it. It will be a time of peace and rest, because the battle between Light and Darkness has momentarily ended, darkness being separation from GOD, and Light nearness to GOD. The separated from GOD are bound and need a period of time for their redemption. For the ones close to GOD an undisturbed spiritual life is secured, which will be unimaginably beautiful for those people who endure to the end of the old Earth. Because they remained faithful in the great battle for GOD, they can exchange their chaotic condition for a state of peace and Divine order. The Spirit of GOD will rule over them, HIS Love will care for them. HE Himself will dwell among HIS children as their Father, not only in Word but also visibly. A new period will begin after the conclusion of the old period, which will end with the last judgment. The last judgment is synonymous with the dissolving of everything that at present exists on Earth, including hard matter, plants and the animal world. Mankind will also experience a total change, as determined by GOD' s Love and Wisdom. HIS Almighty Power will accomplish this, in order that those spirituals that have opposed GOD, will give up their resistance and change themselves. AMEN B.D. 4116 Sept. 2, 1947 THE DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD EARTH?.. EXPERIENCE IN THE FLESH?. WAYNING. I have told you that you will witness the destruction of this old Earth while still in the flesh and I repeat this again so that you may believe. Your faith is weak, and inwardly you rebel against the fact that you live in the end-time. But MY Spirit again and again reveals to you that the time of the end is close at hand. Why do you not believe this? How else can the truth of MY messages be revealed unto you? Why do you still hope and count on progress and the improvement of earthly conditions? Why do thoughts of the end through a total destruction of the Earth seem so unbelievable and unacceptable? It is because you want to live, or because you are not prepared, you do not absorb MY Word, which explains very clearly the necessity of a total transformation of the old Earth. So, engrossing yourself in MY Word will lead you to greater faith. Accept it as coming from heaven and live accordingly. Truly, you who must spread MY Word allow doubt to trouble you, therefore you do not represent MY Word convincingly. You let yourself be weakened by opposition. Your faith is not strong enough in spite of your desire to serve ME. Life with its daily concerns is too important to you, consequently you cannot reconcile it with man's spiritual destiny. The result is that you are not diligent enough to represent what I make known unto you concerning the coming time. You do not take MY Word seriously enough. For that reason I must speak to you about the coming end again and again. The fact that you will experience this physically, does this mean nothing to you? Do you know what age you will reach? Could it be that you will live only a short time? I alone know when your last day will be. I keep this a secret, but I tell you, it is not far off. You must serve ME to the end. You must believe that you will see that day. If you believe you will be a good laborer for ME, because you will then be able to speak with conviction and a convinced faith. I need servants on Earth who will urgently approach people and tell them how necessary MY work on Earth is and in what spiritual need mankind remains if no help is brought to them. You receive MY Word and are advanced in knowledge, still you do not believe although you do not openly reject it. So, I speak all the more urgently to you, because a deeper faith is needed for your words to have success with your fellowman. When you yourself are convinced that what you receive, through the voice of the spirit, is the Truth you are then a proper representative of MY Word on Earth. Lend ME your mouth so that I can express MYSELF to men. It is absolutely necessary that they hear ME although they do not always recognize MY voice. The need in the end weighs heavily upon mankind, so much so that without MY help and without MY Word they must surely despair. But when I MYSELF speak to them they will be strong and be able to endure the greatest need. MY Word will give them strength. So you must render your service. People must be influenced without force. I will always be wherever you as mediator engage people in a spiritual conversation. Contact is being restored between ME and the people you are instructing, who need MY Word urgently, so that they can endure until the end. That end is coming soon. I have told you this again and again. You must believe MY Word and trustingly approach the future, which will unfold as I have announced long ago, both in Word and Scripture. AMEN B.D. 8071 Jan. 1 ,1962 THE EARTH' S LAST HOUR. The last hour of the world is coming closer. These words do not mean much to mankind, because they do not believe that the end is near. I cannot give you a conclusive proof for your own sake, because out of fear you would not be able to fulfill your life's talk. You may accept or refuse this but your fate will be according to what you believe when that time has come. MY plan has been determined from Eternity. It is because of MY deep Love for MY created beings that I decided on this plan, which is conceived in great wisdom. MY Love and Wisdom will also carry out this plan because the time is fulfilled. MY nature is forever unchangeable and what I deem necessary for the beings still separated from ME, I will also perform and not allow man to cause ME to change MY plans. This plan is based upon the will of man, seen by ME from Eternity as no longer capable of change on this Earth. I do not plan to act arbitrarily, but MY immeasurable Love and Wisdom determines ME in all that happens. I see through everything and know that no better results could be achieved if I would alter the time of MY plan of Salvation. You must realize that you had sufficient time. Even if you had more time you would not change if you do not believe in ME, there- fore to postpone the end would have no meaning or purpose. Then those who belong to ME would be in danger of still falling into the hands of MY opponent, if I do not bind him as planned. You must acknowledge MY highest Wisdom and deepest Love. Then you will not pray for the diversion of the end of this Earth, and you will trustingly in MY Love look forward to the future. My Love will protect anyone who wants to belong to ME. MY Love will truly use its power when it comes to help MY Own in their distress. Even if you will not believe that for you the end is near, at least believe that you may suddenly be called away from this Earth. You know that you cannot add to your life span, and you do not know when your last day will come. Consider death, which you cannot delay and think what can happen with your soul, your real self' which is imperishable, the destiny of which you determine while on Earth. But if you do not believe that your soul will live after physical death you are in deep need. No one can prevent ME from carrying out what is proclaimed by the Word and in Scripture. The time is fulfilled and each day is a gift of Grace, which you can use if you so will. Do not put your hope in false prophets who deny an end, and believe they can persuade ME to change. Such do not speak in MY Name but are instruments of him who wants to keep you in spiritual darkness and will make people believe that they still have unlimited time. People will rather believe them than thinking about their soul. It will take place as is said. I MYSELF will come in the clouds to fetch MY Own before the destruction of the Earth begins. Not one stone will remain on another, because the Earth must be renewed. A new Earth will arise, a Heavenly creation, which will accept all immature spiritual substance. What becomes free with the destruction of this old Earth needs to be transformed to continue its maturity. This new Earth will be inhabited with all those who remained true to ME until the end, and those who reached the degree of maturity, which allows them to enter the realm of Light. Therefore they can live in a paradise that will be for them truly a blessed state when they enter MY spiritual Kingdom, free from their physical cover. They will serve ME as progenitors of the new human race. A new redemption period can begin only with spiritual mature people who will help all bound spiritual to a quicker maturity. They will be so closely united with ME that they can bring up their children and children` s children in Love, and witness to the splendor of their Creator GOD. The transformation from the exterior form will take place much more quickly, because in JESUS CHRIST I dwell among them. The people who will then inhabit the Earth will, with the knowledge of their original sin, entrust themselves consciously to their Divine Redeemer JESUS, because their resistance is broken, they