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 The Mystery of Man jc  132.56KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

The Mystery of Man GOD HIMSELF REVEALS TO US THE SENSE AND PURPOSE OF OUR LlFE ON EARTH, AS WELL AS THE WHOLE CREATION. Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany March 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German The Mystery of Man First Edition in English 1987 Scanned Edition in English March 23, 2002 INDEX Introduction B.D. 5862 In the Beginning was the Word B.D. 8020 Knowledge about Purpose and Reason of the life on Earth B.D. 7100 Is the Earth-Life Self-Purpose or Means to reach the Purpose? B.D. 8566 Procedure of Creation and Apostasy of the Beings B.D. 7770 Cause and Rise of Creation B.D. 8613 Creation is the Work of GOD B.D. 2494 Matter and Spirit B.D. 7098 Everything has Sense and Purpose. Pest... Weed B.D. 7800 Evolution-Way on Earth B.D. 2775 Incarnation -Instincts - Pre-Phases B.D. 8235 Did Man evolve -or was he a new Creation? B.D. 6647 What is the Soul? B.D. 7569 Self-awareness of the Ur-Spirit B.D. 2344 The Soul -Carrier of all Creation Works B.D. 3661 Work of the Soul B.D. 7656 The Soul will reap what it has sown B.D. 1874 Immortality of the Soul B.D. 0716 Passing through each Form is necessary (Microcosm) B.D. 4757 Body -Soul -Spirit ? Explanations B.D. 1618 The Soul and the spiritual Spark in Man B.D. 7698 The Voice of Conscience B.D. 7837 The free Will B.D. 5557 Earthly Task: Decision of Will -Wrong Endeavor B.D. 2489 Will and Deed -Support B.D. 3901 Good and Evil ?Law of Eternity B.D. 6513 Atonement of the Guilt through JESUS CHRIST B.D. 5594 Serious Admonition and Warning about the Transience B.D. 5705 Serious Admonition -Materialistic Outlook B.D. 4357 Marriage - in the Presence of GOD and before the World B.D. 2795 Will for Descendants -Waiting Souls B.D. 6100 Destination of Man -Longing for the Truth B.D. 9009 The true Homeland of Man B.D. 7581 Lowest spiritual Level is the Cause of an Upheaval on Earth B.D. 5961 GOD' s Chain of Love FOREWORD The only possible way to treat the theme "The mystery of Man" within the framework of this publication is to do so in several chapters, having GOD answering only the most important "key questions". There are however enough revelations on this subject available to publish a whole book. The contents are not based on human research and intellectual thinking, but GOD Himself is the source of the knowledge that radiates the Truth through the "inner word" to Earth. Upon this also JESUS CHRIST did once refer with the words: "I bless You, Father, Lord of Heaven and of Earth, for hiding these things from the learned and clever and revealing them to mere children. Yes Father. for that has pleased You to do". (Math.11/25-28 + Luc.10/21-22) In acts (2/16) Peter too quotes the prophet Joel (3/1-5): "In the days to come (it is the Lord who speaks) "I will pour out MY Spirit on all mankind. Their sons and daughters shall prophesy"... Prophecy means here: to speak with wisdom out of GOD' s knowledge, but adjusted to the understanding of men -as it was done too by JESUS. B.D. 6852 April 5, 1957 IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD In the beginning was the Word and the Word will be in all Eternity. The Word is the outpouring of My Love; it is the connection of Me with all the Created, that in the consciousness of the "I" seeks the union with Me?. Because only this longing of the will to hear Me brings with it the ability that a being feels itself touched by the Word's own Love-Force. The Word gives the being proof of the existence of another being that therefore speaks to it?. The Word emanated from Me when same "spiritual being" entered into life?. I gave to the "spiritual being" the capability of perceiving something within that reached it as Word?. as formed thought... and that proved the presence of a second being who wished to communicate. Only the Created spiritual being needed My Word and therefore it is said: "In the beginning was the Word". I Myself am since Eternity but as long as no spiritual being existed, other than Myself, it was not necessary for My Word to be heard. But the Created spiritual being should be addressed by Me in order to heighten its Bliss. It should be able to hear Me?. it should be able to take its part in My thoughts, that therefore sounded as "Word" in them and that stimulated the spiritual being itself to think, to the free activity of its thinking capability and its will?. Because the being was put outside of Me as independent. But should be able to remain in constant contact with Me through the exchange of thoughts which were expressed through the "Word". An inexpressible Love filled Me when I created beings that were images of Myself and the urge to impart Myself to these beings motivates Me to address them and to make My Love known to them. Through this they also felt the unity with that being that loved them to excess. My Love therefore flowed in the form of My Word into these beings and they could also return My Love because they were products of My Love?. therefore in their Ur-being* "Love". They could also understand My Word and answer it. They were equally enabled to communicate between each other?.. through the Word, but first there were always the thoughts that flowed from ME towards them in My Word. The Word took its issue from Me, as I Am the Word of Eternity?. the Force that produces everything?. that in itself is Love. And the Word will go through and will remain until Eternity?. because the spiritual being that I created cannot cease to exist. Therefore eternally I will address this spiritual being and make it happy with it, because My Love-Force streams eternally towards it, that touches it in the form of My Word and makes it happy?. I MYSELF AM the Word and I prove MYSELF to My beings through the Word. They can hear ME, even if they are not able to see ME; they can feel that I MYSELF speak to them?. their GOD and Creator in Eternity, Whose endless Father love expresses itself in such a way that a bond will be confirmed between the Creator and the Created, between the Father and His child. And the Word will sound in all Eternity because the Love for the Created cannot cease, and therefore will the Created always be aware of this Love. I will always speak to My children; I will always let My Word sound in infinity. I will not only speak to the spiritual being that stays in the Light, but I will also speak to the people on this Earth who know very little of the infinite Love of the Father to HIS children. Then I will make use of a human being who voluntarily seeks union with ME and therefore serves ME as a tool. For all people shall know that I AM, and they shall also have proof of it in the form of My Word?. the solidified divine Love-radiation. But whether they accept that I speak to them, whether My Word touches their hearts, is always a result from a good will, what I will not win by force. But whoever has that good will, that one shall recognize MYSELF in the Word and will listen voluntarily to ME, that being has also accepted My Love-rays that will always remain effective. Amen *Abraham came from the Chaldean place called "Ur". The Judeo-Christian belief regards this place as the source of all further religious life. Therefore, when "ur" is used as a prefix to a word, it will indicate that it dates from the most ancient time even before the Creation of the material world. Since "Ur" is familiar to all Bible readers, it will be used in the text as a synonym for "origin" -primal, primitive, ancient and primordial. (The translators) B.D. 8020 October 16, 1961 KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PURPOSE AND REASON OF THE LIFE ON EARTH You must always know that your existence as man on the earth has a reason and purpose. You are not put on Earth by a whim of the Creator, but there were spiritual happenings, which formed the basis of your Creation, occurrences that took place in the spiritual realm, a very long time ago. A change took place in this realm at the beings, which My "Love-Will" had put forth of ME. The law of order, according to which all that was perfect had to exist, was overturned. Those previously perfect created beings trespassed the law of order and became imperfect. But this change in the beings happened in free will, i.e. the will rebelled against the existing order and they turned against ME, their GOD and Creator, Whom they however recognized because they stood in the Light of the cognizance. This occurrence in the realm of the spirits is the reason of your existence as man on Earth. -Because you are one of the spiritual beings who parted in free will from ME, you are those beings who once were created in highest perfection and turned their being in free will to the contrary, you are those fallen spirits. But Eternities--endlessly long times are between your apostasy from ME and your existence as man. The fallen being was obliged to go through a process of modification ...wherein it was exposed to incredible pains and agonies, where it evolved slowly from the lowest depth to the height. I always guided it, because nothing stays eternally separated from ME that once came out from ME. And thus you will reach the level of your development where you walk as man over the Earth, to cover the last short distance until you again reach your starting point -in order to perform in free will, the return to your GOD and Father from Whom you once withdrew in a wrongly directed will. When you thus contemplate your human existence, then you will understand how meaningful this is for you: you will no longer regard your Earth-life as self-purpose but as a means to the purpose, then you will live it consciously. But it is difficult to make you believe that you are not a whim of your GOD and Creator -because you have no proof of that, what I reveal to you. But you should only once seriously think about, that yourself and all that surrounds you are miracles that could not have happened arbitrarily - and you should also recognize through serious contemplation a GOD and Creator, and be convinced that nothing is purposeless, and therefore your existence on Earth must also serve a purpose. You should seek to unite yourself with the recognized Creator-Might, and that can be done at all times through thoughts, through prayers and Love-deeds. -And in union with ME a Light will soon shine for you, and very soon you will perceive a gleam of the knowledge that you once possessed in full measure. This Light within you will grow ever more stronger and stronger as you search for a closer union with ME, and you will fulfill your Earth-life purpose. You will accomplish the transformation in free will -the reformation of your being to the perfection that was your state in the beginning. -You will kindle inside of you the tiny Love-spark and make it grow to the strongest flame, which means that you have entered into the law of eternal order, in which everything perfect has to move. You will be able to close a developmental process that has lasted Eternities with the result that you have adopted again My Ur-being, - have formed yourselves to Love and to be again divine, perfect beings, such as you were in the beginning. This is the purpose of your Earth-life, that should induce you to lead a conscious existence, so that the last part in this endlessly long development-path may bring the being the success of departing from this Earth completely spiritualized, and thus be able to enter into the realm of Light and Bliss from where it once started. Amen B.D. 7100 April 22, 1958 IS THE EARTH-LIFE SELF-PURPOSE OR MEANS TO REACH THE PURPOSE? The existence as man on Earth would not have a right reason if it would be solely for a self-purpose. For it would be difficult for you, humans, to find for this a proper reason, because you see too clearly the great differences in human destinies. Again and again the question would arise in you: What is the purpose of such a hard difficult, poor life? However, you could find an answer right away if you considered life not as a self purpose but as a means to the purpose. Were the fate of each person the same, were every man's Earth-life filled with harmony, carelessness, blissfulness -and material happiness -with little difference from the lives of their fellow-men -then you would remain in the belief that there is no deeper meaning in Earth -life than that of the life itself. But as soon as you seriously meditate about it, you will not be satisfied with such an explanation. You will search for a deeper reason and you will certainly find it. Because only one question from your side is necessary in order to receive an answer. And all people should raise this question for themselves. Because really it does not show cleverness or intelligence when a man is satisfied to walk through life just as a caprice of the Creator. Because every person that claims to be considered intelligent would not squander his time and energy in producing things that are quite purposeless. And neither would he want to consider himself a completely useless creature that has only one purpose -and that is to support himself and yet be unable to decide the length of his existence. Is Earth-life self-purpose or a means to a purpose? To bring up this question could be very enticing for the one who is unable to believe. By no means will you be asked to believe blindly, because such a blind faith has no value. But you should use your intelligence and think in all directions about, what is asked of you to believe. You can arrive through reflection at a result that appears acceptable to you, and you can be sure that such thoughtful effort will be blessed if it leads you to a deeper understanding, the knowledge about what is still hidden from you, but does not have to remain hidden. To fathom the purpose of man's earthly life, as man, is such a knowledge, because it belongs to the area of what can not be proven but nevertheless makes a man happy - as soon as it is his earnest desire to get it. Because as soon as man has the clarity to see that life as man is only the means to a purpose, more and more questions will arise. He will search for the true purpose and thereby will also recognize his own task. He will no longer be content to worry only about earthly life; he will learn to consider all happenings and experiences as a condition to a purpose, and will then find and pursue a spiritual attitude that satisfies him completely. The conscious life of man only begins with the understanding of the Earth-life purpose?. because then his thinking will be directed towards a goal that he tries to reach. Only then begins his endeavor to execute the soul work; only then earthly aims retreat into the background. However, he will be able to master his earthly life with GOD'S help, Who blesses such an attitude towards life and will open for him again and again new aspects that activates his thinking and leads him to the height. A purpose-conscious Earth-life can never be lived in vain; it must bring spiritual success, while a man for whom life is only self-purpose will reach no spiritual gain. But as soon as he is willing to love, many questions will come up by him about the purpose of his life on Earth, and then a change will occur in his thinking. But without the willingness to love, which is most often the case with those who have not yet recognized the Earth-life purpose, an upwards development can not be expected. Then man remains, concerning his soul, as he was at the beginning of his embodiment. Then the existence on Earth will have past quite in vain; then a great Mercy-gift will have been lost which could have brought the highest reward. It is however possible for every man to come to the knowledge that he exists on Earth for a purpose, since each man possesses the faculty to think and he can ponder one thought against another, and is therefore himself able to judge. And with serious meditation he would certainly receive that insight, because he can recognize in the Creation of nature a certain purpose in lawful order, which he also should apply to himself as the highest developed Creation-Work. Otherwise he would have a very limited way of thinking; a conception that could not be called cleverness. Man can win the recognition of an Earth-life purpose because otherwise no responsibility could be demanded from him, how he has used his Earth-life. Man who does not want to recognize any purpose in fact denies such a responsibility. But regarding this responsibility there are enough proofs on hand in nature; that no natural law , - the divine order - can be trespassed without consequences. Therefore man himself has to accept a certain order, he must feel himself included in that order-law. Thus he cannot arbitrarily shape his life without any responsibility towards GOD, Who created everything, but he has to try to align himself with the law of divine Order. He must acknowledge his legislator. Then facing this law- giver he will feel himself responsible. If his legislator is not recognized, man himself feels free of responsibility towards a master; then he is obviously still in the power of GOD' s opponent, who tries always to influence man in such a way that any belief in a purpose and aim of the Earth-life-existence vanishes, so that this evil-one might keep him again through eternal times. Amen B.D. 8566 July 22, 1963 PROCEDURE OF CREATION AND APOSTASY OF THE BEINGS. Believe Me that I gladly instruct you when I recognize your longing for knowledge based on the Truth, because from ME emanates only Light and this Light radiates through darkness. But you are still in a lightless territory whither the Light has to be led for such a long time until you are replenished with it so that you yourself can radiate it. -You are ready to receive the Light-ray coming from ME as soon as you desire enlightenment about regions, which are still in darkness for you. -And then I can shine upon you, I can again transfer you slowly info a state of knowledge and introduce you to a knowledge that gives you Bliss. And it shall become Light in you; you will know from whence you came and what your last aim is. Only I MYSELF can give you this knowledge, Who created you for My delight. You proceeded from ME. My Love-Force put Creatures outside of ME who corresponded to MYSELF. They were independent beings - that I created as "miniatures" of MYSELF. I gave those Creations life, i.e. they could act and create like MYSELF; they could also hear MY voice and therefore they knew about ME as their GOD and Creator; -they were loyally devoted to ME and extremely blissful. But you people know little or nothing about the kingdom of these former happy Spirits. This realm was created when I wanted to recognize MYSELF in the images, and I created vessels into which I could pour My Love. -Because this was the cause for the Creation of the spiritual beings. My endless Love wanted to give away Itself into beings of the same kind, that in their perfection gave ME an unimaginable Bliss. I created for My delight a spiritual world with spiritual beings as inhabitants. I enlivened it with Creations of most wondrous species and enjoyed the Blissfulness of those beings for whom I prepared such a Bliss, because Love urged ME to do so - as Love was and is My Ur-element. For an endless time this spiritual world existed in harmony and in the most intimate union of all beings with ME, their Creator and Maintainer. Throughout endless time were these beings united in their will and in their Love with ME. Because the first Created being that I MYSELF put forth in all its perfection, was devoted to ME in deepest Love. It found unlimited Bliss by creating always new beings that his will -by using My Force -put in existence; -as it was My Will too because the Love which that being felt for ME had as consequence also the same directed will. And therefore there was in the spiritual world nothing inharmonious; there existed nothing that contradicted My Will; it was a world of unlimited Bliss because all spiritual beings were filled with Love and Strength, and could Create with their own will - that was My Will too, as long as My Love-Force radiated through all My Creatures. This perfect state did not last, because I did not chain the spiritual being through My Will. I gave each single being the free will as a symbol of its Divinity. - And this free will had also the first created being -Lucifer -and he misused it. Had Lucifer striven in free will the same thing as I MYSELF did, he would have been happy without limit and could have remained so eternally. But he misused the freedom of his will and directed it wrongly, and that caused a spiritual rebellion with consequences of such impact, that you people possibly cannot understand. But you human beings are the product of this ancient spiritual revolution. -The first created being -Lucifer -with whom I had steady contact through the Word, possessed as all the other Created beings the ability to think. And therefore he also was able to interpret My Word in a wrong way; he had a free will and could therefore change the direction of his sense. He could trespass the law of eternal Order and could set up completely wrong concepts, and through these he caused a confusion of thoughts within himself and within the other beings, who were allied to him that produced extremely grave consequences. And he transferred his wrong thinking also to the beings, who proceeded from him under the use of My Force. There followed a general opposition against ME; the beings resisted ME; they no longer accepted the radiation of My Love without resistance and they became by that weak and lightless too. -They opposed the law of eternal Order; their thoughts went own ways. -In the multitude of the Ur-created Spirits there arose a unbelievable chaos. They now had to decide to whom they wanted to belong -with the result that countless beings apostatized from ME. But I did not hinder all this because I visualized in this chaos only a way that would lead to still greater Bliss, then I could prepare for the Created beings -who indeed emanated from ME in all perfection, but were nevertheless only My "deeds". Now after the apostasy from ME, they had the possibility of returning as children to ME and in this way transcending their original Bliss far more. But the free will must realize this return, for only then is the being quite independent from ME, from My Force and from My Will and nevertheless it will move in My Will, because through its now achieved perfection it entered completely into My Will. -You humans are on this way of return to ME when you walk over this Earth. And if you are of good will My Love- Light can radiate through you again and you can win back the cognizance that was once yours but that you gave away voluntarily. I do not know of any greater Bliss than to transfer this knowledge to you, to offer you again and again My great Love and to change your state that is without Light and knowledge. Thus you can gain once more endless happiness and reach your aim to return to ME as true children to your Father in Eternity, Who loves you and will love you eternally, because HE created you once out of HIS Love. Amen B.D. 7770 December 12, 1960 CAUSE AND RISE OF CREATION Your human existence is the consequence of your apostasy from ME -once in the spiritual realm. Often it has been explained to you that you yourself furnished the motive for the arising of the earthly Creation, in which you as the crown of the Creation should again reach the Ur-state that you had voluntarily once given away. You yourself induced ME to bring into existence the most different kinds of earthly Creations, because I searched and found a way for your return to ME, and this is the walk through the earthly-material Creation-works. And the last station of this pilgrimage on Earth is your existence as human being. And now you must start again to return to ME voluntarily, as you once voluntarily parted from ME. Because you are originally divine beings who, as such, -have a free will. The existence as man gives you the opportunity to prove your divinity; it gives you the possibility of directing the free will again towards ME, to enter into union with ME. Only then the earthly Creation-works have fulfilled their purpose; they will have succeeded in the "back- leading-work" as it has been My plan since eternity. And so you must consider all Creations around you as the result of your transgression against ME; but also as means of learning to acknowledge ME again. You must recognize Creations as an expression of My Love to you, whom I do not want to lose. You must know that My unsurpassed Wisdom recognized also the "Creation" as the surest means to win you back. And once you will be able to review the way through the Creations which you have passed, you will be extremely thankful for this Mercy that My endless Love has bestowed on the otherwise lost-ones. Then the Creation will no longer mean chains for you, but yet a great Love-proof on My part. And you yourself will want to participate again in the Creation-act that offers the spiritual possibilities of a definite return to ME. Just as Love stimulated ME to create, so will Love not let you rest and now you will use the Force that flows, according to My will, from ME to you, - you will create and build to your own Bliss. But to achieve this, a certain grade of maturity is necessary that you can acquire already in the Earth-life by using your free will in the right way, by turning it towards ME. Then your soul will return to the Ur- source of the Light and Force from whence it once started. Then the soul may also receive unlimited Force and Light; then will it be able to Create and work beside ME and be Blissful. And thus means the Creation-Works for the still immature spiritual a constraint, but for the free spiritual the possibility to be active in Love and to help the unredeemed. Who are on the one hand themselves judged spiritual and they bring on the other hand freedom to the spiritual, because Creations have to fulfill their destinies to serve, and by that the within bound spiritual can reach freedom. And the redeemed spiritual that stays in the Light knows about it, and is steadily active in its Love to bring about new works according to My will; to participate in Creation, because it knows My Salvation Plan since Eternity and wants to take part in the returning of all spirituals to ME. Therefore is the Creation to be considered indeed as the realm of My opponent, because it hides in itself the unredeemed spiritual. But My opponent himself cannot influence this spiritual during the time of its bondage. Meanwhile the Light-world gives assistance to this spiritual and can help it again and again to become free -but man has to fear again his influence. He only has to direct his will in the right direction; he only needs to direct it towards ME and I will support his cause and wrench him really free from the hands of My opponent. But man himself must undergo this will-trial. He will neither be forced by ME nor by My opponent regarding the direction of his will. He himself must put his divinity under proof by longing for the Light, from whence he once came. Amen B.D. 8613 September 11, 1963 CREATION IS THE WORK OF GOD All My Creation works prove My endless Love to you, My unsurpassed wisdom and My ALL -Might. Because they originated solely for the rescue, for the bringing back of the once fallen spirituals. Therefore the whole Creation work is the expression of My overwhelming Love, because it was especially meant for those spiritual beings that opposed ME and who rejected My Love and thus were so to speak no longer worthy of My Love. Nevertheless it was just this rebellious spiritual that moved ME to build Creation-Works, so that they might give up their resistance and should re- turn to ME again. At first Love paid no attention to the resistance, but took instead the fallen spiritual into custody, i.e., My wisdom and My might dissolved the beings into countless particles and My Love -Force enveloped them and transformed these once radiated Force into Creation-Works, and My Wisdom designed once more their destiny. To put a Creation-Work into existence, Love, Wisdom and Might were active without interruption. Therefore, was and is the Creation in the purest sense of the word, a divine Work, a testimony of ME in My BEING, and that should seem to you people as the greatest miracle, once you seriously meditate about it. And this Creation, which is constantly changing, will remain a miracle because it deals not with lifeless things. The functions of the single Creation-Works proves to every thinking person a living GOD, full of Wisdom, Whose Will- Force and Love is inexhaustible, Whose Might is without limit, Who unceasingly Creates Forms that harbor the once fallen tiny particles that serve in the Creation-Works under the law of "must". Because I wrenched this fallen spiritual from the domination of My opponent, of the might of that one who once caused its fall -whom it once followed voluntarily. It was indeed his, just because it followed him voluntarily, but he was deprived of all power over the spiritual, once My Life-Force changed it into matter. This spiritual being wrenched from the influence of My opponent was now subject to My Law. It was no longer free, because it had foregone its freedom. But for its own sake it has to serve in abound state, placed under My Law. The whole Creation is a work of My Love for this fallen, unhappy spiritual being that travels the way in the Creation also in great grief. (Rom.8/19-22) But once the fallen being has passed its way through the Creation and walks now as man over the Earth, then the Creation-Work is also apparent to him and he can be pleased with it, because he has gone beyond the state of grief; he sees the Creation in all magnificence, before him and it proves to him the Creator's Love, Wisdom and Might as soon as he starts to give up his last resistance against ME. But he himself is indeed partially free, but still exposed to the influence of My opponent, who previously had no power over the being. Man still belongs to My opponent until he has disengaged himself from him in free will. And thus you must rightly understand: My Creation can make humans happy and will do so because it is My work. -Only I used the Force that once radiated out of ME as being, to its origin, solely transforming the Force into the most varied Works of My Love and Wisdom -that it is however in its substance the fallen spiritual and therefore belongs to My opponent, and it will be his share until the fallen spiritual, entirely redeemed has returned to ME. You people do not see the "fallen" in the Creation..., but you see only the Works of My Love. And you may enjoy those, you may recognize MYSELF therein and you may consider yourself happy that you have already covered the way through the Creation and are close to your perfection. But you should also think thereon, that the real world is a spiritual one, that can only be seen by one with spiritual vision, that all that is visible to you is only the reflected splendor of this real spiritual world. You should think thereon that each matter is hardened spiritual substance and that this indurations was again only the consequence of the resistance against ME, the rejection of My Love-Force. Then you will understand that the earthly substance is spirituality in rebellion against ME, and that My Love and Wisdom induced it to a serving function in order to break its resistance and lead the spirituality back to its Ur-state. The apostasy of the beings from ME produced the hardening of the spiritual substance and therefore it belongs to My opponent until this substance is again spiritualized. That does not prevent ME from taking away his power over this spirituality and transforming it into Creations of all kinds, with the purpose of its final, voluntary withdrawing from him and return to ME. And so remains the Creation forever a divine Work, a Work of My endless Love and Wisdom that only I MYSELF could bring into existence. In ME dwells all Might and Force and I can realize everything that My Love and Wisdom want, and has recognized as successful. Amen B.D. 2494 October 4, 1942 MATTER AND SPIRIT What is the world and