will return willingly to ME. Their great Love for ME permits ME to dwell among them. This will be the millennium Kingdom, when victory over Satan is obvious, when he cannot trouble anyone because they have totally freed themselves from him and have completed their return to ME. Satan has no entrance to their realm until slowly this blessed time changes, until people show a tendency again for material goods and MY opponent, who is ruler over the material world will be loosed from his fetters and his influence once again becomes obvious on Earth. But before this time many spirituals will have entered MY Kingdom. I will reap a good harvest, but then begins again a battle with MY opponent for souls. Still I will be Victorious. Again and again I will exhort souls away from him. I will decrease his adherents in whom he sees his power. Because that which is MINE I will never give up, even if it takes Eternities. One day all will return to ME and remain united with ME forever. AMEN B.D.7425 Oct. 9, 1959 THE LAST JUDGMENT AND THE NEW EARTH. You cannot really understand how the last judgment will take place but it is enough for you to know that it will take only a very short time for everything to be destroyed. You will not have time to change your thoughts and your intentions, because it will all take place in rapid succession and leave you no time to think. You shall be judged in a very short period, changed from life to death in a moment of time. You who remain true to ME will be taken up. The rest will be devoured by the Earth, which means, their soul will be banished anew in hard matter. Only those who still have a spark of faith in GOD will have the strength to call upon ME in the last hour and be saved. They will be rescued from this re-banishment. Although they will not belong to the raptures ones, still they will have an easier lot, because they will be allowed a new incarnation as man in which they will be able to prove themselves, because the period on the new Earth will be free from temptations by the adversary who will, as is written, be bound for a long time. This is an exceptional gift of grace which will be accepted by very few, because mankind in the end time will be completely subjected to MY opponent. Rarely will a person free himself from his fetters while facing the last fearful judgment. Every human being will find himself faced with a terrible physical death, and be fore they have a chance to think it will have al- ready taken place. Those who belong to ME will witness this event because it is in MY Will that they see MY Power and Majesty, MY Righteousness and MY anger toward sin. They will speak of this as long as they live. They will become the progenitors on the new Earth. The event of the rapture cannot be imagined. It will take place in a way that defied logic, such a thing has never happened before on this Earth, where people are taken up alive. I will transfer them to a paradise from whence they will be brought to the new Earth, after it is transformed according to MY Will. I will not need much time for this, because many spirituals are waiting expectantly to be taken into the new creation works, according to their maturity, to continue their path of development. Human eyes will not see the actual work of creating this new Earth. Therefore it is not necessary to adhere to any particular period of time for the sake of the people. Those who are taken away lack any concept of time so they cannot determine in what time the new Earth has come into being. But MY power is unlimited; this will be demonstrated with the creation of the new Earth. It will exhibit new creations, which are impossible for you to imagine. They will make you, who may live on this new Earth, immensely happy. It will truly be a paradise on Earth. For those, who remained faithful to ME in persecution, will be rewarded accordingly. You could all experience this happiness if you use the short time before the end rightly. But you refuse to believe and do nothing to improve the maturity of your soul, so each will have the reward he deserves, a blessed state in paradise on the new Earth, or re-banishment in the new creations to go the path on Earth again as man, for your last test of will after an extremely long time. AMEN B.D.4368 July 8, 1948 TRANSFORMATION OF THE EARTH?. CHANGE?. DISSOLVING. You must keep in mind that nothing belonging to this earth can last forever, so the Earth itself must change. A change must take place so that its primal substance does not completely disintegrate. Total disintegration will occur after an endlessly long time, but the transformation of the Earth will take place shortly. In the way that all matter of the Earth goes through its development and arises in newer forms, so the Earth is also subjected to such changes. All the creations on the Earth will therefore enter a new stage of development, because not only the spiritual substance bound in the creations progresses upwards, but also matter itself goes through this path of development, through which it becomes more and more flexible. This way it will be more able to serve as a cover for spiritual substance enabling spiritual substance to escape from its form sooner, according to its maturity. Thus, hard matter, which has already existed unchanged for a very long time, must experience a dissolving. Its development must take place in a softer form, and new hard matter must be created as a dwelling place for the spirituality which, in the state of knowledge as man, failed, coming under the rule of GOD' s opponent. Such a total transformation of the Earth happens only in special therefore determined periods. This is unbelievable for people, because such a transformation occurred so long ago, the Truth of it can no longer be ascertained. Even if a development period is extremely long, same day it will come to an end. When this end can be expected cannot be determined or even estimated by man, but it certainly cannot be denied. GOD asks man to believe this, because HE Himself has announced it to man. Seers and Prophets have spoken about the end again and again. That the destruction of the Earth and its total alteration has its purpose must be accepted in faith. Man must change his soul in total free will. But it would not be in free will if the time of the end could be determined. The earthly period from beginning to end is so long, because people must decide for themselves during this period, and not be forced. They must believe in it or reject it completely. But when you observe and consider all the growth and decay in nature, when you see how often this change and decay is repeated then you can more easily understand how the creation "Earth" can change, then it is easy to believe in an end. But when this will take place will never be told, because such knowledge would be a disadvantage for the soul. But GOD has announced an end of this Earth. It is at hand. Blessed are they who believe and prepare themselves. For them this day will not come unexpected. But for GOD' s Own the thought of an end will not be a burden in view of the blessed state, which GOD has promised, after the transformation of the Earth. AMEN B.D.7297 March 2, 1959 TRANSFORMATION OF THE EARTH. The Earth shall remain. I did not plan for its total destruction. But everything that lives on it, even the things of nature will be destroyed, so that a total cleansing of the Earth can take place. In this present state it can no longer contribute to the progress of spirit substance. All creatures, in on and above the Earth, will lose their lives and be set free from their exterior form which will, according to MY Will, be dissolved. But they will enter the new Earth again in an exterior form in keeping with their spiritual maturity, and can now continue the path of development, which at present is in danger, because MY opponent rages in every way possible, seeking to hinder or interrupt the progress of each beings development. However, the Earth will continue to fulfill its task for a very long time to come for it is on this Earth that immature beings must come to maturity, in order to obtain the "Son ship of GOD". So the Earth will be renewed after a thorough cleansing has taken place and after all spirituals are rightly judged. This means that they are embodied in suitable exterior forms, from hard matter to human beings. They must be offered a lighter possibility to mature in order to reach their goal and become true children of GOD. This destruction means the end of the old Earth. There will be a total transformation of the surface of the Earth, although the Earth as a celestial body will remain. So man must certainly be warned of the end, which means not only an end of every civilization, but also an end of the existence of every work of creation on this Earth. A new period will begin because I will make the entire Earth surface alive again with creations of the most wonderful kind, at the sight of which the human eye will delight. I will give all these works of creation the most beautiful forms and include for man's benefit many kinds of creatures who will inhabit this new Earth, all in MY Love, Wisdom and Might. I will build for MYSELF the stock of a new humanity with those I was able to remove from the old Earth, who remained true to ME, whom I therefore chose to form this new generation. They will produce off- spring that will live according to MY Will, among whom I can dwell because of their faith and love. It will be a paradise-like condition because the new creations will bring unexpectedly great happiness among the people. Man will truly live in a paradise. This new Earth cannot even be compared with the old Earth. A matured mankind, who can achieve a degree of happiness unknown on this previous Earth where men belonged to Satan, will inhabit it. This is why the cleansing of the old Earth has to take place. This time is at hand for you. Each of you can still change yourself so that you can receive the great blessing of belonging to those who are taken up. But men will hardly believe this, for very few people are so filled with Love that they can belong to this small flock which I will call away suddenly and unexpectedly. But before this can come to pass there will be hard times on this Earth, which will be a sure sign that the day is not far off. When the work of MY opponent becomes obvious, when you are exposed to the evil deeds of his followers, when your needs become greater and there seems no way out then, you can be sure the end is near. Then by MY Power I will destroy all evil and rescue MY Own from destruction. Those taken away will see the destruction of the old Earth although they are not affected by it. One day they will witness the judgment of a righteous GOD, they will be able to observe the destruction yet still praise HIM Who preserved them from this judgment. Then I will again perform a creative act of MY Will. I will again bring forth a new Earth, a dwelling place for MY little flock, for MY chosen ones who will now live in Peace and Freedom in Happiness and Blessedness, in Light and strength. In this paradise there will be no grief or pain, because the source of evil is bound and can no longer oppress mankind for a very long time. Another Earth period is completed and a new one begins, which will lead innumerable still bound spirituals upwards, toward their goal, their union with ME as MY children. You stand close to that period, because the time set for your final release from form is at hand. AMEN B.D.6230 April 6, 1955 THE END?. TRANSFORMATION AND NEW CREATION. It will come as I have announced. The Earth will lose its present appearance, and both a spiritual and material change will take place. There will be a separation of the sheep from the goats. MY Own will come to blessedness, but those who belong to MY opponent to re-banishment. It must happen this way because otherwise progress would not be possible while all spirituals, except a few who remain true to ME until the end, are on a downward course. The Earth must fulfill its purpose, it must serve for all spirituals who want to progress. Men in this present time who have already gone the path through the creations may have gone this road in vain. Those who have reached the highest degree of maturity through their previous path on Earth can now fall in their last arena, sinking so far that the entrance into the spiritual Kingdom is closed to them. They must be re-banned in the hardest matter to be allowed, after a very long time, to once more undergo a test of their will as human beings. The number who use their earthly life in the right way, is very small. The spirits of those who belong to MY opponent have influenced mankind and poisoned them to such an extent that the Earth must first be cleansed before it can fulfill its real purpose. I will perform this purification through a great transformation from which mankind cannot escape, because they have caused this by their conduct and rebellious attitude. A change must take place for the sake of MY created beings that would have to suffer a very long time, if they do not complete their path of development on Earth according to MY Will. This time has come, although it seems unbelievable to you that I would perform something in the creation which occurrence has no comparison on this Earth. The Earth in its present form is in the last days of its existence. You cannot understand what it means that man, animals and all creation-works will come to an end and a completely new Earth will be created which will exceed your wildest expectations. Completely new creations will arise which have never been seen by human eyes. You who may live on this new Earth will marvel again and again. All through the ages I have told mankind that a new Heaven and a new Earth will be created. But people did not grasp what this meant. Still, MY Word is Truth, and will be fulfilled. But it will be a proof of MY Divinity, for only the few who with a firm faith became MY Own and to whom I can open that paradise on the new Earth. They will be and remain MY children forever. Those few understand the meaning of MY Word and they will expect and wait with a firm faith for MY coming. I will rescue them from the suffering, which will take place in the last days. They are MY children, which I will come for when the time is fulfilled. AMEN B.D. 7179 Aug. 1, 1958 PURIFICATION OF THE EARTH. There will be a new Earth, and the people on it will be closely united with ME, living according to MY order. But that condition can only be reached through a cleansing of this Earth. The old Earth must be brought again into the right condition. This does not mean that the present situation can be corrected, as so many people want to believe who are not prepared to think about the end. The coming purification will be thorough. It will first apply to the people who no longer live in MY everlasting order. But it includes the creation-work itself, because the spiritual substance that is bound therein needs reshaping to come quicker to a spiritual progress. This will happen because I am concerned about all spiritual substance, which has languished long enough in hard matter and now finally begins its upward progress. There will be no more turning to ME on this Earth, because the people themselves strengthen MY opponent's power, which he will use to achieve a greater falling away from ME. If the adversary and all who belong to him would not be bound the spiritual condition would not just remain as it is but become constantly worse, so much so that harmonious conditions on Earth could never be expected. So, I will perform a thorough cleansing. I will dissolve everything on this Earth that contains spiritual substance. I will cause a new Earth to arise with completely new creations. They will again obtain spiritual substance for its further development. I will populate the Earth only with people whose maturity is such that they can bear a life in paradise, people who remained true to ME in the last battle on this Earth. I will place them as a new human race on the new Earth. This new creation period begin with a spiritually mature people who will influence future generations, showing them the way upward and helping them to their perfection. Because MY opponent is bound, man will not be oppressed by him, consequently there will be a paradise-like condition for a long time where all creations, both men and animals, live in harmony and peace, where people will constantly pursue union with ME. I can also be present with them, therefore mankind will be blessed until once again the time comes when this union will slacken and material things will become the great attraction. The people themselves will loosen the chains of MY opponent through their desires. I will not hinder them. Because their test of free will is again necessary which was previously completely submitted to ME. If I would not bring an end to this present situation, there could truly be no spiritual success. I allowed the adversary the right to fight for beings. But he abused his rights, because he went too far. He hindered the people from receiving knowledge of ME, their Eternal GOD and Creator. This Earthly life is given to man to decide which master they want to belong to. Consequently they must be informed about both masters, which MY opponent tries to hinder. Therefore, I will bring an end to his works and he with his followers will be bound. First of all I will restore lawful order everywhere, to assure upwards development of all fallen beings, according to MY Eternal Plan. AMEN B.D. 7520 Feb.11, 1960 NEW EARTH ?. ROM.8:19-22. No work of creation on this Earth will escape the great transformation, it involves everything from hard matter to plants, animal and man. The great destruction will affect everything and surpass all that has ever taken place on