its matter? This question interests many people. However they are not able to salve it with their intellect. Everything visible is matter i.e. stuff that has solidified into Form. So to speak by compression it became visible, because it had been invisible i.e. spiritual substance. Spiritual substance is Force emanated from GOD, that according to HIS Will, as soon as GOD has given it a certain form, becomes what it is. This form is the compound of countless substances, therefore a structure that can be dissolved in order to release each single substance that it contains?. if that is GOD' s Will. Therefore every Form is destructible, matter is something that has no eternal existence because it is only the cover of spiritual substances that should develop higher and thus do not remain eternally in these wrappings. Matter itself is indeed also a spiritual substance, i.e. through GOD' s Will compressed spiritual Force that through continuous dissolution and dispersion?. and by building again new Forms?. becomes something that after an endless long time can hide itself in such a Form. Therefore everything visible is spiritual Force that is still at the beginning of the development, whereas the more matured spiritual is invisible to the human eye?. while using a visible Form to live in. In each Form therefore exists something spiritual, a being that is unconscious about itself, but that longs for the union with equal beings to increase with this union the fullness of Force, because each being strives for perfection. As soon as matter dissolves, which means that a Form falls to pieces, the freed spiritual being strives towards equal spiritual beings and merges to give life to a new Form. This occurrence is the base of the changes always existing in Nature; it is therefore the cause of the continuous life and death in Nature. The spiritual substances pass through the whole Creation, partly alone partly merged with immense numbers. Corresponding to these are also the Forms that surround them, in their size and kind. Everything that encloses spirituality is matter. But matter itself consists of those spiritual sub- stances that are in the beginning of their evolution and therefore can be visible to the human eye. Only the already higher developed spiritual is invisible. So everything that is visible must be considered as imperfect i.e. a spiritual that is far from GOD -that is only starting on its way of development. The spiritual concealed in it has already covered this way and strives now towards GOD. Therefore a destruction -i.e. a passing away or dissolution of the Form, means that the transience of matter corresponds to the Will of GOD, because that way it makes the further development of the spiritual possible. Amen B.D. 7098 April 20, 1958 EVERYTHING HAS SENSE AND PURPOSE?. PEST.... WEED. Nothing that exists in Creation is without purpose and goal, but you cannot always recognize the right purpose of a Creation-Work. You often ask yourself why one thing or another has been created, because as far as you understand, it does not seem to serve any purpose. But one explanation should be sufficient for you: that all is "Force out of God", which once again shall reach activity?. but that this "Force" is quite different in its operation because it finds itself in quite different distance from God. And distance means the same as "opposition"! Therefore, there exists a spiritual Force?. once emanated from God?. that in spite of a very long evolution-process under the law of "you must" has diminished very little its resistance. But according to the divine Order it continues the development-process and therefore always inhabits new outer-forms that allow an increase in activity; but this activity corresponds again to the resistance of the spiritual. It seems therefore to give no apparent service to mankind, nor to any other Creation-Work, but serves indirectly. This will become understandable when you think about the pests in the realm of plants and animals, or about every vermin or poison plant, precisely about all that you regard as useless or damaging in the Nature-Creation. But all these are carriers of divine Force, what also give to the enclosed spiritual substances a small possibility of purification. And at the same time serve also these insignificant Creation-Works for the maintenance of other Creations, partly as food for larger living beings, partly as manure to nourish the soil of the plant world?. although you people can not observe such exchanges. They can also serve man in his spiritual evolution that requires many tests too, in which man should prove worthy, be it in trial of patience of all kinds, or in a reasonable attitude to all that GOD' s Will has brought forward. Nothing is without sense and purpose, and it is not decisive if man recognizes sense and purpose in each Work, but faith in GOD' s Wisdom, Love and Might should give him a certain awe for everything that is created; otherwise he will doubt GOD' s Wisdom, Love and Might. Every material enclosure is a great mercy for the once from GOD emanated Force-stream and for the dissolved substances of the Ur- created Spirits, because they were gripped by GOD' s Love and thus put in an outer Form. And though the different outer Forms denounce the opposition against GOD?. He nevertheless took hold of the spiritual, in order to lead it slowly, under the compulsive law of "you must", to the height?. that alone should teach you to regard each Creation-Work with spiritual eyes. And you should consider that GOD truly knows about many things that are hidden from man, and therefore you should not judge prematurely by criticizing GOD' s Creation, to what you are truly not entitled. Because as soon as you believe that the Creation is GOD' s Work then each Creation -Work must be above every doubt for you. And then you will also learn to look with loving eyes, at what until now instilled aversions and dislikes in you. This does not mean that you should support its natural des- tiny, because if it proves damaging, then you can also proceed against it and stop its evolution-process. It is also GOD' s Will that these Creations should not have a long duration and that you are entitled to shorten its life-span, so that the spiritual substances reach a certain maturity in always new outer Forms. They will then be admitted for serving-functions, as soon as the ancient resistance diminishes, as soon as the spiritual has been gentled sufficiently that it now serves willingly, and thus rises slowly to the height. And you people must know that you yourselves i.e. your souls, include inside themselves such substances that must pass the before mentioned path, because you have all that within you what your eyes are able to see. But GOD' s Love, Wisdom and Might knows how to guide everything in the right Order because HE pursues only one goal that once HE will indeed reach. Amen B.D. 7800 January 18, 1961 EVOLUTION-WAY ON EARTH . When the Earth came into existence countless spiritual substances could embody in their Creation-Works and they slowly rose in their evolution to height because the Creations correspond to the resistance that was still unbroken in all spirituals, though different in its strength. The Creation -Works were more or less hard matter, because the Earth too developed very slowly to that Creation-work that once should shelter men?. the Spiritual that had already covered so far this evolution-path, that all substances of an once fallen Ur-spirit have gathered themselves again and got back the Self-awareness as well as the free will. But until the spiritual could enter into this state, endless times passed, because the Earth needed this time to produce all those Creations that the fallen spiritual needed in its upwards evolution. And therefore mankind should know that they already live endless times on this Earth, that the state as man is the conclusion of a development- path, that his free will can end now. He should also know that this endless long path will be once shown to him in retrospect, but, that as a human being, this back-remembrance must have been taken away from him, because it concerns his voluntary return to GOD which he must fulfill now as man. But if he contemplates the countless wonders of the divine Creation around him, then he should meditate about the purposes they have to serve, whereupon enlightenment will be given into his heart, he will have then an insight of it, if the full knowledge is not al ready opened to him. And he should try to fathom the essence of the Creator, i.e. to ask for enlightenment about his relationship to HIM. And this too will be given to him, because during his Earth-life man has to re-establish the union with GOD that he has once given up voluntarily. Because this was the apostasy of the spirits?. that they willingly withdrew from GOD. And thus they must now, as man -in the last stage of their return to GOD, re-establish voluntarily the connection with HIM, and the purpose of their Earth-life is fulfilled. When you people have carried out this return - only then will you be able to understand that Creation has contributed the greatest part in bringing back the fallen being. For it could never have been possible for you to reach the height if the divine Creator had not wrenched you from the might of HIS opponent who caused your fall into the depth?. if HE had not rescued you from his influence during the endlessly long time during which you, as the smallest soul- particles were incorporated in the Creation- Works. In this time HIS opponent had no influence over you, but nevertheless you were still his, because you had once followed him voluntarily into the abyss. But in view of your apostasy from GOD, you were completely without Light and Force and therefore unable to return to GOD. And therefore GOD HIMSELF worked out your return through all HIS Creation -Works that were formed in unequalled Wisdom and endless Love in such a way, that they gave to the spiritual the possibility of developing through service in same way or other and thereby to reach ever higher maturity. And the spiritual particles that belonged to one once fallen Ur-spirit gathered again and again, and started in certain maturity with their last transformation?. They may walk as man for a short time over the Earth and must again serve, but in free will and motivated by Love. This is the purpose of the Earth-life for every soul that is now embodied in man, that through "serving in Love" redeems itself from every Form, so that it enters again, once its Earth- life is ended, into the spiritual realm as a free spiritual being that it was in the beginning. But its own Force cannot undertake this spiritualization, because the ancient Ur-sin burdens and presses it down again and again. This means that GOD' s opponent, during the Earth-life of man, has again the right to use his influence, because the spiritual has once followed him voluntarily. And the fallen Ur-spirit - the man - would succumb again to his influence without a sure help offered to him; the Redemption through JESUS CHRIST?. in Whom GOD HIMSELF has incorporated to blot out for all the fallen ones the sin-guilt, through HIS Sacrifice-death on the cross. This help through JESUS CHRIST, the full Redemption and Forgiveness of man's guilt, is assured to him, provided that he wants it, -that he recognizes JESUS CHRIST and HIS Redemption-Work and recognize JESUS as GOD HIMSELF, Whom the Ur-spirit once denied recognition. And this is given to you, men, as a short explanation about the cause and meaning of the Redemption-Work. You have to know about it in order to fulfill your Earth-Life purpose; to learn to understand also the divine Plan of Salvation that always pursues the leading back of the spiritual to GOD, that will be realized in Love and Wisdom, because HE has all Might at HIS command, to reach the goal that HE HIMSELF set at the Creation of the spiritual beings. Amen B.D. 2775 June 15, 1943 INCARNATION - INSTINCTS - PRE-PHASES The incarnation of a soul can take place only when all substances have gathered within it, that have covered the way on Earth in the most varied Creations and thereby have developed towards height. Every Creation-Work must be represented in its psychical substance in order to start the incarnation -i.e. the human body becomes now the garment of such a soul, which carries within in miniature all Creation-Works. The endlessly long existence on Earth (before incarnation) brought all these substances together, and now they wait for their last embodiment. They will be incorporated as soul in the human outer-form in order to pass through the last phase of its evolution. This incarnation is of varied duration, according to the state of maturity of the different substances which have had a certain freedom in their previous phases -even though they acted in a "you must" condition, according to the Will of GOO. But during the last phases, before the embodiment as man, this compulsive state was more and more loosened, so that certain instincts came through in lesser or greater intensity. Consequently a lower or higher grade of maturity was reached that became decisive in the duration of the last embodiment as man. As soon as all soul substances have united to a human soul they strive for the last embodiment on Earth. They know that the human outer form is their last material cover and they can thereafter be freed of each earthly chain. And therefore the soul alone remains there, where an opportunity is offered for incarnation. It is understandable that the soul will prefer to reside in a place where man's aptitude adjusts to its state of maturity -i.e. where the same instincts and properties are to be found in man that match its own nature. However, this does not exclude that a soul with different inclinations tries to embody in man with strange characteristics, thus to speed up the maturing process. Then, however, the soul has often to struggle with greater difficulties during its Earth-life, because its nature will not be taken into consideration, and it will be unable to satisfy the demands that are asked from it. In view that the soul knows in advance about the way of its Earth -life, it will not be prevented if itself makes its choice, since in each embodiment are all remedies at its disposal, in order to reach its last maturity. Through its most varied last Forms, it has within itself each tendency, only in different degrees, which it can amplify or reduce during the life on Earth, conform to its will. The soul is therefore not in- capable of acting, and the Force for it will be given also in accordance to its will. But if the soul is lukewarm in her striving, then she remains in the same state of maturity as she was before her embodiment as man -then the incarnation did not yield to a higher level of development. It will also shed the bodily cover at the time of death but is however still chained to the material world through its passions and instincts that she should have overcome during the life on Earth. The failure to take advantage of its incarnation on Earth produces an indescribable state of repentance, for it realizes that its right to be a child of GOD has been lost and can nevermore be attained?. although it has in the life to come uncounted possibilities to arrive at the contemplation of GOD. However, an incarnated soul must give account before GOD how it used the possibilities that were given to it on Earth and has to show what spiritual success it had at the time of death. For the embodiment as man is a Mercy that can not be esteemed highly enough; it is a gift and should be treasured, by doing as man everything that serves his upward development, because once he has left Earth he never does return again. Amen B.D. 8235 August 9, 1962 DID MAN EVOLVE - OR WAS HE A NEW CREATION? There can not be any contradiction in the information about the spiritual that you received from ME, that My Spirit has made known to you -who are in My service and have been ordered to spread the pure Truth about ME to your fellow-men -to carry out My Word, that should give you Light?. Because I want to illuminate the spiritual darkness in which men walk, and especially when you yourselves desire enlightenment. The Creation-Work "Earth" took endless limes before it became what it is now - a Creation that should enable man to reach ultimate perfection. And in this endlessly long time the Ur-spirits dissolved into the smallest particles, moved through countless Creation- Works in order to develop always higher and thus the hardened spiritual came slowly to life, as I have revealed it many times. It covered the endlessly long path in the compulsive state i.e., all Creation-Works achieved the purpose. and destiny that I have assigned to them. Not one of the unfree, bound beings could decide about itself, but it ripened slowly. Forms were created for all grades of maturity of the spiritual striving to the height. The world of minerals, plants and animals was endlessly varied in their Forms and all were brought to life by the tiniest particles of these fallen Ur- spirits that united always more and again, and finally became smaller and larger beings. After abandoning their previous forms they united again and at last were brought into Forms that were increasingly similar to the Form of man. The whole long path of evolution stood under My Law or: all occurrences happened according to the natural law in that Creation arisen through My Will. The Ur-spirits, through their fall into the depth, have lost their Self-awareness and they shall obtain it again and embody themselves in the last Form -as man -to accomplish the path of their upwards development. The last Forms in their compulsive state became therefore more and more "man-like" but they did not as yet have the Self-awareness. They acted instinctively, according to My Will, however, they performed functions that already were similar to those of man, but they were yet not able to think. Reason and free will were still absent and therefore they were not conscious of any responsibility. They were driven to their acts by spiritual intelligences?. like every spiritual being still bound in the Form, led by spiritual helpers who somehow transfer My Will to that bounded spiritual being, according to the natural law. And the time came when the free will could be given back to matured Ur-spirits through which they should be tested whether they wanted to return to ME or to remain with My opponent. And for those Ur-spirits -I created the Form of man. - All Creation -Works and especially the always larger shaped beings My Will had created -by becoming Forms of My Thoughts. And therefore were these living beings represented in manifold varieties of Forms, but each Form was different. There were the most various kinds of species that had no resemblance to one another that reproduced them continuously but remained always the same Creatures. As the Form of man became now necessary through the first so far matured Ur-spirits, I put forth through My Will another Creation-WORK that truly was a miracle-work of My whole Creation?. A being that was immensely artfully put together?. that was Created according to My Will, able to fulfill its task on Earth. This being, I created and did not evolve out of the already existing Creations. Because this Form should shelter an Ur-spirit, a being that once came out of ME -that had been MY Image -and that should become it once again. And therefore it was necessary to equip the being with reason, free will and Self-awareness. These did not evolve slowly out of the animal-like being, but were added to the Form of man, as the Ur-spirit took possession of the first Form. And that will be given to every man as something belonging to his soul at the moment it gives life to man at his birth as the "Divine breath". Afterwards men did indeed procreate by following again My law of Nature, but they will always remain the same Creatures as they have been since the first man - Adam. They will not change to other Creatures, because this change will be always only an act of the soul, which at the beginning can still decide against ME, but can reach during its existence as man, the highest perfection. But the human body will remain as I had created it when the soul of Adam took possession of it. The Creation-act of the Earth indeed required an endlessly long time for all that is in, on and over the Earth, including all dead and living Creations. But it was, in a way, a section of the upwards evolution for the fallen spiritual, that ended when all the smallest parts of an Ur-spirit had collected themselves and started the last process of the return to ME. And this existence on Earth as man, required also from ME a new Creation-Work?. a Form, that could satisfy all demands, in order to be able to pass the last trial in free will. Man can consider himself therefore as a special Creation- Work on My part, because he is the only being on Earth that is gifted with reason, intelligence and free will?. the signs of divine origin. Therefore he is also able to recognize a GOD and Creator above him?. Who gave him the life, and man has therefore also the ability to reach the last perfection on this Earth?. if his free will longs seriously for it Amen B.D. 6647 September 17, 1956 WHAT IS THE SOUL? A complete ignorance still exists of certain problems that cannot be solved by man's intelligence alone, but where GOD' s Spirit must be at work Whose influence is in fact seldom acknowledged. He alone is able to give a clear answer to questions that concern unsolved problems. The result of such "Spirit activities" is doubted too, regardless of the fact that these are alone according to the Truth. No matter what the questions may be, only the answer that GOD Himself gives to men, through HIS Spirit, will always be correct. "Spirit" should not be confused with intelligence, because the intellect can move as well in a wrong direction. There is no guarantee that intellectual results correspond to the Truth. Otherwise, so many varied opinions and points of view would not exist. All of them claim to be the "Truth" but all of them have been won solely by intellect. But the "Spirit" is the beam that originate in the eternal Truth itself, which gives Light i.e. the knowledge of something that the intelligence only accepts, though no proof can be brought up for it. Therefore only the "Spirit out of GOD" gives the fullest and innermost conviction. He gives complete instruction, also without laying special claim to the intellect. No man will comprehend the concept "soul" unless he has already acquired a certain spiritual wisdom, because the soul is something spiritual; it is not earthly-material and therefore can only be explained spiritually. The soul is the fluid that gives life to the body -to the material Form. The soul is the true "I" of man that hides in a material cover. It cannot be seen, but is always present as long as any kind of Force expresses itself in this outer Form. Man would not be a "self"-aware being if the soul did not exist inside him. The soul is a Force that once emanated from GOD, which HE put outside of HIMSELF as a spiritual being which HE gave an independent life. And this being was endowed with free will and with an ability to think. This, and why this "spiritual being" - the soul - hides itself during the Earth-life in the human body, is a knowledge by itself. But first of all it must be shown to you, that the soul makes it possible for you to think, feel and want. Furthermore, it should be said that the soul is also the giver of life for all organs. Thus all activity of the body, every will-agitation and each feeling is the expression of the soul that inhabits the body; indeed it is in itself something spiritual, which cannot be seen by human eyes. And if it could be seen, it would be equal to its human outside cover. The soul is what remains after the death of the body, and what then can be seen also by equal other souls in a certain grade of maturity that enables a spiritual viewing. Therefore the soul can never be explained as a substance belonging to the material body; it is and remains a spiritual substance, and therefore a spiritual radiation of GOD that should accomplish its purpose on Earth. It cannot be injured and it is everlasting, but it can distinguish itself from other souls through the Light-radiation. And the purpose of life is to increase the Light-grade, which the soul once, in free will has darkened. Nobody can explain the "essence" of the soul in a purely scientific way because the soul is nothing tangible nor explicable with the human senses, but is a Force out of GOD' s Force -whose essence is as well inexplicable and remain so, but who however cannot be denied by thinking people. And thus is the soul the true "I" of man, which cannot be defined?. something that is, but yet cannot be proven. Indeed it gives instruction to the bodily organs about their functions, but can also exist without the body. While the body without the soul is only quite lifeless matter even if all organs are still unchanged. But the life is missing as soon as the soul leaves the body, and what is missing is that which activates the body and urges the organs to their functions; that in free will decide- My influences the thinking-organs and that releases each feeling, impulse in man. And this thinking, wanting and feeling something - the soul - moves after death into other spheres, but always as the same entity that dwelled before in the human body. And therefore it can be perceived in the beyond realm, to which a certain grade of ripeness is indeed required. Amen B.D. 7569 April 5, 1960 SELF-AWARENESS OF THE UR-SPIRIT Every Ur-spirit will be again conscious of its "I" when it walks as man over the Earth and recognizes itself as man. Then all soul particles that were once dissolved are again brought together for the purpose of being guided through Creation in the return process. And then the being is able to attain the grade of maturity that it once possessed at the Ur-beginning as Created Spirit, that it had given up and must now again attain in order to be able to enter into the realm of Light as a perfect Spirit. And thus every human being is an embodied Ur-spirit, a Creation product of My never ending Love, a former fallen being that moved away from ME in free will and now has to return to ME in the same freedom of will. But man does not possess this knowledge of what he was, what he is and what he should become again. He must reach a certain state of maturity before this knowledge can be given to him, so that it is understandable to him. He indeed recognizes himself as man but not as a spiritual entity that has to fulfill its destiny. And as he recognizes himself only as man who moves in the earthly world, thus his thoughts are also directed towards the world. And this is mostly a hindrance for the spiritual cognition that he will have only when he returns away from the world and turns towards the realm of the spirit. Then it is possible to convey to him the knowledge about his true destiny, and then he can accept it in free will and adjust to it, which will certainly further his spiritual maturity. Once he has accepted, he will be gladdened by the thought and the certainty of belonging to those Ur- spirits who I had put outside of ME as Creatures, and who return to ME as Children and as men are close to their perfection. And it is only necessary that the will of man is good. This alone directs it towards ME, because man longs for his GOD and Creator, and this will is then already the right decision; it is the passing of the will-trial that is imposed on the Ur-spirit as man on Earth. The existence on this Earth is not of long duration, but it can be sufficient for man to spiritualize himself completely, to reach a grade that makes him GOD' s Child i.e. to place the Ur-spirit again in the state of perfection, that he him- self achieved through his free will to the highest grade, so that he can stay very close to Me where My direct Love- radiation is ensured. Every Ur-spirit can always rise higher, once he is allowed to enter into the realm of Light, provided that the right decision of will was made on Earth. And ecstatically happy is every being realizing what an endlessly long path the Ur-spirit took in order to reach the highest degree of Light and so to be infinitely blissful. And it will sing My praises and thanks, and glorify ME in all Eternity. It will be and remain My Child, that will never leave ME again, that will act and work according to My Will to its own Bliss. Amen B.D. 2344 May 24, 1942 THE SOUL - CARRIER OF ALL CREATION WORKS The soul substances show in their composition an extremely fine structure that would strike man as magical if he could see them because there is nothing that is not present in this creation. Everything that the whole Creation has to show can be found in the soul in an infinite reduction, because the individual substances (of the soul) have given life to each Creation-Work, and therefore retain each passed Form -that multiply by continuous association and so the whole picture changes continuously into perfection. Man's power of comprehension would not suffice to imagine all these Creation-Works, but overwhelmed by the Wisdom and Almighty of the Creator, some day he will contemplate the picture that reveals to him the most wonderful magnificence. The smallest and the most insignificant Creation-Work holds thousands of miniature Creations within, that again show everything that is represented in GOD' s grand Creation-Work. But the human soul is the carrier of all those Creations, i.e. it is composed of countless substances of which each one has already accomplished its task in the Creation, and therefore is allowed to merge for the last great task, to conclude as human soul the endlessly long path on Earth. There is no miraculous work in GOD' s Creation that is so exceedingly wonderfully produced than the human soul. A proof of its perfection is that the soul can contemplate itself as in a mirror and then recognizes its own magnificence, i.e. when it sees itself in the most radiant light in many thousand fold Forms. And thus the self-contemplation means for it an immeasurable Bliss, because the view of the whole Creation -Work is for the soul something overwhelmingly beautiful. And it will never come to an end with its contemplations, because the picture forms itself anew time and again. Incessantly new Creation-Works appear that are always more enchanting because the Glories of GOD are endless, and therefore also all that which GOD' s Love offers to HIS Creatures, who are perfect and stay in the Light. They will feel at all times HIS Love and therefore will experience always more happiness. There will be no end, no boundary of what the spiritual eye is allowed to see. And nothing will remain unchanged, which means for the being a state of Bliss. But this bliss will steadily be increased and that pre- supposes a constant change of that which is offered to the spiritual eyes of the being. Amen B.D. 3661 January 19, 1946 WORK OF THE SOUL Examine yourself and recognize your weaknesses and then strive to overcome them. This is the work on your soul when you try to shape yourself into human beings, who remain within My Order, who live according to My Will and thus form themselves to Love?. because each weakness, each mistake and each bad habit has its source in unkindness and in self-love. Gentleness, Peaceable ness, Humility, Patience, Mercy and Justice are signs of Love for one's neighbor. If these signs are missing, you are not filled with Love, and therefore you have to work on yourself with zeal. Thus you must recognize your weaknesses and your faults as such and this requires a serious reflection, a honest critic on yourself so as to correct your relationship to ME and your fellow-men. You have to recognize ME as Father, and every man as brother, because you all are children of one Father and you, children should love each other. Then you will obtain MY Benevolence, because then I MYSELF can tarry with you, MY children. Every bad habit prevents this and it is to your logs?. because without MY presence and ME you remain weak and imperfect and you cannot reach' your goal on Earth. Your goal is perfection, mutation to Love