this Earth. Everything will be consumed so that men can truly speak of a new Earth when the transformation has been completed. All bound spiritual substance will be for the time being, freed from its material form. But it will not enjoy its freedom very long, because it will be bound again in the creations of the new Earth according to its degree of maturity. Therefore new creations can arise in a very short time, and do not need a long development process, because for all creations the respective spiritual substances in the required maturity are available. They only need another form so that evolution can continue on the new Earth. Those new creations will be so manifold that truly great progress can be made in a much shorter time than on this old Earth. The spirit substance will not find as much resistance than is the case now in the final time when so many evil forces exerted their influence. This transformation will take place in a short time, but no one will be aware of it. The rapture ones will be brought to the new transformed Earth, but they will not be able to judge how long they were away from the Earth because they will lack the concept of time. Nothing will remain in its old form, and even man will not feel their earthly cloak as heavy. It is, so to speak, already a spiritual form, although it is still earthly-material sub- stance. They will experience no weakness or infirmities and can live on the new Earth in a state, which can truly be called paradise. This condition will remain as long as mankind lives in a close relationship with GOD, has a direct connection with the Light-world and its occupants, and lives totally according to GOD' s Will. But in time a change will take place when the ruler of darkness again wins power over mankind. But that will not be for a long time, for the first generations will still be so closely united with GOD, Whom they experienced in all His Might and Majesty, that they remain true to HIM and live constantly in HIS Love and Grace. As a result the influence of the people on all creation will be very favorable. All what is spiritual in the creation will sense the Love of man and therefore come much more quickly to maturity the more it experiences Love. It is more willing to serve and can therefore leave its form sooner to enter the next higher one, so that its development will be considerably shortened compared with the previous period on the old Earth. We must acknowledge the Love of GOD for the bound spirituality demonstrated by the transformation of the Earth. It is not only men, that needs GOD' s help, but also all creation groans for redemption. But men have the opportunity to free themselves from their material form during their earthly life. If they fail it is their own fault. If they misuse their free will they must bear the consequences, because they will receive exactly what they strive for in their earthly life. The material, which was their goal will become their exterior cover. AMEN B.D.8440 March 3, 1963 THE CREATION OF THE EARTH IN A MOMENT OF TIME. It is possible for ME to create everything in a moment of time. It takes only a thought from ME and through MY power it becomes reality. Thus I can create in a moment of time and do not require time. Still I work so that people can observe it, and each creation-work around you is proof of this. Everything is done within the framework of natural law, so that people can follow the course of creation and acknowledge therein MY Love, Wisdom and Might. I have also put in you the ability to form and create, although in smaller measure. But for this you need a certain time while you are still living on Earth in a state of imperfection. You are still bound by the law of time and space. This is not the case with fully matured beings for whom time and space has no limits. MY working and governing is always adjusted to the state of maturity of the spirituals, who may experience this working and governing. This however does not exclude the fact that I have unlimited power at MY disposal to bring forth out of MYSELF everything in a moment of time. I do not need a period of time because I am beyond time and space. Creation's existence follows MY purpose, namely; to give fallen spiritual beings the opportunity to slowly mature and return from the depths by continually creating new opportunities to serve one way or another. This plan of formation of the creations was always in MY Will, so that continual greater creations would come to light and always with a renewed purpose so that a slow upward development of spiritual substance could take place. So, the formation of the creations needed a certain time, only the right amount of time would achieve this upwards development. Because the fall was endlessly deep the return must take a similar length of time so that everything is perfected in lawful order. If therefore at the end of a redemption period a creation-work is transformed in MY Will to create renewed possibilities for an upward development, then new creation works can arise, which will be called into being in a moment of time. This is according to MY Everlasting plan of Salvation. Spirituals on the way of return through the endlessly long path of development on the old Earth are present in all levels of maturity. So everything exists and has only to be formed into hard matter or in the lighter form of the plant and animal world. Through the great destruction everything becomes free but cannot remain in this free condition. Everything must enter a new material form, which once again is suitable to the former degree of maturity. Then the still hardened spiritual substance in the innermost part of the Earth can begin the path of progress, because of the great upheaval, which gave many spirituals freedom-making space, if you can speak of space, for this spiritual substance. All creations are available to accept these deepest fallen spirituals who are starting their path of development. They will again require a very long time until they can reach the surface of the Earth to progress upwards. Even, the transformation on this Earth is only the work of a moment; still everything follows in lawful order. Such work of a moment?s time cannot take place before the eyes of man as long as they have not reached the highest degree of maturity to be able to grasp such transformation in MY Might and Power. I will remove MY faithful people in the end-time. They will experience the destruction because I will open their eyes for it but they will not see the actual transformation of the new Earth. The sense of time will be taken from them until they are placed on the new Earth. Then they can behold the completed new creations and take possession of them. It is unimportant in what time the new Earth is formed. But because I am revealing to you MY Everlasting plan of Salvation I can tell you that I do not need any length of time for this work of creation. All MY thoughts can become reality in a moment. MY Love and Wisdom understands what is good and appropriate for the final return of the spirituals who once fell away from ME. Only a few people will be spiritually awakened and understand MY work of redemption. I will give these people insight about the secrets of creations, to inflame their Love for ME to a warmer glow. Truly MY Everlasting Plan of Salvation is most blessed for all beings. It reveals MY Love, Wisdom and Power. Whoever obtains this knowledge on Earth can indeed be called blessed. He is close to his perfection and stands near his final return to ME, his Eternal GOD and Creator, Who has revealed Himself as Father, and Whose Love is boundless. AMEN B.D.3264 Sept. 22, 1944 NEW WONDERS OF CREATION OF THE NEW EARTH. In each period of development spiritual substance will be kept bound until it reaches the maturity, which it needs to be incarnated as man. Because it has previously failed as man it must begin again bound in hard matter. It must again go the pathway through the mineral, plant and animal world. Spiritual substance which has in the previous period still not reached this last state of maturity but which GOD has set free in the last destruction of the Earth, will be placed in an exterior form suitable to its maturity. This means that the path of development, which was interrupted in the previous period of development will continue in the new period of the new Earth. For this reason the new Earth will be equipped with varied creations of different kinds than on the old Earth. So, new wonders of creation will come into being. These will be miraculous in the eyes of men who live on the new Earth. They will be a proof of the greatness of GOD, a proof of HIS Love, Wisdom and Power. People will be astonished at what they see on the new Earth. They will sing GOD' s praises in wonder and Love HIM with all their hearts. The spiritual substance will progress toward its maturity. But what is bound in hard matter feels its fetters