and change of your being to the Ur-state that you left voluntarily. Because only the Ur-state is blissful, and as long as you are away from it, your destiny on Earth as well as in the spiritual realm is insufficiency, ignorance and weakness. I want to help you again to happiness and therefore I admonish you constantly to strive for it; that you start to work on the transformation of your being; that you learn to recognize by examining your inner-self how little your thinking and acting answers to My Will, because you still persist in self- love. And therefore you must endeavor to change this defective state, practicing Love wherever and whenever an opportunity will be offered. Only through Love can you become blissful and only through Love can you dominant your faults and bad habits. And if you do not yet feel this Love in you then use your intellect to form yourself into rightly thinking people. Be gentle and peace-loving, humble and patient and try to bring help to your fellow-men. And the feeling of Love will awaken in you; it will make you happy and incite you to activities of Love. And then you are no longer driven by your intellect, but by your heart; then you are on the way to heights. Therefore observe yourself, meditate and ask yourself seriously whether you think and act righteously, and your heart will answer you. And I MYSELF will help you, provided you ask this question in sincerity. I will give you Force to fulfill what your earnest desire is, and the work on your soul will advance with success. You will find satisfaction by submitting yourself to My Will, and you will steadily stride toward the height, because then it is your will to become perfect. Amen B.D. 7656 July 26, 1960 THE SOUL WILL REAP WHAT IT HAS SOWN Do not indulge in deceptive ideas that you can collect treasures for your earthly life, because these you will lose again more quickly than you have obtained them. I warn you, not to strive after earthly goods and to hang your hearts on them, and I show you again and again how transient is what belongs to the world. How much time and effort do you spend in gathering the treasures of the world, and how rarely do you consider that you cannot hold them; that you must give them up, and that they may be taken away from you in another way, when this is My Will. You only appreciate what belongs to the world and what yet is perishable, but the everlasting you do not appreciate. You take care only of your body and do not think about your soul; thus you use your Force of life wrongly; you use it only for your bodily comfort, but thoughtlessly you prepare for the soul an unblessed destiny in the Eternity. Because during the life on Earth you do not give to the soul what alone serves to its perfection; you let it starve while you look too much after your body, without ever having any benefit from it. Your life on Earth can be brought to an end from one day to the next and then you enter poor and empty into the beyond and have to suffer great pain. You should dwell on the fact, that you do not have your life in your hands; that your life on Earth can be only of short duration and that death may approach you any day and you cannot hinder it. You should think on the "there-after". But you believe that you are extinguished at the moment of death; you do not believe in the life of the soul after death, and that this life will then be according to your behavior on Earth, and to your care about the Salvation of your soul. And this unbelief is also the reason why you live in thoughtless existence, and that you do not even ask for the sense and purpose of your life on Earth. You are satisfied when you get on Earth what you like; when you provide for your bodily comfort and collect many earthly riches for the future. And you do not know whether you have a future at all. All of you know that one day you must die. And this knowledge should make you consciously evaluate your life on Earth. But it is the faith that you are short of; the faith in a GOD and Creator, Who will ask from you responsibility for your conduct on Earth. And because you do not believe, you are indifferent. But the hour of the responsibility comes, of that you can be sure, and your repentance will be a bitter one when you find yourself in the greatest spiritual poverty and then you will realize what you have neglected on Earth, through your own fault. Because it is by Grace that you were allowed to receive a body to live on Earth. And not to have used this Grace the soul will bitterly regret because it can never make up for what it neglected; however in the beyond-kingdom it will be helped to rise from the depth, but under much more difficult circumstances than it is or was possible on Earth. You should not live so thoughtlessly because for every man comes the hour when he must leave the earthly body and then the soul enters the spiritual realm. Though this hour can bring great Bliss and Joy, it can also bring darkness and pain, but always as man hay wanted it. He will reap what he has sown. He will either enter the realm of Light and Bliss, or darkness will receive him and will not let him go free until the soul has changed its "opinion" and then will he walk with loving support the path to the height. Amen B.D. 1874 April 3, 1941 IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL Many people do not accept the teaching of the immortality of the soul, because they compare it always with the earthly that is perishable. Nothing on Earth is permanent. According to the opinion of these people everything passes away, and therefore they believe that no exception should be made cf. this natural law. The earthly body indeed decays, i.e. it seemingly disintegrates and passes away. But man does not consider that the apparent disappearance is solely the means of transition to a new forming. On same reflection man has to recognize that all earthly must serve a purpose, and he will observe that even the smallest and most insignificant Creations are related somehow to one another and therefore are not purposeless. If such a Creation -Work fades away, then numerous other Creations absorb the remainder of the first-one and therefore serve in this way the new one, and continue to live in the new Creations. Man has only to observe seriously an outward transformation and then he must admit also that the inner life cannot vanish. And this inner life he has to grant also at least to man. He has to make it clear to himself that the soul of man - the emotional life - is not just somehow ended - that this emotional life is the true sense of every embodiment. The outside form serves for nothing, unless mankind recognizes the inner core. The construction of a human being requires always the same components: body, soul and spirit. The body - the outer cover - carries out the functions, which the soul decides. Therefore the body is only the organ through which the will is realized. At the moment of death the soul no longer needs any of the organ that serves it as on Earth, - that means in the visible Creation-Work - because it changes its present residence and passes into regions where nothing has to be done that is apparent to the outside. The body that was only the means for the earthly course where the soul should have formed itself to be the carrier of the divine Spirit, becomes null and void. The Spirit, the third component of the living Creature, lies indeed dormant in every man, but becomes active only when the will of the soul pays more attention to it than to the body. Thus, when the soul does not take the earthly demands so seriously then the claims of the Spirit that always means a neglect of the earthly needs. Body, soul and spirit indeed belong together, but they may have separate goals. The soul can direct its will more towards the demands of the body, but it also can disregard them and instead make its will useful only to the Spirit within itself. It is just this direction of will that decides its life in the hereafter, that means, the state in which the soul lingers after the earthly life, which can bring to it Bliss or harm. Therefore the earthly life - the function of the body - is only a temporary state in which the soul finds itself. The soul impels the body to all actions on Earth, but it must not in any way be thought extinct, so the body can no longer carry out its function. The soul has indeed left the body because it moves into regions where it no longer needs an exterior cover. But to consider the soul as something finished would be completely wrong, because the soul is something that cannot pass away. Indeed, it can no longer influence the body to its functions when man's body is dead. It can fall into a state of indolence through lack of maturity, i.e. if it has not given enough consideration to the Spirit within itself. But never does the soul "cease to exist". Because it is something spiritual that is everlasting, while the body consists of earthly stuff, of matter, and therefore is subject to constant changes that finally disintegrate into its components as soon as the soul has left the body. Amen B.D. 0716 December 20, 1938 PASSING THROUGH EACH FORM IS NECESSARY (MICROCOSM) The world as such as its only purpose has to lead the many living creatures, the carriers of spiritual potencies, to a higher development, and that can be realized only in an environment where resistance of all kinds are produced. And the world offers those sufficiently - be it on the Earth or on the many other celestial bodies. Living beings everywhere have to face unimaginable difficulties, and need all their energy to overcome them. Such energy exist in every living being through the supply of Force that it receives in order to enable it to exist. The further evolution depends now, how this Force is being used that is inside the living being. The sooner the activity incumbent upon the living being is fulfilled, the quicker the spiritual intelligence is set free of its enfolding form and the following stage of evolution can begin. Now the question is expected: "In which Form is the quickest evolution for the living being possible?". And this can only be answered thus; that it is indispensable that every Form has to be passed through and a limit is only established, when the gathering of countless soul-particles forms into a whole - when all soul-substances are present to enliven the last embodiment - the Form of man. The subtlest agitation in man, the gentlest emotion has its cause alone in the soul, tuned to all refinement, and in turn is composed of the most subtle soul particles that are important in the construction of the whole?. because these guarantees to the now formed soul - the man - the finest emotion and perception-capacity for the smallest Creation-miracles of the divine Love. Would these finest components not been available, and then man would miss entirely the sense for the already originated miracle-works and for the future ones. He simply could not see what is not already alive inside of him. He must have in himself everything that the Creation shelters, in the smallest components, that means; every substance must exist in his soul and only then can he observe this, also outside of himself. This instruction in turn, opens up a new question: "Of what kind are the components of the small living beings?" And this is easy to explain: They carry within themselves all substances of still smaller living beings. But accordingly they only feel instinctively all that which is already further progressed in the evolution, but on the other hand dominate what substantially already exist in these living beings. The knowledge of this important teaching in the Creation doctrine is for man of the greatest advantage, because he learns by this the nature of man in his multiform. Through this fact he can almost realize that man is the crown of the divine Creation - that he in himself, i.e. his soul, is so delicately constructed that it is impossible for such an artwork to have been produced by a wise Creator only for the duration of an earthly life, because everything that he looks at in nature - be it in the realm of mineral, plant or animal -exist in atoms within himself. Man holds within him the whole Creation-Work in the utmost finest reduction. Therefore he also has to overcome within himself the resistances that approach him from the outside through the world, that is thus to understand: that countless dangers from outside stimulate man to the strongest resistance-force, but also the spiritual atmosphere is as well moved by continuous resistance and permanent struggles of the different soul-substances, and only by that can the soul strengthen itself and can be made accessible to higher aims. How each, even the tiniest living being has to accomplish a certain activity, so must man also, as the carrier of all these substances. And this activity consists in the spiritualization of all those soul-substances that are still in harmful contradiction to the real task because they would prefer to follow that earthly activity that was once incumbent on them in earlier Form. Therefore, man has to fight against so many weaknesses, faults and bad habits, because over and again the peculiarities of the substances, bound in the soul, break through and would like to seduce the flesh - the earthly cover - to complaisance, whereas in life on Earth the most extreme resistance should be offered. And only so is it understandable what extraordinary responsibility men carries in their life on Earth, how the struggle must be waged continuously in order to be really spiritualized at the end of the days, to triumph as victor over all the dangers and to have resisted every temptation - because how often is "the spirit willing but the flesh weak". Amen B.D. 4757 October 9, 1949 BODY -SOUL -SPIRIT - EXPLANATIONS Men cannot comprehend the mutual relationship of body, soul and spirit. And therefore it is difficult to explain them the function of the spirit. The spirit is opposing the body, while the soul stays between both, so that in a way it has to decide for the body or for the spirit, but can never turn to both. At the beginning of the embodiment as man, the soul is completely devoted to the body. It has therefore the aim to fulfill all desires of the body, i.e. thinking, feeling and the will - as the soul of man - are tuned solely to the body, who as itself still matter seeks to join with matter too. Therefore man longs only for material goods, because they are the sum of all that suits the body. Therefore the spirit does not make itself felt. The soul does not listen what the spirit wants from it. The spirit cannot carry through itself because the body still has the priority and seizes the soul entirely, thus dominating its thoughts and aspirations. But the soul can also recognize the worthlessness of earthly things. It can consider the bodily wishes as unimportant, it can demand more from the Earth-life than only materialistic goods. Then comes the spirit into its right, it makes itself heard, and will be listen to by the soul. The soul starts to follow another direction, it asks nothing for the body, but strives for spiritual goods. It accepts instructions, i.e. it accepts without contradiction what the spirit conveys for it. It feels happy and so pays less attention to the body, or tries to make the body receptive to what the spirit asks of the soul: to give up earthly matter and trade in spiritual goods. Now the spirit is victorious over the body. Both spirit and body try to win the soul for themselves and if the spirit succeeds in displacing the desires of the body it is victor. But what is to be understood by the "spirit"? The Spirit is the Divine in man - it is that which marks man a divine Creature; it is that which unites man with the Father-Spirit from Eternity. It is the consciousness in man, to be united eternally with the Father-Spirit of Eternity. As soon as the Spirit enters into action, only then man can recognize himself as a "Creature of GOD. Previously as a living being he was only conscious of himself, who tries to get everything that life offers. But when man recognizes himself then the world is nothing more for