as a great torment from which it tries to break free. Depending on its deepest desires it will succeed or fail. But GOD takes into account the will of the spirit substance. Hard matter on the new Earth is of greater solidity so that the will of the spirit substance bound therein can be broken and finally give up resistance. With the least change of will the form will break, that is in earthly terms; hard matter on the new Earth is exceptionally hard hut also very brittle, therefore it will easily break or shatter when GOD in HIS Will has planned to free it from its bondage. Other creations are of shorter life span, so that a quicker change of the spirit substance will take place. While this is possible it still depends upon the willingness of the spirituals to serve. The spirituals will achieve the last form as man sooner than in the previous period of development, only if it is not completely opposed to GOD. So the first people on the new Earth will experience miracle upon miracle. They will touch them and their love for GOD will be strengthened, and so they will unite themselves closer to HIM through their Love, and live in HIS Grace. They will know that they are signs of HIS boundless Love, who wants to win all spirituals for HIMSELF and offer them every possibility to change their will. This condition will continue until that which was bound in the plant and animal world in the beginning has reached the stage of becoming incarnated as man. Then the understanding of the splendor of Divine creations shall more and more vanish in man. The lust for the material will again be awakened. Then the influence of Satan on people will become stronger in response to their desires for material things, which still contains immature spiritual substance. Consequently, their unity with GOD will become slack and the battle between Light and darkness will become stronger, which was not so at the beginning when everything that lived on the Earth in freedom of will, radiated with Light. The path of development is the same in each period. Spirit substance must remain in a hard form until it is willing to go the way of serving through the creations, which would result in lighter fetters. Then it must serve until a certain degree of maturity is achieved, at which time it enters the stage when it must serve in free will, but still it will not be forced to do so, as was the case in the previous stage. In this final stage it must not fail, otherwise the entire previous path of development was useless. The free will of man determines whether this will be his last incarnation on Earth, or if he must again travel the road through all creations, whether he in this last stage turns toward the Light, or allows the powers of darkness to bind him, only to be banished again for ages to come. AMEN B.D.6352 October 2, 1962 PARADISIAC CONDITION ON THE NEW EARTH. I will again make the Earth into a place of Peace where Love alone reigns, where there is no enemy, where all creatures live together in harmony and happiness, where the Love of mankind shines out to touch the still bound spirituality. There men will help their fellowmen, physically and spiritually, and I MYSELF as Eternal Love can dwell among them. Nothing that is negative can obscure MY presence. It is MY Will that the Earth serves to bring mankind to the highest maturity. Many will leave this Earth fulfilled because they have become closely united with ME and are no longer burdened by original sin. If they are redeemed through JESUS CHRIST on Earth they can be placed on the new Earth. Their being removed from the old Earth be fore the days of judgment will be a proof that they belong to ME. They found union with ME on the old Earth, be- coming free of all burdens and desires, so that I can place them on the new Earth. A new redemption period will begin which will at first bring many souls to maturity because MY opponent is bound and cannot oppress these souls. They have willingly surrendered their resistance and have become MY Own. They will live on this new Earth for the sake of the succeeding generations, because they can witness to MY Power and Majesty. They will be able to speak of their own experiences, about the situations on the old Earth. They will be able to speak about MY Love to their descendants. Their children and children?s children will also be filled with Love. Thus their soul will not be far from their original state. They will be conceived in pure unselfish Love, because MY opponent has no influence on those who live on the new Earth. Love is the power, which can truly speed up the maturing of souls. It can help bound spirituality out of its form, so that it will give up its resistance and advance according to MY Will. This condition will continue for a long time. In this period many of the fallen spirits will return completed, to ME. In that day I will win many "children". Then, their happiness as well as MY own will know no bounds, because I know that all who have fallen will return to ME. MY Everlasting plan of salvation shall be successful. Yet this condition on the new Earth will change again. More and more souls, who have gone through the Earth creation, will be incarnated, and the tendency for the material will break through again. At first only scarcely but later it will increase more and more, and the desire of people for material things will loosen the chains of MY opponent, because men will not resist him. But MY Love will still help those spirituals continually. There will again be a struggle for souls, and the free will of men must decide which master will be victorious over them. That generation will also be told about JESUS CHRIST, the Divine Redeemer. They will therefore not be left helplessly to MY opponent, but will surrender their resistance because their faith in ME, as GOD and Creator is still strong enough. I will also exert MY influence on them through the voice of conscience. However, it will not be that paradise-like situation anymore. There will be an inner battle for man, and the temptations of MY opponent will not fall to come. The struggle for existence will increase. It will be more tolerable for those who remain faithful to ME and develop their Love. Then, MY messengers of Light will also support them, partly influencing men spiritually, partly incarnated as man among them, if they will only yield and stay constantly in contact with ME. As long as Love reigns people will make progress in their maturity. As long as Love rules MY influence on people will be strong. Then backsliding to the depths need not be feared. For MY opponent the fight against Love is in vain. AMEN B.D.8429 March 4, 1963 A LIFE OF HARMONY ON THE NEW EARTH. Whatever idea you have of the new Earth, the reality will surpass your imagination. A most blessed time will begin for MY people, who stood firm to the end and were transferred to the new Earth. Men will live in beautiful harmony and peace surrounded by incomparably varied creations. The animal world as well will dwell together in peace, there will be no hostility among these creatures, because their soul substances are near their embodiment as man. All spirit substances bound in the creations sense the harmony around them, which results in a change in their resistance, which become obvious in their willingness to serve in all creation works. So they will be able to come more quickly to their final path on Earth. On the new Earth, men will be able to enjoy many splendors. Because of their maturity they may enjoy lives of blessedness in the kingdom hereafter. Many will continue their life on the new Earth, and it is from these the new human race will arise. Also, the souls who because of having lived through great changes, and the most sorrowful end time of great destruction, have reached a higher degree of maturity and may be incarnated on the new Earth. Because of the Love among the people on the new Earth, and because the oppression of MY opponent is over, they will be more willing to fulfill their last serving task. When they begin their life incarnated as man they will not be without Love and will therefore progress faster. Love will also secure for them protection and help from Light-beings. Thus they will be able to overcome any tendencies that may still cling to them. Their desire is toward ME, and they will, as man, be successful in the conscious test of their will, because MY opponent cannot bother them. Man's Love will restore unity with ME. The privilege of an easier life on Earth for MY Own and their descendants is earned because they endured through the persecution at the end, which truly required a strong will and great Love for ME, so I will reward them in this way. Also for the spirituality bound in the creations, because I am aware of the softening of their will I am able to place them in new forms to help them to achieve an even greater willingness to serve. On the new Earth, men will live without