him; then he searches for higher goods?. then his thoughts are directed toward the spiritual realm; then he will seek contact with the One Who gave him life; then his thinking is right and his wishes and acts according to the divine Will of GOD. Then the Spirit of GOD in man is working, to whom the soul now gives away, thus the Spirit guides and teaches it, so that body, soul and spirit become one, establishing the union with GOD, because the Spirit presses incessantly towards the Father-Spirit, with Whom it is united and remains so in all Eternity. Amen B.D. 1618 September 18, 1940 THE SOUL AND THE SPIRITUAL SPARK IN MAN The soul of man is the unification of countless soul-substances, who are the rallying-points of spiritual Forces and thus receptacles of the spiritual out of GOD. Every one of those countless substances was previously somewhere embodied, i.e. surrounded by an outer Form for the purpose of the development of the spiritual to the height and for the possibility of later unification with an equal substance. The soul of man in its single substances went through each Creation -Work and it is, so to speak, matured for its last embodiment on Earth. The soul always takes on the same Form as the outer-hull that encloses it. If it were possible by somebody to contemplate with a spiritual eye the soul of man in its composition, he would view an incredible charming and varied picture. This Creation-Work of GOD, invisible to man is beyond description, both in its structure and also in its suitability. But man's thinking would be only puzzled by the description of the formation of the soul, for he would not understand the countless miracles that are hold in the human body. It is the whole Creation -Work in miniature that is now understandable as the "soul" of man. The soul is the inner- most of man and includes the whole Creation. It has been deter minded to transfigure itself during the Earth-life, and to enjoy the delight of Heaven in praising GOD. The soul has within itself the divine Spirit. The Ur-substance of the soul is in fact also spiritual in all its phases of evolution, but the divine Spirit-spark places GOD HIMSELF in the soul, incarnating in man. He instills in man HIS Breath. HE places in him the Divine and HE lets the soul decide, during the last existence on Earth, either for the Divine or for the human. If the soul, the spiritual out of GOD, that once was opposing GOD, is now willing to unite with the divine Spirit, thus starts the transfiguration of what was once far away from HIM, and Light will be in the human soul. And then the human soul unites with the divine Spirit when all human desires, that cling to the human body as temptation for the testing and hardening of the will are steadfastly overcome - when it resists all that the body as such requires of it, and willingly submits to what the divine Spirit desires. Then the soul gives finally up its former resistance against GOD, it decides for GOD instead. It is no longer consciously against the Divine and accepts the Love-rays, the Force of GOD, in order to increase the spiritual within itself -by trying to unite the spiritual within, with the spiritual outside of itself, and thus strives consciously for an approach to GOD. But if the bodily longing dominates, then the divine Spirit-spark slumbers in the deepest wrapper in man. No Light can be radiated from him and the soul remains in utter darkness. Its earthly life goes by without the smallest success; the path on Earth does not lead to higher development, instead it is a time of standstill or even of regression. The divine Spirit-spark in man was neglected and therefore could not manifest itself. It was not possible for the Force of the divine Love to flow towards the being and thus the union with the Father-Spirit of Eternity did not take place. And the lightless state on Earth, that the soul itself has chosen is taken across into Eternity, where it remembers in endless pain of repentance of the unused time on Earth. And now it has to lead a much more strenuous struggle in order to change its state into one that has more Light. Amen B.D. 7698 September 13, 1960 THE VOICE OF CONSCIENCE You should be guided to perfection, and for this you need My support, because once you gave all your Force away and became weak, lightless Creatures that had to remain in the abyss until My Love took hold of you and helped you out of the depth. You are now already in a certain grade of maturity, but that is not enough to secure the upwards move that you have to pass during your life on Earth. For this you need My Force and Guidance. And if you are conscious of your weakness, and if you look around for help, then I am already on your side, waiting only for your call for help. But this plea you have to address to ME in free- will, because no sort of compulsion will be exercised on your will by ME. I am ready at all times to give you the help you ask for, I will provide you always with Force, if you only desire it. To further your desire for it, I let you feel at times your weakness and darkness very strongly, but this is only a sign of My Love for you, because I want by that to win you for ME, I want to move you to ask ME voluntarily for help. Therefore, first of all, you have to believe in ME. And the knowledge about a GOD and a Creator will be made known unto you, what you only have to accept and to ponder about. Then with good will you will be able to believe it. And you can be sure that I will help you to a solid belief, if you have the will to think and to act right, if you listen only to your inner voice that will direct you always rightly. And My voice sounds in every man as the voice of conscience, but it can be listened to, or be ignored, and only the will of man decides this. And thus the voice of conscience will also tell man what is right or wrong, he will be taught by the voice of conscience about the fundamental law -about Love, because as man he knows exactly what procures him pleasure and comfort, and what causes pain and suffering. Therefore he can act toward his fellow man in such a way that he supports and guards him from bodily injuries. And thus Love can be awakened within him, and with Love comes also the Light of comprehension. Every man can reach the right thinking and acting, because I have placed the fine feeling in him that finds expression by the "voice of conscience". And as soon as he gives attention to it, his being - that at the beginning of its embodiment as man is still very much steeped in the I-love - changes to Love for his neighbor, and then is also given the guarantee for a strong, living faith in ME, in his GOD and Creator. Soon he will then also recognize his Father in ME Who Loves him and wants him close. And he will strive for this union in free will. And I will be able to lead him toward perfection because I donate this help to every human being. I leave no man in weakness and ignorance. I am, and I remain his Leader throughout the whole Earth-life, as long as he does not oppose ME, and as long as he lets influence himself by the voice of conscience. And this will always happen when the soul is willing to reach the purpose and the goal of the Earth-life. Then man can be always sure that on My part I will do everything to help him to perfection, that he will never be left alone, and will certainly reach his goal. Amen B.D. 7837 February 28, 1961 THE FREE WILL Your will alone decides whether or not you reach perfection on this Earth. And therefore is the free will-decision the most important part in your Earth existence. But this does not concern earthly questions or attitudes towards earthly planning?s, but solely your soul should decide accurately which master it acknowledges. To this decision man cannot be forced from any side. And never can a "free will" be denied, no matter how often this is tried by men. The innermost thinking of man alone is decisive, and this is not subordinated to any power. Therefore man can only be influenced by ideas, speeches and actions of all kinds that shall effect his will. And this will be tried by the Divine, as well as by his opponent. But, always man decides for himself to which influence he submits. The will of man is free. And therefore he is held responsible for the direction he has given to the will, because he has received his existence as man for the purpose to prove his will, and therefore the soul has to take the consequences of its will-decision. Man can in every life situation turn his will to GOD, just as well as he can submit himself to His opponent. -But never can he make his fellow-men responsible for his will-decision or a worldly might, or God Himself, or His opponent, because this is a matter of his freest will-decision as to which direction his thoughts are going, and whether they are pressing forward to GOD or to HIS opponent. But his destiny is always imposed by GOD in such a way that he can easily find GOD as long as he offers HIM no inner resistance, - which is decided by his free will. Men are inclined to deny a free will because they are not always able to realize what they want. But it is not always the question what they do, but rather what they want. Be cause they can be hindered in their actions by the influence of spiritual Forces, but never in their volition itself. Therefore, man should criticize himself as to which direction his will manifests. Because he knows that it is asked from him to move toward GOD in the life on Earth, as GOD HIMSELF gives him such indication again and again, and he does not walk through the Earth -life without any knowledge. Since GOD?s opponent influences him also, it will not fail to occur that he is obliged to meditate, and thus he will be urged to a decision. This therefore is the fight between Light and darkness that man himself is carrying out, but that would be inconceivable without man's free will because then only the positive and the negative forces would be engaged in this battle, out of which one Force would proceed victorious. But the struggle between Light and darkness is not to be understood in this way, because man's soul is at stake and it decides about itself in the free will. And therefore the Earth -life of man is a continuous chain of experiences, of encounters and impressions that stimulates him to think, and enables him too to think in the right direction. But as GOD' s opponent has also the right to fight for the soul, man's thoughts are also negatively influenced, and he must decide for himself. And the strength of the resistance against GOD is decisive for the fate of the soul, after the death of the body, which can be extremely blissful or exceedingly painful. But whatever his will decides, GOD' s Love never gives up the soul, and if it does not reach the goal in this life on Earth, then the Redemption is indeed delayed for an endlessly long time, until the will makes the right decision, because the Love is GOD' s Force against which the soul cannot oppose eternally. Amen B.D. 5557 December 12, 1952 EARTHLY TASK: DECISION OF WILL - WRONG ENDEAVOUR You were obliged to walk a troublesome way before you reached the point of passing the last will-trial. Your soul has gathered itself together again, that once was dissolved in countless soul sparks, which all in a bound state had to pass a process of maturing. You reached again the state of Self-awareness, and as individual beings you are free to make a decision; to choose that master to whom you want to belong. This decision is the purpose and the goal of your life on Earth, and it must be made in free will. Nobody can take your place in that decision, and without fail the choice must have been made at the end of your Earth-life, because corresponding to it is your fate in Eternity. Your attitude to your Earth-life-task is immensely important. It can bring you Light and Bliss, but also death and ruin, and you atone decide it through your will. You cannot reach the belief in it through compulsion, and therefore it is so rarely found among mankind. Very seldom do men reach the goal of having decided for the right master. But the disbelief has its consequences. People forget more and more their task on Earth, and every thought is only for the world, regardless of the fact that they have to leave it shortly. They turn again their visage to what lies behind them. The memory of their passion-way through matter is taken away from them, because they have to make their decision in freedom of the will, and should not decide for the right master out of fear. And the danger exists that their decision turns out to be to their detriment, that they strive with all their senses for the matter, and choose therefore the master of the world, the one to whom they are once again victims, and whom they have to thank for their being banned again into hard matter, due to their wrong decision. They should look heavenward; they should strive for the height and turn their back to the earthly world. Then the right choice was made; then the walk through the whole Creation was successful; then the Earth-life has brought the crowning to the being; then the soul has found the right Master and rushes toward HIM. Then man has passed the will-trial on Earth and can take off the heavy Earth-body and enter as rich spirit into Eternity. Then the long pilgrimage on Earth has not been in vain. The being has found its way back to its source; it has recognized the Father and has surrendered itself to HIM for all Eternity. Amen B.D. 2489 October 1, 1942 WILL AND DEED -RESPONSIBILITY The will brings forth the deed. The will is therefore what decides even if the action is only the rectification of the will. Without the will no action will come to performance. But the will without the deed has to be justified too before GOD, because it manifests the opinion of man, the impulse for good or for evil. To carry out the will, man has to use the Life Force that flows towards him, so that he can accomplish good as well as bad deeds. But always will he use for this the Force that GOD HIMSELF gives him. If now he commits a bad deed, then he accomplishes it with the help of the divine Force, and therefore he does something for which he has to answer before GOD. He has used therefore his will to increase the force of HIS opponent, with the power out of GOD, because every bad deed is surrender to the evil power and thus augments it. The will of man turns away from GOD and towards that evil power, through each deed that acts against GOD, and testifies therefore a bad way of thinking. Therefore if the will of man is good, i.e. directed toward GOD, then will he use the Life- Force that always flows towards him for deeds that serve his fellow man. He will practice in serving Love to the neighbor, because he is continuously active, that means permitting his will to become a deed. If his deeds are born in Love so that this Love drives the will of man to be active, then is the will of man devoted to GOD. Out of a free impulse the will has decided for GOD, and each deed that is born out of this will is justified before GOD, and GOD values this deed accordingly to the "will for Love". Amen B.D. 3901 October 11, 1946 GOOD AND EVIL - LAW OF ETERNITY I also admit the evil, but is never My Will, because the evil contradicts My Law of Eternity. It is a wrong direction of the will that strives away from ME and aspires towards something quite ungodly; a condition that contradicts entirely the Ur-state of my Creation. But the endeavor for good and evil must be open to that from ME "Created" and therefore good and evil must exist, if the being wants to remain perfect, or to become perfect out of free will. Everything that contradicts My Law of Eternity is evil. Everything that remains in My eternal Order is good. But it is My Will that the being can feel within itself its desire in every direction, or can develop it. And that every wish can be perceived in its heart, is My Work. But My Wisdom and My Love are the reason that I have created the being in such a way, because I want to lead it to eternal Bliss and this has as a condition a striving to the good in free will. To be able to develop force, there must also exist a resistance. To be good, man must have also the possibility to be bad, and to become good or to remain good, due to one's own accord. Otherwise his perfection would be a pure work of My Love?.. that however is lacking the highest grade -because the free will is indispensable, but that one must be proven beforehand. The evil can never be called good and be presented as coming from ME, although I allow also a space to the evil, though I admit it. Evil thinking, evil speaking or evil acting stays outside of My divine Order. But should I, through the Force of My Will prevent man from thinking, speaking or acting evil, he would not be a free independent or self-willing Creature, but be solely a product of My Will-Force, that never could lay claim to perfection. But I want for ME to form perfect Creatures that I could flood throughout with My Love-Force and want to make them extremely blissful. And for this they must have passed the will-trial and strive to reach the highest grade of perfection out of their own impulse and in completely free will. And with this goes also the possibility of sinking down in the further state of imperfection, to the farthest distance from ME. My Will is and remains good until all Eternity, and whatever submits freely to My Will is and remains good. But whatever opposes My Will prefers the evil, and I will not hinder it. However, it deprives itself of its perfection; it does not pass the will-trial, and after it sunk down even to the deepest depth, it must strive again without doubt towards the heights in free will, even if it needs an endlessly long time to reach that grade of perfection that admits My presence. And precisely therefore a margin must be given to the will so that it is possible to act against the eternal divine Order, but this I can never call good, and it is never My Will. And therefore good and evil will exist until all spiritual is redeemed, i.e. until everything that came out of ME has passed the trial of will, to strive in free will for the Good and Divine, until it has found in free will the way to ME, and then as perfect being can enjoy all Delight and Bliss in Eternity . Amen B.D. 6513 March 30, 1956 ATONEMENT OF THE GUILT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST To burden MYSELF with the harm of humanity was immensely hard. Every bad action must affect man, and you would have been obliged to suffer immensely in order to pay for all your sins that rested on you. The guilt of the ancient revolt against GOD alone was so great that you could not atone for it, neither in your bound state nor in the state as man. And therefore I took up your guilt -the effect of each evil deed I caught up, I loaded everything on My human body, and this one expiated your guilt through an immeasurable suffering and death on the cross. My Love moved ME to help you. And all lightful spirituals, all created Ur- beings that remained loyal to ME, were filled with the same Love for you. Love lets never anything get lost; Love leaves nothing ever in darkness, in misery and grief. Love offered itself for the rescue for the liquidation of the great guilt. Incorporated in a being, filled with Light and Love, Love Itself descended to Earth. But what now had to happen on Earth that had to happen in a human Form. I MYSELF had to incorporate in the flesh and chose the Man JESUS as My abode, which had to be pure and without sin so that I MYSELF could manifest in HIM. And this Man JESUS expiated your guilt. This Man JESUS took the enormous sin load of humanity on His shoulders and walked with it to the cross. And even if the inhuman suffering were to be described to you again and again, you will not be able to comprehend it in its whole depth because the defectiveness of your being hinders you. His sufferings were impossible to compare with anything, and HE already knew about it a long time before, because HE was filled with My Spirit, Who had taken abode in HIM. And therefore HE knew all about it, about HIS mission and also about HIS death on the cross. HIS soul trembled and shook because HE was a Man... and HIS divinity which HE reached through Love gave HIM indeed Force, but did not reduce the measure of HIS suffering. A Man walked to the cross, Who wanted to suffer for His fellow-men, to help them because HE knew about the immeasurable harm of those that were bound in the depth by My adversary. JESUS knew that a Sacrifice had to be made to buy those souls free from My opponent. HE knew that the great sin-guilt had to be liquidated to satisfy the Justice of the FATHER, Who could not receive any child laden with guilt in the Father house. HE wanted to bring me back MY children. HE wanted to pay the buying price for the souls. And as the guilt was gigantic therefore the Sacrifice had also to be unusually great. And therefore with this knowledge, the Man JESUS took the immense suffering on HIM; HE did let happen what no man, except HIM, could have endured. Consciously HE went the way to the cross and suffered indescribable grief that finally ended with the painful death on the cross. To measure the grandeur of this Mercy- Work for mankind, is not yet possible, but you should always remember that HE was completely innocent and has suffered for you who, without HIS Redemption Work could never have been able to return from the abyss to the Father. I MYSELF was in the Man JESUS, Love replenished HIM because without it HE could have never accomplished this Work. But I had to regain quiet within HIM during the most painful hours of HIS passion way because as man HE had to suffer and to die, because the divinity within HIM could not suffer. But the Deity could neither cancel the guilt without atonement according to the divine Justice. What still is incomprehensible to you, some day you will be able to conceive in its whole depth concerning this greatest Work of Mercy. The Man JESUS was through HIS being "Man" in your sphere, and therefore HIS soul suffered so dreadfully. He descended from above, out of the realm of Light and had to view the deepest darkness and was persecuted by the forces of hell. And therefore the Man JESUS did not only suffer bodily, but endured the deepest soul- pain that increased HIS affliction a thousand fold. But HE brought to you Redemption from sin and death. Amen B.D. 5594 February 3, 1953 SERIOUS ADMONITION AND WARNING ABOUT THE TRANSIENCE Be aware that everything is perishable and that you too carry a transient body, that you have to leave everything behind you when the hour of your departure from this Earth has come, that then only your soul endures and namely in that condition that you yourself have prepared for it on Earth. Be aware that the attitude that you hold as man towards the world the soul then takes into the spiritual realm with her, that it clings there as well to the matter, or despises it just as you have done on Earth. But a tremendously painful condition becomes its lot if only matter was your thinking and aim and that you have to leave all this behind and arrive poor and miserable in the realm of the beyond, instead of rising up, light, free and blissful, when nothing ties the soul to the world when its thinking and aim was already spiritually oriented on Earth. So consider this, that the world can only give you goods that have no duration, and that you become slaves to them if you do not conquer them and recognize them precisely as unreal goods. The greed for matter, for earthly goods is the greatest danger for the human soul, and this craving is tremendously strong in people on this Earth, and is steadily growing as the end draws closer and closer. Men are completely spiritual blind; their thinking is crazed; they labor and act solely for the world and they do not consider their souls which have to starve and which will yet remain alone when everything else perishes and has passed away. Nevertheless people are constantly reminded about the fate that the soul has to expect after death and about the futility of their endeavors. They are informed and warned but that is all that can be done, as they cannot be forced to change their will and their thoughts. But they do not heed the repeated admonitions and warnings, and remain untouched by the predictions of the near end, because they do not believe in it. And therefore GOD manifests HIMSELF from time to time so obviously by taking away from men - what they will not give up on their own. This is indeed a divine Revelation that is understood as such only by a few. It is a Revelation that clearly enough shows GOD' s actions to men, for they are unable to do anything against it because they cannot defend themselves. For they must admit their complete weakness, and therefore they could realize very well that a higher Power is active according to Its Will. But they do not want to recognize this Power; on the contrary, they prefer to deny It and in this they cannot be hindered, because they are in position of the free will. GOD speaks everywhere and everyone can hear HIS voice. However most people remain untouched and direct their eyes only towards the world and its goods. And the desire for matter never stops in their hearts; and therefore they want to win quickly back everything that is lost, while continuing to let the soul starve. Regardless of all this, GOD never ceases in HIS endeavor to untie mankind from matter. Much will still happen until the end, which will serve for this. And blessed are those who recognize the reason and purpose of the destruction and catastrophes, and HIM too, Who rules over the Creation. Blessed be those that recognize GOD in every happening, and call on HIM for protection and help in every misery. They will receive help on Earth and in the spiritual kingdom too. They will live, even if they have died. Amen B.D. 5705 June 22, 1953 SERIOUS ADMONITION - MATERIALlSTIC OUTLOOK You people have directed your eyes towards the world; you lust only for earthly treasures and search to satisfy the appetites of your body. You move only in spheres were matter reigns and everything spiritual is silenced. But your body is only the cover of what will remain after your bodily death; your body is only for a short time the habitat for your soul, and the soul is that which should reach maturity through the life on Earth, but which you let starve by your materialistic point of view, and therefore it enters into the spiritual kingdom in a miserable condition. The material world is the realm of the banned spiritual in which you as humans indeed live, but which is your last station before the entrance into the spiritual world. As long as the spirit of the world is still so strong in yourself that you desire solely material goods?. that you work and act only for this earthly world, as long are you slaves of the matter, while you as master of the matter should conquer it. All your Life Force you spend only to strengthen the realm of GOD' s opponent, if you strive for the world and its goods. But you should use the Life-force to gather spiritual goods, acquire treasures for the Eternity - you should separate yourself from goods that are transient because they will once be taken away from you, for you cannot take them over into Eternity. You should use your Life force rightly and acquire imperishable goods, with which you can work in the spiritual kingdom, what means riches that will make you truly happy. You are more than all the material Creations, because these have been only created for you, so that they serve for your perfection. But you people misunderstand their value; you strive for the world instead of recognizing it as a hindrance to your spiritual development. You serve the matter instead that it is serving you; you let yourself be dominated by it, and become slaves of the matter. And that means that you prepare death for the soul within you, so that a dense cover surrounds it when it enters into the kingdom of the beyond. No ray of light can break through its cover and therefore the soul suffers unspeakably until the hull is disintegrated, which can take Eternities -should not the cover harden to such an extend that no hope exists any longer for the soul to shed it. You people do not know how you maltreat your soul if you are earthly materialistically orientated by your striving always after worldly goods. Recognize the transience of everything that surrounds you, and remember what is everlasting. Do not live your life on Earth in vain, because it has been only given to you to bring the soul - the spiritual in you - to maturity, that can only make use of spiritual nourishment to develop, in order to be able to leave the body without a cover when your hour has come. Bear in mind your soul, and direct your senses spiritually, because the soul endures but all earthly perishes. Amen B.D. 4357 June 28, 1948 MARRIAGE - IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND BEFORE THE WORLD In Love you must find each other; otherwise I do not bless a covenant. Marriage is a "togetherness" a living in the most intimate harmony. Marriage is a situation that cannot be instituted by law, but has as supposition always a deep, unselfish Love that, once kindled in the heart?. can never be extinguished. Because the right Love unites the hearts; it is not a love of the body that seeks only its satisfaction in sexual orgy, it is not a craving love. A continuous giving Love that wants to give happiness is the foundation of a marriage that is blessed by ME. Marriage is a heartfelt community of two people, whose hearts feet a pure Love for each other. Such marriage cannot be undone, because the right Love can never pass away. And this marriage is concluded as soon as two people entrust themselves to ME, so that I bless their covenant. Then I consider them as man and wife, and they shall remain together until death separates them. Whoever is married in such a way will always feel a belonging to the other, even if outward circumstances part them. My blessing will rest upon them, because the holiest feeling, that has its source in ME, is the first condition for the marriage that I wanted, and thus brought about the ligature. Pure Love is only seldom to be found on Earth, but in spite of this, marriages are contracted and this is also not against My Will, because man must procreate as countless souls wait to be incarnated, to finish their last stage of evolution in the world of matter. Therefore, the ligature of two people has to be brought into an outside recognizable form, a form that includes certain laws, obligations and rights. Because without them man too easily transgresses against the Order that I want, and thereby endangers the right education of the descendants, which is of the greatest importance for the spiritual development. Thus is the marriage contract in a lawful way according to My Will - but whether My special blessing rest upon it, depends on the strength of the mutual Love of both partners. But My blessing decides in turn, whether a marriage is contracted in the presence of humans or of ME. If a marriage is contracted for other motives, without profound mutual Love, then the covenant has indeed value before the world. And if My assistance is asked for, I will not refuse it, but it is not a marriage in the true meaning of the word, in which I have My pleasure, it is not the state of union that I wanted so that through Love it becomes an act of Blissfulness, that I consecrate. Wherever there is pure Love, the principle of giving will always dominate, and therefore I will not be left out in such a marriage, because I MYSELF AM Love and My Spirit will rule over men, and act in those who step before ME as man and wife, and ask for My blessing. Amen B.D. 2795 July 2, 1943 WILL FOR DESCENDANTS - WAITING SOULS Countless souls wait for incarnation and therefore again and again new generations have to rise. Ever and again people have to be born in whom the souls can dwell during their last period of evolution on Earth. It requires always the willingness of mankind that a soul can embody, and this is at the same time an act of Love for the unredeemed, when people give an opportunity to a soul for the last incarnation on Earth. The will to awaken a new life must