any sorrow or grief. They will experience no needs to that they may enjoy unhindered the splendor of the creations. People will Love one another and help one another to remove their troubles. This Love allows ME to dwell among MY Own to teach them, making them happy in MY presence. There will be real GOD-given peace among all creatures and it will remain for a long time, because Love rules in everything. For this reason I am able to dwell among the succeeding generation as well. The enemy will be excluded because he cannot stay where I am. These people are all redeemed through JESUS CHRIST, walking under the sign of the cross, of which they have been instructed very clearly. They will Love HIM with all their heart. It is truly a state of paradise, which will last a long time. Still it will not last indefinitely. More spirituality whose resistance is still not completely broken will continue to their last incarnation. Materialism will again become predominate and with that the fetters of the enemy will be loosened. Then people will desire what belongs to Satan, proving that they still belong to him. They will again come under his rule. The enemy then has the right to influence them, which right he will use and cause many to go against MY Will and violate MY commandment of Love. Then people will yield to MY opponent forgetting ME. Again the battle between Light and Darkness will begin. The Earth will serve as station for an upward development. There are so many bound spirituals still to go the path of development. For each there is a set time. In each redemption period there will be more souls separating themselves for the spiritual Kingdom. The redemptive work of JESUS CHRIST never stops. I will always see that mankind receives this knowledge. The adversary will always be the enemy of JESUS CHRIST. But JESUS CHRIST will be victorious no matter if it takes a long or short time, which depends on the will of men, who are always free. But they will reach their maturity in this earthly life whenever they surrender to ME and subject themselves to MY Will. AMEN B.D.6227 March 4, 1955 THE REDEEMED AT THE END?. THE INHABITANTS ON THE NEW EARTH. When through MY Will and MY Power the destruction of this Earth takes place, effecting everything on this Earth, it will become evident who is truly redeemed, because only the redeemed can survive the end and enter MY paradise on the new Earth. To survive this last work of destruction requires a great faith in ME, JESUS CHRIST?. a full surrender to ME as well as a total separation from MY opponent. The redeemed will also possess the freedom, which JESUS CHRIST bought for mankind through HIS death on the Cross. Only those redeemed by HIS blood can live on the new Earth where Satan has no power and where I MY- SELF can dwell among MY Own, because the conditions are restored, as they were in the beginning. However, people whom I call away from this Earth before the end, can also experience salvation. They will also live in the bliss of MY Kingdom where no evil power or oppression can harm them, because they have been saved from it. The inhabitants of the new Earth will live in the same happiness, in complete Freedom, Light and Power, but in earthly spheres. They are to be the progenitors of the human race. They must guide the next generation to their final redemption, and inhabit the Earth until everything is spiritualized. Because they are redeemed and as the first people on the new Earth can influence their descendants in a very blessed way. They will also influence all spirituality around them, which is still bound in the new creations on the new Earth. Thus those spiritual substances can cover the path of development much faster. The time in which MY opponent is bound must be used well, because during that period he has no access to the people on Earth. The Power and Light of the redeemed is so strong, each of his attempts to come close to the people on the new Earth is repressed. Just as in the end-times his working and raging were unmistakably recognized when he used all his influence to draw people into the depths, so on the new Earth will the Divine influence prevail. Every effort to reach a higher maturity will be easier because no evil power can hinder. From the redeemed human race people full of Love, in whom the Divine principles prevail, can come forth again and in a shorter time come to full maturity. They will then be able to enter MY Kingdom of Light, when their life on Earth is ended. AMEN B.D.5743 Aug.9, 1953 WITNESSES OF THE END ON THE NEW EARTH FOR THEIR DESCENDANTS. You will be MY witnesses on the new Earth. You will testify of MY Majesty, Love and Power, because you will experience these at the end of the Earth. You will see MY coming in the clouds, in the brightness of MY Majesty. You will experience MY Love when I rescue you from great suffering and remove you before the eyes of your evil minded fellowmen who are trying to destroy your life. You will experience the proof of MY Power. The destruction of this Earth will take place before your eyes, so that you can enter the realm of peace with an experience, which you will remember. You will be a witness to this event in the coming world. You will tell the people the course of events on the old Earth, for this is the only way they can come to this knowledge. Then they will spread this knowledge and it will be known for a long time on the new Earth. You must be a witness to ME and MY splendor. The new Earth will be inhabited with a generation, who have a firm faith and do not doubt MY Power and Might, MY Love and Perfection. As long as I can dwell among them because of their Faith and Love for ME witnessing to those events will not be necessary. But as soon as the new generation comes forth from them they must be given this knowledge, emphasizing especially the events at the end of the old Earth, so that people living at this time will stay close to ME, and become and remain MY children. A strong witness will greatly influence their hearts, and in the future they will proclaim what they have learned from you. Their Faith and Love for ME will remain true for a long time, and man will live in peace and harmony, in constant union with ME. MY Spirit will be able to flow into their hearts. They will be able to hear MY Word and be blessed. But this condition will change. The influence of the adversary will not be great at first but will steadily increase. The spirituals bound in creation will come to their incarnation as man but they will be in different degrees of maturity. In their state as man different desires and tendencies will become evident. These betray a slight resistance to ME and will require a still greater change. There will be people who live on Earth who need especially careful instructions, so it will be necessary to inform them of the result of a life contrary to MY Will. Then the battle between Light and Darkness begins again and the desire in the heart of mankind for the material will increase. They will no longer be able to hear MY Word directly. I will instruct messengers to proclaim MY Word so that a witness will be given to the occurrences at the end of the old and the beginning of the new Earth. Therefore, you who live on this Earth and remain true to ME to the end have a task on the new Earth to see that this knowledge be preserved so that the next generation can hear it and be encouraged to remain in MY Will, to allow ME to live in their hearts and to seek ME continually. AMEN B.D.4054 June 1-2, 1947 HANDING DOWN THE WORD OF GOD TO THE NEW EARTH. There will be only a small flock who will await the coming day of judgment. There will only be a very few people who I can call MY Own, who remain strong in faith and acknowledge ME be fore the world, and for this reason be persecuted in such a way that they would fear for their lives, had their eyes not been trained on spiritual things. But this flock knows about the end. They are awaiting ME in great faith and will therefore endure the hard times with steadfastness, acknowledging JESUS as the Son of GOD before the world. Therefore I will take them to ME and give them a paradise in which to dwell until they can be placed on the newly transformed Earth. This small flock has the task to proclaim MY Word to their descendants, so that it will be passed on unadulterated as I have given it to mankind. This Word must remain as a fundamental teaching on the new Earth. I will continue to care of MY Own in the future, which includes all who surrender to MY Will and seek ME. Such will be kind and charitable, because their desire for ME is their expression of their Love, which they will express to their descendants. They fulfill MY commandments and I will give them MY Word, either directly or indirectly. My Word contains the teaching, which JESUS CHRIST brought to Earth, because HE was filled with MY Spirit of Love. The Man JESUS has already found His union