therefore be the cause of each union between man and wife, and if this is missing then an act is practiced wrongfully for it should have in view only the awakening of a human life. Much will be sinned on this domain, i.e. the divine Will is not being considered, the body will not be educated to its most proper task. As consequence, many souls wait in vain and cannot embody even though they have reached the grade of development that admits an incarnation on Earth. These souls dwell in the surroundings of the Earth and try to influence a person to join - which is mainly the case with people in love. Love has to be the impulse for a union from which a new life comes forth. Love between two beings is necessary if the soul, awakened to life, will have the possibility to reach maturity during the short existence on Earth that permits the entrance into the realm of Light. A union without Love provides those souls an opportunity for incarnation, in which extremely strong evil instincts still reign, and they therefore have to fight with greater difficulties in their life-time on Earth to overcome these instincts. The will of man to produce offspring is mostly connected with the love between man and woman, and this is of great advantage for the incarnating soul because when love prevails the spark of love overleaps to the newborn being and it can now much easier gain spiritual maturity on Earth. The endeavor to avoid descendants can be harmful for the souls who want to embody, inasmuch as men's sexual urge fortifies also the same instincts of the new being, and its soul has to fight constantly against them. If the souls do not come to an embodiment, then they continue to stay near to men and urge them, i.e. they try to influence men to unite for the purpose of procreation. It is easy to understand that then corporal desires predominate. Since the souls try to influence men only according to their inclinations, they therefore want to transfer only physical desires, to have the occasion to embody them. Therefore, men are burdened with a tremendous responsibility if they unite only for sexual urge without Love, because they are surrounded by souls who want to incarnate, and through their desire they entice similarly disposed souls to use on their part the uncontrolled moments to take residence in a newly begotten being that now starts as man the course on Earth. And mostly such souls are predominant because the number of those who let enter into life the descendants by Love and conscious Will, is only small. Arid therefore mankind will always be less spiritually inclined, because there is little Love amongst men, who have been born also without Love. Amen B.D. 6100 November 6, 1954 DESTINATION OF MAN - LONGING FOR THE TRUTH The destination of man is the perfection of his soul on Earth. A spiritual maturing is set as your goal, which you should strive for and accomplish in free will, so that at the end of your Earth-life you are qualified for the spiritual realm. This irrefutable Truth is accepted only by a few, and their way of life is in accordance with it. The majority of people are still of delude thinking; they are spiritual blind and do not accept the Truth, if it is brought closer to them. They can only show a low grade of development of their souls, but they do nothing to improve this. They do not believe - neither in a purpose of the earthly life as a Creation, nor in the Creator - and do not seek enlightenment about what is enormously important: what will happen to them after they have left their earthly bodies -because they do not believe neither in a life after death. Their disbelief does not free them however from their responsibility, because they have a free will, -they are not forced to their disbelief, to their attitude towards GOD, to Whom they could open their hearts in free will, so as to be guided always and constantly in their thinking and acting. Because every man can turn to GOD, and he has no valid excuse for his turning away from HIM, other than that he does not wish to?. because as soon as he wants to know the Truth, it will be given to him and then man himself establishes the right relationship to GOD. That the people's thoughts and wants are different is their own doing, because the will to find the Truth guarantees right thinking. And therefore everybody should examine himself as to how much he longs for the Truth. If he accepts indifferently everything as credible that reaches him, then he has no desire to know the Truth, otherwise he would investigate. And if he rejects all offerings, it also could be indifference regarding the Truth, for he does not seek and therefore can never recognize it as Truth. It is man's own fault if he is ignorant, if he walks in spiritual blindness, because there is no longing for the Truth in him. - And no man can excuse himself that he does not know what Truth is, and that he himself could never judge it, why he refuses everything. It is indeed impossible for him to examine a knowledge regarding the Truth, because his intelligence alone cannot do it, because he has to demand GOD' s support for that But as soon as he turns to GOD for support and asks for an illumination of the spirit, he will clearly recognize and will be able to distinguish Truth from error. For this the faith in GOD is necessary, and this faith can be affirmed even by the intelligence, if the will of man is good. The whole Creation is witness to the existence of a Wise, Almighty GOD and Creator, and to call for help on this Creator-Spirit should be possible for every wise person, who wants to penetrate into the Truth. And he will soon receive enlightenment about his destination on Earth. And he will give to his existence on Earth the right meaning and will not continue in thoughtless indifference. He will be conscious about the responsibility towards his soul and help it to the peak of perfection. Amen B.D. 9009 July 6, 1965 THE TRUE HOMELAND OF MAN Do not be puzzled when MY Word too is rejected as false, because only from MYSELF can issue the pure Truth. It can be easily ascertained that MYSELF instruct you, when people examine in good will the sum of all the spiritual treasures that are given to them by you. Indeed no proof can be presented because the spiritual treasure is quite strange to man, and on behalf of the religious liberty no conclusive argument can be offered. But everybody of good will can have within himself the conviction to be on the right way. Therefore, he can believe also without proofs, but nevertheless he knows, that what he believes is the right. But this world and the spiritual realm are two quite different kingdoms, which precisely are connected only through the faith. But if you receive a knowledge from the spiritual realm that cannot be gained by intellectual thinking, then you people can accept it without hesitation, as a sign of the reality of this kingdom, because spheres will open to you about which only I MYSELF can give you truthful information. It is therefore not a sign of intellectual keenness when a person wants to deny this realm, only because he has no information about it. But every man could get this proof about a spiritual world, if he would approach ME for that. But he is generally prevented from doing this through his intelligence that only wants to understand what is to be proven. And therefore he cannot come beyond the limits of his intelligence; he limits himself namely through his disbelief, that hinders him from thinking about problems which he cannot solve, and that he self then asks the Creator for an explanation. But for that he has to believe in that Creator. Therefore only the faithful man can establish the connection with HIM, and the faithless one is content with the world that he sees and means for him the real world. What results could man gain, who apart from his sharp intelligence is also profoundly faithful, who would come to ME with all questions that I would then also answer. But there are only a few of them. Most humans are afraid to have such an association with the spiritual realm, because then they will be considered by their fellowmen as super-gifted, those who do not fit into the construction of the earthly world. But if you would know how beneficial could be the work of those people, and how important the knowledge is which they receive from above, - then you would do everything to enrich yourself on their knowledge, because it is for you people the way to come from the earthly world into the spiritual kingdom, that is the real homeland for every man, and that all of you once will receive, being fully mature or not. I MYSELF offer you an unheard Grace that I speak with you to unite those two realms, to give all people the possibility to step from the earthly world into the spiritual one. But you decline this Grace, because your intellect opposes; because you do not let your heart speak, and your heart cannot speak to you, because you have no Love. Therefore you are constantly admonished to Love, because only the Love for ME and for your fellow-men can soften your heart and then you will be sooner inclined to listen to ME. I ask always only for your Love, in order to give you a knowledge that is far above your intellect that will make you truly happy. Because a glimpse into the areas that are otherwise closed to a mortal, will make every man happy and give him the tranquil joy of one who has knowledge, who does not walk any longer in darkness, but for whom everything is bright and clear. And just the fact of being able to lift up one's thoughts into spheres unknown until now, should convince you about the Truth of such knowledge. And you should try to partake of it always with the thought that one day you will inhabit this kingdom, - that you walk only temporarily over the Earth and that you will enter one day in your true homeland. Then you take up again the connection with ME, Who followed you into depth, Who waited so long, until you as man could unite again consciously with ME, thus to give you a knowledge that you once had in great measure, and that can make you happy again. Then you will not be far from your last home-coming; you will come back to your Father's house, that you once left voluntarily. Amen B.D. 7581 April 19, 1960 LOWEST SPIRITUAL LEVEL IS THE CAUSE OF AN UPHEAVAL ON EARTH You will not experience any more spiritual progress on this Earth. The lowest spiritual level is reached which cannot easily be outdone, because men vegetate with only earthly-directed senses and do not think of a spiritual life. Nor do they reflect whether they fulfill their true mission on Earth, because they see no other task on Earth except to serve their bodily comfort and to enjoy life with all their senses. It is very seldom that people begin their daily routines with spiritual directed thoughts, and only those few live their lives on Earth consciously. These feel that man is on Earth not for the physical life alone; they think about it, and because they are of good will, they slowly reach the knowledge of the purpose of their existence on Earth. But they are only a few and rarely does a man succeed in guiding his fellowman on the same way and make him believe in his real destiny. And therefore, it can also be said, that there is a lowest spiritual level that conditions a change, that involves a dissolution of the Creation, that must have as a consequence an inevitable earthly and spiritual turn. Indeed there have been often times when men lived without GOD, when much injustice happened and satanic work was obviously visible. But this state has gained ground, and now nearly all people lead a superficial life; they do not think anymore, they have no sense of responsibility; they grow up without faith, or are satisfied with ceremonial belief, that is completely worthless for the development of the soul. And they move also in error, in wrong thinking; they are far from the Truth and neither can they find it, because they are without Love. And that is what ails mankind, that the Love grew cold and they are no longer able to believe in a GOD and Creator, Who is in HIMSELF Love, Wisdom and Might, and before Whom they will have to answer for their mode of life. They have no Love and therefore they are also short in knowledge; they are spiritual blind, and move to the abyss, because the end comes irrevocable; because the Order has once to be re-established should the upwards development continue, for which purpose man stays on Earth. What yet can be saved before the end will be saved, because GOD' s Love helps everywhere, even if only the tiniest will for the good is present. But it would be wrong to count on men changing in their attitudes towards GOD and towards Faith; it would be wrong to count on a spiritual turning on this Earth?. because men give GOD' s opponent too much power, and latter surely knows how to use it. And once the end has to come for his influence, his might must be taken away by GOD, his time must be ended, and this also means to chain all slaves of him, as well as himself, so that the evil acts are finished for a long time. And this requires a disintegration and transformation of the Creations on Earth, which hide the spiritual; that in turn conditions a new Creation - so that a new Earth can arise and the spiritual development can continue. And GOD knows when the right time has come, He knows when men have reached the lowest level, when a transformation of the Earth and all its Creations is necessary, and HE will keep this time, according to HIS Plan of Eternity. Amen B.D. 5961 May 19, 1954 GOD'S CHAIN OF LOVE Let capture you by My Love, and you will be free from him who is without any Love and who seeks therefore to deprive you also of My Love when you are his slaves. My Love indeed winds a solid band around you; it chains you in a way to ME. However, you will support these fetters with joy and happiness, and will not want to loosen them. You will devote yourself to ME, as your GOD and LORD, but you will also recognize in ME the FATHER to Whom you rush to meet and to show ME also your Love. The chain of My Love does not constrict you; you will not leave ME in Eternity, but you are completely free Creatures; you are My children who inherit the goods of the FATHER and therefore act and Create with ME and are Blissful. Because I do not tie the band of MY Love against your will, I wait until you yourself are ready to be bound, until you surge forwards to ME, and thus I lay hold of you and never let you go again. In order that you want to be devoted to me now and ever-more, I speak to you because I want you to learn to recognize ME as your GOD and FATHER, Whose Love was yours from the earliest beginning, and that you recognize ME as Love?. because you have to know ME beforehand in order to long for ME. And I give Light to you, because within you it is still dark. I am yet so hidden for your eyes, so that you are not able to recognize ME. And therefore, you have no desire to unite yourself with ME until your eyes become aware of a gentle radiation that issues from ME and falls soothingly into your heart. And then you open your heart to ME and want ME to enter. Then you long already for My Nearness and then you will do everything to keep ME, and then are you also received by My Love that keeps you then captive. You are happy and you do not ever want to leave ME. Let ME hold you with My Love and you are already blissful Creatures on Earth. Enter consciously into union with ME and you will free yourself from the enemy of your soul, who cannot follow you when you seek My Nearness. Think that the longing for ME already makes you free because then I MYSELF can come closer to you, and where I AM, My opponent flees. Throw away an oppressing chain and you will submit with pleasure to My Might, and let you bind voluntarily and be pleased in that captivity, because in My Love you will be eternally happy. Amen Translators of the German version: Stella Selby and Willy J. Steiner,- Ap. Postal 672, Cuernavaca (Morelos) Mexico It is permitted to copy or translate whole chapters without alterations, quoting the source thereof. Mt 10,8 ?Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give? 2