with ME on Earth. In order for mankind on the new Earth to come to reconciliation with ME they must be taught the teachings of JESUS CHRIST. Also MY Word, the pure Truth from heaven in all its depth of wisdom will be offered to mankind and must be transmitted to the new Earth. This word will be accepted as a message from above, and as a direct teaching from GOD. It will therefore remain as a fundamental teaching for a long time, until mankind again becomes materialistic and, on their own, undertakes to "reform" and change MY Word. This will be the cause of the loss of know1edge of the Truth. Their understanding will be darkened and their spiritual conditions will dec1ine. So I will then decide to bring MY Word to Earth once again. But be fore that time MY Word will remain pure and reach many people. The Word will be acknowledged as MY gift. Those people will Love ME and be happy on Earth?. because they live continually in union with ME, and therefore receive Light and strength. My presence will enable them to be wise and powerful, as I have promised. AMEN B.D.5769 Sept.14, 1953 SATAN BOUND?. THE NEW EARTH. The power of evil will be broken for a long time. Satan will be put in chains. Peace will replace struggle in the universe. Spirits of darkness can no longer oppress the people on Earth. Satan along with his followers will be bound for a long time. People on the new Earth will not allow him freedom, for now they are in close union with GOD. They pursue only HIM Who lovingly cares for them, both spiritually and physically. This time of peace on the new Earth will make up for the period of indescribable suffering endured by those who will remain faithful to GOD on this Earth. This period will be for them truly a time of struggle because they will be persecuted, both spiritually and physically. They will hardly be able to defend themselves against their persecutors who threaten their lives, if they do not submit to them. But a time of peace has been repeatedly promised to such suffering people, by seers and prophets alike. This will be a time when no danger will threaten them, when body and soul may enjoy the wonderful works of GOD' s Love, where a happy peace will fill their hearts because of the presence of HIM Whom they love and for Whom they suffered. Everything will be a peaceful creature and creations alike will be in perfect harmony. The spiritual still bound in creation, will progress and soon give up their resistance, because they will feel the nearness of HIM to whom they must yield. They will also be blessed by the spiritual touch of the people. These people have already made their decision, so a test of their will on the new Earth is no longer necessary. The people belong to GOD, body and soul cannot be separated from HIM anymore. But all that is of Satan will suffer in darkness, banned anew in hard matter, not able to exercise influence on the spirituals who strive for the Light and submit to the will of GOD, deprived of all power for a long time. Satan himself is weakened because everything that increases his power is bound and withdrawn from his influence. So, he is helpless in his own world until he once more gains power through the perverted will of the people. However, this will only happen after a very long time, when the first generation of the Earth, the inhabitants of paradise with their children and children` s children are long since departed into the spiritual kingdom. Then there will be another generation whose desires will be different, who will let materialism dominate them and through this loosen the chains of the prince of this lost world. This will be the end of the paradisiacal condition. The time of peace will again become a time of struggle between Light and Darkness. Then the struggle for the souls of men will again begin and continue until another development period is over. But the result will be that innumerable souls have come to their spiritual maturity. The power of Satan will decrease more and more until at last he himself will surrender. This however, will require an unimaginably long time and many salvation periods. AMEN B.D. 8253 Aug.27, 1962 SATAN CLOTHED IN LIGHT?. PARADISE ON THE NEW EARTH. Do not be surprised that MY opponent will try every means at his disposal to strengthen his power and to hinder his followers from leaving him to follow ME. It has been written that he will perform great miracles and try to lead My Own astray, and try to keep them to himself. He will not hesitate to disguise himself as an angel of light, even using the Word of GOD and scripture. But he cannot deceive those who earnestly desire the Truth, even when he appears in MY Name. But if this involves having to confess ME in JESUS CHRIST and MY work of redemption he would certainly drop his mask and avoid this at all cost. He will never acknowledge the work of redemption. His efforts will always be to dissuade men of their faith. But he has great power and will certainly use it in the end time. Wherever there is spiritual darkness he will not be recognized, but he will be transparent where MY light shines brightly. MY Own do not have to fear him because they see through his tactics, understand his scheming and will resist him. He would even send demons and occupants of hell to Earth to influence people. But I will not, neither can I hinder MY opponent, because this is his last opportunity before he will be bound for a very long time. Then he will have no more influence on the spirituality, which goes the pathway through the creations of the new Earth in a bound condition, or on men who live in free will. So it will be a time of peace when spirituals can progress much more quickly and all that is bound will have many opportunities to serve. At first people will not need spiritual opposition to test their will, because they have endured the test on the old Earth and are progressing continually. They are constantly in contact with ME and the spirituals in the realm of Light, who will dwell among them, to lead them and to teach them. Satan will then rage furiously. He himself is in spiritual darkness and does not know that his works are completely ineffective, because the people he won for himself will be banished anew and withdrawn from his power for a very long time. Others have given ME the proof of their will, as well as their Love and sincere faith, so to them I can give a life in paradise on the new Earth as their reward. They will live on this Earth as the new generation of mankind. Some day lawful order on Earth must be restored. This will take place when no further improvement of mankind can be expected. Still, spirituals will separate themselves in this end time, and I will truly do everything to save whatever is still not fallen into the hands of the adversary. When things happen which are supernatural, only the will to know the Truth is required to determine if it is ME or MY opponent who is working. If you desire the Truth and acknowledge ME you will be protected from any such deception. But if you are earthly minded you may be influenced by he who is ruler of this world and has power over this world. However, even if he wins you now he will eventually lose you, because all spirituals will be snatched away from him in the end? for I am truly the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Both the Kingdom of Light and darkness are subjected to ME, and I know when MY opponent exceeds his authority. Therefore, I will set the time as is proclaimed in Word and scripture. I will determine when the time has come for every thing to be judged according to GOD' s Eternal order. AMEN B.D. 2515 Oct.17, 1942 ABILITIES ? COMMISSION AND REGRESSION? THE NEW EARTH. Man is the highest developed being on Earth, consequently he is given a task in keeping with his maturity. He can fulfill his commission in free will. It is this free will, which is put to the test. So man must make decisions, and his decisions will govern whether or not he fulfills this commission and uses his ability to live his last embodiment according to its purpose. He is in no way forced. In his earthly life he has innumerable tasks to fulfill. His commission is not particularly pointed out to him, but he must fulfill it amidst his many earthly activities. If he neglects this task he will still live his earthly life, but his soul remains undeveloped. For this he must give account to GOD because his earthly life is given to him for the perfecting of his soul. If he uses his earthly activities only for his own advantage, pays no attention to its importance, thus disregarding the Grace of GOD, he will have misused his earthly life. The Earth was his residence and he as a highly matured being, already in an advanced state of development, having many capabilities, was allowed to incarnate. But he lives his life no more conscious of his purposes than the people of prehistoric time, using his intellect, free will and strength given by GOD, only for his activities on Earth, which have no permanent value. He uses his intellect and free will only to increase his own well being and this is in such a way that he influences his fellowman to do the same. So, the Earth becomes unsuitable for the higher development of his soul. Indeed, worldliness prevails and binds people to such an extent that they completely forget their soul. The world then is in a condition where a change is necessary so that mankind can again learn about their true commission and live accordingly. It is essential that the Earth experience another change. It must again become what it once was and is intended to be. A place for the education of the spirit where earthly things do not predominate, but are only a means to an end. The Earth must arise and be formed anew; It must be inhabited by people who consciously strive for maturity, who use all their abilities, which they have received from GOD for the maturing of their souls, realizing that this is the true purpose of their incarnation on Earth. AMEN B.D.3359 Dec.7, 1944 FREE WILL?. KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL?. THE NEW EARTH. Man has free will. But the use of this free will requires and understanding of what the will should and can strive for, and must decide. Free will must have the opportunity to choose in either direction. Thus it must be possible for man to discern good from evil; otherwise freedom of the will would be of little or no use. For that reason GOD gave man an intellect. To not use ones intellect is to disregard this gift of free will. In fact, man has an obligation to use his intellect and for this he must give an account. So it is necessary to consider the purpose and meaning of life. This will give rise to many questions. Man must consider these quest ions and then make his decision in free will. It is absolutely necessary for his spiritual progress that man's relationship to GOD and righteousness is made clear to him so that he learns to recognize how close this relationship is, and in free will strives toward GOD and chooses what is right. He must also learn about the power of evil. He must learn to recognize this power and learn to hate it. He must decide between one and the other. So evil cannot be banned from the world otherwise man could not make free decisions. Evil must be given room to vent its fury. Thus even evil powers are useful to GOD, because though unwillingly they help spirituals to progress when they use their free will in the right way. However, the powers of darkness often try to use their influence more than they are entitled to. So, GOD aces not forbid their attempts to hinder the influence of good, or their attempts to make it impossible for man to choose between right and wrong, obscuring the knowledge of GOD' s goodness and trying to overpower the will of man. But GOD will put an end to Satan?s work and bind his limited free power, at the same time prevent those people who have not made a clear decision or have decided for the power of darkness, from using their free will for a very long time. Only those, who of their own accord, in spite of great temptations, have decided for GOD, will remain alive. They therefore do not need a further test of will, because they have endured the most difficult trial. In the coming period of the only people who can live on this new Earth are those who have undergone this test of will, who knew about the works of the adversary to which they were exposed and fled from them in free will. Only those, who have reached a degree of maturity, will be given this time on Earth where GOD?s opponent will not influence them. But others who have failed must again go the long path of development, until they reach a state where they can again use their free will. Man must constantly encounter good and bad, consequently the Earth remains a battlefield of both powers as long as immature spirituals embody themselves on it. In the Beginning only Light-beings will inhabit the new Earth. This means that only people who are spiritually matured will live there. They will have continual contact with Light-beings of the spiritual kingdom. Evil will be prevented from coming near men, by the power and will of GOD. The first people on the new Earth do not need to be put to a test; therefore negative powers do not need to come near the Earth. This will be realized in a state of complete peace, a condition of mutual understanding and a society of perfect harmony, because Love rules, and where there is Love a being opposing GOD cannot exist. However, this state will not last forever. Later generations will again give GOD' s adversary power over themselves. They will willingly give in to his temptations and so separate themselves from GOD Who wanted to prepare for them a paradise on the new Earth. Thus the battle between Light and Darkness will start anew. This will continue until the end of a redemption period, so that people can make free decisions as to which master they will acknowledge. In Eternity they will be judged according to their free will decisions. They will suffer in darkness or enter the everlasting realm of Light until they have united themselves with the primal Light. AMEN B.D.5235 Oct.14, 1951 BEHOLD, I MAKE EVERYTHING NEW. I make everything new! You, who have not yet reached the knowledge that have still not awakened the spirit in yourselves you do not know what these words mean because you do not believe in the last judgment, in an end of a development period and the beginning of a new one. You ignore MY Eternal Plan of Salvation, therefore you cannot comprehend MY Words: I make everything new! Every one of my Words has more than one meaning about which even MY awakened ones do not know. Because this knowledge is too exalted for the people on this Earth, but they understand the simple meaning that I want to renew those that moved outside MY order of Eternity. I want to produce a change, as people do not strive any longer for that order and thereby miss the purpose of their lives on Earth. They were failures and did not use their lives for Eternity. However, I do not want them to get lost but will give them an opportunity to pass along the neglected development path once more, but not as a repetition but in an entirely new manner, because a repeated development path is an enhanced mercy that must be deserved through an exalted accomplishment, for which entirely new Creations give the possibility. I first renew the schoolhouse of the spirituals?. MY Earth?. which should promote a higher education right up until the stage of man. I will provide it with entirely new Creations of such divers kind and forms that out of the numerous spirituals new possibilities are created?. so that the spirituals can prove themselves in them. I will let arise a new mankind emerging from a humanity blessed by ME, that has become spiritually ripened through their Love and Loyalty for ME; who have reached a grade of maturity that deserves a high spiritual attention, so that the new mankind has every guarantee for the most exalted spiritual perfection. Also the bound spiritual can quickly reach maturity through the overall beneficial influence of man of the Creations in their environment. I make everything new! I lighten also the conditions for the liberation of the spiritual; not by deviating from MY law, but by assisting only in deep Mercy and Love those, who still live in confinement. Every burden will fall away from humanity and it will strive forcefully upwards, because I alone will be most desirable. MY opponent, who is fettered for a long time, cannot pull it down. I create a new Heaven and a new Earth, which means that I enrich spiritual and earthly men who now belong to ME, and they shall ease the way to ME for those who come after them. Who of you people can comprehend this? And who of you humans can truly believe it without doubt that everything old has ceased to exist? That also those humans will cease to exist who still are separated from ME, that only a small flock that truthfully follows its Shepherd will not lose its lives. Because I have blessed this little flock and destined it to continue living in the paradise of the New Earth. A new period of salvation begins, according to the Salvation plan of Eternity, decided by MY Love and Wisdom, to secure an Eternal life for the spiritual. Behold, I make everything new! You, who believe in ME, remember these words, let your heart be moved by them and know that the time has come, when this MY Word is fulfilled. Believe it firmly, and hope. Carry with all patience and acceptance of MY Will all burdens that still wait or you until the end. Because the day is near when I will gather all those who are MINE, to reveal paradise to them, about which is written: I will Create a new Heaven and a new Earth and I MYSELF will be amongst MY people and I will guide and teach them as I have promised it. AMEN 2